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Ten free songwriting tips Ten free songwriting tips Document Transcript

  • Ten Free Songwriting TipsBy Tor JakobsenWhether youre a beginner at writing songs or a seasoned songwriter, free songwriting tips always comein useful, for composing songs is something you should work on constantly, perfecting your abilities toemotionally connect with your audience through music and lyrics.Successful songwriting is by no means easy - though many say it is. However, nearly everyone has theability to write songs, but this ability needs to be worked on, combined with the desire to compose agreat song, plus hard work.So, here you have ten basic songwriting tips to help you on your way to becoming a great composer.Free Songwriting Tips1. Practice makes perfect, so songwriting tip number one would be to dedicate some time each day tocomposing songs. You dont need to create a whole new song - just a few lines will suffice. But, makesure you practice daily. Youll soon improve.2. Listen constantly to popular songs and work out what, exactly, makes these songs successful. Studytheir strengths and techniques. Learn from them and apply their good points to your own compositions.3. Before starting on any song, decide who your target audience is and the type of compositions theywill relate to, then make sure both lyrics and melody can be understood by them and will appeal tothem. Your main aim will be to connect emotionally with your audience.4. Although you should work hard at your songwriting, enjoy it too! Remember that music and lyrics areart forms, so dont let composing become an unwelcome chore, otherwise your creative juices are sureto disappear. Concentrate on pouring out your passions and emotions, rather than thinking about themoney you might make from a successful song.
  • 5. Use your own life experiences as inspiration for your songs. Its always better to write aboutsomething you, personally, know about. And use nature, art, or simply listening to other songs to relaxand open your mind and get your creative juices working.6. Always carry a notebook with you so you can jot down those terrific ideas which pop into your headat the most unusual times.7. Keep your lyrics short and crisp, for you normally only have around 3 to 4 minutes to get yourmessage across. Use the verse to tell your story, making the chorus something repetitive which listenerswill remember.8. Dont under-rate the importance of your songs title for its the soul of your song, telling youraudience what your composition is about. Make it catchy, appealing, and easy to remember.9. Avoid overuse of clichés. Instead, take well-known words and phrases, turning them round and usingthem in new and novel ways.10. Dont be afraid to tweak your original song until you feel in your heart its just as it should be.Well, there you have just ten quick songwriting tips to help you get started. But, perhaps the mostimportant tip of all is never to give up. You may not start as a great success, and your first songscertainly wont be perfect. But, if you keep working at it, learning more about the topic, reading goodbooks on the subject, then youll surely get there in the end.After all, the one sure way of failing is to give up! If you carry on, gradually improving, chances are youlleventually compose numerous successful songs.If youd like to learn more about the songwriting process, kindly check here for more songwriting tips