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  • 1. -'s -'s -able -able -al -al -an -an -ance -ance -ant -ary -ative -cy -dom -dom -dom -ed -ed -ee -en -en -en -en -en -ence -ence -ent -er -er -er -er -ess -est -est -est -et -ette -ette -fold -fold -ful -ful -ful -hood -ible -ic -ic -ical -ify -ine -ing -ing -ion -ise -ise -ish -ish -ish -ism -ism -ist -ist -ity -ity -ive -ive romanian.txt minus possessive [Basic] able to be ___ed [Basic compound] to do with, like also -ily for -y of, having to do with also -ian for -y act or condition of ___ing quality, condition, or time of being ___ ___ing or the condition of ___ ___ing or having a tendency to ___ having the property of, tendency to condition of being ___ ___s as a group, or in a mass position, lands, etc. of a ___ past, having ___ [Basic] one who gets, is given irregular past to have, cause or become ___ irregular plural [Basic] <not Basic> act or condition of ___ing quality, condition, or time of being ___ ___ing or the condition of ___ person or thing that ___s comparative also -or [Basic] female ___ superlative most [Basic] little little female times more made into ___ parts full of , having the quality of ___ amount making a ___ full. [Intermediate Basic] time, condition, of being a ___ able to be __ed of, being, made by, like ___ disease of, being, made by, like give quality of ___ to, make ___ like, having the properties of, the or a ___ action of ___ [Basic] act of ___ing, condition of, outcome of make or become ___ var. of -ize somewhat ___ like a ___ -like condition of being system, theory of ___ one who does or uses ___ supporter of ___ism condition of being ___ thing having the quality ___ having the property of, tendency to ___ing or with a tendency to ___ Pge p
  • 2. -ize -kin -less -less -let -like -like -like -ling -ling -ly -ly -ly -ly -mark -mark -ment -ment -meter -meter -most -most -ness -or -or -ory -ous -phil -phile -phobe -ry -ry -s -s -s -ship -sion -sion -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -teen -th -tion -tion -ward -wards -y 'm 'm 'n 're 're ( ( ( ) ) © © ® romanian.txt make or become ___ a small ___ without, not having ___ <not basic> a small ___ -like like a ___ [Basic compound] a small or unimportant ___ [Basic] in a ___ way. in the first, etc., place. (as) of a ___ [Basic] mark {Basic compound] ___ing, sense of __ing -ing meter, instrument to measure [Basic compound] most [Basic compound] state/condition of being person or thing that ___s [Basic] ___ing or having a tendency to ___ having, full of, sense of (person) having a love for ___ (person) having a love for ___ (person) having a hate for ___ condition, act, behavior of a ___ place where ___ing is done plural also -es ; and -ies for -y [Basic] condition, position, time, of being a ___ process, act, condition, effect of ___ing condition of being ___ being likely -like a great number part of body a great degree group of [Basic compound] <not Basic> tending to, causing 13 to 19 being number ___ in order process, act, condition, effect of ___ing condition of being ___ in the direction of ___ in the direction of ___ having, full of, covered with, having the properties of 'm am and 're are ( parenthesis left paren ) right paren © copy right ® Pge p
  • 3. romanian.txt ® @ @ @ * * * / / & & & % % ° ° °C °C °F °F + + ± ± ÷ ÷ × × < < = = > > ¢ ¢ ¢ $ $ $ 0 0 1 1 ½ ½ ¼ ¼ 10 10 100 100 1000 1000 1000000 1000000 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 registered @ at each * asterisk star / slash back slash & and ampersand % percentage ° degree °C degree Celsius °F degree Fahrenheit + plus ± plus or minus ÷ divided by × times < less than = equal > greater than ¢ cent cents $ dollar dollars 0 zero 1 one ½ half ¼ quarter 10 ten 100 hundred 1,000 thousand 1,000,000 million 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen Pge p
  • 4. romanian.txt 16 16 16 sixteen 2 2 2 two ² ² ² squared 20 20 20 twenty 21 21 21 twenty-one 3 3 3 three ³ ³ ³ cubed 30 30 30 thirty 4 4 4 four 40 40 40 forty 5 5 5 five 50 50 50 fifty 6 6 6 six 7 7 7 seven 8 8 8 eight 9 9 9 nine a a A A A first-rate ain, into, on, at, to, up, out aact or state of anot, without aah [INTERJECTION] surprise, pleasure aardvark African earth-pig aardvark animal that takes ants as food aardvark ORYCTEROPUS AFER aback surprise abandon let go abandoned given up abandoning giving up abandons gives up abate make less abated made less abates makes less abating making less abbreviate make shorter abbreviated made shorter abbreviates makes shorter abbreviating making shorter abbreviation short form abbreviations short forms abc ABC abdicate give up abdicated gave up abdicated given up abdicates gives up abdicating giving up abdomen stomach abdomen [biology] abduct take away abducted taken away abducting taking away Pge p
  • 5. romanian.txt abduction taken away abductor one taking away abducts takes away abeyance not in present use abhor hate abhorred hated abhorring hating abhors hates abide keep to abided kept to abides keeps to abiding keeping to abilities powers to ability power to abject poor abjectly poorly ablaze in flames able able abled abled abler abler ablers ablers ables ables ablution washing ablutions washings abnormal not normal abnormally not normally aboard on abode living place abolish put an end to abolished put an end to abolishes puts an end to abolishing putting an end to abolition an end abolition end of SLAVERY abominable very bad abominably very badly abort give birth before ready abort come to an end (early) abort make short an operation aborted gave birth before ready aborted came to an end (early) aborted made short an operation aborting giving birth before ready aborting coming to an end (early) aborting making short an operation abortion give birth to dead baby abortions give birth to dead babies abortive that come to nothing aborts gives birth before ready aborts comes to an end (early) aborts makes short an operation about about above over above more than abreast level abridge shorten abridged shortened abridgements shorter forms abridges shortens abridging shortening abridgment a shorter form abroad in another country abrupt sudden abruptly suddenly absence not present absence [second] absences not present more than once absences [second] Pge p
  • 6. romanian.txt absent not present absented made not present absenting making not present absents makes not present absolute complete absolutely completely absolve make free from absolved made free from absolves makes free from absolving making free from absorb take up absorbed taken up absorbent able to take absorbing keeping the attention absorbs takes up absorption being taken up abstain keep from abstained kept from abstainer person who takes no strong drink abstaining keeping from abstains keeps from abstemious taking little abstract short account abstract make a short account abstract take from abstracted made short abstracted took from abstracting making a short account abstracting taking from abstraction take out abstraction idea abstraction not a solid fact abstractly having thoughts on other things abstracts more than one short account abstracts makes short account abstruse out of the way absurd without reason absurd foolish absurdity foolish thing absurdly foolishly abundance more than enough abundances more than enough abundant more than enough abuse wrong use abuse make wrong use of abused made wrong use of abuser one making wrong use of abusers persons making wrong use of abuses wrong uses abuses make wrong uses of abusing making wrong use of abusive having tendency of wrong use abysmal deep, without limit abysmal very bad abysmally very badly academic of a university academic of theory academic not of doing academically by theory only academics of a university academics theories, not doing accelerate increase in rate accelerated increased in rate accelerates increases accelerating increasing in rate acceleration increase in rate accension on the way up accension amount of slope Pge p
  • 7. romanian.txt accent way of saying words accent way up accent give weight to sounds accenting way of saying words accenting giving weight to accents ways of saying words accents give weights to sounds accept take accept say yes (to offer) acceptability able to please acceptability be pleasing acceptability able to say yes (to offer) acceptable pleasing acceptable say yes (to offer) acceptance taking acceptance belief in acceptance account of exchange acceptance [business] acceptances takings acceptances beliefs in acceptances accounts of exchange acceptances [business] accepted taken accepted took accepting willing accepting taking accepts takes access way in access make use of accessed made way in accessed made use of accesses ways in accesses makes use of accesses makes way in accessible able to be got to accessing making way in accessing making use of accessories additions accessories helpers in an act accessory an addition accessory helper in an act accident chance event accident [business, second] accidental unhappily accidentally unhappily accidents chance events accidents [business, second] acclimatize get used to new conditions accommodate give space accommodates gives space accommodating giving space accommodating ready to do accommodation rooms accompanied was with accompanies is with accompany go with accompanying going with accomplice person acting for another accomplices persons acting for others accomplish do accomplished able to do things well accomplishes does accomplishing doing accord agreement accordance agreement accorded gave accorded given according if this account is right Pge p
  • 8. romanian.txt according to a degree which is dependent upon accordingly for that reason accordingly as agreement accordingly then accordingly as an outcome of that accords agreements accost go up to accosted went up to accosting going up to accosts goes up to account account accountable accountable accountant one expert at accounts accountants persons expert at accounts accounted accounted accounting accounting accounting's accounting's accounts accounts accredit credit accreditation giving credit accredited credited accumulate make a store of accumulated stored accumulates stores accumulating getting accumulation stores accumulative greater by additions accumulator apparatus for storing electric current accuracy having no error accurate no error accurately without error accusation statement against accusations statements against accuse make a statement against accused person with statement against accuses makes a statement against accusing making a statement against accustom get used to accustomed gotten used to accustoming getting used to accustoms gets used to ace very good ace top card aced make very good aces very good aces does very well ache pain ached was in pain aches pains achieve do achieved done achievement thing done achievements things done achiever one doing achieves does achieving doing aching having pain acid acid acidify make acid acidity degree of acid acidly acidly acids acids acing doing well acknowledge give credit for acknowledged given credit acknowledgement given credit for acknowledgements given credits for acknowledges gives credit Pge p
  • 9. romanian.txt acknowledging giving credit acknowledgment given credit for acknowledgments given credits for acorn nut acoustic with sound acoustic natural sound acquaint get knowledge of acquaintance friend acquaintance person one has had meeting with acquaintance knowledge from person's experience acquaintances friends acquaintances persons one had meeting with acquainted got knowledge of acquainting getting knowledge of acquaints gets knowledge of acquiescence agreement acquire get acquired gotten acquirement got by learning acquires gets acquiring getting acquisition thing gotten acquisitive got by learning acquit say is not in the wrong acquittal freed from wrong acquitted said not wrong acre unit of land measure acreage country land acres units of land measure acrid biting acrimonious with bitter thoughts acrimony bitter thoughts acrobat one who does tricks in the air acrobatic tricks in the air acrobats those who do tricks in the air acronym word made from the first letters of a number of words acronyms words made from the first letters of a number of words across across act act acted acted acting acting action act actionable giving cause in law actions acts activate put in operation activated put in operation activates puts in operation activating putting in operation active in operation active [science] actively hard working actively [science] activities things done activities operations activities special acts activity thing done activity motion activity a special act actor actor actor's actor's actors actors actress female actor acts acts actual in existence actual true actual in fact actuality fact actually in fact Pge p
  • 10. romanian.txt actuals things in existence acute sharp adage old saying adamant unmoved adapt make adjustment adaptable adjustable adaptation adjustment adapted made adjustment adapter thing making adjustment adapting making adjustment adaptor thing making adjustment adapts makes adjustment add make an addition added made an addition addendum thing to be added addendums things to be added adder thing to make addition adders things to make addition addict one with tendency addict DRUG user addicted given to addicting causing a tendency addictive causing a tendency addicts one with a tendency addicts DRUG users adding making an addition addition addition additional thing added additionally in addition additions additions addled mixed address one's house address public talk address place address do something about address [business, second] addressable able to do addressed made house numbers addressed talked in public addressed [business, second] addresses one's houses addresses public talks addresses places addresses [business, second] addressing writing house numbers addressing talking addressing [business, second] adds makes an addition adept expert adeptly expertly adequacy enough adequate enough adequate able adequately with necessary qualities adequately with enough adhere be fixed adhere keep to adhered fixed adhered kept to adherence take as rule adherence keeping to adherent supporter adheres is fixed adheres keeps to adhering being fixed adhering keeping to adhesion being fixed adhesive sticky Pge p
  • 11. romanian.txt adjacent nearest adjacent [science] adjective named quality adjective word making adjustment to a thing adjectives words giving qualities adjoining touching adjourn put off to a later time adjourn end adjourned put off adjourned ended adjourning putting off adjourning ending adjourns puts off to a later time adjourns ends adjudicate judge adjudicated judged adjudicates judges adjudicating judging adjudicator judge adjunct dependent adjust make adjustment adjusted made adjustment adjuster person making adjustment adjusters persons making adjustments adjusting making adjustments adjustment adjustment adjustments adjustments adjusts makes adjustment adjutant helper administer have control of government administer give administered controlled administering controlling administers controls administration the government administrative office operations admirable very good admiral sea force authority admiral highest office in sea force admiral Admiral admirals sea force authorities admiralty branch controlling sea forces admiration respect admiration approval admire have a high opinion admire give approval admired had high opinion admirer one having high opinion admirers one having high opinion admires has high opinion of admiring approving admissible have the right to use admission statement against ones will admit let in admit make statement admits lets in admits makes statement admittance be let in admitted let in admitted made statement admittedly with a statement admitting letting in admitting making statement admixture mixed admixture addition admonish protest wrongdoing admonished protested wrongdoing admonishes protests wrongdoing Pge p
  • 12. romanian.txt admonishing protesting wrongdoing ado trouble adobe sun dried brick adolescence late stage of youth adolescent young person adolescents young persons adopt take up adopted took up adopting taking up adoption taking as one's adoptive taken up adopts takes up adorable causing love adore have great love for adored had great love for adores has great love for adoring having great love for adorn put on ornament adorned put on ornament adorning putting on ornament adornment ornament adorns puts on ornament adrift out of control adroit quick adroit expert adsorption join of substance on a body adsorption [science] adult man or woman adult with full growth adult person of full growth adulterate put other substances into adulterous sex with married adultery being untrue adults men or women adults persons of full growth advance step forward advance increase advanced stepped forward advanced increased advances moves forward advancing moving forward advancement moving forward advantage something to one's profit advantage good point advantage better chance advantageous giving better chance advantages things to one's profit advantages good points advantages better chances advent coming advent month before Christmas adventure experience of great interest adventure [second] adventurer one ready for any chance adventurer [second] adventures experiences of great interest adventures [second] adventuresome ready for experience adventurous ready for experience adverb word making an act clear adverbs words making an act clear adversarial being on opposite sides adversary person fighting against one adverse going against adversely against adversities troubles adversity bad times advert say about Pge p
  • 13. romanian.txt advertise give advertisement advertised put advertisement advertisement advertisement advertisements advertisements advertiser one making advertisement advertisers advertisers advertises gives advertisement advertising giving advertisement adverts says about advice opinion advice [second] advisable wise advise give opinion advised well-judged adviser one giving opinion advisers persons giving opinion advises gives opinion advising giving opinion advisor one giving opinion advisory giving opinion advocacy supporting advocate supporter advocate give support advocated supported advocated gave support advocates supports advocates gives support advocating supporting advocating giving support adz hand instrument for taking off wood aerial of air aerial intake aerobatics trick done with airplane aerodrome airplane field aerodynamics science of air in motion aeroplane airplane aesthetic to do with art values aesthetically of art value afar far away affable kind affair business affair love experience affairs love experiences affect have an effect on affectation false airs affected not natural affecting feelings affection love affectionate loving affectionately lovingly affects has an effect on affidavit said true before authority affiliate make connection with affiliate branch of organization affiliated made connection with affiliater joiner affiliates makes connection with affiliates branches of organization affiliating making connection with affinity relation affirm make strong statement affirm say in agreement affirmation statement affirmative answering Yes affirmed made statement strongly affirmed said in agreement affirming making statement strongly affirming saying in agreement Pge p
  • 14. romanian.txt affirmingly being in agreement affirms makes statement strongly affirms says in agreement affix fix affix put before or after words afflict give pain afflicted gave pain afflicting giving pain affliction pain affliction trouble afflicts gives pain affluence being well off affluent well-off affluently as if well-off afford have enough afford give affording having enough affording giving affront unkind words affronted said unkind words affronting saying unkind words affronts unkind words afghanistan Afghanistan afield in the field afield away afire on fire aflame in flames afloat at sea afloat on the water afoot on foot afore before afore- before aforementioned said before aforementioned named before aforesaid named before aforesaid said before afraid in fear of afraid in fear afresh again afrikaans Afrikaans afrikaner Afrikaner aft back of ship after after afterdeck back part of deck aftereffect after-effect aftereffects aftereffects afterglow last light aftering aftering afterlife living after death aftermarket parts to put right again aftermath outcome afternoon after 12 a.m. afternoon after morning afternoons times after 12 a.m. afters afters aftertaste after-taste aftertastes after-tastes afterthought afterthought afterthoughts afterthoughts afterward after afterward later afterwards after afterwards later afterword opinion about a writing afterworld what exists after death again again against against agape wide open Pge p
  • 15. romanian.txt age number of years old age time in existence age [science, second] aged very old aged [science, second] ageing becoming old ageing getting old ageless never getting old ageless [science] agelong going on for a long time agelong [science] agency business house agency instrument agency [business] agenda list of things for discussion agent representative agent [business, second] agents representatives agents [business, second] ages a long time ages [science, second] agglomerate get together loosely aggrandize make more important aggravate make more bad aggravation thing causing anger aggregate mass aggregate forming a group aggression attack without cause aggressive warlike aggressor one making attack without cause aggrieved wounded in feelings aghast in surprise and fear agile quick-moving aging getting old aging [science, second] agitate put in motion agitated put in motion agitation troubled condition agitator one making trouble agley with quick motions ago before ago [second] agonies pains agonize give great pain agonize have great pain agonized gave great pain agonized had great pain agonizes has great pain agonizing giving great pain agonizing having great pain agony great pain agrarian with farm-land agree be in agreement agreeable pleasing agreed in agreement agreeing being in agreement agreement agreement agreements agreements agrees is in agreement agricultural farming agriculture farming aground fixed on edge of water ahead in front aid help aide secretary aide-de-camp military secretary aided helped aiding helping Pge p
  • 16. romanian.txt aids helps aids AIDS ail be ill ailing being ill ailment disease aim direction aim purpose aimed directed aimed with purpose of aiming pointing aims purposes air air airbag airbag airbags airbags aircrew airmen aircraft airplanes aircushion air-cushion aircushioned air-cushioned aircushioning air-cushioning airfield airfield airfield aircraft landing field airflow moving air airfoil airplane wing airframe frame of an airplane airfreight transport of goods by airplane airhead foolish person airily not seriously airless without good air airline air-transport company airliner large airplane to transport persons airmail airmail airman airman airmen airmen airplane airplane airplanes airplanes airport airplane station airports airplane stations air raid suprpise attack by airplane airs airs airspace place to fly an airplane airstrike attack by aircraft airstrip aircraft landing field airtight not letting air in airtight giving no opening for attack airtime time of radio/TV program airwaves sending radio/TV waves airworthy safe to fly airy open to air aisle way between seats ajar a little open akin having a family relation alabama Alabama alabaster sort of white stone used for ornaments alacrity being ready to do a thing alarm fear alarm danger sign alarmed caused fear alarming causing fear alarms put in fear alarms danger signs alas cry of trouble albania Albania albatross great white sea-bird albatross weight albeit though albeit tho albino without natural color album book of pictures Pge p
  • 17. romanian.txt albumen white of egg albums books of pictures alchemy early chemistry alcohol alcohol alcohol's alcohol's alcoholic having alcohol alcoholic person who drinks much alcoholics persons who drink to much alcohols alcohols alcove addition to room alderman one of governing body ale beer alert ready ales beers alfalfa plant for animal food alfalfa [first] algebra algebra algebraic by algebra algebraically with algebra algeria Algeria algorithm systems for working out answers algorithms system for working out answers alias with another name aliases with other names alibi being in another place alibis stories of being in another place alien person of a different nation alien strange aliens persons of a different nation aliens strangers alight get off alight burning align get into line aligned got into line aligning getting into line alignment into line aligns gets into line alike the same aliment food alimony supporting when no longer married alive living alkali chemical that with acid gives salt alkalis chemicals that with acid gives salt all all allay make less allegation something put forward without facts allegations things put forward without facts allege put forward as fact alleged said to be so allegedly said to be so allegedly doubted alleges says to be so allegiance support and respect alleging saying to be so allegory story about some other thing alleluia words of being happy alleluia Hallelujah allergic have body reaction allergy body reaction alleviate make less troubling alley side-street alleys side-streets alliance agreement allied joined by agreement allies nations joined against Axis allies joined in work allies Allies alliterate make use of words with same letter Pge p
  • 18. romanian.txt allocate put on one side allocated put on one side allocates puts on one side allocating putting on one side allocation a thing or amount put to one side allocations things or amounts put to one side allot give allotment distribution allotments distributions allotrope any of two or more forms of a chemical allotropic having two or more forms of a chemical allotropy existence of two or more forms of a chemical allots gives allotted gave allotting giving allover allover allow let allowable that is let done allowance regular payment allowance not be hard in judging allowance [business] allowances regular payments allowances not be hard in judging allowances [business] allowed let allowing letting allows lets alloy mixed metal alloy mixed allspice berry of West Indian tree allude say something about alluding saying something about allure be pleasing to allusion something without details allusive thing without details ally supporter ally be on the same side almanac calendar with notes almighty very great almighty the Father of All almond a sort of nut almost almost alms money given to poor aloft high up alone by oneself along on along with along [second] alongside near to alongside touching aloof at a distance aloofly as at a distance aloud out loud alp high mountain alpha first alphabet the letters alphabetic of letters alphabetic ordered by letters alphabetical by letters alphabetical ordered alphameric of letters and numbers alphanumeric of letters and numbers alps high mountains alps Alps already up to now already before already even now alright all right Pge p
  • 19. romanian.txt also in addition also [second] altar high table in church alter make a change alteration a change alterations changes altercation violent argument altered made a change altering making a change alternate do in turn alternate first one, then the other alternative thing which might take the place of another alternative different alternative [science] alternatively in a different way alternatively [science] alternatives things which might take the place of another alternatives [science] alters makes a change alters makes a change alters high table in church although though although tho although altho altimeter instrument for measuring higher altitude distance up altogether completely altruism putting others first alum sort of salt used medically aluminium aluminium aluminium aluminum aluminium [chemical] aluminiums aluminiums aluminiums aluminums aluminiums [chemical] aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminium aluminum [chemical] aluminums aluminums aluminums aluminiums aluminums [chemical] alumni persons who has been at some school alumnus person who has been at some school always at all times always [second] am am amalgam soft mixed substance amalgamate get mixed amalgamated united amalgams mixed substances amanuensis person writing down words of another for him amaranth ever-living flower amaranth red-blue color amaranths ever-living flowers amass get things together amassed got together amasses gets together amassing getting together amateur not doing for a living amateurish by untrained person amateurs persons not doing for a living amaze make very surprised amazed made very surprised amazes makes very surprised amazing making very surprised amazingly surprisingly amazement great surprise ambassador nation's representative in another country Pge p
  • 20. romanian.txt ambassadors representatives amber clear, yellow substance used for ornament ambidextrous two-handed ambidextrous able to use left and right hands equally ambient all round ambient on all sides ambiguities with more than one possible sense ambiguity with more than one possible sense ambiguous not clear ambition desire to go far ambition strong desire to do (a thing) well ambition [second] ambitions desires ambitions [second] ambitious strongly desiring ambitiously strongly desiring amble slow, untroubled walk ambled took slow, untroubled walk ambles slow, untroubled walks ambling taking slow, untroubled walk ambulance hospital automobile ambulances hospital automobiles ambulatory able to walk ambulatory able to be moved ambush surprise attack ambush put men in secret place for making attack ambushed surprise attack ambushing making surprise attack ambushs surprise attacks ameliorate make better ameliorate become better ameliorate Let it be so! ameliorated made, became better ameliorates makes, becomes better ameliorating making, becoming better amen let it be so amen approval amend make better amend put right amended changed amending changing amendment change amends to put right amenities comforts amenities pleasing qualities or things amenity comfort amenity pleasing quality or thing amerce make (person) give payment amerce give punishment to america America american American americans Americans americas Americas amethyst red-blue jewel amiable kind amiable pleasing amiable with good feeling amicable as between friends amicable happy amid among amidst among amiss wrong amity harmony amity good relation ammeter instrument for measuring electric current ammo firing material for guns ammonia ammonia ammoniated mixed with ammonia Pge p
