Pickup lines   do they really work
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Pickup lines do they really work






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    Pickup lines   do they really work Pickup lines do they really work Document Transcript

    • Pickup Lines - Do They Really Work?By Shane RiversAt some point in their lives, most women have had a pickup line used on them. At the same time, manymen have at one time or another attempted to use such a phrase to break the ice with a member of theopposite sex. Of course, the big question is whether or not these lines actually work.Much to the chagrin of would-be Romeos around the world, the answer is usually a resounding "No."Take, for example, a study conducted on 205 undergraduate students at Scotlands University ofEdinburgh. Cheesy lines and flat-out sexual innuendo scored very low. Lines which suggestedintelligence, wealth, and generosity did score higher, however.So what defines a cheesy pickup line or blatant sexual innuendo? Heres a short list."Whats your sign?""If I could rearrange the alphabet, Id put U and I together.""F*ck me if Im wrong, but havent we met before?""Your legs must be tired, because youve been running through my mind all night.""Hey, babe, want to get lucky?""I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?"Yeah, hard to believe that someone using one of those lines would strike out. Then again, there are lotsof other factors besides the quality of the line. If the woman in question has a sense of humor, she mightchuckle at one of these and actually be willing to have a conversation. If not, you can expect a sneer andmaybe even a few insults to come your way.Theres also the matter of personal appearance. Without a doubt, attractive men are far more likely toget a little slack when it comes to using bad pickup lines. Ugly guys, on the other hand, are flat out ofluck.And there are a million other little factors. How much has she had to drink? Did she come to the club tofind a one-night stand? Does she have a headache? Does she enjoy shooting guys down? Neverunderestimate how easily a persons quirks can derail even the most sincere attempts at flattery.
    • The biggest mistake most men make is to hit on a woman before an attraction has been established. Ifyou are perceived as trying too hard, then it may make you seem pushy and turn off the woman. Try toseem nonthreatening when you make your approach, then attempt to demonstrate a sense of humor ora genuine interest in her.Another method is to approach the person just as you are leaving. Introduce yourself, give them yourphone number and then leave. They may not call you, but they may well remember you the next timeyou see them at the club. This may give you an opportunity to strike up a longer conversation.Again, no method is perfect. Certainly there are women who would feel uncomfortable or guilty aboutbeing approached by a man who she chose not to call. Its not an exact science.If you do decide to go with a pickup line, try to find something which will make her laugh or otherwisebreak the ice without possible offending her. Stay away from lines that are demeaning or have overtlysexual connotations. Here are few examples of good pickup lines:"I was wondering if you have a moment to spare for me to hit on you?" If this doesnt get her to smile,then you might as well move on to another woman. This line should demonstrate your sense of humor,acknowledge her good looks, and do so without seeming too forward."Whats your name?" While hardly flashy or creative, this line is genuine and to the point. It doesnt puttoo much pressure on the woman (unless she cant remember her name), and it allows you to get yourfoot in the door."So what havent you been told tonight?" This line admits that shes been getting hit on all night, but italso shows that youre interested in her without being like all the other guys. It doesnt insult herintelligence, and it also demonstrates your wit.Glasgow Escorts is the type of service that can generate better feeling and elevate...