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Business Intelligence Portal Insights and Practical Example

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Business Intelligence Portal

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Portal SAP Integrated Solution Insights and Practical Example By Ahmed Rami Elsherif
  2. 2. Introduction An Intranet Portal is an internal corporate web site that integrates people, processes, and information within the enterprise, using internet based technology to facilitate communication and access to information. A Business Intelligence Portal is a portal that reads the enterprise raw data from its different transactional databases and systems, a groups, presents and transforms it into information and knowledge useful for the decision making process.
  3. 3. Portal Challenges and Examples •Provide Access to data by all stakeholder in company’s value chain, as in the general portal design. •Integrate data from diverse sources, as in the Balance Sheet Consolidation example. •Present information in the format appropriate for each stakeholders, as in the Executive Presentations and Margin Analysis examples. •Guarantee Performance, Availability, Serviceability, and Security, as in the infrastructure design.
  4. 4. Executive Information Portal Restricted Information managed by user access profile Public Information available for all Intranet users e.g. chart of accounts, organgrams, contacts, etc… Information by company, segment, or consolidated.
  5. 5. Balance sheet Consolidation Scripts to Read accounting data from different systems Scripts to generate Consolidated Financial Statements. Varies Users Structure Flat Table Rules SAP – RFC BAPI In House Syst. - SQL Query Other systems – Web Services Costume aggregation of information by company or segment Costume structuring of financial statements (local rules, USGAAP, Fiscal Entities, etc..) Costume elimination rules for intercompany accounts. Drill down analysis
  6. 6. Executive Presentations Accountin g Controllin g COVP COSP COSS BSIS SKAT Sales One click, Two click Materials VBRK VBRP KONV LIPS EKKO EKPO MAKT Script to Read SAP and Write Flat Table Costume hyperlinks to other information Scripts for executive presentations SAP Other Modules Varies Users Indicators Flat Table Menus Presentations by company,segment or consolidated. Graphics combining, executed, budgeted and projected values. Costume Key Performance navigation Indicators
  7. 7. Margin Analysis BSEG BSIS GL Line Items GL Index VBRK KONV Invoice Header Invoice Condition s VBRP LIPS Invoice Lines Delivery Items Script to Read SAP Write Flat Table MARGIN Month Year Concept Account Profit Center Product Volume Value US Value BS Scripts to present margin Multi Unit Analysis (Margin,Sales,Taxes,Costs) Graphical and numerical presentation with drill downs Analysis .
  8. 8. Infrastructure Design WEB Navigator SAP R/3 SSL Certification Server Portal Server SSL WEB Server PORTAL SCRIPTS & DB Oracle Other Applications Third Party Systems TCP/IP XML WS Other Protocols
  9. 9. Portal Advantages  User friendly, costume design screens without extraneous fields.  Minimal training, support and maintenance time for end users.  Knowledge of how to navigate in different enterprise systems is not required.  Data is created/read transparently and securely in real-time in/out of enterprise systems.  Uniform procedures and presentation of information a cross the enterprise.
  10. 10. Conclusion A proposed formula to estimate the value of information in the enterprise is: The Value of Information ~ Users2 X Business Area BI Portals are very effective, direct means of increasing both variables of that formula reason for which companies have to pay close attention to their analysis, design, development and implementation.