  • 21. romanian.txt ammunition firing material for guns ammunitions firing materials for guns amnesia loss of memory amnesty overlooking of earlier crime (by government) amoeba most simple jelly-like animal amoebas most simple jelly-like animals amok going about with a violent desire (for blood) among among amongst among amorous loving amorous readily moved to love amorously lovingly amorphic without clear form amorphic without organization amorphous without clear form amorphous without organization amount amount amounted amounted amounting amounting amounts amounts amour a love-relation amour metal cover used by army amp unit of electric current amperage current (in amperes) ampere unit of measure of electric current ampersand & ampersand sign for 'and' amphibian animal living in water and on land amphibian airplane landing on water or earth amphibian great in amount amphibious able to move from water to land amphitheater round building with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheater high seats forming half-circle in theater amphitheaters round buildings with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheaters high seats forming half-circle in theaters amphitheatre round building with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheatre high seats forming half-circle in theater ample enough ample with much space amplifier apparatus for making sound greater amplify make greater amplitude size amplitude being great amplitude distance from middle to outer positions amply quite enough amputate cut off amputated got cut off amputates gets cut off amputating getting cut off amputation cutting off amuck going about with a violent desire (for blood) amulet ornament against bad powers amuse give amusement amused gave amusement amused given amusement amusement amusement amusements amusements amuser amuser amusers amusers amuses gives amusement amusing giving amusement amusingly amusingly an an anachronism old anachronism out of taste anaconda sort of great snake anaemia poor condition of the blood anaemia poor condition of the blood Pge p
  • 22. romanian.txt anaerobic strength building anaerobic gowth without air anaesthesia loss of feeling anaesthesia unconscious condition anaesthetic thing producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetic [science] anaesthetist expert producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetist expert producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetize make unconscious of pain anaesthetize make unconscious of pain anagram word formed from the letters of another anal about opening where waste of body goes through anal over orderly analects group of writings analgesia not feeling pain analog wave in form analog [computer] analogous like analogous parallel to analogous like in qualities analogous like in use or form analogue wave in form analogue [computer] analogy process of reasoning by parallels analyse get at the details of analyse get broken up (into simpler parts) analysed got at the details of analysed got broken up (into simpler parts) analyses gets at the details of analyses gets broken up (into simpler parts) analysing getting at details analysis process of getting details analysis statement of outcome analyst one getting details analytic given to getting details analytical given to getting details analyze get at the details of analyze get broken up (into simpler parts) analyzed got at the details of analyzed got broken up (into simpler parts) analyzer got at the details of analyzes gets at the details of analyzes gets broken up (into simpler parts) analyzing getting at details anarchy condition in which there is no law or order anarchy without government anatomy the structure of living bodies ancestor person in family line ancestors persons in family line anchor ship's hook anchor [second] anchorage place ot anchor anchored fixed anchored [second] anchoring fixing anchoring [second] anchorman news reader anchors ship's hooks anchors [second] ancient old and and and or and/or and/or and/or andorra Andorra anecdote short story anecdotes short stories anemia having poor condition of the blood anemic poor condition of the blood Pge p
  • 23. romanian.txt anesthesia loss of feeling anesthesia unconscious condition anesthetic thing producing loss of feeling, unconscious anesthetic [science] anesthetics things producing loss of feeling, unconscious anesthetics [science] angel being with wings angel [verse] angels beings with wings angels [verse] anger violent feelings angered caused violent feelings angering cause violent feelings angers cause violent feelings angle angle angled angled angler fisherman angles angles angola Angola angrily angrily angry angry anguish pain anguished with pain angular having sharp angles animal animal animals animals animate make living animated bright animated in motion ankle part joining leg to foot ankle [second] ankles parts joining leg to foot ankles [second] anklet anything put on round lower leg annals written account of events by year annex addition annex make an addition annihilate put to death anniversary one or more years after event announce say announce make public announced said announced made public announcement something said in public announcements things said in public announces says announces makes public announcing saying announcing making public annoy give trouble annoyance thing giving trouble annoyed gave trouble annoyed being of bad frame of mind annoying giving trouble annoys gives trouble annual every year annually every year annuities payments made every year annuity payment made every year anomalies things not regular anomalies things not normal anomalies seeming errors anomaly something not normal anomaly something not normal anomaly seeming error anonymous without a name anonymous name not given anonymously without name Pge p
  • 24. romanian.txt anorak sort of winter coat anoraks sorts of winter coat another another answer answer answerable responsible answered answered answerer answerer answerers answerers answering answering answers answers ant ant antagonism feelings against antagonize attack antagonize put another person against antagonized attacked antagonized put another person against antagonizes attacks antagonizes puts another person against antagonizing attacking antagonizing putting another person against anteater animal taking ants as food anthem song of approval anthology group of stories anthracite hard coal anti against antiagainst anti-cyclone good weather anticipate see what is coming anticipated saw what was coming anticipates sees what is coming anticipating taking necessary steps anticipation feeling for coming events antidote something that works against poison antidote way of putting things right antidote anything that works against a wrong antique old antiques old things antiquity the days of old antiseptic keeping clean antisocial not given to groups ants ants anus opening where waste of body goes through anvil part on which metal is hammered anviled made by hammering anviling making by hammering anvils parts on which metal is hammered anxious troubled any any anybody anybody anyhow anyhow anymore now anyone anyone anyplace anyplace anything anything anyway anyway anywhere anywhere anzac Anzac aorta chief blood-vessel from heart apace quickly apache Apache apart not together apartment rooms in another's house apartments rooms in another's house apathetic without feeling apathetic not interested apathy taking no interest in apathy not having feeling for ape great monkey Pge p
  • 25. romanian.txt ape great man-like monkey ape copying ape [first] aperture opening apertures openings apes great monkeys apiece to every one aplenty more than enough apogee farthest point apologies statements of regret apologise make statement of regret apologised made statement of regret apologises makes statement of regret apologising making statement of regret apologize make statement of regret apologized made statement of regret apologizes makes statement of regret apologizing making statement of regret apology statement of regret apostolic of the Apostles apostrophe mark for letters not there apostrophe ' apostrophe word mark of owner apostrophe mark in writing appal shock appaled shocked appaling shocking appall shock appalled shocked appalling shocking appallingly shockingly appalls shocks appals shocks apparatus apparatus apparatuses apparatuses apparel clothing appareled dressed appareling making clothes apparels clothing apparent clear apparently seems clear apparition strangely coming into view apparitions things coming strangely into view appeal request appeal take question for decision appeal from lower to higher authority appeal have attraction for appealed requested appealed took question for decision appealed took from lower to higher authority appealed had attraction for appealing requesting appealing taking question for decision appealing taking from lower to higher authority appealing having attraction for appeals requests appeals takes question for authority appeals takes from lower to higher authority appeals has attraction for appear come into view appear seem appearance look appearance seems to be appearances looks appearances seems to be appeared came into view appeared seemed appearing coming into view Pge p
  • 26. romanian.txt appearing seeming appears comes into view appears seems appease give in to demands appeasement giving in to demands append put on (to) at the end appendage addition appendage outer part appendage [biology] appended put on (to) at the end appending putting on (to) the end appendix addition at of book appends puts on (to) at the end appetite desire for food appetizer something to give desire for food appetizers things to give desire for food appetizing giving desire for food applaud give loud approval applauded gave loud approval applauding giving loud approval applauds gives loud approval applause loud approval apple apple apples apples applesause crushed apples appliance apparatus appliances instruments applicable able to be used applicant person making request applicants persons making request application attention to application letter to an authority application [science] applications letters to an authority applications things of use applications [science] applied sent in name for applied put to use applies sends in name for applies puts to use apply send in name for apply put to use apply give applying sending in name for applying putting to use appoint get (time, place) fixed appoint give (person) a position as appointed got (time, place) fixed appointed gave (person) a position as appointed having all necessary things appointing getting (time, place) fixed appointing giving (person) a position as appointment meeting appointment position given appointments meetings appointments positions given appoints gets (time, place) fixed appoints gives (person) a position as appraisal opinion of value appraise put a price on appraise come to an opinion appraised put a price on appraised came to an opinion appraises puts a price on appraises comes to an opinion appraising putting a price on appraising coming to an opinion appreciate value Pge p
  • 27. romanian.txt appreciate give high opinion appreciated valued appreciated gave high opinion appreciates values appreciates gives high opinion appreciating valuing appreciating giving high opinion appreciation high opinion appreciation increase in value apprehension fear apprehensions fears apprentice learner apprentice learner of a trade apprentices learners of a trade approach way in approach come near approach go near approached came near approached got near approaches ways in approaches comes near approaches comes near approaching coming near approaching going near approbation approval appropriate take over appropriate right appropriately as right appropriating taking appropriation given for approvable approvable approval approval approvals approvals approve give approval approved gave approval approver ones giving approval approvers one giving approval approves gives approval approving approving approximate rough approximate get near to approximately roughly approximately near to approximating making nearly like approximation making like approximation near to approximation process of getting nearer a step at a time april April apriori reasoning from cause to effect apriori reasoning from theory to fact apron overall aprons overalls apt right aptly rightly arab Arab aramaic Aramaic arbitrarily based only on opinion arbitrary not based on rules arbitrate judge arbitrated made a decision arbitrates makes as a judge arbitrating making as a judge arbitration judging arbitrations judgings arbitrator one who judges arbor garden-house arbor walk with trees round it arbores garden-houses Pge p
  • 28. romanian.txt arbores walks with trees round it arbors garden-houses arbors walks with trees round it arbour garden-house arbour walk with trees round it arc part of line of a circle arc bridge of light made by electric current arc [science] arcade covered way arcade covered way arcade way with stores down the side arcade way with stores down the side arcades covered ways arcades ways with stores down the side arcane secret arch arch arch chief archaic of very old times archaic no longer current arched arched archeologist expert in early times archeology science of early times archer archer archers archers arches arches archimandrite chief of house of order of religion archimandrite Archimandrite arching arching archipelago sea with small islands archipelagoes seas with small islands architect designer of buildings architects designers of buildings architecture design of buildings architecture art of structures archive keep archive place to keep records archive [computer] archived kept archived [computer] archiver record keeper archiver [computer] archives records archives make records archives [computer] archiving keeping arcs parts of line of a circle arcs bridges of light made by electric current arcs [science] ardor warm feeling ardor warm desire ardor burning heat ardors warm feelings, desires ardors burning heat ardour warm feeling ardour warm desire ardour burning heat arduous hard arduously full with hard work are are aren't aren't aren't are not area space area square measure area land area [science] areas spaces areas fields areas lands Pge p
  • 29. romanian.txt areas [science] arena ring arenas sporting rings arf sound of dog argent silver argentina Argentina argon argon argon chemical Ar argon [chemistry] argot words used by a special group arguable able to make an argument arguably able to make an argument argue make argument argued making argument argues makes argument arguing made argument argument argument arguments arguments arise gets up arisen gotten up arises get up arising getting up aristocracy high society arithmetic arithmetic arithmetically with arithmetic arizona Arizona ark Noah's ship arkansas Arkansas arm arm armband armband armchair armchair armed armed armful armful armies armies arming arming armload amount held by arms armor metal cover used by army armored metal cover used by army armories houses for arms. armoring putting metal cover armors metal covers used by army armory house for arms armpit hollow under the arm arms arms army army armrest support for arm armrest support for arm in automobile arose got up arose came forward around round around about arouse get awake aroused got awake arouses gets awake arousing getting awake arrange put in order arranged put in order arrangement agreement arrangement [science, second] arrangements agreements arrangements [science, second] arranges puts in order arranging putting in order array order arrays order lines arrears late payment arrest put under police control arrest grip Pge p
  • 30. romanian.txt arrest stop arrested put under police control arrested be gripped arrested be stopped arresting gripping arresting stopping arrests put under police control arrival person/thing getting in arrivals persons/things getting in arrive get to arrived got to place arrived came arrives gets to arrives gets here arrives comes arriving getting to arriving coming arrogance acting as if others are unimportant arrogant acting as if others are unimportant arrow pointed stick arrow [verse] arrows pointers arrows sticks with points arrows [verse] arse foolish person arse seat of a person arse long-eared animal of horse family arsenal military store arsenals military stores arsenic poison arsenic chemical 33, As art art art false artful full of tricks article thing article story article 'a, an, the' articles things articles stories articles 'a, an, the' artificial produced by art artificial not natural artificially falsely artificially not naturally artillery great guns artillery field guns artist painter artistic able at art artists painters artless simple artless not smooth arts arts artwork artwork artworks artworks as as asbestos asbestos ascend go up ascendancy increasing control ascendant increasing ascendant on the way up ascended went up ascended gone up ascending going up ascends goes up ascension on the way up ascension amount of slope ascent way up ascertain make certain Pge p
  • 31. romanian.txt ascertaining making certain ascetic one not giving way to desires ascetic not taking normal pleasures asceticism not giving way to desires asceticism not taking normal pleasures ascetics persons not giving way to desires ascetics not taking normal pleasures asexual not with sex ash powder from material after burning ash sort of shade tree ash [science, second] ashamed feeling of shame ashcan waste box ashcan dust box ashcan waste vessel ashcans waste boxes ashcans dust boxes ashcans waste vessels ashes powder from burned materials ashes [science, second] ashore on land aside on one side ask make a request ask put a question asked made a request asked put a question asking making a request asking putting a question asks makes a request asks puts a question asleep sleeping aspect point of view aspects points of view aspersion attack on good name asphalt mix of thick oil, sand, and rock aspiration hope aspirations hopes ass long-eared animal of horse family ass foolish person ass seat of a person assassin one who puts to death assassinate put to death assassination death by a violent attack assassinations deaths by a violent attack assault attack assaulted attacked assaulting attacking assaults attacks assemblage grouped together assemble come together assembled came together assembler low level programming language assembles comes together assemblies meetings assembling getting together assembly meeting assent agreement assert put forward assert say that (a thing) is so asserted put forward asserted said that (a thing) is so asserting putting forward asserting saying that (a thing) is so assertion (idea) put forward assertion statement assertive given to strong statement asserts puts forward asserts says that (a thing) is so Pge p
  • 32. romanian.txt asses long-eared animals of horse family asses foolish persons asses seat of a persons assess put a value on assessed value put on assesses puts value on assessing valuing assessment value assessment tax assessments values assessments taxes assessor one who puts value on asset property asset [business] assets properties assets [business] asshole person of low opinion asshole foolish person assign give to assignation private meeting assigned given to assigning giving to assignment giving assignment given undertaking assignments given undertaking assigns gives to assist give help assistance help assistant person working for another assisted given help assisting giving help assists gives help associate person working with another associate get together associated connected associates persons working with another associating getting together association organization association connection of ideas association [social] associations organizations associations connections of ideas associations [social] assort sorts assort put into groups assorted mixed assorted of different sorts assorting putting into groups assorting sorts assortment mixed selection assortments mixed selections assorts puts into groups assorts sorts assume take to be true assume take to be assumed taken to be true assumes takes to be true assuming taking to be true assumption thing taken as certain assumptions things taken as certain assurance feeling certain assure say without any doubt assured said without doubt assures says without any doubt assuring making certain asterisk printer's star asterisk * asterisks printer's stars Pge p
  • 33. romanian.txt astern in back of a ship astonish give surprise astonished given surprise astonishing surprising astray wrong astronaut astronaut astronomer one who make observation of stars astronomers persons who makes observation of stars astronomy science of the stars astute sharp astutely sharply asylum place where one is in safe keeping asymmetric uneven asynchronous not taking place at the same time at at ate took food atheism belief there is no higher power atheism view that is no unnatural force or secret sense atheist one with belief there is no higher power atheists persons with belief there is no higher power athlete expert at sport athletes experts at sport athletics sports atlas map-book atlases map-books atmosphere air atmosphere feeling atmospheric of (in) the air atoll round island atom smallest unit atom very small bit atomic of, being, like the smallest unit atoms smallest units atoms very small bits atop on top atrocious shocking atrocious disgusting atrociously shockingly atrociously disgustingly atrocities shocking things atrocities disgusting things atrocity something shocking atrocity something disgusting attach make a join attach make part of an email attaché persons of government in another country attached having love for attached part of an email attached made joined attaches makes a join attaches makes part of an email attachés person of government in another country attaching joining attachment feeling for attachment thing made a part of an email attachments feelings for attachments things made a part of an email attack attack attacked attacked attacker attacker attackers attackers attacking attacking attacks attacks attain get attain get to attain come to attained got attained came to Pge p
  • 34. romanian.txt attaining getting attaining coming to attainment power of doing what one has come by attains gets attains comes to attempt attempt attempted attempted attempter attempter attempting attempting attempts attempts attend give attention to attendance being present at attendance waiting at attendance body of persons present attendant being present attendant coming with attendant waiting (on) attendant servant attended gave attention attending giving attention attends gives attention attention attention attentions attentions attest make a statement attesting making a statement against attic room at top of house attics rooms at top of houses attire dress attired dressed attitude behavior attitude [social] attitudes behaviors attitudes [social] attorney representatives in law attorney authority as representative attorneys representative in law attorneys authorities as representative attract have attention attract get attention attracted had attention attracted get attraction attracting pulling to self attraction attraction attractions attractions attractive pleasing attractive good looking attracts gets attention attracts has attention attribute property attribute put down to attributed given attributes properties attributing giving attrition rub away atypical not normal auburn red brown auction put up for offers auctioned put up for offers auctioning putting up for offers auctions put up for offers audacious without fear audacious taking great chances audacious without shame audible able to be heard audience persons at audiences persons at audio sound audit looking over of accounts by expert Pge p
  • 35. romanian.txt audited accounts looked over auditing looking over of accounts by expert audition acting test audition hearing for a position auditor accounts expert auditorium building for hearing for a number of persons auditory of hearing audits looking over of accounts by expert auger making holes augment make greater august August august respected aunt father's or mother's sister aunts father's or mother's sisters aurora Aurora auspicious good sign (for future) auspicious sees good about future auspicious given approval auspiciously as a good sign australia Australia austria Austria authentic true authentic not false author writer authorisation authority authorisation authorities authorities authorities authority authority authorization authority authorizations given authority authorize give authority authorized given authority authorizes gives authority authorizing giving authority authors writers auto automobile autoautomatic autoby itself autoby oneself autobiographies writer's histories of themselves autobiography writer's history of himself autobus autobus autobuses autobuses autocracy one person rule autocrat ruler with complete power autocratic rule with complete power autocrats rulers with complete power autograph signed name autographs signed names automate make automatic automated made automatic automates makes automatic automatic automatic automatically automatically automatics automatics automating automating automating making automatic automation system of automatic production automobile automobile automobiles automobiles autonomy self government autopsy look for details of a dead body autumn fall autumn Fall autumn late auxiliaries helpers auxiliary helping auxiliary unarmed Pge p
  • 36. romanian.txt avail use availability able to use availability ready to be used available able to use available at hand available ready to be used available ready (to be used) avails makes use avalanche fall of snow avalanches falls of snow avarice overpowering love of money avenue road avenues roads average general average middle value average [business] averaged common averaged gave middle value averages common numbers averages gives middle value averages [business] averaging making normal averaging giving middle value averaging [business] aversion feeling of disgust for aviator airplane driver aviator member of airplane group aviary bird-house avid strong feeling for avoid keep out of the way of avoid keep from avoidable able to keep out of the way avoidance keeping out of the way avoided kept out of the way of avoiding keeping out of the way avoids keeps out of the way of avoir see avoirdupois avoirdupois British system of weights avoirdupois 1 pound = 16 ounces avow state publicly await be waiting await in store for awaited was waiting awaited was in store for awaiting being waiting awaiting being in store for awaits is waiting awaits is in store for awake awake awaked awaked awaken awaken awakes awakes awaking awaking award reward awarded rewarded awarding make reward awards rewards aware conscious awareness being conscious awash washed over in waves away away away to a distance away out of existance away without loss of time awe fear before awe respectful interest awed respectfully feared awesome respectful fear Pge p
  • 37. romanian.txt awesome of respectful interest awful very bad awfully very badly awfully very much awhile for a time awkward poor design awkward hard to make use of awkward not expert in control awkward [second] awkwardly poorly designed awkwardly as if hard to make use of awkwardly not expertly awkwardly [second] awl point for making holes awning canvas roof awnings canvas roofs awoke awoke ax tree cutting instrument axe tree cutting instrument axed cut off axed got out of the way axes tree cutting instrument axiom something true without reasoning axiom taken as true without argument axioms things true without reasoning axioms taken as true without argument axis line about which a body goes when turning round itself axis [science] axle wheel rod axles wheel rods axt make a request axt put a question aye yes aye I am clear about b b b B B B B above normal (rating) B boron baa sheep's cry babble foolish talk babel loud voices babel Babel babied babied babies babies baby baby babying babying bachelor unmarried man bachelors unmarried men back back backbone backbone backcountry far from town backdate put day before true day backdrop curtain at back of stage backed backed backer backer backers backers backfill put back again background what is at the back backgrounds what is at the backs backing backing backlands far from town backlight backlight backlit backlit backlog orders not complete, backlog uncompleted work backlog great wood at back of fire backlogged full of uncompleted orders Pge p
  • 38. romanian.txt backlogging making orders not complete backlogs not completed orders backlogs uncompleted work backlogs great wood at back of fires backroom backroom backs backs backspace backspace backspaced backspaced backspaces backspaces backspacing backspacing backup supporting backward slow in development backwards back part first backwoods backwoods bacteria small living-forms frequently causing disease bacterium small living-forms frequently causing disease bad bad badass troublemaker badder badder baddest baddest badge mark badges marks badly badly baffle make uncertain baffled uncertain baffles makes uncertain baffling making uncertain bag bag baggage boxes bagged bagged bagger bagger baggers baggers baggier more bag-like bagging bagging baggy bag-like bags bags bah word of disgust bail money bail get water out bailer one getting water out bailing getting money bailing getting water out bait food for fishing baits foods for fishing bake cook in oven baked cooked in oven baker one who makes bread bakes cooks in oven baking cooking in oven balance balance balanced balanced balances balances balancing balancing balconied with railed walks outside a windows balconied [second] balconies railed walks outside a windows balconies [second] balcony railed walk outside a window balcony [second] bald with no hair balder with smaller amount of hair baldest with smallest amount of hair balding losing hair bale parcel of goods bale [business] baler apparatus for parceling baler [business] bales parcels of goods Pge p
  • 39. romanian.txt bales [business] baling parceling baling [business] balk be unready to do balk get in the way ball ball ballad simple song ballads simple songs ballast keeping a ship weighted balled balled baller baller ballet ballet balling balling balloon gas bag balloons gas bags ballot recording of opinion balloted had recorded of opinion balloting be recording of opinion ballots recordings of opinion ballroom great room for dancing balls balls balmy pleasing to the senses ban put a stop to banal uninteresting banana long yellow fruit bananas long yellow fruits band band bandage cloth band to cover wound banded banded banding banding bandit outlaw bandits outlaws bandleader chief of band bands bands bandwagon ornamented cart for a band bandwagon doing best side in a selection bandwidth range of waves bandwidth rate at which computer knowledge is put through bandy-legged with legs bent out bang loud noise banged made loud noises banging making loud noises bangle ornament bangles ornaments bangs loud noises banish send from country banish put (thoughts) out of mind banished sent from country banished put (thoughts) out of mind banishes sends from country banishes puts (thoughts) out of mind banishing sending from country banishing putting (thoughts) out of mind banishment sending from country banishment putting (thoughts) out of mind banister hand-rail banisters hand-rails bank bank banked did banking business banker banker banking doing banking work bankrupt unable to make full payment of debt bankrupt [business] bankrupted unable to make payment bankrupted [business] bankrupting making unable to make payment bankrupting [business] bankrupts makes unable to make full payment of debt Pge p
  • 40. romanian.txt bankrupts [business] banks banks banned stopped banner flag banners flags banning putting a stop to banns statement to be married banquet public meal banquets public meals bans puts a stop to bantam small fowl banter make good humored sport bantered made good humored sport bantering making good humored sport banters makes good humored sport baptism form of taking person into church by washing with water baptism first time baptize put in water baptize do for first time baptized put in water baptized did for first time baptizes puts in water baptizes does for first time baptizing putting in water baptizing doing for first time bar bar bar stop barbarian person of no education barbarian person in low stage of development barbarians persons of no education barbarians persons in low stage of development barbed with a hooked point barber hair-cutter barbers hair-cutters bare undressed barefoot without shoes barely almost not bargain something cheap bargain make argument over price bargained made argument over price bargained got good price bargaining making argument over price bargains things cheap bargains makes argument for price barge flat boat barges flat boats baritone male voice of middle range baritones male voices of middle range bark noise of dog bark outside of tree bark hard outside of a tree bark [biology] barked made noise of a dog barked gave sharp order barking noises of dog barks noises of dog barn building for storing on farm barns buildings for storing on farm barometer weather-glass barometers weather-glasses baroque highly ornamented design barrack army building barracks army buildings barred stopped barrel beer vessel barrel round vessel with flat ends barrel gun pipe barrel [business, second] Pge p
  • 41. romanian.txt barreled put in vessels barreled went very quickly barreled [business, second] barreling putting in vessels barreling going very quickly barreling [business, second] barrels beer vessels barrels round vessels with flat ends barrels goes very quickly barrels [business, second] barren unfertile barricade rough structure barricaded made wall of things barricades wall of things barricading making wall of things barrier wall to keep persons out barriers walls to keep persons out barring stopping barrister man of law barristers men of law barrow hand cart barrows hand carts bars bars bars stops barter exchange of goods barter make argument over price bartered made agreement for exchange of goods bartering making agreement for exchange of barters makes argument for exchange of goods base base baseball American sport baseboard board covering wall at floor based based baseless without base in fact basement lower level basement room under earth level basements lower level rooms basements rooms under earth level bases bases bash get crushed by hard blow bashed crushed by hard blow bashes gets/makes crushed bashful not putting oneself forward bashing making/getting crushed basic basic basically basically basics basics basil sweet-smelling plant basin basin basing basing basins basins basis base bask take rest in the sun basket basket basketmaker basketmaker basketwork basketwork baskets baskets basking taking rest in the sun basks takes rest basque short overskirt on dress basque Basque bass low part in music bass deep sounding bass food fish bass deep voice basses low parts in music basses deep sounding basses deep voices Pge p
  • 42. romanian.txt bassinet baby's basketwork bastard natural son bastard without authority bastard unpleasing man bastards natural sons bastards unpleasing men baste put together with long stitches baste put fat over bastion strong military structure bat stick used in ball sport bat rat-like night animal with wings bat give blow with stick batch group batches groups bate keep back one's breath bated kept back bath bath bathe take a bath bathed bathed bather bather bathers bathers bathing bathing bathhouse public place to change clothes bathos from moving to common bathroom bathroom bathrooms bathrooms baths baths bathtub vessel for bath batiste thin linen batman military servant baton stick used as sign of authority baton stick keeping time with band batons sticks used as sign of authority batons sticks for keeping time with band bats sticks used in ball sport bats rat-like night animals with wings bats gives blow with stick battalion body of men ready to fight battalion army of about 1000 men battalions bodies of men ready to fight battalions army units of about 1000 men batted give ball a blow with stick batten board across others batten wood to keep down canvas cover batter give hard blows batter meal, eggs, with liquid battered damaged battered gave hard blows batteries electric units batteries units of guns battering giving hard blows batters gives hard blows battery apparatus for producing electric current battery given of blows battery unit of guns batting giving ball a blow with stick battle fight battlefield place of fight battlement top of military building battles fights battleship most strongly armed of warships bauble pleasing ornament of little value bauble thing without true value baud unit of sending rate baud bits in a second bauer farmer bauer Bauer baulk be unready to do Pge p
  • 43. romanian.txt bawdy low bawdy dirty bawdy ldisgusting bawl loud cry bawled make loud cry bawling loud crying bawls makes loud crying bay wide inlet of sea bay curved out window bay cry of dog bay red-brown baying crying of dogs bayonet blade fixed to gun bayonet give wound with blade bayonets blade fixed to guns bayonets gives wound with blade bays wide inlets of sea bays curved out windows bays makes cry of dog bazaar open market bazaars open markets be be beach sand at edge of sea beach get boat up onto land beachcomber waster living on edge of sea beaches sands at edge of sea beacon lighthouse beacons lighthouses bead threaded ball beading threaded balls beading threading balls on cord beads threaded balls beagle small dog for going after animals beak mouth of bird beak [biology] beaked with hooked part beaker glass vessel beakers glass vessels beaks hooked parts beam long support beam give bright smile beam ray of light beam wide of ship beam give out light beamed gave bright smile beamed put ray of light beamed gave out light beaming making long supports beaming giving out light beaming giving bright smile beams long supports beams rays of lights bean seed beans seeds used for food bear take bear great animal bear give birth bear one with belief markets with go down bear put up with bear be marked by bear [first] bearable able to take beard hair on chin beard faced without fear beard cover beard [second] bearded with hair on chin bearded face without fear Pge p
  • 44. romanian.txt bearded covered bearded [second] bearding hair-like parts of plants bearding keeping secret the true person, thing bearding covering bearding [second] beards hair on chins beards [second] bearer one supporting bearing taking bearing supporting bearing give birth bearing behavior bearing putting up with bearing direction bearing being marked by bearings supports bearings behaviors bearings directions bears comes with bears gives birth bears puts up with bears great animals beast animal beast animal beast unkind beast cruel person beast [verse] beastly disgusting beastly unkindly beastly [verse] beasts animals beasts cruel persons beasts [verse] beat rhythm beat get better of beat make attack on beat [second] beaten do nothing new beaten overcome beaten [second] beater thing giving blows beater [second] beatific very happy beatified made happy beatifies makes happy beatify make very happy beating whipping beats rhythms beats gets the better of beats makes attack on beats [second] beau boy friend beaus boy friends beauteous beautiful beauties beauties beautiful beautiful beautifully beautifully beauty beauty beaver land & water animal seen as builder beavers animals seen for building walls in water becalmed stopped for no wind became got to be because because beck ordered about beckon make a sign beckoning making a sign beckons makes a sign Pge p
  • 45. romanian.txt become become becomes becomes becoming becoming bed bed bedclothes bedclothes bedcover bedcover bedded bedded bedding bedding bedfellow person in same bed bedim make clouded bedizen put loud ornaments on bedlam place of noise bedraggle make wet and dirty bedraggle let get wet and dirty bedraggled wet and dirty bedraggled made wet and dirty bedridden unable to up from one's bed bedrock at the base bedrock solid bedroll roll of bedding used for sleeping outdoors bedroom bedroom bedrooms bedrooms beds beds bedspread top cover for bed bedspreads top covers for beds bedstead frame for bed bedsteads frames for beds bedtime bedtime bee bee beech smooth skinned nut tree beef beef beefy strong beefy solid beehive house for bees beehives houses for bees beekeeper beekeeper beeline straightest way been been beer beer beers beers beery smelling of beer beery beer-like bees bees beeswax beeswax beet root plant beetle insect with hard wing covers beetles insects with hard wing covers beets root plants befall come about befallen came about befalls takes place befell took place befit be right befits is right for befogged covered my mist befogged not clear about before before beforehand before coming event beforehand to be ready for befoul make dirty befriend give help befriended gave help befriending giving help befriends is kind to beg make request of began made a start beget get beget be the father of Pge p
  • 46. romanian.txt beggar person requesting money beggarly poor beggarly unimportant beggary being very poor begged requested begging requesting begin make a start beginner one who starts beginners ones who start beginning start of begins makes a start begone Go! begonia flowering plant begonias flowering plants begot gave being to begotten caused begrudge be unwilling to give begrudged was unwilling to give begrudges is unwilling to give begrudging be unwilling to give begrudgingly being unwilling to give beguile put forward attractions beguiled attracted beguiles puts forward attractions beguiling happy begun started behalf as representative of behave act rightly behave do behaved did rightly behaved did behaves does rightly behaves how something is done behaving acting behaving doing behavior behavior behavior doing things behavior behaviour behavioral to do with behavior behaviors behaviors behaviors ways of doing behaviour behavior behaviour behaviour behaviours behaviors behaviours behaviours behead take off head beheaded took off head beheading taking off heads beheads takes off head beheld saw behest request behind at the back of behind seat of body behind other side of behind [second] behinds seat of bodies behinds [second] behold see beholden in debt beholder one making observation beholding seeing beholds sees behoove be right for behoove interest behooved was right for behooves is right for behooving being right for beige sand color Pge p
  • 47. romanian.txt being being beings beings bejewel put on stones of great value belabor give hard blows to belabored gave hard blows to belaboring giving hard blows to belabors gives hard blows to belabour give hard blows to belabour overwork belaboured gave hard blows to belaboured overworked belabouring giving hard blows to belabouring overworking belabours gives hard blows to belabours overworks belated late belay make a cord fixed with a pin belay stop belayed cord was fixed with a pin belayed stopped belaying a cord being fixed with a pin belaying giving false statement belaying stopping belaying not coming up to belays cord is fixed with a pin belays stops belch disgusting noise belched made disgusting noises belches makes disgusting noise belching giving off beleaguer attack belfries bell houses belfry bell house belie give false statement belie not come up to belief belief beliefs beliefs believable able to have a belief in believe have belief in believed had belief believer one with belief believers ones having a belief in believes has belief in believing have belief in belittle make seem unimportant bell bell belladonna poison plant belle beautiful woman belles beautiful women bellhop boy servant in hotel bellicose war-like belligerent at war belligerents fighters bellmouthed formed like a bell bellow angry noise bellows apparatus for producing wind bells bells bellwether at head of others belly stomach belong be the property of belong be in (club) belong be right for belonged was the property of belonged was in (club) belonged was right for belonging being the property of belonging is in (club) belonging being right for Pge p
  • 48. romanian.txt belongings persons property belongs is the property belongs is rightly placed belongs is right for beloved loved one below under belt band belt give blows belt [second] belted (put on) bands belted gave blows belted [second] belting (put on ) banding belting giving blows belting [second] belts bands belts give blows belts [second] bemoan voice regret bemoaned made voice of regret bemoaning making voice of regret bemoans makes voice of regret bemuse make clouded bemuse slow bemused made clouded bemuses makes clouded bemusing making clouded bench long seat bench work table bench judges bench put down benched put on sideline benches long seats benches work tables benches puts down benching putting on sideline bend bent bending making bent bends able to be bent beneath under benediction giving great approval to higher power benefaction doing good benefactor one giving kind help beneficent doing good beneficial good for beneficiary person getting by will benefit do good to benefits does good to benevolent kind benevolently kindly benighted overtaken by dark benign kind benign not very serious bent bent bentwood seat of bent wood benumb take away feeling benumbed took away feeling benumbing taking away feeling benumbs takes away feeling bequeath to give property bequest property given on death bequests properties given on death berate say angry words to bereave make unhappy by taking away bereaved loss of friend by death bereavement loss by death bereft lost beret flat, soft hat Pge p
  • 49. romanian.txt berries berries berry berry berserk violent berth bed berth ship bedroom berths beds berths ship bedrooms beryl sort of jewel stone beryl beryllium jewel beryl sort of jewel stones beryllium beryllium beryllium [chemical] beseech make a request beseeched made a request beseeches makes a request beseeching making a request beset make an attack on beset with danger on all sides besetting special tendency beside at the side of besides in addition to besides other than besiege keep army round to attack besiege making requests besieged took under attack besieged was overcome with requests besieges takes under attack besieges overcomes with requests besieging taking under attack besieging being overcome with requests besotted made foolish by drink besought made a request bespatter make dirty marks on bespattered made dirty marks on bespeak give an order bespoke made to order best best bestial animal-like bestir get moving bestirred got moving bestirring get moving bestirs gets moving bestow give bestowed given bestowing giving bestows gives bestride have one leg on the two sides bet place money on bet [second] beta Greek letter B beta second beta public test betake take up bethink have a sudden memory idea betide come about betimes in good time betoken be a sign of betook took up betray give away betrayed gave away betraying giving away betrays gives away betroth agreement to marry betrothal agreement to marry bets places money on bets [second] better better better less ill Pge p
  • 50. romanian.txt better overcome betters those higher in society betting placing money on betting [second] between between betwixt between bevel round edge bevels round edges beverage drink beverages drinks bevy group bewail be regretting beware take care bewilder put at a loss bewitch give pleasure to bewitched unable to take eyes off bey Turkish ruler bey Bey beyond the other side beyond further than bihaving two bias tendency in a certain direction biased had a tendency in a certain direction biases has a tendency in a certain direction biasing making a tendency in a certain direction bib baby's chin cloth bible (any) book taken as authority bible Bible bibles books of great authority bibles Bibles biblical of great authority bibliographies lists of books bibliography list of books bibliophile book lover bibliophiles book lovers bibs baby's chin cloths bibs overalls bibulous given to drink biceps muscles in top part of the arm bicker have argument bickered had argument bickering making argument bickers has argument bicycle two wheeled machine bicycled went on two wheeler bicycles two wheeled machines bicycling going on two wheeler bid make an offer bid an offer bidder maker of an offer bidding making offers bide waiting bids make offers biennial every two years bier table on which dead body is placed biff a blow bifurcate forked bifurcation forking big of great size bigamist one who is married to two persons at the same time bigamists those married to two persons at the same time bigamy being married to two persons at the same time bigger of greater size biggest of greatest size bight turn in middle of cord bight inlet bigot person of narrow mind bigoted of narrow mind Pge p
  • 51. romanian.txt bigotry narrow minded bigots persons of narrow mind bijou small and pleasing bike two wheeler bikes two wheelers bikini bikini bikini [international] bikinis bikinis bikinis [international] bilateral with two sides bile bitter liquid produced to help digestion bile bad-humor bilge to be pumped out of a ship bilingual two languages bilk get out of making payment bill money bill advertisement bill account bill bird's mouth bill act of lawmaking bill [business] billed made a request for payment billed bird mouthed billed [business] biller one making a request for payment biller [business] billet given work billet living place billet bar of iron billfold small folder for keeping paper money billiards female dog billing making a request for payment billion 1,000,000,000 billion thousand million billions 1,000,000,000's billions thousand millions billow great wave billowed made great wave billowing making great waves billows great waves bills money bills acts of lawmaking bills accounts bills bird's mouths bills advertisements bills [business] bin box binary based on 2 bind put together with cord bind make necessary to binder one putting together binding cord used to put together binding necessary binds puts together (with cord) binds makes necessary to binnacle instrument box on ship binned put in box binocular field glasses binocular for two eyes binoculars field glasses binominal two numbers bins boxes biochemist expert in chemistry of living things biochemistry chemistry of living things biographer one making history of a person biographers ones making history of a person biographies histories of a person biography history of a person Pge p
  • 52. romanian.txt biological of biology biological living thing biologist expert at biology biologists experts at biology biology biology biped 2-legged biplane 2-winged airplane birch smooth skinned tree birches smooth skinned trees bird bird birder birder birders birders birding birding birdhouse birdhouse birds birds birdseed birdseed birefringence separating of a ray of light birth birth birthday birthday birthdays birthdays birthed birthed birthing birthing birthmark birthmark birthmarks birthmarks birthrate birthrate birthrates birthrates birthright birthright birthrights birthrights births births birthstone birthstone biscuit cake biscuits cakes bisect make a division into two equal parts bisected made a division into two equal parts bisecting making a division into two equal parts bisects makes a division into two equal parts bishop authority over number of churches bishopric position of a Bishop bishopric part of country under a Bishop bishops authorities over number of churches bismuth light red metal used in medical substances bison great animal of cow family bit bit bitch female dog bitches female dogs bite bite biter biter biters biters bites bites biting biting bitmap computer map of bits bits bits bitsy very small bitten bitten bitter bitter bitters bitters bitty very small bivouac rest in the open bizarre very strange blab talk black black blackball blackball blackball say no blackberries blackberries blackberry blackberry blackbird blackbird blackbirds blackbirds blackboard blackboard Pge p
  • 53. romanian.txt blackboards blackboards blacker blacker blackest blackest blackguard low sort of person blackguard rough person blacking black shoe polish blackmail payment for keeping quiet blackmailer one making request of payment for keeping quiet blackmailing making request of payment for keeping quiet blackout no lights blacks blacks blacksmith maker of shoes for horses blacksmith iron worker blacksmithing iron work blacksmiths makers of shoes for horses blacksmiths iron workers bladder bag-like part bladders rubber bags blade blade blades blades blah talk with nothing in it blame make responsible blame [second] blamed made responsible blamed [second] blamer one who makes responsible blamer [second] blames makes responsible blames [second] blaming making responsible blaming [second] blanch make white blanched made white blanching making white bland smooth blandly smoothly blank space blank nothing blank metal before stamped blanked made a space blanket bed cover blanket [second] blanketing covering blanketing [second] blankets bed covers blankets [second] blanking making spaces blankly with nothing blanks spaces blanks makes as nothing blanks metal before stamped blanks [second] blare noise blared made noise blares made noise blaring noises blasé over-used blaspheme say things without respect blasphemous violent language blasphemy violent language blast strong current of air blasted made a hole in blasting making hole in blasts strong currents of air blatant without shame blatantly without shame blather foolish talk blathering foolish talking Pge p
  • 54. romanian.txt blaze bright flame blaze make cut sign on tree blaze white mark on horse's face blazer sport coat blazers sport coats blazes a number of bright flames blazing bright flames blazon make public blazon put design on bleach take the color out bleached taken the color out bleacher one taking the color out bleaching taking the color out bleak without comfort bleakly without comfort blear make see as if in a mist bleary watering bleat cry of sheep bleating crying of sheep bled took blood from bled blood taken from bleed take blood from bleeder making blood bleeding taking blood from blemish damaging mark blemished taken away from value blench make a quick move of fear blend substances mixed together blended mixed blender mixer blending mixing bless give approval blessed happy blesses gives approval blessing making happy blew moved as air current blight plant disease blights plant diseases blights troubles blimey surprised blind window curtain blind unable to see blind [verse] blinders square of leather to keep horse from seeing sideways blinding make unable to see blinding [verse] blindly as if unable to see blindly [verse] blinds window curtains blinds makes unable to see blinds [verse] blink open and shut the eyes blinked shut eyes and opened blinker apparatus for turning on and off again and again blinking opening and shutting the eyes blinks opens and shuts the eyes bliss being completely happy blissful completely happy blister water pocket blister cause water pockets on skin blistered with water pockets blistered caused water pockets on skin blistering water pocket blistering causing water pockets on skin blisters water pockets blisters causes water pockets on skin blithe happy blithely happily Pge p
  • 55. romanian.txt blizzard driving wind and snow blizzards driving winds and snows bloat over full bloated over-full bloated became over-full blob drop blob small round mass block solid mass block get in the way blockade stopping a country's trade blockage something in the way blocked in the way blocker one who gets in the way blockhead slow person blockheads slow persons blockhouse strong house with firing holes blockhouses strong houses with firing holes blocking getting in the way blocks solid masses blocks gets in the way blog internet day-book bloke man on watch blond light color blonde light color blonder lighter color blondes persons with light color hair blondest lightest color blood blood blooded blooded bloodhound dog used to get by smell bloodily with much blood blooding blooding bloodless with no deaths bloodless without blood bloodshed loss of blood bloodshed death bloodshot red-eyed bloodthirsty desiring blood bloody bloody bloom flower bloomed flowered blooming flowering blooms flowers blossom flower blossomed flowered blossoming flowering blossoms flowers blot take up wet blot drop of ink blotch red place on skin blotched with red places on skin blotches red places on skin blotching making red places on skin blotchy with red places on skin blotted took up wet blotter paper to take up wet blotters papers liners to take up wet blotting taking up wet blotting-paper paper to take up wet blouse woman's shirt blouse workman's loose shirt blouse keep in place with a band bloused loosely gripped with band blouses woman's shirts blousing loosely gripping with band blow blow blower blower blowers blowers Pge p
  • 56. romanian.txt blowhole air hole blowing blowing blown blown blowout burst tire blowout special event blows blows blowup burst blubber sad loud crying blubber fat blubbering be crying loudly bludgeon weighted stick bludgeoned blows with weighted stick blue blue blue sad feeling bluebell woodland flower bluebells woodland flowers blueberry blueberry bluebird bluebird bluebottle common meat fly bluebottles common meat flies bluejacket sailor bluejackets sailors blueprint line picture blues blues blues sad feelings bluff headland bluff make seem stronger bluffing making seem stronger bluing powder used in washing linen blunder error blunderbuss old gun blundered make errors blunderer one making errors blundering making errors blunders errors blunt without edge or point blunted made not sharp blunting making not sharp blunts makes without edge or point blur something not seen clearly blurb short account blurred not seen clearly blurring making not clear blurs makes not clear blurt say at the wrong time blurted said at the wrong time blurting saying at the wrong time blurts says at the wrong time blush become red blushed gone red blushes becomes red blushing going red bluster loud bluster with much wind blustered talked loudly blustering making self-important talk blusters makes self-important talk boa great crushing snake boar male pig board board boarded boarded boarder boarder boarders boarders boarding boarding boarding-house boarding-house boarding-houses boarding-houses boardroom room where officers meet boards boards Pge p
  • 57. romanian.txt boardwalk boardwalk boars male pigs boast talk about what one is able to do boasted taken credit boaster one talking without shame about powers boasting taking credit for boat boat boated boated boater boater boaters boaters boathouse boathouse boating boating boats boats boatswain chief common seaman bob move up and down bob short haircut bobbed moved up and down bobbed got short haircut bobbin roll bobbing be moving up and down bobbing getting short haircut bobbins rolls bobolink song bird bobolinks song birds bobs moves up and down bobs gets short haircut bode have feeling boded had feeling bodes has feeling bodice top part of dress bodices top parts of dress bodied bodied bodies bodies bodily bodily boding having feelings bodkin threading-needle bodkins threading-needles body body bodyguard man on watch bodyguards men on watch boer Boer boer Dutch South African bog wet, sponge-like earth bog unable to get on bogged unable to get on bogging getting unable to move on boggle make uncertain motions boggle makes the mind uncertain boggles makes uncertain boggy wet, sponge-like earth bogs wet, sponge-like earth bogs gets unable to move on bogus false bohemian without respect bohemian Bohemian boil boil boiled boiled boiler boiler boilermaker boilermaker boilers boilers boiling boiling boilings boilings boils boils boisterous rough, loud boisterously roughly, loudly bold well-marked bold without fear boldly well-marked Pge p
