MongoDB Enterprise Datasheet10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDBs open-source, documen...
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Mongo db enterprise_datasheet


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Mongo db enterprise_datasheet

  1. 1. MongoDB Enterprise Datasheet10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDBs open-source, document technology is popular among both developers and IT professionalsgiven its agile and scalable approach. 10gen leads MongoDB development, supports thelarge and growing MongoDB community, provides commercial subscriptions includingsupport, and offers consulting and training services. Additionally, 10gen provides thefree, cloud-based MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS).MongoDB OverviewMongoDB is the leading NoSQL database, designed for how we build and run applications today. MongoDB empowersorganizations to be agile and scalable. It helps them enable new types of applications, improve customer experience,accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).Instead of storing data in rows and columns as one would with a relational database, MongoDB stores a binary form ofJSON documents (BSON). Relational databases impose flat, rigid schemas across entire tables. By contrast, MongoDB al-lows schemas to vary across documents and to change quickly as applications evolve, while still providing the function-ality developers expect from relational databases, such as secondary indexes and a full query language.MongoDB is built for scalability and high availability. Auto-sharding allows MongoDB to scale from single server de-ployments to large multi-rack systems. Built-in replication with automated failover provides enterprise-grade reliabilityand operational flexibility. MongoDB also provides native, idiomatic drivers for most popular programming languagesand frameworks to make development natural.MongoDB EnterpriseMongoDB Enterprise is the commercial edition of MongoDB that provides enterprise-grade capabilities. MongoDB En-terprise enables customers to be as agile and scalable as a startup while addressing the more demanding requirementsof the modern enterprise.MongoDB Enterprise includes advanced security features, management tools, software integrations and certifications.With MongoDB Enterprise, organizations are realizing all the benefits provided by MongoDB while mitigating businessrisk and maintaining the security, compliance and uptime standards that their businesses require.These value-added capabilities are not included in the open-source edition of MongoDB. MongoDB Enterprise is avail-able as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Subscription, which also comes with 10gen’s most comprehensive SLA.MongoDB Enterprise FeaturesMongoDB Enterprise includes a number of enterprise-grade features: »» Advanced Security. Kerberos authentication enables enterprise and government customers to integrate MongoDB Enterprise into standard security systems. »» Monitoring. On-Prem Monitoring provides visualization and alerts for MongoDB on over 100 system metrics. It is based on the same application that powers 10gen’s popular cloud-based MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS). »» Enterprise Software Integration. SNMP support makes it easy to integrate MongoDB with popular management and monitoring tools, such as Nagios. »» Certified OS Support. MongoDB Enterprise has been tested and certified on Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux to provide stability.
  2. 2. FEATURE COMPARISON MongoDB MongoDB Enterprise Features JSON Data Model with Dynamic Schemas x x Auto-Sharding for Horizontal Scalability x x Built-In Replication and High Availability x x Full, Flexible Index Support x x Rich Document Queries x x Fast In-Place Updates x x Aggregation Framework and MapReduce x x Large Media Storage with GridFS x x Text Search x x Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Deployments x x Role-Based Privileges x x Advanced Security with Kerberos x On-Prem Monitoring x SNMP Support x OS Certifications xResourcesFor more information on 10gen andMongoDB, please visit or Resource Website, or contact us MongoDB Enterprise Download Free Online Training Webinars and Events White Papers Case Studies Presentations Documentation New York • Palo Alto • Washington, DC • London • Dublin • Barcelona • Sydney US 866.237.8815 • INTL +1 650.440.4474 • Copyright 2013 10gen, Inc. All Rights Reserved.