Project logical frame


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Project logical frame

  1. 1. Rural and Semi-Urban IGA project especially for Women and Youth (RSU-IGAP) Funding by Swaziland Government and European Commission (EU Development Funds-EDF (10th Phase)) Project Logical Framework Summary Objectively Verifiable Indicators Means of Verification (MoV) Assumptions (OVIs)Objective/Goal: More than 90% of target Final evaluation report -Empowerment of women and youth in rural beneficiaries are leading better lifeand semi-urban domain in Swaziland, and and got chance to next level ofimprovement of their livelihood security education and trainingthrough IGAs and assets accumulation andentitlement to basic services.Purpose: More than 80% of targeted Quarterly progress report Community receive (CBOs)Facilitated targeted community people in beneficiaries increased their Annual report the ownership of the instituteincome generation activities (IGA) through livelihood income after three years. Enrollment report and resource centersskill & entrepreneurships development and More than 70% targeted Case studiesestablish their rights and access to basic beneficiaries practice their rights Midterm evaluation reportservices through awareness raising and More than 40% of targeted women Regular monitoring reportimproving collective strength through and youth will involved in IGA afterinstitution building. getting trainingOutputs: Quarterly progress report Administration will permit to1. 05 training centres and resource centres Functional 02 training and Annual report establish Training andestablished. resource centres. School enrollment report resource centers2. TOT to 80 trainers among the community TOT 100% within 6 months after Case studiesorganization (i.e. school teacher, NGOs the project operation. Midterm evaluation reportstaffs) by supporting Local and International st 40% women and youths in 1 Training reportsorganization nd year, 60% in 2 year. Meeting resolution3. 1000 beneficiaries (women and youth) 1st 40% women in year, 60% inreceived financial management and small 2nd year received IGA andentrepreneurship training. financial management skills4. Five hundred women and five hundreds training.youth empowered with life skills training. 80% of targeted women engaged6. Thousand women and youths enhanced with IGAs after completion thelivelihood skills and access to better capacity to run smoothly theirIGAs as well as HHs.Activities Inputs Quarterly progress report Furniture and logistics supplied Set up Training and resource centres enrollment report/attendance and cleared in time
  2. 2. Produce Training materials Education materials Case studiesProvide Vocational Skill Development Training materials Midterm evaluation reportTraining Furniture and stationary Training reportsTraining on Selection, Planning and Meeting resolutionManagement of IGAs.Provide TOT to teachers/NGOs staffOrganize advocacy campaignFormation of Centre ManagementCommittee (Community Peoples)Arrange groups and stakeholdersawareness meetingConduct Baseline Survey and PovertyProfile
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