  • 58. romanian.txt boldly without fear bolero Spanish dance boll cotton ball bolster long cushion bolster give support to bolsters long cushions bolsters gives support to bolt metal pin bolt get away quickly bolt take quickly bolt quite bolter one that goes away quickly bolting getting away quickly bolts thick screws bolts gets away quickly bolts takes quickly bomb bursting ball bomb [science] bombard make an attack on bombard put questions to bombards makes an attack on bombards puts questions to bombast self-important talk bombastic loud, self-important bombastically loud, self-importantly bombed made attack with bursting balls bombed [science] bombing making attacks with bursting balls bombing [science] bombs bursting balls bombs [science] bombshell great shock bombshells great shocks bonanza great profit bonanzas great profits bonbon a sweet bonbons sweets bond keep things together bond agreement for payment bond insurance bondage prison conditions bonded kept together bonded has insurance bonding keeping together bonding getting insurance bonds things to keep together bonds agreements for payment bonds gives insurance bonds gets together bone bone boned boned bonehead foolish person boneless without bone boner boner boners boners bones bones bonfire outdoor fire bonfires outdoor fires boning boning bonnet hat bonnet cover bonnets hats bonnets covers bonny healthily good looking bonus payment in addition bonuses rewards bony with bone boo noise in disgust Pge p
  • 59. romanian.txt booby foolish person booby slow person book book bookcase shelve for books bookcases shelves for books booked booked bookend book stop bookends book stops booker booker bookers bookers bookie person who takes money for chance bookies ones who take money for chance booking booking bookish like a book bookish likes reading bookkeeper bookkeeper bookkeepers bookkeepers bookkeeping bookkeeping booklet thin book bookmaker person who takes money for chance bookmakers ones who takes money for chance bookmark marked place (in book or computer) bookmark [computer] bookmarks marked places (in book or computer) bookmarks [computer] bookrest support for open book bookrests supports for open book books books bookshelf bookshelf bookshelves bookshelves bookshop bookstore bookshops bookstores bookseller trader in books bookstore bookstore bookstores bookstores bookwork learning from books bookwork office work bookwork paper work bookworm bookworm bookworm interested in books boom deep sound boom time of good business boom long or thick rod boomerang curved stick that comes back booming loud, deep sounds booming good business times booms deep sounds booms times of good business booms rods of wood boon a great help boor person of rough behavior boor male pig boorish unpolished behavior boors unpolished persons boors male pigs boost push up boot boot booted booted bootee baby's wool boot booth open store booth high back seating booths open stores booths high back seating booting booting bootlace cord for doing up boots bootlaces cords for doing up boots bootlegger one making strong drink against the law bootleggers ones making strong drink against the law Pge p
  • 60. romanian.txt bootless without boots boots boots booty property taken by outlaws booze strong drink border edge border side bordered edged bordering edging borderland land on the edge borderline edge borderline division line borders edges borders division lines bore took bore uninteresting person bore gave birth bore make a hole bore put up with bore marked by bore hole in a pipe bore took on one's back bored uninterested bored made a hole boredom being uninterested bores makes a hole bores uninteresting persons bores puts up with bores holes boring uninteresting born took born by birth born gave birth born put up with borne taken borne taken borne given birth borne put up with boron boron boron chemical 'B' boron [chemistry] borough town boroughs towns borrow get use of borrowed got use of borrowing getting use of borrows gets use of bosh foolish talk bosom chest bosom heart bosomed chested bosoms chests bosoms hearts boss head boss give orders boss button-like part bossed ordered bosses chiefs bossing ordering bossy tendency to give orders botany science of plants botch do badly botched done badly botcher one who did badly botches does badly botching doing badly both the two both [second] bother trouble Pge p
  • 61. romanian.txt bothered troubled bothering troubling bothers troubles bothersome causing trouble bottle bottle bottled bottled bottleneck narrow part (of road) bottleneck bottle neck bottler bottler bottlers bottlers bottles bottles bottling bottling bottom lowest part bottom last bottom cause bottom [second] bottomed gotten to lowest level bottomed [second] bottoming getting to lowest level bottoming [second] bottomless very deep bottoms lowest parts bottoms trade ships bottoms [second] boudoir woman's private room boudoirs woman's private rooms bough great branch boughs branches bought made a buy boughten had made a buy bouillon soup bouillons soups boulder great stone boulders great stones boulevard wide street boulevards wide streets bounce jump bounced jumped bouncer jumper bounces jumps bouncing jumping bound jump bound put limits boundaries limits boundaries edges boundaries division lines boundary limit, edge boundary division line boundless very great bounds jumps bounds limits bounteous in great amount bounties rewards bountiful giving much bounty reward bounty kind giving bouquet flowers bouquet smell bouquets flowers bouquets smells bourgeois middle of society bout turn bouts turns bovine cow-like bow curved stick with cord bow knot bow violin stick bow be bent down Pge p
  • 62. romanian.txt bow arch bow arched instrument with cord bow forward end of ship bow [verse] bowdlerize take interesting parts out bowdlerized taken shocking parts out bowed used violin bowed arched bowed bent down bowed [verse] bowel part of digesting system bower garden place bowery place with leaves bowing use violin bowing ornamented knots bowing bending down bowing [verse] bowl basin bowl ten pins bowled sent ball in sport bowler man's round-top hat bowler sender of ball bowlers man's round-top hats bowlers players of ten pins bowlers senders of ball bowline a sailor's knot bowling 10 pins bowls basins bowman archer bowmen archers bows violin sticks bows forward end of ships bows knots bows is bent down bows [verse] box box boxed boxed boxer boxer boxers boxers boxes boxes boxing boxing boxing fighting with gloves boy boy boycott have no relation boycotted had no relation boycotter one having no relation boycotting having no relation boycotts has no relation boys boys brace support brace make stronger brace two braced supported braced made stronger bracelet arm band bracelets arm bands bracing supporting bracing making stronger bracket support from wall bracket mark used for grouping bracket on two sides bracketed was on two sides bracketing being on two sides bracketing putting supports from wall brackets supports from wall brackets marks used for grouping brackish salt taste brad nail without head Pge p
  • 63. romanian.txt brads nails without heads brag talk of how much one is able to do braggart one who talks well of self bragged talked well of self bragging talking well of self brags talks well of self brahmin Brahmin brahmin highest group in Hindu society braid edging braid twist braided edged braided twisted braider edger braider twister braiding edging braiding twisting braids edgings braids twists braille by touch braille Braille brain brain brainchild of one's plan brained brained brainer brainer brainers brainers brainier with more brain brainless without brain power brainless foolish brains brains brainstorm get ideas brainwave bright idea brainy having brains braise cook slowly in covered pot braised is cooked slowly in covered pot braises is cooked slowly in covered pot braising is cooking slowly in covered pot brake brake brake stopping instrument brake See 'break' for broken braked braked brakeman brakeman braker braker brakers brakers brakes brakes braking braking bramble blackberry brambles blackberries bran outside part of grain branch branch branched branched branches branches branching branching brand trademark brand very brand bit of burning wood brand-new very new branded trademarked brander trademarker branders trademarkers branding trademarking brandish be waving brands trademarks brandy alcohol drink from wine brass brass brassy brassy brat young person giving trouble brats young persons giving trouble bratty being of trouble Pge p
  • 64. romanian.txt bravado air of being without fear brave without fear brave Indian fighter brave [second] braved did without fear braved [second] bravely without fearing bravely unfearing bravely [second] braver notedly without fear braver [second] bravery behavior without fear braves does without fear braves Indian fighters braves [second] braving having no fear braving [second] bravo well done! bravos well dones brawl street fight brawled fought brawler street fighter brawling street fighting brawls street fights brawn muscle brawny well muscled bray noise of hee-haw braze join metal with heat and metal brazed made join metal with heat and metal brazes makes join metal with heat and metal brazier worker in brass brazier basket for burning coal brazing making join metal with heat and metal breach wide crack breach go against rules breached holed breached gone against rules breaching cracking breaching going against rules bread bread breadbasket breadbasket breadbasket part of country giving grain breadcrumb bit of broken bread breaded breaded breading breading breadline line of persons looking for food breadlines lines of persons looking for food breads breads breadth measure from side to side breathless without breath breathtaking sudden wave of feeling breadwinner one supporting family by working break make into parts break come loose break make broken break [science] breakage damage breakaway part to give way breakaway do well breakdown stop working breakdown become broken breaker sea wave breaker make broken breaker [science] breakers sea waves breakers [science] breakfast morning meal breakfast [second] Pge p
  • 65. romanian.txt breakfasted had morning meal breakfasted [second] breakfasting having morning meal breakfasting [second] breakfasts morning meals breakfasts [second] breaking making into parts breaking coming loose breaking [science] breakneck having danger from going quickly breakout get away by force breaks makes into parts breaks comes loose breaks [science] breakwater wall for slowing sea breakwaters walls for slowing sea breast woman's milk parts breast go forward breast chest breast [second, verse] breasts women's milk parts breasts [second, verse] breastwork low wall breath breath breathe breathe breathed breathed breather breather breathers breathers breathes breathes breathily as with much breath breathing breathing breathless without wind breathy having breath bred had young breech back end of gun breeches trousers breeches back end of guns breeching leather bands breed have young breed common group of animals breeder one causing young breeding making young breeding behavior from training breeds common groups of animals breeze wind breezes winds breezy with wind breezy good humored brethren brethren brethren brothers brevity being short (in talk) brew make a drink brewed made a drink brewer maker of beer brewery place that makes beer brewing making a drink brewing making beer brews makes a drink brews makes beer bribe get to do something bribe give for approval bribed give money for approval bribery give money to do something bribes gets to do something bribes gives for approval bribing giving money to do something brick brick brickbat broken bit of brick Pge p
  • 66. romanian.txt bricked bricked bricking bricking bricklayer workman building with bricks bricks bricks brickwork brick structure brickwork work of brick brickwork brickwork brickyard place where bricks are made bridal getting married bride newly married woman bride [verse] bridegroom man getting married brides newly married women brides [verse] bridesmaid female of marrying train bridge bridge bridged bridged bridger bridger bridgers bridgers bridges bridges bridging bridging bridle controlling horse bridlepath way for horses bridlepaths ways for horses brief short brief outline of cause briefly shortly brig ship with two square sails brig ship's prison brigade army unit brigades army division brigading military getting together brigand outlaw brigands outlaws bright bright bright brite brighten brighten brightening brightening brighter brighter brightest brightest brightly brightly brightness level of being bright brilliant very bright brilliantly very brightly brim edge brimful full to top brimming full brimstone sulfur brine water mixed with salt bring come bringing coming with brings comes brink edge briquette brick of coal dust brisk quick moving brisket meat from chest briskly quickly bristle short stiff hair brite bright brite brite brittle readily broken broach get open broached opened broaches opens broaching opening broad wide broadcast send far and wide broadcasting sending by radio Pge p
  • 67. romanian.txt broadcasting sending wide broadcasts gives a radio talk broadcasts puts out broadcasts covers broadcast sends far and wide broadcloth thick, smooth cloth broadly widely broadside ship's side broadway chief road broadway Broadway broccoli sort of plant used for food brochure small book brochures small books brogue strong country shoe brogue way of talking brogues strong shoes broil cook over fire broiled was cooked over fire broiling be cooking on fire broils is cooked on fire broke made broken broke have no money broke not working broke take chance with all broke in parts broke came loose broken broken broker middleman broker [business] brokerage payment to middleman brokers middlemen brokers [business] bronchial windpipe bronze metal of copper and tin bronzed browned bronzed metal coated brooch ornamented pin for dress brood family of young brood unhealthy thought brooding having family from eggs brooding troubling thoughts broods families of young broods has troubling thoughts broody with family broody troubled thoughts brook small river brook put up with broom brush on long stick broom make clean brooms brush on long sticks broth thin meat soup brothel house of ill opinion brothels houses of ill opinion brother brother brother-in-law brother of person married to brothered brothered brotherhood organization brotherhoods organizations brothering brothering brotherly brotherly brothers brothers brothers-in-law brothers of person married to broths thin meat soups brought came with brow part of face over eyes brow arch of hair over eye brow [verse] browbeat make unhappy by rough words Pge p
  • 68. romanian.txt browbeat give rough words browbeaten made unhappy by rough words browbeaten given rough words brown brown browned browned browning browning browns browns browns dark colors browse take grass as food browse read bits browse read internet browsed took grass for food browsed read bits browsed read internet browser internet reader browser person reading a number of things browses takes grass for food browses reads bits browses reads browsing taking grass for food browsing reading bits browsing reading internet bruise damage to skin but not broken bruised had damaged skin but not broken bruises has damaged skin but not broken bruising having damaged skin but not broken brunette dark haired brunettes dark haired persons brunt chief force of attack brush brush brushed brushed brushes brushes brushing brushing brushwood undergrowth brushwork use of brush in painting brusque rough brusquely roughly brutal very cruel brute animal brutes animals bubble liquid ball with air inside bubble [science, second] bubbled made liquid balls with air inside bubbled seen as happy bubbled [science, second] bubbles (makes) liquid balls with air inside bubbles sees as happy bubbles [science, second] bubbly with gas in view bubbly happy bubbly [science, second] buccaneer sea outlaw buccaneers sea outlaws buck male animal buck dollar buck horse jump buck fight against bucked sent into air (by jumping horse) bucked fought against bucket bucket bucket shop place giving goods of no value bucketed bucketed bucketing bucketing buckets buckets bucking fighting against bucking jumping by horse buckle metal to grip band buckle get bent Pge p
  • 69. romanian.txt buckled banded buckled bent buckling joining bands buckling getting bent bucks male animals bucks dollars bucks jumps by horse buckskin soft leather buckwheat small black grain bucolic country existence bud early growth bud first outgrowth bud [second, verse, biology] budded in early stage budded [second, verse, biology] budding early stage budding producing offsprint without sex budding [second, verse, biology] budge make small move budged made small move budget design of payments budget [business] budgeted in agreement of payments budgeted [business] budgeting making design of payments budgeting [business] budging making small moves buds early growths buds [second, verse] buff light yellow brown color buff give polish buffalo great animal of cow family buffaloes great animals of cow family buffer take shock buffer foolish old man buffer short-time store buffered took shock buffered put in short-time store buffering taking shock buffering putting in short-time store buffers things to take shock buffers foolish old men buffers places for short-time storing buffet side table buffoon loud, foolish person bug insect bug trouble bug apparatus for secret hearing bugaboo thing causing unnecessary fear bugbear feared event bugged troubled bugger a low person buggers low persons bugging troubling buggy small carriage bugle brass wind-instrument bugs insects bugs apparatus for hearing build make builder builder builders builders building building buildings buildings builds puts up (a building) buildup make pleasing buildup slow increase built made bulb bulb Pge p
  • 70. romanian.txt bulbs bulbs bulge out-curving bulged out-curved bulges out-curvings bulges is over full bulging out-curving bulging over full bulk size bulk loose bulk the greater amount bulkhead water-tight division of ship bulkheads water-tight divisions of ship bulky taking much room bull male cow bull foolish talk bull order bulldog dog with thick neck bulldogs dogs with thick neck bullet lead fired from gun bulletin short account bulletins short accounts bullets bits fired by gun bullion metal in mass bulls male cows bully rough behavior bully very good bullying putting fear bulrush tall grass-like waterside plant bulwark wall bum good for nothing bum seat of body bumble-bee great bee bump come together bump high mark caused by blow bumper structure to take shock bumper great amount bumping coming together bumpkin unpolished country person bumpkins unpolished country persons bumptious self important bumpy having high and low points bun soft round sweet cake bun twisted knot of hair bunch put together bunch things put together bunch [second] bunched put together bunched things put together bunched [second] bunches put together bunches things put together bunches [second] bunching putting together bunching things put together bunching [second] bunchy not smooth bundle roughly parceled bundle without order bung stopper bungalow house with one floor bungle do work badly bungling doing work badly bunion red, high mark on toe bunk bed bunk foolish talk bunker place for coal bunker sand hole buns soft round sweet cakes Pge p
  • 71. romanian.txt buns twisted knots of hair bunting flag material buoy structure to mark waterway buoy keep up in water buoyancy able to keep up in water buoyant able to keep up in water buoys structures to mark waterway bur rough seed with hooks burden weighting one down burdock rough seeded plant bureau box with drawers bureau office for public business bureaucracy government controlled bureaucrat government worker bureaucratic slow, complex as by government office burgeon starting to grow burgess town chief burgh town burglar one who takes property at night burglars persons who take property at night burglary take property at night burgomaster chief town authority burgundy red wine of France burgundy Burgundy burial put under earth burial [second] buried put under earth buried covered up buries puts under earth buries gets covered up burlap rough canvas burlesque make sport of burlesque mixed theater burlesques makes sport of burlesques mixed theaters burly strong, solidly built burn burn burnable burnable burned burned burner burner burning burning burnish make metal bright by rubbing burnished made bright by rubbing burnishes makes metal bright by rubbing burnishing making metal bright by rubbing burnout come to end burns burns burnt burnt burrow hole in earth burrowed made hole in earth burrowing making hole in earth burrows holes in earth bursar controler of money burst burst bursting bursting bursts bursts bury put under earth bury get covered up burying putting under earth burying putting under earth burying covering bus bus bus take away plates bus autobus busbar electric connection bar busbar bus bar bused bused buses buses Pge p
  • 72. romanian.txt bush tree-like plant bush backwoods bushel measure for grain bushel 8 gallons bushel great amount busheled (put) grain in vessels busheling putting grain in vessels bushels measures of grain bushels puts grain in vessels bushes tree-like plants bushing material making hole smaller busily doing busily giving attention to busily doing much busily [second] business business business-like business-like businesses businesses businessman businessman businessmen businessmen businesswoman businesswoman businesswomen businesswomen busing busing buss kiss bust copy of person's head bust woman's chest bustle do something bustling doing something busts copies of heads busts women's chest busy doing busy giving attention to busy having much to do busy [second] busybodies ones pushing into others business busybody one pushing into others business but but butcher trader in meat butchered put animals to death butchering putting animals to death butchers traders of meat butler head man-servant butlers head man-servants butt blow with head butt thicker end of gun butt end of cigarette butt join of two edges butted made blows with head butted put ends together butter butter butterball fat person buttercup yellow flower buttercups yellow flowers buttered buttered butterfingered given to dropping things butterfingers given to dropping things butterflies insects with colored wings butterflies feeling worked up butterfly insect with colored wings buttering buttering buttermilk milk after butter is taken out butters butters butterscotch sort of sweet buttery butter-like butting making blows with head butting making blows with head butting putting ends together buttock one side of tail-end of body Pge p
  • 73. romanian.txt buttocks seat of body button button bottondown common in reason buttoned buttoned buttoner buttoner buttoners buttoners buttonhole buttonhole buttoning buttoning buttons buttons buttress support wall buttress give support buttresses supports for wall butts give blow with head butts blows with head butts thicker ends of gun butts thicker end of guns butts ends of cigarettes butts make join of edges buxom full form buxom healthy looking buy give money for buyer one who gives money buyers ones getting things for money buying giving money for buys gives money for buzz buzz buzz get person's attention buzzer make sound of bee buzzer noisemaker by by bysecond by-gone past by-law rule by-pass road going past outside town by-pass skirt (town) by-path side road by-play sideline by-way side way bye something coming after first bye not together in competition bye said in parting bye Good Bye byline name of writer byline second line of work bypass road going past outside town bypass skirt (town) byre cow house bystander onlooker byte spaces of computer letter bytes space of computer letter byway side way byword common saying c c c C C C , c c carbon C Roman 100 c near (circa) C normal rating C carbon cab taxi cab public automobile cab cover for on driving cab public carriage cabal group having secret design cabaret song act cabaret café with music and acts cabarets song acts Pge p
  • 74. romanian.txt cabarets cafés with music and acts cabbage round green food plants cabbages round green food plants cabby taxi driver cabin room on ship cabin small wood house cabined kept in small space cabinet cupboard cabinet private room cabinet inner circle of government cabinets cupboards cabinets private rooms cabinets inner circles of government cabins rooms on ship cabins small wood houses cable thick wire cord cable telegram cable radiogram cabled put thick wire cord cabled sent telegram cables thick wire cords cables telegrams cables radiograms cabling (put) thick wire cords cabling sending telegram cabman one driving for payment cabmen drivers caboose end cart of train cabs taxis cabs public automobiles cabs public carriages cabs covers for drivers cackle noise of a fowl cackle loud laugh cackling noise of fowls cackling loud laughing cad out and outer caddies coverings caddies tin boxes caddies persons taking sticks in GOLF caddy covering caddy tin box caddy person taking sticks in GOLF cadge getting things for nothing cads out and outers café café café café café café cafes cafés cafés cafés caffeine special chemical in coffee cage wire house cage bird-house caged made prisoner cages wire houses cages bird-houses cake cake caked caked cakes cakes cakewalk simple work calamities sad events calamity sad event calcium calcium calcium [chemical] calculate get worked out calculate [second] calculated got worked out calculates works out Pge p
  • 75. romanian.txt calculates [second] calculating designing calculating [second] calculation answers by mathematics calculations answer by mathematics calculator instrument for arithmetic calculator [second] calculators instruments for arithmetic calculus special system of mathematics calendar table giving days calendars tables giving days calf young cow caliber size of gun caliber hundreds of an inch caliber degree of value calibers sizes calibers degrees calico cotton cloth calicoes cotton cloth calicos cotton cloth calisthenics body training call said a person's name loudly call give a name call use telephone call [second] called say a person's name loudly called gave a name called used telephone called [second] caller one saying loudly caller person coming to see caller person using telephone caller [second] callers persons coming to see callers persons using telephone callers ones saying loudly callers [second] calling saying a person's name loudly calling line of work calling giving a name calling using telephone calling [second] callings lines of work callous horn-like callous unfeeling calls says a person's name loudly calls gives a name calls uses telephone calls [second] calluses hard skin calm quiet calm untroubled calm [verse] calmed quieted calmed untroubled calmer quieter calmer less troubled calmest quietest calmest untroubled calming quieting calming making less troubled calmly quietly calmly [verse] calmness being quiet calmness being untroubled calms quiets calms makes less troubled calorie calorie Pge p
  • 76. romanian.txt calve young cow calve to give birth to cow calves young cows calves gives birth to cow cam part of machine changing motion cambric thin linen came came camera camera cameraman cameraman cameramen cameramen cameras cameras camerawork camerawork camouflage trick camouflaged make seem different camouflages makes seem different camouflaging making seem different camp live under canvas campaign military operation campaign attempt to make public opinion campaigned made military operations campaigned attempted to make public opinion campaigning making military operations campaigning attempting to make public opinion campaigns military operations campaigns attempts to make public opinion camped lived under canvas camper one living under canvas camping living under canvas camps places lived under canvas campus land about university buildings can be able to can may can tin can't (is) not able (to) canada Canada canadian Canadian canal man-made waterway canalled with man-made waterways canals man-made waterways cancel put a stop to cancel undo cancel balancing of amounts canceled put a stop to canceled undid canceled balanced amounts canceling putting a stop to canceling undoing canceling balancing amounts cancellation put a stop to cancellation make of no effect cancelled put a stop to cancelled balanced amounts cancelling putting a stop to cancelling balancing amounts cancels puts a stop to cancer diseased growths cancer sort of diseased growth cancers diseased growths cancers sort of diseased growths candid open candid straightforward candidate going up for position candidates ones going up for position candidly openly candidly straightforwardly candied covered with sugar candies sugar sweets candle wax light Pge p
