How to Create Compelling Content


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Find out the secret behind creating compelling content for your blog, articles and website that drives targeted traffic and sells.

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How to Create Compelling Content

  1. 1. May 9th, 2013 Published by: elvanb1elvanbs eBookCreating Compelling ContentThat SellsI just watched Kris Darty’s video on The 15K Formula abouthow he averages $5,000 Per blog and wanted to share what Ilearnt. It’s mind blowing stuff !He advocates:1. Good Compelling Content AND2. Internet TrafficWhat Constitutes Good CompellingContent?Basically, think about your Target market - figure out whatInformation they are looking for AND Give Them thatinformation.So in short, ask yourself:1. Who is my target customer?2. What do they want?3. HOW can I give them what they want?According to Kris Darty:There is a way to make compelling content ANDThere is a way to get traffic to that content that gets people tobuy stuff..Just because you write something on the internetdoesn’t mean that anyone is ever going to read it. Orif they do read it it doesn’t mean they’re going to enjoyit just because you wrote it.So just writing compelling content isn’t enough – you need toget people to read it. This means driving traffic to your site.Here’s an analogy that I got from Chris Record – if you printout hundreds of business cards but don’t hand them out topeople nobody is going to know about your business. Likewisewith your blog with compelling content ..Ok I hear you ask – there are millions of bloggers on the net..why aren’t they making any money?The reason for that is:What creates Traffic on the Internet is Valuable Content.Basically the Internet is Content ANDWithout Content there would be no Internet ANDwithout Internet no Traffic.So we basically need to:1. Understanding how/why the Internet Works2. Find out the good source of  Internet Traffic due to goodcompelling content and simply tap into itHow To “Tap Into” Internet Traffic1. You cann either create your own Compelling Content that isreally good and people visit OR2. You tap into traffic that other people have created with theirown Compelling ContentAccording to Kris Darby, you can do this by:Inserting yourself and your message in someone else’straffic stream.So how do we FIND this traffic?Alexa For Sites With Compelling ContentAlexa is a great indicator of which sites are actually gettingtraffic hence bound to have good compelling content1. Google – Gateway to InformationMost visited website is basically compilation of good relevantcontent. The searchers are looking for good content where theyare asking questions and they want relevant answers.Basic Business 101 – “Find the Need and FIll it”Folks, don’t lose site of the fact that this is a BUSINESS –the reason why a lot of people aren’t making money with thisbusiness is because they don’t recognise it as a business soapproach it with completely the wrong mind set.2. YouTube – second largest search engine outsideof GoogleFolks this is where it’s all at - VIDEO! Get out there and makevideos! NOW!Why are there so many people on Youtube? Because they areentertaining and informative. Video is the most powerful formof marketing and communication online!According to Alexa people go to YouTube – so TAP into theYouTube market.1. Create your own video and post it.2. Embed your own videos or ones created by others in yourblog post.3. Facebook – Social InteractionIt may sound like a waste of time tapping into a market whichseems to consist of people just hanging out sharing stuff.It’s a well known fact.. People WANT social interaction.Talk about yourself, your dreams, vision, goals, family, friends,your story.. Facebook Timeline is your story.
  2. 2. May 9th, 2013 Published by: elvanb2It’s FREE Traffic folks! Reality TV mentalilty.. people aresimply interested in other people’s lives… no matter howmundane!Stick with Current Events within your niche. People will realisethat you’re plugged into what’s going on so you must be anauthority on the subject. Talk about things going on right now.4. Wikipedia – user generated contentFolks this site encompasses the essence of blogging.It’s real people creating content and information. We trust itbecause it’s created by our peers. You trust your peers morethan some isntitution with an ulterior motive.5. Ebay / Amazon- Sell stuffA website of regular real people selling stuff. A social userinteractive selling platform. Remember people love buyingstuff – it’s why there is Economy.Folks people want to buy stuff so don’t forget to sell stuff inyour content. If you can sweeten the pot with bonuses evenbetter.ConclusionThe secret to creating a $5,000 Blog? Compelling Content andTrafficIdentify your niche’s target audience and go out of your way tofigure out what they want and how to give it to them.Drive TRAFFIC!Easy huh?Watch How This Newbie y Made$20,000 In His First Month WithEmpower NetworkJoin My Empower Network Team TODAY!