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What I learned at Passages of Malibu and Candeocan.com



How to overcome porn addiction

How to overcome porn addiction



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What I learned at Passages of Malibu and Candeocan.com What I learned at Passages of Malibu and Candeocan.com Presentation Transcript

  • What I Learned at Passages of Malibu Combined With Candeocan.com Recovery Program
  • Its Dependency, Not Addiction
    Addiction, Addict Or Any Word Ending In “ism” Are Counterproductive Labels
    No Substance Or Media Is A Disease
    Everything Is Completely Curable
    It’s A Dependency Rather Than An Addiction And Its Caused By One Or More Of The 4 Reasons For Dependency
    More Work must be put into addressing Reasons instead of Symptoms
  • Four Reasons For Dependency
    Past Events That Haven’t Been Dealt With
    Inability to Cope With Present Stressors
    Beliefs Held that are not True
    Chemical Imbalance
    All who become dependant on substances or media develop a chemical imbalance even if they didn’t have one before.
  • Three Steps to Cure Dependency
    Believe that a Cure is Possible
    Work Through the Reasons for Dependency
    Adopt a Belief System that is Consistent with Truth
    This includes using “Face it – Replace it” to view temptations and sexual urges in their proper light
  • Two Major Parts to Overcoming
    Underlying Reasons for Dependency
    Everyone has these to one degree or another
    Many people need therapy to properly deal with these, some more than others
    Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)
    Everyone has to go through PAWS
    Can last anywhere from approx a month to 18 Months
    In many cases a safe rehab-like environment is necessary to give person a fighting chance.
    If underlying reasons are playing a big part and not dealt with then PAWS is 2 times or more difficult
  • Dealing With Past Events
    A very common thread among those dependant on substances is a childhood void
    Different types of therapy may be necessary
    Feeling oriented Family/Marriage therapy works on the inner child
    Psychotherapy works on bringing competence to the conscious mind
    Hypnotherapy works on changing the false beliefs stubbornly guarded by the subconscious
  • Dealing With Beliefs Held That Are Not True
    Many False Beliefs Stem from Childhood neglect and Abuse
    Seems some type of spiritual belief and knowing purpose in life is a must
    Therapy Will Help a lot with changing negative beliefs
  • Chemical Imbalance
    All dependencies seem to primarily involve unnatural levels of dopamine but all chemicals are negatively effected in some way
    Chemical imbalance may have existed before the dependency on media or substance because of previous neglect or abuse
    Everyone who becomes dependent on substances or media create an imbalance
    Getting through PAWS means getting your chemical balance back
  • Chemical Imbalance Continued
    Supplements can help bring balance faster making PAWS less difficult
    Therapy, Exercise, Diet, and most of all staying away from drug of choice brings back balance
    Rehab is for those whose chemical imbalance has become so bad that their body now has more control than they do
    Rehab gives just enough time for some of the chemical balance to return and in turn gain some will power back
  • Chemical Imbalance Continued
    A Neurotransmitter Test is a Good Idea for Those Who Feel They Have or Already Previously Had a Serious Chemical Imbalance
    Phenylalanine Helps to Increase Dopamine Levels but Needs to Be Done With Proper Diet, Exercise and Therapy as Needed
  • Natural Dopamine Levels
  • Brain Dopamine Levels (DA)
  • Probable Porn Viewing Dopamine Levels
  • Porn Viewing and Dopamine
    Healthy sex has a spike in dopamine then a gradual drop off.
    Porn viewing unnaturally keeps dopamine levels at a constant and for a longer period of time, especially as the person views newer and more perverse material to keep stimulation high.
    This surely causes dopamine receptor reduction which increases dependency on porn to avoid feeling the dullness caused by receptor reduction.
  • Dopamine Receptor Reduction
  • When Candeocan.com is Effective?
    Candeo is always Effective
    Candeo is Most Effective When Underlying Issues are Resolved since Porn viewing is the symptom
    It is also Effective even while the person deals with underlying issues so they can gain the brain science knowledge and the truth about temptations and sexual urges