  • 77. romanian.txt candles wax lights candlestick supports for wax lights candlesticks supports for wax lights candor open candor straightforward candy sugar sweet cane thin stick cane walking stick cane give blow with stick caned made with thin sticks canes thin sticks canes walking sticks canes give blows canine dog canine pointed tooth canines dogs canister tin box canistered tin boxed canisters tin boxes canker disease cankers disease canned tinned canner one getting into tins cannibal man making man his food cannibals men making man their food canning get tinned cannon gun on wheels cannons guns on wheels cannot (is) not able (to) canoe small boat canoed moved by small boat canoeing moving small boat with flat sticks canoes small boats canonical by church authority canonicals dress of churchmen cans tins cant high-sounding talk cantankerous bad humored cantankerous quickly made angry cantankerously with bad humor canteen army store for taking food canteen food tin canteens army stores for taking food canteens water tins canter quick step canter go quickly cantered with quick steps cantering making quick steps canvas canvas canvased canvased canvases canvases canvasing canvasing canvass go door to door canvassed gone door to door canvasser one going door to door canvassers ones going door to door canvasses goes door to door canvassing going door to door cap hat cap go one better cap covering capability able to do capable able capabler abler capablest ablest capably ably capacious having much room capacities amount of room Pge p
  • 78. romanian.txt capacities [science] capacity amount of room capacity power of mind capacity power of experiencing capacity [science] cape clothing without armholes cape headland caper jumping in play caper act foolish capes clothing without armholes capes headlands capital money capital by death capital chief town capital great letter, like A capital very good capital [second, social] capitalism system where persons are owners capitalist property owner capitalists property owners capitalization value in money capitalize make use of money capitalize get money for present value capitalize put in great letters capitalized made into money capitalized present value capitalized put in great letters capitalizes puts into money capitalizes gets money for present value capitalizes puts in great letters capitalizing putting money into capitalizing getting present value capitalizing putting in great letters capitals chief towns capitals great letters, like A capitals [second] capitulate give up capitulate give away capped hatted capped gone one better capped stoppered capping putting on top capping going one better capricious changing capricious uncertain capricious acting on impulse caps hats caps goes one better capsize overturn capsized overturned capsizing overturning captain chief captain give direction captains chiefs captains gives direction caption heading captioned headed captions headings captive prisoner captives prisoners captor one taking prisoners captors ones taking prisoners capture make prisoner capture take captured made prisoner captured took captures makes prisoner captures takes Pge p
  • 79. romanian.txt capturing making prisoner capturing taking car automobile car 'wheels' caravan long journey caravan house on wheels caravans long journeys caravans houses on wheels carbon substance of coal carbon black carbon chemical 'C' carbon [chemistry] carbons substances of coal carbons makes black carbons chemical 'C' carbons [chemistry] carcass dead body carcasses dead bodies card card cardboard cardboard cardholder one with a special card cardholder cardholder cardinal deep, bright red cardinal red bird cardinal prince of church cardinal unbroken number cardinals red birds cardinals princes of church cardinals unbroken numbers carding carding cardplayer cardplayer cards cards care care cared cared career making a living careers making livings carefree carefree careful done with care careful taking care careful careful carefuller done with great care carefullest done with greatest care carefully with care carefulness do with great care caregiver caregiver careless without care carelessly done without care carelessness being without care cares cares caress kiss caress a loving touch caressed kissed caressed touched lovingly caresses kisses caresses loving touches caressing kissing caressing touching lovingly caretaker caretaker caretakers caretakers cargo goods taken on ship cargo goods cargoes goods taken on ships cargoes goods caricature picture with chief points overdone caricatured pictured with chief points overdone caricatures pictures with chief points overdone caries diseased tooth or bone carillon group of bells for music Pge p
  • 80. romanian.txt caring caring carmine bright red carnage putting to death of a great number of persons carnal of the body carnally of the body carnation sort of flower carnival public pleasure making carnival small circus carnivals small circuses carnivorous living on meat carol happy song carol song of birds carol Christmas song caroled made happy song caroler happy in song caroler person giving Christmas song carolers ones happy in song carolers one giving Christmas songs caroling giving happy song carols happy songs carols giving happy songs carouse much drinking and pleasure carp make trouble carp see bad side carp sort of fish carpenter wood worker carpenters wood workers carpet soft floor covering carpet [second] carpeted put soft floor covering carpeted [second] carpeting (putting) soft floor covering carpeting [second] carpets floor coverings carpets [second] carping making trouble carping seeing bad side carps makes trouble carps sees bad side carps sorts of fish carriage carriage carriaged carriaged carriages carriages carriaging carriaging carried taken carrier person transporting parcels for payment carrier structure for boxes carrier warship with airplanes carriers company transporting parcels carriers warships with airplanes carries takes carrion dead bodies going bad carrot orange-red root food carrots orange-red root food carry take carrying taking cars automobiles cart cart carted carted cartel trading group formed to keep prices up cartels trading groups formed to keep prices up carter carter carters carters cartilage strong elastic joins between bones carting carting cartload amount a cart will hold cartographer map maker cartographers map makers Pge p
  • 81. romanian.txt cartography map making carton cardboard box cartoned boxed cartoned put into cardboard box cartoning material for boxing cartoning putting into cardboard box cartons cardboard boxes cartoon picture of humor cartooned pictured with humor cartooning picturing with humor cartoonist one making pictures for humor cartoonists persons making pictures for humor cartoons pictures with humor cartridge gunpowder and ball in cover for firing from guns cartridge small cover for gunpowder and ball cartridges gunpowder and ball cartridges for firing from guns carts carts carve make a cut carved made a cut carves makes a cut carving design in wood carvings designs in wood cascade small waterfall cascades small waterfalls cascading falling case box case example case get covered case [science, second] cased boxed cased [science, second] casein body building substance in cheese casement window opening out casements windows opening out cases boxes cases examples cases [science, second] cash money cash get money from cashed got money for cashed put away cashes gets money for cashes puts away cashew sort of nut cashews sort of nuts cashier one who takes money cashier send out of army as punishment cashiers ones who take money cashing getting money for cashmere soft, goat's-wool cloth casing box ornament casing looking casing something round something casing [science] casings box ornaments casings lookings casings something round something casino public building for card-playing casinos public buildings for card-playing cask round beer vessel casked put in round beer vessels casket box caskets boxes casks round beer vessels cassette small magnetic PC store (machine) cassettes small magnetic PC stores (machine) cast form Pge p
  • 82. romanian.txt cast actors cast put from one cast put into cast put off from body caste division in society casting made in form casting selection of actors casting putting from casting putting into castle great house made strong from attack castle sort of CHESSMAN castor small wheel on leg castors small wheels on legs casts forms casts actors casts puts casual by chance casual not taking trouble casual simple clothing casually by chance casually not taking trouble casuals simple clothing casualties persons dead casualties wounded in war casualty person dead casualty wounded in war casualty one dead or wounded cat cat catalog complete list catalog price list cataloged completely listed cataloged price listed cataloging making a complete list cataloging price listing catalogs complete lists catalogs price lists catalogue complete list catalogue price list catalogues complete lists catalogues price lists cataract waterfall cataracts waterfalls catarrh catarrh catastrophe sudden trouble catastrophe sad event catastrophes sudden troubles catastrophes sad events catastrophic of sudden trouble catastrophic sad event catcall cry against catch take catch grip catch lock catch trick catch come upon catcher player in back of starting plate catches takes catches locks catches tricks catches comes upon catching taking catching locking catching tricking catching coming upon catchword common saying catchwords common sayings catchy getting attention catchy make interest Pge p
  • 83. romanian.txt catchy simple to keep in mind catchy tricky catechism list of questions catechisms lists of questions categorically completely categories groups categories sorts categorize put into groups categorize make a sort categorized put into groups categorized sorted categorizes puts into groups categorizes makes a sort categorizing putting into groups categorizing sorting category group category sort cater get food for catered got food for caterer one who gets food caterers ones who get food catering getting food for caters gets food for catfight bitter fight catfight fight between women cathedral chief church cathedrals chief churches catholic wide catlike catlike catnap short sleep cats cats catting catting cattle cows caught took caught locked caught tricked caught came upon causal being cause causal by cause and effect causality act of cause and effect causality idea that every effect has a cause cause cause caused caused causer causer causes causes causeway road on a higher level causeways roads on a higher level causing causing caustic burning caustic sharp cauterize burning with iron cauterize make clean by burning caution make conscious of danger caution care cautioned made conscious of danger cautioning making conscious of danger cautions makes conscious of danger cautious take care cautiously doing carefully cavalcade band of persons on horseback cavalier horseman cavalier rough, sharp [as behavior] cavalry military horsemen cave hollow place cave hole in side of mountain caveat have a hearing caved hollowed caved holed Pge p
  • 84. romanian.txt cavern great hollow place caverns great hollow places caves hollow places caves holes in side of mountain cavities hollows cavities holes cavity hollow cavity hole caw loud bird noise cawing making loud bird noises cawings loud bird noises caws loud bird noises cease stop ceased stopped ceasefire stop firing guns ceaseless unstopping ceaselessly as unable to stop ceases stops ceasing stopping cede give ceded gave ceiling top of room ceiling top ceilings tops of rooms ceilings tops celebrate note celebrate have pleasure-making celebrated noted celebrates notes celebrating giving special note celebration special event celebrations special events celebrities noted persons celebrity noted person celestial of the sky celibate not married celibate having no sex relations cell small room cell prison room cell unit of living substance cell [science] cellar room under street level cellar wine room cellars rooms under street level cellars wine rooms celled divisioned celled [science] cells small rooms cells prison rooms cells units of living substance cells [science] cellular formed of small units cement stone-like building paste cement get united cemented fixed cemented joined cementing fixing cementing joining cements stone-like building pastes cements joins cemeteries places for the dead cemetery place for the dead censor person to say what is to be made public censor put a stop to censored stopped censoring stopping censors persons to say what is to be made public censorship keeping from public Pge p
  • 85. romanian.txt censure make protest against censured protested censures protests censuring protesting against census numbering of persons cent cent centenary hundred years after event center middle center place for events center inside center put in middle center chief thing center seat of center [computer] centered (put) in middle centering putting in middle centerpiece ornaments for middle of tables centerpieces ornament for middle of table centers middles centers insides centers seats of centers puts in middle centi- centicentigrade centigrade centigram centigram centigrams centigrams centiliter centiliter centiliters centiliters centimeter centimeter centimeters centimeters central in the middle central chief thing centralization putting under one control centralization give (more) government control centralize put under one control centralized put under one control centralizes puts under one control centralizing putting under one control centrally in the middle centrally chiefly centre middle centre inside centre seat of centre (AmE center) centrifugal having tendency away from middle centripetal having tendency to a middle cents cents centuries hundreds centuries hundreds of years century century century hundred century hundred years ceremonies special public events ceremonies forms ceremonies [second] ceremony special public event ceremony form ceremony [second] certain certain certainly certainly certainty certain certificate statement of fact as authority certificate statement made in writing by one in authority certificate [business] certificates statements of fact as authority certificates statements made in writing by one in authority certificates [business] certified made a statement Pge p
  • 86. romanian.txt certified said to be true certifier one making statement is true certifier one saying is true certifies give statement certifies says is true certify make a statement certify say is true certifying making statement is true certifying saying is true cesspool drain-hole cesspool dirty place cesspools drain-holes cesspools dirty places chafe rubbing chafe be angry at waiting chafe make protest chaff outside part of grain chaff not serious chaffed done wrong to chaffs sticks of grain chaffs does wrong to chafing rubbing chafing angry at waiting chafing making protest chain chain chained chained chainer chainer chaining chaining chains chains chair seat chair chief of a meeting chair [second] chaired guided a meeting chaired seated chaired [second] chairing guiding a meeting chairing seating chairing [second] chairman chief of organization chairperson chief of organization chairs seats chairs [second] chalk chalk chalkboard chalkboard chalked chalked chalking chalking chalks chalks challenge questioning challenge sporting offer challenged questioned challenged made sporting offer challenger questioner challenger one making sporting offer challenges questions challenges sporting offers challenging questioning challenging hard challenging complex chamber room chamois soft leather chamois soft leather for cleaning champagne champagne champagnes champagnes champion person very good at sport champion first-rate champion person fighting for another champions persons very good at sport champions first-rated Pge p
  • 87. romanian.txt champions persons fighting for others championship event for first place championship first-rated championship top sporting event chance chance chanced chanced chancellor head of university chancer chancer chances chances chandelier hanging lights chandeliers hanging lights change change changed changed changeover complete change changeless without change changeover make complete change changer changer changers changers changes changes changing changing channel narrow waterway channel give direction channel TV band channel deep line channel right way to send news channeled made a narrow waterway channeled given direction channeling making waterways channeling giving direction channels narrow waterways channels gives direction channels TV bands chant song chant say with a rhythm chanting making song chanting saying with a rhythm chants ordered songs chaos no order chaotic without order chap boy chap man chap crack in skin chapel small church chapel small room for religion chaperon take care of chaperon person taking care of chaperoned taken care chaperoning taking care of chaperons takes care of chaperons persons taking care of chapping cracking chaps boys chaps men chaps cause cracks chaps over trousers chapter division of a book chapters divisions of a book char burn char burn till black char-woman woman who does cleaning char-women women who do cleaning character quality character person in book character letter character special mark character [second] characteristic quality of characteristic representative Pge p
  • 88. romanian.txt characteristics qualities characteristics representatives characterization giving quality of characterization being representative characterize give account of qualities characterize be representative characterized gave account of qualities characterized representative of characterizes gives account of qualities characterizes is representative characterizing giving account of qualities characterizing being representative characters letters characters special marks characters persons in book characters [second] charcoal burned wood charcoaling making burned wood charge price charge make statement (of wrongdoing) against charge attack charge go forward charge make ready charge put off payment charge stored electric current charge add electric current charge [business] chargeable able to put off payment chargeable open to statement of wrongdoing chargeable [business] charged made a request for payment charged made statement (of wrongdoing) against charged attacked charged put off payment charged ready charged [business] charger one making request charger attacker charger instrument to make ready charger army horse charges prices charges makes statement (of wrongdoing) against charges attacks charges goes forward charges makes ready charges [business] charging making request for charging making statement (of wrongdoing) against charging attacking charging going forward charging making ready charging [business] charitable marked by kind acts charities business of help charity kind act charity help charlatan tricker charlatans trickers charm attraction charm strange power charm ornament charmed had attraction charmed got strange power charmer attractor charmer user of strange powers charming with attraction charming using strange powers charms gets attention Pge p
  • 89. romanian.txt charms strange powers charms ornaments charred burned charred burned black charring burning chars burns chars burns till black chart map charted mapped charter paper giving rights charter given rights charter mapper chartered given rights chartering giving rights charters papers giving rights charting mapping charts maps chase attempt to overtake chase go after chase box for smoke outlet chased gone after chaser one going after chases attempts to overtake chases goes after chasing going after chasing design in metal chasm deep crack chasm wide division chasms deep cracks chasms wide divisions chassis frame of automobile chassises frames of automobiles chaste having no sex relations chaste unornamented chastely simply chastise give punishment chastiser one giving punishment chastising giving punishment chastity not having sex relations chat a little talk chats little talks chatted had little talk chatter foolish talk chatter shake with cold chatter-box person doing a great amount of talk chatters makes little talks chatting having little talks chatty of little talks chatty friendly talk chauffeur chauffeur chauffeurs chauffeurs cheap cheap cheapen cheapen cheaper cheaper cheapest cheapest cheaply cheaply cheat person who acts falsely cheat act falsely cheated person acted falsely against cheated acted falsely against cheater person who acts falsely cheating acting falsely cheats persons who acts falsely cheats acts falsely check stop check look for errors check design of squares checked stopped Pge p
  • 90. romanian.txt checked looked for errors checked design of squares checker one who stops (sport) checker one looking for errors checker design of squares checkers persons who stops (sport) checkers persons looking for errors checkers play on squares checking stopping checking looking for errors checking design of squares checkmate best in CHESS checkmate getting the better of (someone) checks checks checks stops checks looks for errors checks design of squares cheek side of face cheek forward behavior cheek without respect cheeks sides of face cheep (make) feeble sound of young birds cheer cry of approval cheer give comfort cheer make happier cheered gave cry of approval cheered given comfort cheered made happier cheerful happy cheerful full of hope cheering giving cry of approval cheering giving direction cheering making happier cheers cries of approval cheers gives comfort cheers makes happier cheese cheese cheesecloth cheesecloth cheesed cheesed cheesing cheesing chef head cook chefs head cooks chemical chemical chemicalled chemicalled chemically chemically chemicals chemicals chemise woman's underclothing chemise little undershirt chemises women's underclothing chemises little undershirts chemist chemist chemistry chemistry chemists chemists cheque check cheque stop cheque look for errors cheque design of squares chequer one who stops (sport) chequer one looking for errors chequer design of squares cheques cheques cheques checks cherish take care of cherish put great value on cherished taken care of cherished put great value on cherishes takes care of cherishes puts great value on Pge p
  • 91. romanian.txt cherishing taking care of cherishing putting great value on chess sort of board amusement chest chest chested chested chestnut sort of nut chestnut dark red, brown chestnut story no longer causing amusement chests chests chesty having a great chest chesty pleased with oneself chew bite chew give bites to chewed bitten chewed given bites to chewer biter chewer one giving bites chewing biting chewing giving bites to chews bites chews gives bites to chic having an air chick young bird chick girl chicken fowl chicken person given to fear chickens fowls chickens persons given to fear chicks young birds chicly with an air chief chief chiefed chiefed chiefly chiefly chiefs chiefs child boy or girl child son or daughter child young person child [second, verse] childbirth giving birth to a baby childbirth [verse] childhood time of being young childish as done by a boy or girl children boys and girls children sons and daughters chill cold feeling chill a cold chilled made cold chiller make cold chilling making cold chills cold feelings chills colds chilly feeling cold chilly coldly chime sound of bells chime put a word in chimed bells sounded chimed put a word in chimes bells chimes puts a word in chiming sounding of bells chiming putting a word in chimney smoke hole chimney [second] chimneys smoke holes chimneys [second] chin chin china good plates, cups, etc. china China Pge p
  • 92. romanian.txt china [second] chink crack chink sound of metal on metal chinked made cracks full chinking to make cracks full chinking making cracks full chinned chinned chinner chinner chinning chinning chins chins chintz cotton cloth chintzy cheap chip bit broken out chipped with bits broken out chipper thing to take bits off chipper happy chipping taking bits off chips bits broken out chips potatoes cut thin chiropodist expert in care of feet chiropodists experts in care of feet chirp sharp note of a bird chirping notes of birds chirps sharp notes of a bird chirpy happy chisel instrument for making cuts in wood chisel get cut chisel get money by trick chiseled got cut chiseled got money by trick chiseling getting cut chiseling getting money by trick chisels instruments for making cuts in wood chisels gets cut chisels gets money by trick chit slip of paper chits slips of paper chivalry great respect for women chivalry act like King Arthur and his men chlorine chlorine chlorine [chemical] chocolate chocolate chocolates chocolates choice selection choice good quality choice [second] choices selections choices [second] choir company of voices choirs bands of voices choke put a stop to breathing choke go down wrong way choke control engine air choked put a stop to breathing choked gave up choker neck ornament choking putting a stop to breathing cholesterol fat in blood choose make a selection chooses makes a selection choosing making a selection chop cut chopped cut chopper cutter chopper airplane with blades on top chopping making cuts choppy rough chops cuts Pge p
  • 93. romanian.txt choral song of a group chord notes played together chords notes played together chorus number of voices chorus band of persons giving song or dance choruses bands of persons giving song or dance chose made a selection chosen selected christen give name to christening giving name to christian supporter of Christ christian Christian christianity the religion of Christ christianity Christianity chromium chromium chromium [chemistry] chronic gets no better chronic present all the time chronicle history chronicle story chubby round chubby fat chuck put away from chuck send violently chucked put away from chucked sent violently chucking putting away from chucking sending violently chuckle laugh chuckles laughs chucks puts away from chucks sends violently chum friend chum fish food chummy friendly chums friends chunk thick bit chunks thick bits chunky thick church church churchgoer churchgoer churchgoers churchgoers churched churched churches churches churching churching churchman churchman churchmen churchmen churn put liquid in violent motion churn butter making machine churned made like butter is churning putting liquid in violent motion cider drink made from apples cigar Corona cigarette cigarette cigarettes cigarettes cigars Coronas cinder burned-out coal cinders burned-out coal cinema motion picture house cinema motion picture theater cinemas motion picture houses cinemas motion picture theaters cinematography making motion pictures cipher 0 cipher secret writing cipher nobody ciphers secret writing ciphers nobodies Pge p
  • 94. romanian.txt circa about circle circle circled circled circles circles circling circling circuit journey round circuit way taken by electric current circuitry way taken by electric current circuits journeys round circuits ways taken by electric current circular round circular printed handout circular going round in circles circulate go round in a system circulate make a distribution circulate send round circulated got round in a system circulated made a distribution circulated sent round circulates goes round in a system circulates makes a distribution circulates sends round circulating going round in a system circulating making a distribution circulating sending round circulation going round circulation [business] circumference line round a circle circumlocution putting in a long way circumlocution long way round circumlocutions putting in long ways circumlocutions long ways round circumscribed limited circumscribed narrow circumstance fact circumstance condition circumstances facts circumstances conditions circumstantial seemingly true circumstantial with great detail circumstantial well supported with facts circumvent get round circumvented got round circumventing getting round circumvents gets round circus circus circuses circuses cistern place where water is stored cisterns places where water is stored citation given statement etc. cite give name cite give example cited given name cited given example cites gives name cites gives example cities great towns citify make like great town citing giving name citing giving example citizen person having rights in nation citizens persons having rights in nation citron citron city great town civic of a town civil not military civil with good behavior civilian private person Pge p
  • 95. romanian.txt civilian not in fighting forces civilians private persons civilians persons not in fighting forces civilisation society in high stage of development civilisation [second] civilisations societies civilisations [second] civilise get to higher condition of development civilise make more polished in behavior civilised (get to) higher condition of development civilised made more polished in behavior civilises gets to higher condition of development civilises makes more polished in behavior civilising getting to high condition of development civilising making more polished in behavior civilization society in high stage of development civilization [second] civilizations societies civilizations [second] civilize get to higher condition of development civilize make more polished in behavior civilized (get to) higher condition of development civilized made more polished in behavior civilizes gets to higher condition of development civilizes makes more polished in behavior civilizing getting to high condition of development civilizing making more polished in behavior clad clothed cladding covered claim request claim request based on right claim put forward as a fact claim [business] claimant requester claimant requester based on rights claimed requested claimed requested based on right claimed [business] claiming requesting claiming saying is a fact claiming putting forward as a fact claims requests claims requests based on right claims [business] clairvoyant having unnatural powers of seeing clam water animal with hard covering clamber get up wall using hands and feet clambering getting up wall using hands and feet clambers gets up wall using hands and feet clammy cold and wet clamor noise clamor make request in a loud voice clamored made request in loud voice clamoring making noise clamors makes request in a loud voice clamp gripping apparatus clamping gripping clamps grips clan Scot family clandestine secret clanged gripped clank noise of metal on metal clanking noises by metal clans Scot families clap loud noise clap make a noise with one's hands clapper tongue of bell clapping making noise with one's hands Pge p
  • 96. romanian.txt claret red Bordeaux wine clarification be made clear clarified made clear clarifies makes clear clarify make clear clarifying making clear clarity very clear clarity clearly clash loud sound clash color out of harmony clash fight clashes loud sounds clashes has color out of harmony clashes fights clasp grip class division class part class learning group class place to learn class [social] classed ordered classed [social] classes divisions classes parts classes learning groups classes places to learn classes [social] classes [social] classic great classic living for all time classical Greek and Latin classics greats classification system of ordering classified put in order classifies puts in order classify put in order classifying putting in order clatter noise of plates clause one point in a statement clauses points in a statement claustrophobia fear of shut-in places claustrophobic in fear of shut-in places clavicle collarbone claw nail of a bird claws nails on a bird clay sticky earth clay [second] claymore long, two-edged fighting blade claymore sort of bursting mine claymores long, two-edged fighting blades claymores sort of bursting mines clays sticky earths clays [second] clean clean cleaned cleaned cleaner cleaner cleaners cleaners cleanest cleanest cleaning cleaning cleanly cleanly cleans cleans cleanup cleaning clear clear clearance getting out of way clearance moving clearance space between parts clearanced got out of the way clearanced moved Pge p
  • 97. romanian.txt clearancing getting out of way clearancing moving cleared cleared clearer clearer clearest clearest cleareyed clear thought clearheaded of clear mind clearing clearing clearly clearly clears clears clearsighted of clear thought cleat something for twisting cord about cleavage direction of division cleave cut in two cleave keep as friends cleaver meat knife clef music sign clef crack clef division cleft crack clematis flower that goes up wall clemency judging wrongdoer kindly clench tightly shut clench get fixed by hammering sideways clenched tightly shut clenched fixed by hammering sideways clergy men of religion clergyman man of religion clergymen men of religion cleric one of religion clerical to do with church clerical of writing clerically with writing clerk office worker clerking doing office work clerks office workers clever bright clever quick clever [second] cleverer brighter cleverer quicker cleverer [second] cleverest brightest cleverest quickest cleverest [second] cleverly with brains cleverly quickly cleverly [second] cliché common saying click small sharp sound click push key client person for whom one does work client able to request of another computer client [business, computer] clients persons for whom one does work clients [business, computer] cliff sharp, high slope cliffs sharp, high slopes climate weather condition climates weather conditions climax highest point climb go up climbed got up climber one who goes up climber plant that grows up another climbers ones that go up climbing going up climbs goes up Pge p
  • 98. romanian.txt clime country having special weather climes countries having special weather clinch get fixed clinch come to grips clinched get fixed clinched without doubt clincher made fixed clinching making fixed clinching taking away doubt cling grip clinger not let go clinging gripping clingingly grippingly clinic medical place clinical medical clinically medically tested clinics medical place clink sound of glasses clinker bit of coal after burned clinkers mass of coal after burned clinking making sounds like glass clinks sounds of glasses clip put together clip cut clip thing to grip clipped gripped together clipped cut clipper cutter clippers cutters clipping putting together clipping cutting clips put together clips cut clips things to grip clique narrow group cliques narrow groups cloak loose coat cloak cover cloaked covered cloaked loose coated cloaker coverer cloakers coverers cloaking covering clock clock clocked clocked clocker clocker clocking clocking clocklike clocklike clocks clocks clockwise going round left to right clockwork clockwork clockworks clockworks clod bit of earth clog wood shoe clog get in way of clog stop up cloister covered walk of church building cloister house of order of religion cloister get shut up in house of religion cloistered shut away from society clone copy clones copies close near close not freely giving close shut close with little space between close all do equally well close get near enough for blows Pge p
  • 99. romanian.txt close very dear close warm, with little air close (make) come to an end close keeping things secret close take offer close get shorter closed shut closed limited to certain persons closely nearly closely dearly closer nearer closer warmer, with little air closes shuts closes (makes) come to an end closest nearest closest dearest closet small storeroom closet have private talk closet shut in closeted put in storeroom closeted had private talk closeted shut in closeting putting in storeroom closeting having private talk closeting shutting in closets puts in storeroom closets has private talk closets shuts closing shutting closing limiting to certain persons closure shut clot half-solid mass formed by liquid clot make into half-solid mass cloth cloth clothbound hard cover clothe put on clothes clothe give clothes clothed clothed clothes clothing clothier clothier clothiers trader in clothing clothing clothing cloud cloud clouded clouded clouding clouding cloudland thoughts in the air cloudless without clouds clouds clouds cloudy with clouds clout give blow clout blow clove unopened flower of tree clove cut in two clove keep as friends clover sort of plant having 3 leaves clover in great comfort clown actor with strangely painted face clown doing foolish tricks to make amusement clown person acting foolish cloy quickly become unpleasing cloy being overly sweet cloying quickly becoming unpleasing cloying being overly sweet club club clubs clubs cluck noise made by a fowl clue fact pointing to knowledge desired clue suggestion pointing to knowledge desired Pge p
  • 100. romanian.txt clue give pointers clued got suggestion pointing to knowledge desired clued gave pointer clueing giving pointers clueless without knowledge clues facts and suggestion pointing to knowledge desired clues gives pointers clump group of trees clumsy (with motions) badly controlled clumsy badly made for use clumsy badly balanced clumsy with a tendency to do or say the wrong thing cluster group of things cluster mass of flowers or fruit on a stem clusters groups of things clusters masses of flowers or fruit on a stem clutch tight grip clutch get in tight grip clutch part of machine to put other parts into operation clutter things about clutter without order clutter unordered mass cluttered with things about cluttered was without order cluttered unordered mass cluttering having things about cluttering being without order cluttering unordered mass clutters puts things about clutters without order clutters unordered masses cocommon to cotogether co-education education of boys and girls together co-op business group co-operate be working together co-operation working together co-operative ready to be working together co-opt take co-ordinate on the same level co-ordinate quality important co-ordinate position co-ordinate put in harmony co-respondent person giving cause for end of being marrierd coach trainer coach teacher of persons for competition coach give teaching or training coach covered carriage coal coal coaled coaled coalesce become united into one substance, thing, group coalescing becoming united into one substance, thing ,group coaling coaling coals coals coarse common coarse of poor quality coarse rough, loose coarse unpolished coarse not delicate coarse dirty, rough coast land edging the sea coast go down slope coast go on moving without power coastguard police for sea near land coasting sailing near land coasting going down slope coasting go on moving without power coat coat Pge p
  • 101. romanian.txt coated coated coating coating coats coats coattail lower back of coat coattail dependent coax make requests in most pleasing way coax get (thing) slowly into position coax without forcing coax special wire cobalt cobalt cobalt [chemical] cobble round stone cobble round stone used in road building cobble put roughly together cobble make shoes cobbler shoe maker cobblers shoe makers cobweb SPIDER network or thread cock male fowl, cock male bird cock chief person of any group cockney Cockney cocktail cocktail cocktails cocktails cocoa powder of a sort of PALM seed cocoa CACAO seed coddle take great care of coddle giving special attention to (food, rest) coddle unnecessarily great care code system of laws code system of rules code system of lsigns code system of signs for secret writing or talk code general rule of behavior of a group code put into signs code orders for computer code [business] coded put into signs coded putting into orders for computer codes system of signs for secret writing or talk codes put into signs codes [business] codify make (laws) into a system coding make orders for computer coding putting into signs coding marking coding [business] coed school girl coed female learner coerce make use of force coercion force coff cough coff coff coffee coffee coffee [international] coffees coffees coffin chest for dead body cog tooth on a wheel cognac cognac cognacs cognacs cohabitation living together as if married cohere keep together cohere is united cohere be well put together coherent (talk) clear in sound and sense cohesion keeping together cohesion uniting cohesive kept together, united Pge p
  • 102. romanian.txt cohesive kept united cohesive well put together cohort group cohort company cohort friend cohort army division of old Rome cohorts group cohorts company cohorts friends cohorts army division of old Rome coiffeur hair-dresser coiffure way hair is done coil twist coil twisted into rings one on top of the other coil a ring of something coin stamped metal money coin make (money) by stamping metal coin make (new word) coinage system of metal money coincide take place at the same time coincide be covering the same space coincide be the same size and form coincide be in agreement coincidence chance agreement of events coined stamped metal money coined made (money) by stamping metal coined made (new word) coining stamped metal money coining making (money) by stamping metal coining making (new word) coins metal money coins makes (money) by stamping metal coins makes (new word) coke substance from coal coke COCAINE coke Coke cold cold coldblooded cruel coldblooded body heat same as all round colder colder coldest most cold coldly coldly colic pains in stomach collaborate do work together collaboration working together collaborator persons working together (in writing, art) collapse a falling in collapse a sudden giving way collapse sudden loss of power, hope, etc. collapsed fell in collapsed suddenly gave way collapsed had sudden loss of power, hope, etc. collapses falls in collapses sudden giving way collapses has sudden loss of body power, hope, etc. collapsible folding collapsing sudden giving way collapsing falling in collapsing having sudden loss of power, hope, etc. collar collar collarbone bone near collar collared collared collaring collaring collars collars collate put together collate see that all pages are present collated put together collated saw that all pages are present Pge p
  • 103. romanian.txt collates puts together collates sees that all pages are present collating putting together collating seeing that all pages are present colleague person working with others colleague person having like position in same organization colleagues persons working with others colleagues persons having like position in same organization collect get ogether collect come together collect keep (self, thoughts) in order, under control collect keep under control collected gotten together collected in order collected self control collecting getting together collection money gotten at meeting collection group of examples collection [second] collections money gotten at meetings collections groups of examples collections [second] collective all together collective by a group collector person getting something together collector thing to cause coming together collector one keeping examples collectors ones getting something together collects gets together collects comes together collects gets (self, thoughts) in order collects gets under control collects makes united college college colleges colleges collide come violently together collier coal miner collier coal-ship colliery coal mine collision coming violently together colloquial everyday (words) colon body part under stomach colon lower part of greater INTESTINE colonel military man under general colonies colonies colonization making of colonies colonize make colonies colonized made colonies colonizes makes colonies colonizing making colonies colony colony color color colorblind unable to see colors color's color's colored colored coloreds coloreds colorer colorer colorfast keeps color in washing colorful full of color coloring coloring colorless without color colors colors colossal of great size colossal a great degree colour color colour colour colour's color's colour's colour's Pge p
  • 104. romanian.txt colourer colorer colourer colourer colouring coloring colouring colouring colours colors colours colours colt young horse column tall, supporting part of structure column division down page column column column [computer, science, second] columns tall, supporting parts of structure columns divisions down page columns columns columns [computer, science, second] coma unconscious condition coma unnatural sleep comatose in unnatural sleep comb comb combat fight combative given to fighting combed combed comber comber combers combers combination group combination put together combination joined combinations groups combine put together combine group formed for controlling prices or trade combine get together combine [business] combine machine for getting in grain combine make or get united combined put together combined got in grain combined has at need combined [business] combines puts together combines groups formed for controlling prices combines [business] combing combing combining putting together combining getting in grain combining [business] combs combs come come comeback answer with humor comeback quick answer comedy humor comedy play designed to give amusement comely (person) pleasing to the eye comer comer comers comers comes comes comet body with tail of light moving round the sun comfort comfort comfortable able to make comfort comfortable enough comfortable more than enough comfortably with comfort comfortably free from pain comfortably not hard or stiff comforted comforted comforter comforter comforters comforters comforting comforting comfortingly comfortingly Pge p
  • 105. romanian.txt comforts comforts comic designed to cause amusement comical causing amusement comics pictures giving amusement comics persons giving amusement coming coming comma sign for small stop (in printing, writing) command give orders to command having authority over command keep control over command have at need commanded gave orders commanded had authority commandeer take (stores, etc.) for military purposes commander military chief commander one giving orders commanders military chiefs commanders ones giving orders commanding giving orders to commanding have authority over commanding be in high position commanding give feeling of (respect)) commandment strong law commandments strong laws commands orders commands keeps control over commands has authority over commas signs for small stop (in printing, writing) commemorate be in memory commemorate keep in memory by some special act commemoration in memory commence start commencement start commend give warm approval to commendable having right to approval commendation words approving comment say comment something said about comment make point clear commentary writing commentary talk commentator person writing commentator person talking commentators persons writing commentators persons talking about commented said commented made point clear commenting saying commenting making point clear comments says comments makes points clear commerce trade commerce business commercial for trade commercial business commercialize used for money-making purpose commercialized use for money-making purpose commercializes uses for money-making purpose commercializing using for money-making purpose commercially for trade commercially by business commiserate have feeling for (person in trouble) commission give authority commission payment commission doing (a crime) commission give work commission body given special power commission make officer Pge p
  • 106. romanian.txt commission special power given by government commissioned given payment for trade commissioned gave work commissioned made officer commissioner high government officer commissioning saying ship is ready commissioning giving work commissioning making officer commissions payments commissions gives work commissions makes officer commit do (a crime) commit make oneself responsible commit get by heart commit put down in writing commitment undertaking to do commitments undertakings to do commits does (a crime) commits makes oneself responsible commits gets by heart committed did (a crime) committed made oneself responsible committed got by heart committee committee committeeman committeeman committees committees committing doing (a crime) committing making oneself responsible committing getting by heart commodious with enough room for comfort commodity anything able to be traded commodity thing commonly needed common common commoner commoner commoners commoners commonly commonly commonplace common commons commons commonsense commonsense commonwealth nation with representative government commonwealth group of nations with one head commotion outburst commotion noise and motion communal by group communicate give news (etc.) to communicate keep in touch (with) communicate exchange communicate join communicated gave news (etc.) to communicated kept in touch (with) communicated exchanged communicated joined communicates gives news (etc.) to communicates keeps in touch (with) communicates makes an exchange communicating talking communicating with common door communicating making an exchange communication keep in touch communication exchange communication news communication make connection communication [second] communications statements communications news communications make connections communications [second] communion take bread and wine Pge p
  • 107. romanian.txt communion memory of the death of Christ communism system of society with no private property communism work controlled for the common good communist one without belief in private property communists ones without belief in private property communities towns communities groups of persons having something in common communities [social] community town community group of persons having something in common community [social] compact a fixed agreement compact very solid (substance) compact take up the least possible space companied companied companies companies companion friend companion one of 2 like things companion living with another for payment company company comparable not far from being as good comparative by comparison comparatively by comparison compare make a comparison compared made a comparison compares makes a comparison comparing making a comparison comparison comparison comparisons comparisons compartment division of space compartment room-like compass instrument with needle pointing north compass 2-legged instrument for making circles compass give effect to (purpose) compass (brain) take in compasses instruments with needle pointing north compasses 2-legged instruments for making circles compassion feeling for one in trouble compassionate having feeling for one in trouble compatibility able to be true together compatibility able to have existence together compatible able to be true together compatible able to have existence together compel make to do (frequently by force) compel make take place compelled made to do (frequently by force) compelled made take place compelling making to do (frequently by force) compelling making take place compels makes to do (frequently by force) compels makes take place compensate balancing compensate make payment etc. (to person) for loss compensation balancing thing compensation thing to make payment etc. for loss compete take part in competition compete make an attempt to be better than others competed taken part in competition competed made an attempt to be better than others competence having necessary qualities competent able competent having the necessary qualities competently having necessary qualities competes takes part in competition competes makes an attempt to be better than others competing taking part in competition competing making an attempt to be better than others competition competition Pge p
  • 108. romanian.txt competitions competitions competitive in competition competitor competitor competitors competitors compilation process of getting facts together compile get (facts) together compile make high-level language into machine language compiled got (facts) together compiled made high-level language into machine language compiler one who gets facts (for a book, etc.) compiler program to make high-level language into machine language compilers persons who gets facts (for a book, etc.) compilers programs to make high-level language into machine language compiles gets (facts) together compiles makes high-level language into machine language compiling getting (facts) together compiling making high-level language into machine language complacent pleased with oneself complain make protest complained made protest complaining making protest complains makes protest complaint protest complaint trouble complaint disease complaints protests complaisant ready to do what is pleasing to others complement make complete complement full number needed complement amount an angle is less than right angle complementary amount needed to make complete complementary will go well together complemented went well together complementing goings well together complements goes well together complete complete completed completed completely completely completeness being complete completer completer completers completers completes completes completing completing completion make complete complex complex complexes complexes complexion color and quality of skin complexion general look of a thing complexities complex conditions complexity with a complex condition complexity being complex complexly complexly compliance doing as requested compliant with a tendency to do as requested complicate make complex complicated complex complicates makes complex complicating making complex complication being complex complications conditions being complex complicity wrongdoing complicity helping in crime compliment words of wrong approval complimentary free comply do as requested comply do as ordered component part of something component [science] Pge p
  • 109. romanian.txt components parts of something components [science] compose make up (music) composed controlled composed untroubled composer writer of music composers writers of music composes makes up (music) composing making up (music) composite made of different part or materials composition art of writing composition what a thing is made of composition complex substance composition thing in place of natural one composure controlled behavior composure untroubled condition of mind compote fruit cooked in water with sugar compound walled-in space round buildings compound made of a number of things compound make adjustment about payment of debt compound mixed together to make something new compound [science] compounded made adjustment about payment of debt compounded made of a number of things compounded mixed together to make something new compounded [science] compounding making adjustment about payment of debt compounding mixing together to make something new compounding making of a number of things compounding making more complex compounding making more complex compounding [science] compounds walled-in spaces round buildings compounds substances made of a number of things compounds makes adjustment about payment of debt compounds mixing together to make something new compounds [science] comprehend see clearly with the mind comprehensible clear to the mind comprehension mind's power to see clearly comprehensive of wide range comprehensive complete comprehensively in a wide range comprehensively completely compress get forced together compress make shorter compress cloth put over wound compressed get forced together compressed make shorter compresses got forced together compresses made shorter compressing getting forced together compressing making shorter compression forced together comprise be formed of comprise have among its parts comprised formed of comprised had among its parts comprises is formed of comprises having among its parts comprising being formed of comprising has among its parts compromise middle way compromise agreement compromise put good name in doubt compulsion forcing person(s) to do compulsion because one is forced compulsory done under force Pge p
  • 110. romanian.txt compulsory necessary by rule compunction feeling of regret for wrongdoing computation act of getting numbers worked out computational to do with getting numbers worked out compute get (numbers) worked out computed computed computer computer computerise make computer-like computerised made computer-like computerises makes computer-like computerising making computer-like computerize make computer-like computerized made computer-like computerizes makes computer-like computerizing making computer-like computers computers computes computes computing computing comrade friend con trick contogether concatenate get joined together concatenated got joined together concatenates gets joined together concatenating getting joined together concave curving in conceal put out of view conceal keep secret concealed put out of view concealed kept secret concealing putting out of view concealing keeping secret conceals puts out of view conceals keeps secret concede give way on concede let have by giving way on conceded gave way on conceded let have by giving way on concedes gives way on concedes lets have by giving way on conceding giving way on conceding letting have by giving way on conceit over-high opinion of oneself conceivable able to get in mind conceivably in a way able to get in mind conceive get (idea) formed in mind conceive become with young conceived got (thought) formed in mind conceived became with young conceives gets (thought) formed in mind conceives becomes with young conceiving getting (thought) formed in mind conceiving becoming with young concentrate get together at one point concentrate come together at one point concentrate put all one's power of attention (on something) concentrate make stronger (liquid) by boiling away, etc. concentrated made stronger (liquid) by boiling away, etc. concentrated put all one's power of attention (on something) concentrated got, came together at one point concentrates makes stronger (liquid) by boiling away, etc. concentrates puts all one's power of attention (on something) concentrates comes together at one point concentrates gets together at one point concentrating making stronger (liquid) by boiling away, etc. concentrating putting all one's power of attention (on something) concentrating getting, coming together at one point concentration strong amount Pge p
  • 111. romanian.txt concentration power of putting all of one's attention concentration [social] concept idea concept idea of a quality common to a group concept [second] conception idea conception forming an idea conception becoming with young concepts ideas concepts ideas of a quality common to a group concepts [second] conceptual with the idea concern have a relation to concern be about concern connection concern interest (in) concern be important to concern business house concern troubled about concern having a part in concerned troubled about concerned had a part in concerned interests (in) concerning about concerning having a part in concerns has a part in concerns troubles about concerns business houses concert united condition concert giving of music, songs, in public concert make design for (in agreement) concerted done together concerto music for one chief instrument concerts music given in public concession let have by giving way concession land rights conciliate get approval conciliate kind feeling of conciliate make peace by way of pleasing acts conciliation making peace (between persons) concise small concise saying in small number of words concisely with a small number conclave meeting conclave group for private discussion conclude (make) come to an end conclude come to belief by reasoning conclude make concluded (made) come to an end concluded came to belief by reasoning concluded made concludes (makes) come to an end concludes comes to belief by reasoning concludes makes concluding (making) come to an end concluding coming to belief by reasoning concluding making conclusion opinion come to by reasoning conclusions opinions by reasoning conclusive putting an end to doubt concoct make up concoct make by adding substances concoction mixed liquid concord harmony concord agreement concrete solid concrete building material made of small stones, sand, and CEMENT concrete to do with material things Pge p
