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An introduction to a web platform where people con collaborate, crowdfund and manage projects.

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  1. 1. Where Collaboration, Crowdfunding and Project Management Meet for the benefit of the people. Proposal by Ahmed Rami Elsherif
  2. 2. The 3 Concepts 1. Wiki: Is a term used to refer to collaborative websites where the users of the website are the owners and developers of its contents. For example is an encyclopedia written and maintained by its users. 2. Crowdfunding: Is the process of using web portals to ask the general public for financial backing for new ventures in return for a proposed reward. The financing is made of small contribution by many people and the reward could be symbolic or material. An example is or
  3. 3. The 3 Concepts (Cont.) 3. Project Management: according to is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to initialize, plan, execute, control & monitor and close projects effectively and efficiently. Knowledge areas to be considered are scope, time, cost, Quality, Procurement, Human Resources, Communications, Risk and Integration.
  4. 4. The Current Situation • Wikis and Crowdfunding platforms have proven to be successful in USA and Europe where project management tools and techniques are also widely used. • The 3 concepts are relatively new to developing countries. • Traditional approach to aid in developing countries which is mainly based on “giving the fish and not teaching fishing to the aid recipients” is facing serious challenges in relation to its effectiveness. • Professionals from developing countries are contributing actively to their adoptive societies in rich countries and we think they would also do the same to their native societies given the right circumstances.
  5. 5. The proposal • Develop a website where users can collaborate in: – Presenting the initial project proposal and its rewards to the community and the participants. – Planning the project. – Resourcing the project financially and/or by other means such man power or materials. – Executing the project – Monitoring and Controlling project progress.
  6. 6. The proposal (Cont.) • will be based on the open source platform developed and used by • Although the current platform handles crowdfunding well, enhancements are needed in the collaboration and project management functionalities.
  7. 7. The idea in Brief A person or a group has an idea for a business or social venture that needs collaboration and funding. They collaborate and co-fund with other people their idea. A project is delivered successfully and every body is happy. Using
  8. 8. For Example…. Ali is a teacher in a public school in Gaza. He would like to build a class library for his students. During a chat with his friend Mohamed he got to know about wikiprojects. Both decide to publish the project on the website
  9. 9. The Project Proposal Ali and Mohamed collaborate in promoting the library project in Project Objectives: • To incentivize reading in the young generations. • To Open their minds to new advance in science and technology. Project Plan and Budget: 1. Build or buy shelves to hold the books (500 USD) 2. Select a list of books useful for grades 4-6. (accepts recommendations from other wikiprojects users) 3. Buy the books (1000 USD) 4. Put a simple tracking system for book lending. Project Rewards: • If you give 50 USD you will receive a thank you note from the kids. • If you give 100 USD your name will be put on the donors plaque.
  10. 10. The interactions Majed from California reads the projects proposal and decides to pledge 100 USD through Noha is a teacher in Canada with relevant experience suggests interesting books to include in the library After reading Noha’s list, the Khatib family realizes that they have some of the proposed books and can donate them to the project Fadi who works in Aramex talks to his boss and get a commitment to take care of the logistics of sending the books to Gaza.
  11. 11. More interactions With more financial pledges and commitments of support the projects goes into the execution phase. Ali coordinates the execution of the project tell its successful delivery and closing.
  12. 12. The Result Thanks to the collaboration of lots people via, Gazan Kids have a lovely class library with lots of useful books.
  13. 13. More Example A young programmer from Egypt have an IPhone App idea. He collaborates on his idea with a graphic designer from California and they promote the project on offering revenue sharing scheme for contributors to the project. A talented carpenter in Bolivia has a project budget for his first workshop. He publishes it in and offers some of his unique handmade pieces in reward for contributions. A group of expatriate Somali’s set up a project in for building a public computer lab in their hometown.
  14. 14. Where we stand? The following initial work is already underway: The hosting of the website Design of the logo. Give the website the feel and look of the logo. Issues that need further discussion and elaboration. Legal Entity for the website. Enhancements to the business model and portal functionalities.
  15. 15. What do you think? I hope that I have conveyed my idea clearly to you, and I look forward to hear your ideas on: 1. What do you think about 2. How to enhance the 3. How we can collaborate on this Feel free to contact me on: