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Questions. PowerPoint presentation with a table of contents or "m

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  1. 1. Structure of questionsTypes of questionsAuxiliary verbsQuestion wordsSubject and object questionsQuestions with prepositions
  2. 2. We watch football at home every weekend. Do you watch football at home every weekend? Where do you watch football every weekend? When do you watch football at home?Question Auxiliary Subject Verb Other elementsword verb Do you watch football at home every weekend?Where do you watch football every weekend?
  3. 3. Do you watch football at home every weekend?Two types of questions Yes, we do / No, we don’t Where do you watch football every weekend? At home When do you watch football at home? Every weekend
  4. 4. Do you like going to the disco?Does he like going to the disco?What does your sister study?Did he go to the disco last Saturday?When did he cook this cake? Are you listening to me now? Where are they playing? Will you come to the party?
  5. 5. I am going to paint my bedroom tomorrow.When …........ your bedroom? When are you going to paint your bedroom?I painted my bedroom yesterday. When did you paint your bedroom?When …........ your bedroom?This man paints his bedroom every year. When does he paint his bedroom?When …........ his bedroom?I am painting my bedroom now. What are you doing now? What …........ now?
  6. 6. Who Objects or actionsWhat PeopleWhen ReasonsWhere MannerWhy TimeWhose PlaceHow Possession
  7. 7. Who People Who is your teacher?What Objects or actions What are you doing?When Time When will you come?Where Place Where are you from?Why Reason Why do you study English?Whose Possession Whose car is this?How Manner How do you cook this cake?
  8. 8. Who are those people?....... Those people are our neighbours.
  9. 9. Where do they live?....... They live in King’s Road.
  10. 10. Why do they walk quickly?....... They walk quickly because they are going to work.
  11. 11. When is the first bus? .......The first bus is at 6 o’clock.
  12. 12. What is your favourite drink?....... My favourite drink is orange juice.
  13. 13. How many brothers have you got? ....... I’ve got three brothers.
  14. 14. Who loves you? My girlfriend loves me No auxiliary verb “Who” is the subject of “loves”Who do you love? I love my girlfriend Auxiliary verb ( “do” ) “you” is the subject of “love”
  15. 15. To make subject questions, we don’t use auxiliary verbs. The word order is: Question word + main verb + infoWho built the Grand Palace?What eats bananas?Who lives in that old house?
  16. 16. To make object questions, we use auxiliary verbs and the infinitive of the main verb. The word order is: Question word + Aux + subject +main verbWhat did she make?When does the train leave?Where do you live?
  17. 17. Subject or object question?Where do you live?Who lives in that house?Who broke the window?What time do you go to bed?How long have you been waiting for me?When is the World cup?
  18. 18. In English, many verbs are connected with their complements by meansof a preposition. Study the following examples: We usually talk about sports when we meet. I listen to pop music mainly. My sister works for a multinational company. The children went out with their grandfather. I need a new flute for my music lessons.
  19. 19. TASK: Write questions for the following sentences:1. This present is for my best friend. Who is this present for?2. The children played with the neighbours. Who did the children play with?3. This ball is made of rubber and plastic. What is this ball made of?4. We talked about economy at the meeting. What did you talk about at the meeting?5. We are looking at the teacher. Who are you looking at?