  • 112. romanian.txt concrete with facts concrete material, as against ideas concrete [second] concur be in agreement concur be together concur take place together concurrent taking place together concurrently taking place together concussion violent shock concussion damage to brain by a blow condemn say (a person) is wrong condemn give decision ordering punishment condemn say (with authority) that (a house) is not in good enough condition to use condemnation say (a person) is wrong condemnation give decision ordering punishment condemned said (a person) is wrong condemned gave decision ordering punishment condemned said (with authority) that (a house) is not in good enough condition to use condemning saying (a person) is wrong condemning giving decision ordering punishment condemning saying (with authority) that (a house) is not in good enough condition to use condemns says (a person) is wrong condemns gives decision ordering punishment condemns says (with authority) that (a house) is not in good enough condition to use condense get into smaller space condense make from thin liquid into thick condensed gotten into smaller space condensed made from thin liquid into thick condenser apparatus for making steam into water condenser electric apparatus for storing current condenser curved glass making rays come together condenses gets into smaller space condenses makes from thin liquid into thick condensing getting into smaller space condensing making from thin liquid into thick condescend come down to a lower level for persons condescending air of coming down of lower persons condiment strong-tasting substance put on food condition condition conditional with conditions conditional dependent (on) conditionally with conditions conditionally dependent (on) conditioned conditioned conditioner conditioner conditioners conditioners conditioning conditioning conditions conditions condole say kind words to person in trouble condolence kind words to person in trouble condom thin glove to keep from VD condone give support (to wrongdoing) by overlooking condone (of acts) have effect of balancing (error, etc.) condoned gave support (to wrongdoing) by overlooking condones gives support (to wrongdoing) by overlooking condoning giving support (to wrongdoing) by overlooking conduce effect conduce produce conducive effecting conducive producing conducive have tendency to give help in conduct acts conduct behavior conduct control of business Pge p
  • 113. romanian.txt conduct guide conduct take conduct guide the playing of conducted guided conducting guiding conduction guide for (heat, etc.) conductor guide for the playing (of music) conductor thing that takes heat etc. from place to place conductor thing that will take heat away conductor ticket taker conducts takes away conducts be the guide for music conduit great pipe or other man-made waterway conduit pipe for electric wires cone pointed form cone solid form with flat round base sloping to a point top cones pointed forms cones solid forms with flat round base sloping to a point top confection sweet or cake confectionary sweets, cakes, etc. confectioner trader in sweets confederate united by agreement confederate one helping another (in crime) confederate get united as a group confederation united confederation group united by agreement confer give confer come together for discussion conference meeting conference meeting for discussion conferences meetings conferences meetings for discussion conferencing having meetings confess make statement about oneself confessed made statement about oneself confesses makes statement about oneself confessing making statement about oneself confession statement of wrongdoing confession make statement of wrongdoing confide give (secret to) confide put belief in confidence strong belief confidence belief in oneself confidence secret confident belief in oneself confident one given secrets confidential to be kept secret confidentiality secretly confiding open confiding giving secrets configuration form configuration form of a thing configurations forms configure give form configured gave form configures gives form configuring giving form confine limit confine keep shut up confined limited confined kept shut up confinement place with limits confinement to bed for giving birth confines limits confines limited space confining limiting confining keeping shut up confirm make certain Pge p
  • 114. romanian.txt confirm get fixed by signing confirm make more fixed in belief confirmation statement confirmation special form in church confirmed made certain confirmed put into orders for computer confirming making certain confirming [business] confirms makes certain confirms [business] confiscate (government) take (private property) confiscate take away by authority confiscated taken (by authority) confiscation taking away (by authority) conflagration great fire conflict a fight conflict fighting conflict against conflict opposite conflict be out of harmony conflicted was out of harmony conflicted was opposite conflicting being out of harmony conflicting being opposite conflicts fights conflicts is opposite conflicts is out of harmony conform be in harmony conform make harmony conformed made in harmony conformer person who makes attempt for harmony conforming being in harmony conforms ins in harmony confound get ideas mixed up confound put at a loss confounded angry feeling against confounds gets ideas mixed up confounds puts at a loss confront put before confront come face-to-face confrontation face to face confronted put before confronted came face-to-face confronter person putting before confronter one coming face-to-face confronting putting before confronting coming face-to-face confronts puts before confronts comes face-to-face confuse make without order confuse get (person) mixed in his ideas confused without order confused mixed in one's head confused made without order confused got (person) mixed in his ideas confuses makes without order confuses gets (person) mixed in his ideas confusing making without order confusing getting (person) mixed in his ideas confusion without order confusion mixed in one's head congeal go solid congealed gone solid congealing going solid congenial in harmony congest cause not having enough space congested condition of not having enough space congesting causing to not have enough space between Pge p
  • 115. romanian.txt congestion not having enough space between congestion being over full congests causes to not have enough conglomeration mass congratulate say one is pleased (about some happy event) congratulation words saying on is pleased (about some happy event) congratulations words saying on is pleased (about some happy event) congregate come together in great numbers congregation persons in great number (of persons) congress great meeting congress meeting of representatives for discussion congruent same size and shape congruent such that one goes over another conjecture theory conjecture (give) view based on little facts conjugal as married conjugate give the forms conjugate word with root as another conjugation system of operation-word forms conjunction uniting conjunction connection conjunction word used for joining other words or statements conjunctive joining conjuncture position of things at a certain time conjuncture taking place together conjure do tricks conn give directions for moving of a ship conn place of directions on ship connect make connection connected made connection connecter connecter connecters connecters connecting making connection connection connection connections connections connector connector connectors connectors connects makes connection connive give help in wrongdoing by seeming not to see it connoisseur person with knowledge connoisseur good judge on questions of taste connotation the sense of connotations the senses of connote give suggestion in addition to straight forward sense connote be a sign of connote have the sense of connubial as married conquer overcome conquer get conquer get control of conquest get by force conscience sense of right and wrong conscientious guided by right and wrong conscious conscious consciously consciously consciousness condition of being conscious conscript make go into (the military) conscription taking men into the military consecrate give consecrate give up consecrate give by special forms consecutive coming one after another consecutive giving events in order consensus general agreement consent give agreement consented gave agreement consenting giving agreement consents gives agreement Pge p
  • 116. romanian.txt consequence outcome consequence important position in society consequences effects (of something earlier) consequent outcome consequently with effect coming later conservation keeping from destruction conservation unchanged conservative against change conservative reasoned conservatives one against change conservatory glass house conserve keep from change consider give thought to consider take into account considerable much considerably very much considerate having care for others consideration point to be taken into account consideration respect consideration care for others consideration payment considerations points to be taken into account considerations respects considerations care for others considerations payments considered gave thought to considered taken into account considered given great thought to considering giving thought to considering taking into account considers gives thought to considers takes into account considers believes consign send (goods) consign give up consignment goods sent at one time consist be formed of consisted was formed of consistency unchanging consistency degree of thick or thin consistency persons of representative consistent unchanged consistent in harmony consistently unchangedly consistently at all times consisting made up (of) consists is chiefly (of) consolation comfort given to persons in trouble console give comfort to console control board consolidate make into one consolidate make strong consolidation thing made from others consolidation make from others conspicuous readily seen conspicuous forcing attention conspicuous noted conspiracy make designs against the law conspiracy design formed together constable policeman constant not changing constant true constant on going constant frequent constant fixed value constantly frequently constants things not changing constants on going, Pge p
  • 117. romanian.txt constants frequent constellation group of stars consternation great surprise and fear constituency division (of persons sending to Parliament) constituent forming part of constituents parts of constitute give form constitute get formed constitutes forms constitution structure constitution person's general bodily condition constitution general laws of government constitutional of general laws of government constrain make do (by force) constrain keep shut up by force constrained made to do (by force) constrained kept shut up by force constrained unnatural constraining making do (by force) constraining keeping shut up by force constrains makes do (by force) constrains keeps shut up by force constraint force to limit constraints forces to limit constrict make smaller constrict become narrower construct make constructed made constructing making construction thing made constructions things made constructive helping constructs makes consul government representative in another country consul government representative living in another country to give help to persons of his country consult get the opinion of (persons, books) consult give expert opinion consultancy meeting for getting opinion consultant person giving expert opinion consultants ones giving expert opinion consultation giving expert opinion consulted got the opinion of (persons, books) consulting getting the opinion of (persons, books) consults gets the opinion of (persons, books) consume take in consume get used up consume make destruction of consumed took in consumed got used up consumed made destruction of consumer user consumer [business] consumers users consumers [business] consumes takes in consumes gets used up consumes makes destruction of consuming taking in consuming getting used up consuming making destruction of consummate in the highest degree consummate make complete consumption using up consumption taking a food contact touch contact be in touch contacted touched Pge p
  • 118. romanian.txt contacted was in touch contacting touching contacting being in touch contacts touches contacts persons in touch contagious given by touch contain have in it contain be able to take contain keep under control contained had in it contained was able to take contained kept under control container vessel containing having in it containing being able to take containing keeping under control contains has in it contains keeps under control contaminate make unclean, contaminate give disease contaminate have bad effect on contamination unclean things contamination diseased things contemplate quiet thought contemplated gave quiet thought contemplates gives quiet thought contemplating giving quiet thought contemplation quiet thought contemporary the present contemporary of the time being talked about contemporary of the same time contemporary present day contempt very low opinion contempt looked down on contemptible rightly viewed with low opinion contemptuous giving sign of low opinion contend say contend be fighting contend in competition content (kon-tent) content happy content desiring nothing more content ('kontent) content amount a vessel will take content what is in contention view put forward in competition contentious given to argument contents amount a vessel will take contents what is in contest competition contest fight contest make statement contest make arguments against context what comes round a word context makes sense clearer contexts what comes round a word contexts senses contiguous joining contiguous touching continent great land mass continent self-controlled continental going on all the time continental frequently continents great land masses continual going on all the time continually as going on all the time continuation more to come continuation another part Pge p
  • 119. romanian.txt continuation second part continuations taking further continue go on continue take up again continued gone on continued took up again continues goes on continues takes up again continuing going on continuing taking up again continuity being unbroken stretch continuous unbroken stretch continuous [science] continuously as an unbroken stretch continuously [science] continuum unbroken mass continuum chain of sense-experience contort get twisted contour outline of contra against contraband (goods) against the law contraband unlawful trade contraception keep from having young contract (written) agreement contract become smaller contract make smaller contract get (disease) contracted made (written) agreement contracted became smaller contracted made smaller contracted got (disease) contracting making (written) agreement contracting making smaller contracting becoming smaller contracting getting (disease) contraction smaller word contraction making smaller contraction becoming smaller contractor one building by agreement contracts makes (written) agreement contracts becomes smaller contracts makes smaller contracts gets (disease) contradict say is not so contradict be opposite to contradicted said is not so contradicted was opposite to contradicting saying is not so contradicting being opposite to contradiction act of saying is not so contradiction effect of being opposite contradictory effect of being opposite contradicts says is not so contradicts is opposite to contralto (person having) low female voice contraption strange-looking machine contrary opposite contrary given to going opposite to what is desired contrast different contrast comparison contrast make something for simple view contravene go against (rule) contravene not be in agreement with contravention act of going against contravention be not in agreement with contribute give for common purpose contribute send in (writing) contributed gave for common purpose Pge p
  • 120. romanian.txt contributed sent in (writing) contributes gives for common purpose contributes sends in (writing) contributing giving for common purpose contributing sending in (writing) contribution something given contributions money or things given contributor person giving contributors ones giving contrite regretting one's wrongdoing contrivance apparatus contrivance invention contrive get some way of causing contrived got some way of causing contrives gets some way of causing contriving getting some way of causing control control controllable controllable controler controler controlers controlers controlled controlled controlling controlling controls controls controversial open to argument controversy argument contusion effect of a blow on skin contusion BRUISE conundrum hard question conundrum (thing) hard to make out convalesce get well convalescent (person) getting well convene come together convene give orders to come to meeting convenience thing making comfort convenience TOILET, PRIVY convenient right for one's needs convenient good for one's comfort convenient [second] conveniently right for one's needs conveniently good for one's comfort conveniently [second] convent woman's order of religion convention (great) meeting convention agreement between groups convention agreement between nations convention forms of common behavior conventional common (behavior) conventional limited by agreement conventions great meetings conventions agreements between groups conventions forms of common behavior converge come together converged came together convergent to come together converging coming together conversant having some knowledge conversation talk conversational taking pleasure in talk conversationalist one good at talk conversations talks converse talk converse turned round converse put the other way converse opposite to another conversely as opposite conversely turned round conversely put the other way conversion make into different sort Pge p
  • 121. romanian.txt conversion [business] conversions things made into different sorts conversions [business] convert get changed into convert make one of religion converted got changed into converted made one of religion converter thing causing change converting getting changed into converting making one of religion converts gets changed into converts makes one of religion convex curved out convey give to convey take from one place to another convey give rights to conveyance form giving property conveyance carriage, etc. conveyed given to conveyed taken from one place to another conveyed given rights to convict give decision against in law convict prisoner convicted gave decision against in law convicting giving decision against in law conviction law decision against wrongdoer conviction strong belief convictions law decisions against wrongdoer convictions strong beliefs convicts gives decision against in law convicts prisoners convince make certain convinced made certain convinces makes certain convincing making certain convincingly as certainly convocation (certain sorts of) meeting convoke order a meeting convoke start (meeting) convolution being twisted round convolution one fold convoy group of ships convoy group going together (to be safe) convulse make violent, uncontrolled motion convulse make outburst convulsion violent, uncontrolled motion convulsion violent (bodily, political) outburst convulsive violent convulsive make violent motion coo soft or loving voice cooing making in a loving voice cook cook cookbook cookbook cooked cooked cooker cooker cookers cookers cookery art of cooking cookery pots, etc. cookhouse cookhouse cookie small, flat, sweet cake cookie small record put by internet cookies small, flat, sweet cakes cookies small records put by internet cooking cooking cookout cooking outside cooks cooks cooktop cooktop cookware pots, cooking goods Pge p
  • 122. romanian.txt cool somewhat cold cool unmoved cool self-controlled cool [second] cooled made somewhat cold cooled made less warm cooled [second] cooler vessel to keep things cold cooler [second] coolie Chinese worker cooling making somewhat cold cooling making less warm cooling [second] coolly unmoved coolly self-controlled coolly without shame coolly [second] cools makes somewhat cold cools makes less warm cools [second] coon RACCOON coop small fowl-house coop keep shut up cooped kept shut in cooper maker of BARROWS cooperate be working together cooperation working together coordinate be working in harmony coordinates is working in harmony coordinates positions coordinates on the same level coordination be working in harmony cop policeman cope (be able to) do cope give attention to coped was able to do coped gave attention to coped did copes is able to do copes gives attention to copes does copied copied copier copier copiers copiers copies copies coping being able to do coping giving attention to coping to line of brickwork copious great in amount copious saying much copper copper copper policeman coppered coppered coppering coppering coppers coppers coppery copper-colored coppersmith one who makes things of copper cops policemen copy copy copybook book for training in handwriting copying copying copyist one copying copyright copyright copyright copyright 2003-2008 copyrighted copyrighted copyrighter copyrighter copyrighting copyrighting copyrights copyrights Pge p
  • 123. romanian.txt copywriter writer of advertisements coquette woman who makes play of love coral hard substance produced by small sea-animals and forming islands cord cord corded corded cordial warm feeling cordial warm behavior cordial sweet fruit drink cording cording cordite gunpowder producing no smoke cordless without cords cordon ring of police cordon sign of position cords cords corduroy strong, thick cotton cloth with cord-like lines corduroy waving design core middle part core heart of cork cork corked corked corker corker corkers corkers corking corking corks corks corkscrew corkscrew corn a sort of grain corn small, hard growth on foot corn salt beef cornea clear substance covering eyeball corner angle corner space near where walls join corner controlled (goods market) corner [second] cornered no way out cornered controlled (goods market) cornered [second] cornering able to go round cornering [second] corners angles corners space near wall where walls join corners gets control (of goods market) corners [second] cornet sort of brass instrument cornice shelf-like on top part on wall cornucopia representative of produce of earth cornucopia goat's horn full of fruit, flowers corollary the natural outcome corollary statement seen as true if another statement is true coronation public making of new ruler coroner authority going into details of unnatural death corporal of person's body corporal military man over lowest position corporate united corporate as a body corporation business company corporation town government corps special body of persons corps greatest division of an army corpse dead body corpses dead bodies corpulent fat corpuscle very small part of blood corral railed-in place for horses, cows corral put in a place correct true correct without errors correct give punishment to correct right (dress, behavior) Pge p
  • 124. romanian.txt correct make free from errors correct point out errors correct make adjustment corrected made adjustment corrected made free from error corrected pointed out errors corrected given punishment correcting making adjustment correcting making free of errors correcting pointing out errors correcting giving punishment correction adjustment correction make true, without error correction made without error correction what makes right correction punishment corrections adjustments corrections makes right, true corrections makes without error corrections punishments correctly truly correctly without error corrects makes adjustment corrects makes free of errors corrects points out errors corrects gives punishment correlate make ordered connection correlated made ordered connection correlates makes ordered connection correlating making ordered connection correlation ordered connection between correlation [business] correlations ordered connections between correlations [business] correspond be like (in some way) correspond make an exchange of letters corresponded was like (in some way) corresponded made an exchange of letters correspondence letters correspondence letter writing correspondent person regularly sending news corresponding being like (in some way) corresponding making an exchange of letters corresponds is like (in some way) corresponds makes an exchange of letters corridor long, narrow way inside a building, with doors into rooms corroborate give support to corroboration support to statement corrode make slow destruction (by acid) corrosion slow destruction (by water or acid) corrugate get bent into narrow, parallel waves corrugated bent into narrow, parallel waves corrupt bad corrupt taking money for wrong purposes corrupt having errors or changes corrupted gone bad corrupted took money for wrong purposes corrupted had errors or changes corrupting going bad corrupting taking money for wrong purposes corrupting having errors or changes corruption wrong or changed form corruption condition of having gone bad corruption having errors or changes corrupts goes bad corrupts takes money for wrong purposes corrupts makes errors or changes corsair sea outlaw Pge p
  • 125. romanian.txt corset support (for body) corset stiff support put round body under dress to give good line cosmetic (substance) making skin more beautiful cosmetic face paint cosmetically about making skin more beautiful cosmetics (substances) making skin more beautiful cosmetics face paints cosmic all space cosmology theories about all space cosmonaut cosmonaut cosmopolitan international cosmopolitan having wide outlook cosmos all space cosmos existence as ordered system cost price cost give idea of price cost price giving no profit cost [business, second] costed priced costed gave idea of price costed [business, second] costing pricing costing giving idea of price costing [business, second] costly high priced costly of great value costly [business, second] costs prices costs gives idea of price costs [business, second] costume special dress costume way of dressing cosy warm feeling cosy warm behavior cosy having warm comfort cot small bed cot baby bed cots small beds cots baby beds cottage small (country) house cotter a key cotter bit used to join things cotton cotton cotton make friends cottoning line with cotton cottoning friendly cottons cottons cottons make like friends cottony soft couch low bed couch day bed couch seating couch resting place couch put (in words) cougar great American cat cough cough cough coff coughed coughed cougher cougher coughers coughers coughing coughing coughs coughs could was able could would council body of persons to give opinion counciled had meeting counciling having meeting councilor person to give opinion Pge p
  • 126. romanian.txt councilors persons to give opinions councils meetings of persons to give opinion councils gives suggestion counsel give opinion counsel discussion counsel man of law counsel (keep) views secret counseled gave opinion counseled had discussion counseling giving opinion counseling having discussion counselor person to give opinion in law counselor one able to give suggestions counselors persons to give opinion of law counselors persons able to give suggestions counsels gives opinion counsels has discussion counsels men of law count say the numbers one after another count do addition by units count have value count one point in statement counted got by addition of units countenance face countenance having a certain look countenance support countenance approval counter bit for recording points counter equal counter long table counter opposite counter in answer counteract make of less effect (by acting against) counteracting making of less effect (by acting against) counteracts makes of less effect (by acting against) counterbalance weight balancing another counterbalance force balancing another counterbalance be acting as opposite to counterexample example that makes a theory wrong counterfeit false copy counterfeit designed to be taken for true thing counterfeited made false copy counterfeiter person making false copies counterfeiting making false copy countermand give order taking back (order) counterpane top bed cover counterpart thing like another counterpart thing balancing another counterparts things like another counterparts things balancing another counting getting by addition of units countless a great number countless not to be numbered countries countries countrified as in the country country country countryside stretch of country countryside country as different to town countrywide through all the country counts says the numbers one after another counts does addition by units counts has value counts points in a statement county division for government purposes coup sudden act to get power coup political blow couple two couple married persons Pge p
  • 127. romanian.txt couple put together couple grouped in twos coupled put together coupled joined coupled grouped in twos couples twos couples married persons coupling part joining coupon ticket coupon ticket giving rights courage power of controlling fear courage putting up with pain courageous without fear courier one sent to take news course direction taken course order of events course school work course place for running competitions course line of brickwork course steps in training course be running course going quickly course one division of a meal course natural courses place for running competitions courses school work courses is running courses is going quickly courses steps in training courses lines of brickwork court body with power of hearing law court space with houses round court place for hearing law processes court place marked for certain sports court great letting by ruler court acts of attention court [business] court make attempts to get courteous kind courteous polished in behavior courtesy be kind courtesy with polished behavior courtly act like one in the rulers circle courts places for hearing law processes courts places marked for certain sports courts [business] cousin son or daughter of ones father's or mother's brother or sister cove small inlet covenant serious agreement covenants serious agreements cover cover coverage amount covered coverall overclothes covered covered coverer coverer covering covering covers covers coverup keep crime secret covet have a desire for what is another's coveting having a desire for what is another's covetous having a desire for what is another's cow cow cow crushed by fear coward person given to fear cowardice feeling to run from danger cowboy man who works with cows cowboy give no thought to danger cowboyed was working with cows Pge p
