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Thinking about leasing a cell tower site here are a few tips

Thinking about leasing a cell tower site here are a few tips






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    Thinking about leasing a cell tower site here are a few tips Thinking about leasing a cell tower site here are a few tips Document Transcript

    • Thinking about leasing a cell tower site? Hereare a few tips:1, Read the small print! Look carefully at the right of way terms and the assignments clauses. Some cellphone tower contracts forbid you to sell the lease to anyone including your own family for the term ofthe lease. And if they have renewal clauses it could be tied up well after your death.2. Many wirelss carriers pay a leasing agent (or site acquisition agent) a bonus if they sign you to a lowerpriced cell tower contract. So even a difference of only 1% over the life of a cell tower lease can bealmost $200,000 or more. Try to visit other cell tower sites and ask the present owners what they aregetting for a cell phone tower lease.3. Watch for those if you dont decide in the next hour pressure tatics. Cell tower sites are increasing asthe demand for wireless increases. Cell phone tower sites are not just for cell phone service, also toradio and TV broadcasters, federal, state and local governments and other industries use space on thetowers too. In the period from 2011 to 2012 cellphone tower sites increased about 11% up from theprevious annual growth of 2%. So demand is on the side of the land owner. The numbers are expectedto more than double in the next 10 years. That means roughly 100,000 new cell towers need to be builtby 2020 to support projected demand in the US.4. You can find out who provides wireless services in your area by going to www.wirelessadvisor.com.5. Attend local zoning meetings to see if there are any zoning issues that need to be covered in yourarea.6. If you have been approached on a lease buyout be careful of the tax consequences. Normally it isconsidered pre-paid rent and can be very costly, tax wise, to you.
    • 7. Be very careful of those offering cell tower lease guarantees. Many unscrupulous companies employscare tactics to renegotiate your lease and earn huge commissions for doing so. If you have a site, youalready have a guaranteed income.8. Also watch out for the "they are going to close down your cell phone tower if you dont lower yourlease scams. Fact: tower rental lease rates are increasing. The companies invested hundreds ofthousands of dollars in getting that tower errected. Tower are terminated for coverage problems not forlease payment reductions. And there is NO new technology available that will make cell towersobsolete in the forseeable future, in fact it is quite the opposite as new types of data find their way intophones, pads and other connected devices.If you are new to the business then getting good advice is important, because of the specialised natureof the business it is good to find someone that is also specialised to help. People like David atTowerleases.com who can help you get the best deal for yourself and avoid the tower scam artiststactics.Check here for more information Cell tower lease experts