Sap Downstream web interfaces


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Concepts and Sample Solutions of SAP – WEB Interfaces for the OIL-Downstream industry

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Sap Downstream web interfaces

  1. 1. Ahmed Rami Elsherif SAP – WEB Interfaces OIL-Downstream
  2. 2. Introduction • One of the important challenges in a SAP implementation is its integration with other systems in the enterprise; another one is WEB enabling and reporting. • SAP provides a basic infrastructure for integrations that is secure, efficient and transparent.
  3. 3. SAP Integration Technology Used in the presented solutions (BAPI,RFC)
  4. 4. General Design WEB Navigator SAP R/3 SSL Certification Server TCP/IP Interface Server SSL WEB Server SCRIPT RFC y BAPI
  5. 5. Advantages  Data is created/read in real-time in/from SAP.  User friendly screens without extraneous fields.  Minimal training time.  Knowledge of how to navigate in SAP is not required.
  6. 6. Examples - Downstream • Import/Export Data: Reads data from different modules of SAP, Save it in a local database, generate data equivalences and export it to other systems in a pre defined format. • Margin Analysis: Reads sales data from SD module, cost of goods sold from CO Module, saves data in a SQL flat table and produces margin analysis in different dimensions and units. • Purchase Order for Transport Service: Reads transport operations registered in SAP (IS-OIL), aggregates contract conditions, generates the conciliation sheet, generates the SAP PO of the service, and liberates it.
  7. 7. Data Export From SAP MVER COSP BSIS VBRK GL Index KONV Invoice Header VBRP Invoice Conditio ns LIPS Invoice Lines Delivery Items Script to Read SAP apply Equivalences Equivalences Tables Field X in SAP = Field Y in Sys. N Generate Text files to be consumed by other systems Scripts to generate Interface Files QALS Material Quality Material Consum ption Costs Import Data SAP Apply and update Equivalence rules Repeat the same process for different SAP Modules (FI,CO,SD,MM,IS-OIL, Others)
  8. 8. Margin Analysis BSEG BSIS GL Line Items GL Index VBRK KONV Invoice Header VBRP Invoice Conditio ns LIPS Invoice Lines Delivery Items Script to Read SAP Write Flat Table MARGIN Month Year Concept Account Profit Center Product Volume Value US Value BS Scripts to present margin Multi Unit Analysis (Margin,Sales,Taxes,Costs) Graphical and numerical presentation with drill downs.
  9. 9. Transport Service PO SAP Purchase Relate Data Order to created in real time Contract Condition Read Transport Operations SAP IS OIL Generate PO VIA BAPI Call
  10. 10. Conclusion • Although SAP is intended to cover all activities in the enterprise other auxiliary or activity specific systems, will exist and for that integration with SAP is essential. • ABAP is the official programming language of SAP, but every thing that can be done in ABAP also can be done in other programming languages using RFC and BAPIs.