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Book review business spiritual quest
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Book review business spiritual quest


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Self Help Spiritual for Business Start-ups …

Self Help Spiritual for Business Start-ups
Ideal if you need to Redesign your Business Strategy
Ideal For Entrepreneur

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Welcome!
  • 2. BusinessSpiritual QuestAuthor: Erini Lytrides-Michael Publisher: Balboa Press
  • 3. Chapter 1:Thinking of starting your own company? What Products or Services might you provide?Provide the world with a product or service that stems out of your need to express yourself so that it is coming from your hear!
  • 4. We are all born STARS so just let yourself express what is in your heart!Photo by:
  • 5. Chapter 2: Employees?Attract employees that will help you along your path, employees that will treat your customers with love and care!
  • 6. Treat your employees with love and care so they will care for your business customers!Photo by:
  • 7. Chapter 3: Create with Love!Create your services and products with care and love!
  • 8. Everything produced carriers and energy with it. Produce products with the energy of Love.Photo by:
  • 9. Chapter 4: CustomersLove and Care for your customers!
  • 10. Be thankful for your customers that you have today in order to be able to attract more.Photo by:
  • 11. Chapter 5: SuppliersLove and Care for your suppliers!
  • 12. Think of your suppliers as an extension of your company, love and care for them too!Photo by:
  • 13. Chapter 6: PricePrice = Fair Price!
  • 14. Today’s customers are very intelligent respect them offer them a fair price!Photo by:
  • 15. Chapter 7: SellingIn selling it is all about matching a need to a problem to a solution, so listen carefully tounderstand the real solution or need that your product or service is providing!
  • 16. How is your product/service making this world better? How is it making the lives of your customer’s better?Photo by:
  • 17. Chapter 8: ManifestationYou need to paint the picture in your mind in order to be able to manifest success.
  • 18. First you need to paint the picture in your mind before it can come true.Photo by:
  • 19. Chapter 9: Game of LifeDare to dream of the life you want to manifest and let it unfold.
  • 20. “Row row row your boat gently down the stream”Photo by:
  • 21. Chapter 10:Tricks to use along your journey of life! Intuition
  • 22. “If prayer is talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you” Dr Wayne DyerPhoto by:
  • 23. Thank You! Author: Erini Lytrides-MichaelFollow Facebook: Erini Lytrides- Michael