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Gaming is on-the-go

Gaming is on-the-go



Mobile Gaming is anywhere, anytime and whenever inspiration strikes

Mobile Gaming is anywhere, anytime and whenever inspiration strikes



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    Gaming is on-the-go Gaming is on-the-go Presentation Transcript

    • Gaming ison-the-go Anywhere, anytime and whenever inspiration strikes
    • Vasco Elvas• Senior Telecom Executive at Vodafone Portugal since 2001• Teacher at Lusófona University• Father of two• Mobile evangelist• Gamer since Sinclair 16k
    • Sinclair 16k ! Sinclair ZX SP 48k ! Sinclair 128k ! 1986 1988 1990 PCs! Mobile! Cloud Gaming?! 1991+ 2002+ Future Gaming Evolution
    • ShowCase: iPad
    • Mobile Terminals“Os portuguesescompram menoseletrodomésticos eprodutos tecnológicos, no entanto o segmentodas telecomunicações, principalmente devidoaos smartphones, continua a ser o sectorque regista melhoresresultados no últimotrimestre de 2011.”!
    • Mobile Terminals Gartner: SmartPhone sales decrease by 2% in 2012!Total 419M. Samsung #1 , Apple #3. Android+iOS = 80%
    • Mobile Internet• Cisco VNI forecasts 18x mobile data growth from 2011 to 2016 !• Data Traffic - Mobile 3x Fixed!• Trends ! - Mobile Content: Streaming, Video, Gaming! - Mobile connections and increased speeds! - Advanced mobile computing *VNI - Visual Networking Index devices
    • Mobile 1.06110 7190 WAP 1.0 / CSD WAP 1.2.x / GPRS WAP 2.0 / 3G 2000/2001 2002 /2004 2004+
    • Mobile 1.0• Evolutionary Step Forward that brought wireless phones closer to internet!• Golden age of Mobile Operators !• Umbrella portals, with personalized and “device adapted experience”!• Content management control (pricing, navigation, discovery)!• Off-portal discovery was expensive!• Gaming already TOP sales category Java Games
    • Mobile 2.0 • 2007 changed “things”! • OTT players entering mobile! • New Era for mobile gaming! • Mobile Devices w/ increased HW & SW capabilities! • New value chain to everyone w/ improved content discovery - AppStoresApple’s built-in apps arrived and set a standard that inspired third-party devs to create something amazing, and they did, just as soon as the platform
    • Mobile First
    • Thinking Mobile First• Mobile Input has been difficult!• Complex devices and capabilities!• Capable devices have a disproportionate share of mobile internet But still, there are a lot of opportunities
    • Thinking Mobile FirstPut in the effort where there’s payoff
    • Design and Usability • Mobile gaming is mobile! • Context is king! • The devices are (very) different! • Forget your “dotcom” thinking! • You need unique content and design“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs
    • “Smart€r Phones”• Smartphones becoming more user friendly!• It’s all about features. Users take advantage of devices capabilities!• Loyalty, increased satisfaction and less churn!• Majority have distribution and development ecosystem!• Games = TOP Smartphone Business (2011)!EU 22% smartphones penetration US 1 in 10 citizens have an iPhone !
    • Tablets• Two year old device category!• “The new iPad”, 3rd generation, with 3M pre-orders in 3 days!• Google and Apple dominance!• Nokia, HP and RIM in a struggle!• Apple Rules, decline estimated by 2015, but analysts predictions change everyday! Tablet sales to hit 119 million units in 2012 (Gartner) !New iPad Accounts for 10% of all iPad Traffic in Only Three Weeks (Chikita)!
    • Gaming Economy
    • App Stores• Apple App Store hits 25B downloads and sets standards!• Google Play hits 400k apps. 10B downloads!• 70/30 revenue share !• Models: Free, Paid, Freemium !• Games Dominant category!• Global app market in 2011, $3.9B. 50B by 2016 (Juniper)
    • Android web browser claims biggest user share Browsing
    • Gaming Momentum• Rovio Angry Birds, 5 Titles!• Tried 50 games before!• Angry Birds Space = 10M in less than three days!• 1B Cumulative Downloads!• Two Revenue Streams: 1) free - advertising 2) paid - 0,79€ for download !• 2010 - 10M ; 2011 - 100M
    • Zynga• In Portugal App Stores! - 21 iPhone Games! - 17 iPad Games! - 9 Android Games!• Daily active users: 48M!• Mobile Gaming Division revenue 10B!• Draw Something: 50M downloads in 50 days with 3000 drawings/sec
    • Gameloft• In Portugal App Stores! - 156 iPhone Games! - 78 iPad Games! - 37 Android Titles!• Daily active users: 48M!• 45 M € 1ºT 2012 !• Source Revenues: advertising and in- app
    • Y u Play Mobile? AppAdvice.com
    • 100M US Mobile Gamers businessdegree.net
    • Apple w/ 84% of all mobile gaming revenue in the US
    • Mobile Gaming in 2011 generated 11B businessdegree.net
    • Make money w/ Freemium In-app Purchase!• Free but w/ Ads!• Free and i pay to remove ads!!• Free but Content Locked!• Free but “we have in-house economy” (virtual goods)!• Paid for download!• Paid w/ subscription model Tiny Tower : 3M in first year with in-app model! Angry Birds: 6M for monthly Ads businessdegree.net
    • Emerging Categories• Time killer: JetPack Joyride!• Birds and Ropes!• Retro is Back (Wolfenstein, Monkey Island, Doom, Duke Nukem, Atari )!• Towers!!! !• MMO’s & Action RPG: Infinity Blade!• Family & Kids!• Faster...please : In-game digital shopping to increase game leveling, speed and progression
    • Get Promoted & Social• 3rd party Promotion Ecosystems: App-o-day, AppZap, FreeAppaDay, AppsGoneFree, chomp!• Go viral w/ SNs. Promote game economy, announce your achievements!• Game Centers , OpenFeint Game Channel, Gameloft Live (Synced profiles, ratings , achievements, etc.) ! “Premium” Entry Point in App Stores
    • Gaming D€v Approach• HTML 5 Mobile - lacks phone standards APIs, browsers interoperability but has a tremendous momentum!• Native - AppStores, billing options and management lifecycle. !• J2ME - Getjar, MNOs. Common with feature phone and emergent markets. Fragmentation and APIs restriction!• Symbian / Nokia OVI Store.
    • Gaming - D€v SDKs• Go Native with Java/Android & Objective-C/iOS!• Unity Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine (UDK), open source engines (MOAI)!• Mobile Gaming PAAS for Scoring, virtual goods, ratings!• openappmkt.com for HTML 5 mobile apps !• HTML 5 to Native with PhoneGap.com (or use Adobe Creative Cloud tools).
    • Profile: Vodafone Apps World Most Valuable Telecoms Brand (9th overall) ! 2012 BrandFinance Global 500 report
    • Ongoing 2011http://wacapps.net Ongoing 2011 developer.vodafone.com
    • Nokia, Google, Apple• Nokia’s profits today and future revenue prospects are suffering! - Trying to be all things in all sectors in a shifting value- landscape! - Losing its leadership in core areas: ease of use, hi-end devices! - Microsoft the right partner? !• According to Gartner, Nokia leads MEA, with 58.5% in 2010, 52.9% in 2011 Nokia Lumia 900! (Windows Phone)
    • Nokia, Google, Apple• Google profits 4x in Apple Ecosystem, with 850k Android world daily activations!• Over 1,400 versions of Android running on too many different pieces of hardware!• HTML 5 Chrome Web Store for mobile? !• Motorola Mobility fully acquired Fragmentation - 4k unique devices
    • Nokia, Google, Apple• iPhone #1 smartphone, drives apps’ usage and data traffic!• End-2-End Integration!• Closed Ecosystem !• Gamers & Devs Paradis€ !• Nielsen/2011 - 8.7% market share and 75% of cell phone profits
    • and Facebook !• HTML 5 Gaming as a distribution platform.!• > 900 M active users!• Scale could set standards and lead HTML 5 gaming!• Web and Mobile distribution!• Recent IPO with impact on their partners - Zynga Stock dropped over 13%!• Soon launching it’s own AppStore
    • Gaming FutureStory Telling: como pai, com filhos pequenos e um grandeaficionado de jogos, procuro cada vez mais simplicidadee rapidez em jogar (sem consolas, sem ligar pcs ouportáteis) e no seio da família. Procuro algo que me permitajogar um jogo que está algures na nuvem (sem ter de oinstalar) e que tenha inteligência para guardar estado dojogo (achievements, saved games, gamecenter). Temtambém de permitir a continuação do jogo onde me apetecer(em casa, on-the-go), em qualquer dispositivo, com quemquiser e deve conseguir puxar-me para os jogos a pedido dosmeus amigos ("precisam de um elemento para ping-pongpares" ou mesmo um "Atari pong" enquanto espero pelaconsulta médica).
    • Gaming Future• 4G Data with increased transfer rates!• Cloud Ubiquitous Gaming - “play anywhere”!• Gaming MVNO’s with dedicated retail Stores. Smartphones and tablet the future next generation consoles? !• xTreme Gaming - same game , several places, experience alignment!• Blizzard Mobile (WOW, Diablo 3 or Starcraft)? Gameloft already did it (Order&Chaos, Dungen Hunter and Starfront Colision)
    • ClassRoom Gamification• Gaming approach to basic schools!• Intersection: education, gaming and new technologies!• Leverage the potential of gaming problem solving (logic, workflow, storyboards, algorithm,etc.)!• New Leaners of 21st century!• http://vimeo.com/21043303
    • Gaming ison-the-go Anywhere, anytime and whenever inspiration strikes