  • 128. romanian.txt cowboyed gave no thought to danger cowboying working with cows cowboying giving no thought to danger cowboys men who works with cows cowboys gives no thought to danger cower have body bent with fear cower have body bent with cold cowhide leather cows cows coy with air of fearing attention coyly slowly put forward ones attractions cozier warmer feeling cozier warmer behavior cozies gives warm feeling cozies covers coziest warmest feeling cozy warm feeling cozy warm behavior cozy cover crab water animal crab make much of bad points of crabby bad humored crack crack cracked cracked cracker cracker crackers crackers crackdown increase control cracking cracking cracks cracks cradle baby's bed cradle keep in arms cradles baby's beds cradles keeps in arms craft (branch of) hand work craft boat craft false behavior craftsman one doing hand work craftsmanship art of hand work crafty full of tricks crafty not straightforward cram make over-full cram get much knowledge in short time cram get (thing) forced into cramp tight condition causing pain cramp keep in small space cramp not give enough room for cramped kept in small space cramped not given enough room cramped (writing) small and tight cramping tight condition causing pain cramping keeping in small space cramping not giving enough room for cramps pain (from being tight) cramps keeps in small space cramps not gives enough room for crane be stretching (ones neck to see better) crane machine to lift crane water bird with long legs cranium bones on top and back of head crank turn crank bar bent twice used for turning crank get started by turning crank person with strange ways on a certain point cranky badly balanced cranky bad-humored cranny small hole or crack crap of bad quality crap waste Pge p
  • 129. romanian.txt crape crushed material put on clothing after a death crash (noise of) violent fall or blow crash smash crash sudden down-turn crash noise of a smash crash give crushing blow crashed smashed crashes smashes crashes noises of a smash crashing smashing crass without delicate reactions crate box for transporting goods crater basin-like hollow crave have strong desire for craven readily giving way to fear craving strong desire crawl go on hands and knees crawl go very slowly crawled went on hands and knees crawled went very slowly crawling going on hands and knees crawling going very slowly crawls goes on hands and knees crawls goes very slowly crayon stick of colored wax craze make full of cracks craze of great interest for a short time crazed full of cracks crazed off one's head crazed very foolish crazy off one's head crazy very foolish creak (make) sound of an unoiled door cream thick part of milk cream best part of anything cream make smooth by whipping crease line made by folding create make come into existence created made come into existence creates makes come into existence creating making come into existence creation work of art creation coming to living creation make into existence creations works of art creative full of ideas creator one putting into existence creature animal creature person creature person who is instrument of another creatures animals creatures persons creatures persons who are instruments of another creche place for care of babies credibility being able to have belief in creditable able to have belief in credit credit credited credited crediting crediting creditor creditor credits credits creditworthy good for money credulity over-ready for belief credulous over-ready with belief creed system of beliefs creeds systems of belief creek small river creek narrow inlet Pge p
  • 130. romanian.txt creel fishing basket creep go with body near earth creep go over earth creep go up walls creep go quietly, creep go secretly creep go slowly creep fear creep disqusting person creeper plant going over earth or up walls creeping going with body near earth creeping going over earth and up walls creeping going quietly, secretly, slowly creepy feeling of fear cremate make (dead body) burned to powder cremated burned to powder cremation make (dead body) burned to powder crescendo (sound becoming) louder crescendo loudest sound crescent moon at first or last stage crescent curve as moon at first or last stage crest growth of feathers on bird's head crest top of slope crest design on COAT OF ARMS crevice narrow opening, or crack crevices narrow openings crevices cracks crew group of workers crew sailors of a ship crewed worked crewed with workers crewing working in a group crewing getting groups of workers crews groups of workers crews sailors of a ship crib baby's bed with sides crib frame for animal food crib take wrongly crib copy from another without giving credit cricket sort of jumping insect cried cried crier crier cries cries crime crime crimes crimes criminal one who has done a crime criminals persons who have done a crime crimson bright red cringle give signs of fear cringle have body bent with fear cripple person without normal use of legs cripple do serious damage to crisis turning point crisis time of great danger crisp hard but readily broken (food) crisp cold and healthy (air) crisp make hard but readily broken crisps makes hard, dry crisps potatoes cut thin criteria rules for testing criteria examples for judging criterion rule for testing criterion example for judging critic person judging critic person pointing out errors critical serious critical full of danger critical not readily giving approval Pge p
  • 131. romanian.txt criticise make an opinion criticise give account of errors criticised made an opinion criticised gave account of errors criticises makes an opinion criticises gives account of errors criticising making an opinion criticising giving account of errors criticism view put forward as to errors criticisms views put forward as to errors criticize make an opinion criticize give account of errors criticized made an opinion criticized gave account of errors criticizes makes an opinion criticizes gives account of errors criticizing making an opinion criticizing giving account of errors critics persons judging critics persons pointing out errors croak deep sound of a FROG croak go to death crock vessel made of hard earth crock old or feeble (person) crock false statement crockery vessels, plates, cups, etc. crook hooked stick crook one doing against the law crook underhanded person crooked twisted crooked against the law crooks hooked stick crooks persons going against the law crooks underhanded persons crop the years produce (plants) crop take out unwanted parts of picture crop place of bird's digestion crop short haircut crop short whip used on horseback crop [second] cropped planted cropped hair made short cropped take away unwanted parts of picture cropped [second] cropping planting cropping make hair short cropping taking away unwanted parts of picture cropping [second] crops the years produce (plants) crops cuts hair short crops cuts unwanted parts of picture crops [second] cross two lines going across one another cross cross cross offspring to two cross special trouble cross [science, second, verse] crosscut cut across crosscurrent current at an angle crosscurrent opposite opinion crossed gone across crossed made offspring of two crossed crossed crossed [science, second, verse] crosses goes across crosses crosses crosses offspring to two crosses uprights with bit across Pge p
  • 132. romanian.txt crosses special troubles crosses [science, second, verse] crossfire military fire from two directions crossing going across crossing making offspring of two crossing crossing crossing [science, second, verse] crossover change crossroad road going through another crossroad where streets come together crossroad a place for acts crossroad time of important changes crossroads where streets come together crossroads places for acts crossroads times of important change crossroads times of important decisions crossword letters forming words in a square crotch point of forking crotches points of forking crouch bent over crouch bent over crouch bent over crouch bent over crouch get body bent low crouch get body bent low crouch get body bent low crouch get body bent low croup throat disease with sharp cough crow (make) noise of male fowl crow give signs of pleasure crow sort of black bird crowbar iron bar for forcing things open crowd great number of persons together crowd make (place) very full crowd put a great number in a small space crowded has a great number in a small space crowding having a great number in a small space crowding put a great number in a small space crowds great numbers of persons together crowed made noise of male fowl crowed give signs of pleasure crowing making noise of male fowl crowing give signs of pleasure crown circle for head crown ruler crown top of hat or head crown to make ruler crown part of tooth which is seen crown sign of ruler crown head in view at birth crown [verse] crowned made ruler crowned head was in view at birth crowned [verse] crowning making ruler crowning head in view at birth crowning [verse] crowns makes ruler crowns head is in view at birth crowns part of teeth which is seen crowns [verse] crows makes noise of male fowl crows gives signs of pleasure crows sort of black bird crucial important crucial turning point crucial event forcing decision crucially importantly Pge p
  • 133. romanian.txt crucially as turning point crucially events forcing decision crucifix cross with form of Jesus on it crucifixion death by nailing to a cross crucify put to death by nailing to cross crude unworked crude (of persons) rough, unpolished crudely naturally cruel cruel crueler crueler cruelest cruelest cruelly cruelly cruels cruels cruelties cruel acts cruelty as cruel cruise go sailing cruise journey for pleasure cruised went sailing cruiser middle-sized warship cruisers middle-sized warships cruises goes sailing cruises journeys for pleasure cruising going sailing crumb very small bit of food crumbed made into very small bits crumbing making very small bits crumble get broken into small bits crumbled made into very small bits crumbles makes into very small bits crumbly simply made into small bits crumbs very small bits of food crumpet flat bread-like cake crumple get crushed into folds crunch sound made by taking hard food crunch sound of walking on dry snow crunch make sound in biting crunch make sound of stepping on crunch do mathematics work crunch tight condition crunched bit hard food crunched stepped on crunched did mathematics work crunches bites hard food crunches steps on crunches does mathematics work crunching biting hard food crunching stepping on crunching doing mathematics work crusade war against what is wrong crusade war of religion in the east crusaded made war against what is wrong crusader one making war against what is wrong crusaders persons making war against what is wrong crusades makes war against what is wrong crusades wars of religion in the east crusading making war against what is wrong crush crush crushed crushed crusher crusher crushers crushers crushes crushes crushing crushing crust outer part of bread crust hard cover crust bit of bread crusts outer parts of bread crusts hard covers crusts bits of bread Pge p
  • 134. romanian.txt crusts make hard cover crusty bad humored crutch support crutch support put under arm crux key point crux hard part in question cry cry crybaby protest with little cause crying crying cryptic secret cryptic not made clear crystal glass-like substance crystal very clear crystal clear glass crystallization becoming glass-like crystallize take glass-like form crystallized took glass-like form crystallizes takes glass-like form crystallizing taking glass-like form crystals bits of glass-like substance crystals become glass-like cub young animal cub without experience cube form with 6 equal sides cube small, open office cubed made forms with 6 sides cubes forms with 6 equal sides cubes small, open offices cubic having 6 equal sides cubic 3D measure cubicle small, open office cubicle curtained sleeping space cubicles small, open offices cubicles curtained sleeping spaces cubing making forms with 6 sides cubit old measure of long cubit about 18 inches cubs young animals cubs persons without experience cuckoo bird with cry like its name cuckoo off one's head cuckoos birds with cry like its name cuckoos persons off their head cud food of cow cuddle put one's arms lovingly round cuddled put one's arms lovingly round cuddles puts one's arms lovingly round cuddlesome pleasing to put one's arms round cuddling putting one's arms lovingly round cuddly pleasing to put one's arms round cue (actor's) sign to do something cue (BILLIARD player's) long thin stick cuff end of arm of clothing cuff give blow with open hand cuffed put fold on end of clothing cuffed gave blow with open hand cuffing putting fold on end of clothing cuffing giving blow with open hand cuffs end of arms of clothing cuffs gives blow with open hand cuisine way of cooking culinary of cooking cull make selection culminate get to highest point of development culmination end point culmination highest point of development culpable responsible to wrong culpable giving cause for punishment Pge p
  • 135. romanian.txt culprit wrongdoer culprit person who has done the wrong in question cult system of religion cult strange group cultivate make earth broken cultivate give help to cultivation making earth broken cultivation giving help to cultivator farm instrument cults systems of religion cults strange groups cultural art and learning culture high development of mind and tastes culture general development of a society culture produce (BACTERIA) culture [social] cultured having high development cultured [social] cultures general development of societies cultures gives help to cultures produces BACTERIA cultures [social] culvert drain going under road culverts drains going under road cumber take up (space) cumber be weighting down cumber get in the way of cumbersome of a size hard to get moved cumbrous of a size hard to get moved cumulative made up of cumulative increasing by one addition after another cunning expert at tricking cunning [second] cunningly expert at tricking cunningly [second] cup cup cupboard cupboard cupcake little cake cupful amount of a cup cupid Roman winged boy cupidity great love for money cupola small, round roof cupped cupped cupping cupping cups cups cur dog of low birth cur low-down person curate man of religion helper curative making well from disease curator person taking care of MUSEUM curb keep back (under control curb stone edging curb edge of sidewalk curb stop curbed kept back (under control curbed with stone edging curbing keeping back (under control curbing stone edging curbs keeps back (under control curbs stone edges curbs stops curd soft solid made from milk cure make well cure drying food cure salting meat cured made well cured dried cured salted Pge p
  • 136. romanian.txt cures makes well cures drys food cures salts meat curfew hour of danger sending persons indoors curing thing which makes well curing making dryed food curing making salted food curio work of art curio art valued as strange thing curiosity having great desire for knowledge curiosity strange thing curious having great desire for knowledge curious causing interest curious strange thing curious over-interested curiously strangely curl wave curled made wave curlew water bird with long legs curling making waves (in hair) curling ice sport with flat stones curls waves curly having tendency to wave curly having waves curmudgeon bad-humored person curmudgeon person not readily parting with his money currant small fruit without seeds currency money used in a country current current currently currently currents currents curriculum work mapped out in school currier person making leather curry clean a horse curry make attempt at approval curry curry (a strong, burning food) curry [international] curse request for punishment curse violent language curse [verse] cursed punished cursed said violent language cursed [verse] cursing requesting for punishment cursing saying violent language cursing [verse] cursive (writing) with letters joined cursor marker light on computer viewer cursory quick, short curt short, sharp curtail take away curtail make shorter curtail make less in amount curtailed took away curtailed made shorter curtailed made less in amount curtailing taking away curtailing making shorter curtailing making less in amount curtails takes away curtails makes shorter curtails makes less in amount curtain curtain curtain-raiser short play given before chief one curtained curtained curtaining curtaining curtains curtains curtly short, sharply Pge p
  • 137. romanian.txt curtsy woman's motion of respect curtsy go low with knees bent curvature curving form curve curve curveball surprise curved curved curves curves curving curving cushion cushion cushioned cushioned cushioning cushioning cushions cushions cusp point of meeting cusp sharp point cusp meeting point of two curves cuss strong language cuss man, person cussedness tendency to be trouble custard soft food made of eggs and milk custodian caretaker of public building custody care custody keeping custom thing generally done custom tax on goods coming into country custom [business, social] customary as generally done customer person getting goods from store customer (uncommon) person customers persons getting goods from store customhouse tax taking office in harbor customization as made to person's desire customize make to person's desire customized made to person's desire customizes makes to person's desire customizing making to person's desire customs things generally done customs branch of government controlling taxes on goods coming into country customs [business social] cut cut cutback make less cutthroat person ready to put to death for money cute good looking cute bright, sharp cute pleasing to look at cute stretched for effect cuter more pleasing to look at cutest most pleasing to look at cuticle skin at base of nails cuticles skin at base of nails cutlass sailor's fighting blade cutler knife-maker cutlery knives, scissors, etc. cutlet cut of meat cutlets cuts of meat cutoff stop cutover cleared of trees cuts cuts cutter cutter cutters cutters cutting cutting cuttings cuttings cuttlefish 10-armed sea animal cyanide poison chemical cyanogen poison gas cyanogens poison gas cyber of internet cyber (also cyber-) cyber- internetPge p
  • 138. romanian.txt cybernet internet cyberspace internet cyclamen bulb plant cycle round of events cycle circle cycle wheeled machine cycled made a round (of events) cycles rounds of events cycles wheeled machines cycling making a round (of events) cyclist one driving a 2-wheeled machine cyclists ones driving a 2-wheeled machine cyclone violent wind moving in a circle cyclones violent winds moving in a circle cyclopedia ENCYCLOPEDIA cygnet young SWAN cylinder body in roller form cylinder pipe-like part of a machine cylinders bodies in roller form cylinders pipe-like parts cylindrical body of roller form cymbal brass plate to make music cymbals brass plates to make music cynic person with low opinion cynical with low opinion cynically with low opinion cynics persons with low opinion cynosure point of attention cypress an evergreen tree cyst bag in animal body cysts bags in animal body czar king of Russia czar Czar czar Tsar czar [international] czars kings of Russia czars Czars czars Tsars czars [international] czech Czech czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia d d., D D Roman 50 D under middle value D deuterium dab put water on with a cloth dab take water off with a cloth dab small amount dabble play about with dabble do a little dabbled played about with dabbled did a little dabbles plays about with dabbles does a little dabbling playing about with dabbling doing a little dabs puts water on with a cloth dabs take water off with a cloth dabs small amounts dad loving word for 'father' daddy loving word for 'father' daft feeble-minded, foolish dagger short blade daggers short blades dah Dah? dah That is readily seen dah I seem foolish. dailies dailies Pge p
  • 139. romanian.txt daily daily daintily delicately dainty delicate and pleasing dairy milk-place dairy store for milk dale low land between mountains dales low lands between mountains dam (make) wall for keeping back water dam mother damage damage damageable damageable damaged damaged damager damager damagers damagers damages damages damaging damaging damagingly damagingly dammed made wall for keeping back water damming making wall for keeping back water damn give a bad name damnation unending punishment damned gave a bad name damning giving a bad name damns gives a bad name damp wet damp not quite dry damper shutter damper shutter to control current damping make less by degrees dams (makes) walls for keeping back water dams mothers damsel girl damsel young woman dance dance danced danced dancer dancer dancers dancers dances dances dancing dancing dancingly dancingly dancings dancing dandruff dry bits of skin among the hair dandy well dressed man giving great attention to dress danger danger dangered dangered dangering dangering dangerous having danger dangerously with danger dangers dangers dangle be hanging down dangled was hanging down dangles is hanging down dangling be hanging down dapper well dressed dare have no fear (of doing) dare give a test dare test dared had no fear (of doing) dared gave a test dares has no fear (of doing) dares gives a test daring having no fear (of doing) daring giving a test dark dark darken darken darkened darkened darkener darkener darkeners darkeners Pge p
  • 140. romanian.txt darkening darkening darkenings darkenings darker darker darkly darkly darkness dark darkroom darkroom darks darks darling dear darling loved one darn put stitches (in a hole) dart point sent through the air dart go suddenly dash short line dash go quickly dash send violently dash drop (of) dashed short lined dashed went quickly dashed sent violently dashes short lines dashes goes quickly dashes sends violently dashes drops (of) dashing make an effect dashing going quickly dashing sending violently data facts data knowledge on which reasoning is based data knowledge for computers database place for keeping knowledge databases places for keeping knowledge date day date meet date where in time date [second] dated old dated met dated said where in time dated [second] dates days dates meets dates says where in time dates [second] dating meeting dating time-fix dating getting time dating [second] datum fact datum knowledge on which reasoning is based daub put on (paint) roughly daughter daughter daughterly daughterly daughters daughters dauntless without fear dawdle be slow dawdle take a long time over dawn early morning dawn the start of the day dawn first thought dawn [verse] dawned early morning came dawned the day started dawned gotten first thought dawned [verse] dawning coming of early morning dawning starting of the day dawning got first thought dawning [verse] Pge p
  • 141. romanian.txt dawns early mornings dawns the start of days dawns thought comes dawns [verse] day day daybed daybed daybook daybook daybreak first light daydream hopes daylight daylight daylong all day days days daytime daylight daytime while light daywork work for daily payment dazed half conscious dazed at a loss dazed not quite clear in the head dazzle be overpoweringly bright dazzling very strong, bright (light) dedown decompletely detake away dego back deacon church worker dead dead deadbeat one not giving money for debt deadbolt lock without spring deaden deaden deadend no way out deadening deadening deadenings deadenings deader deader deadline stop point deadline end deadlines stopping point deadlock in a position unable to do anything deadlocked in a position unable to do anything deadlocking getting in a position unable to do anything deadlocks gets in a position unable to do anything deadly deadly deadpan without any look on face deedwood deadwood deaf hard of hearing deaf without hearing deaf unmoved deal business agreement deal doing business (in) deal low price offer deal give out playing cards dealer person making business agreement dealer one doing trade (in) dealer person giving out playing cards dealers persons making business agreement dealers ones doing trade (in) dealers persons giving out playing cards dealing making business agreements dealing doing trade (in) dealing giving out playing cards deals business agreements deals does trade (in) deals low prices deals gives out playing cards dealt did trade (in) dealt given playing cards dean offical at a school, church dean older expert dear dear Pge p
  • 142. romanian.txt dearer dearer dearest dearest dearly dearly dears dears dearth not enough dearth short measure death death deathbed deathbed deathlike deathlike deathly deathly deaths deaths deathtrap unsafe building debar keep a person from debase make bad debase make poorer in quality debased made bad debased made poorer in quality debases makes bad debases makes poorer in quality debasing making bad debasing making poorer in quality debatable open for discussion debatable about which argument is possible debate discussion debate about which argument is possible debated had discussion debated gave thought to debates discussions debates gives thought to debating having discussion debating giving though to debauch overdo one's pleasure debauch overdrinking debauchery low pleasures debauchery overdrinking debility feeble of body debris broken bits debit the debt side (of an account book) debit make addition to debt side of account book debit [business] debited made addition to debt side of account book debited [business] debiting making addition to debt side of account book debiting [business] debits makes addition to debt side of account book debits [business] debris broken bits debt debt debtor debtor debts debts debug make free from errors debugged made free from errors debugger program to make free from errors debugging making free from errors debugs makes free from errors debut coming out debut first time doing decade ten years decades tens of years decant put (wine) from one bottle to another decay go bad decay wasting away decayed went bad decayed wasted away decaying going bad decaying wasting away decays goes bad decays wastes away Pge p
  • 143. romanian.txt decease death deceit trick deceit behavior that is not straightforward deceitful full of tricks deceitful behavior that is not straightforward December December Decembers Decembers decency society's ideas of what is good behavior decent upright decent self-respecting decent clear-minded decent good behavior decent quite good decently uprightly decently clear-mindedly decently with good behavior decently quite well decentralization give (more) self-government to decentralization [social] decentralize give (more) self-government decentralized gave (more) self-government decentralizes give (more) self-government decentralizing giving (more) self-government deceptive not what it seems deceptively in a way not what it seems decide come to (make) a decision decided came to (made) a decision decides comes to (makes) a decision deciding coming to (making) a decision deciduous falls off each year decimal decimal decimally decimally decimals decimals decimate destruction of decision decision decisioning making decisions decisions decisions decisive making outcome certain decisive having a quality of decision deck floor of ship deck putting on (ornaments) deck [business] decked put on floor (of ship) decked put on (ornaments) decked [business] deckhand common sailor decking floor of ship decking put on (ornaments) decking [business] decks floors of ship decks puts on (ornaments) decks [business] declaim say in a loud voice declaration statement declarations statements declare make public, clear statement declare say as without doubt declare make statement of what goods one is taking into country declared made public, clear statement declared said as without doubt declared made statement of what goods one is taking into country declares makes public, clear statements declares says as without doubt declares makes statement of what goods one is taking into country declaring making public, clear statement declaring saying as without doubt declaring making statement of what goods one is taking into country decline slope down Pge p
  • 144. romanian.txt decline say no to declined sloped down declined said no to declines slopes down declines says no to declining sloping down declining saying no to decode put clear decoded put clear decodes put clear decoding putting clear decompose go bad decompose take into parts decomposed gone bad decomposed took into parts decomposes goes bad decomposes takes into parts decomposing going bad decomposing taking into parts decorous having good behavior decorous keeping forms of good society decorum good behavior decorum keeping forms of good society decoy person, thing used for tricking decoy false animals decoy get to come using trick decoyed got to come using trick decoying getting to come using trick decoys person, thing used for tricking decoys false animal decoys gets to come using trick decrease get/make less in amount decrease [science] decreased got/made less in amount decreased [science] decreases gets/makes less in amount decreases [science] decreasing getting/making less in amount decreasing [science] decreasingly getting/making less in amount decreasingly [science] decree order having force of law decree decision given by judge decrees orders having force of law decrees decisions given by judge decrepit old and feeble dedicate make offering of ones work (self) to another dedicate give up dedicated made offering of ones work (self) to another dedicated gave up dedicates makes offering of ones work (self) to another dedicates gives up dedicating making offering of ones work (self) to another dedicating giving up deduce make a theory from the facts deduce get knowledge by reasoning deduced made a theory from the facts deduced got knowledge by reasoning deduces makes a theory from the facts deduces gets knowledge by reasoning deducing making a theory from the facts deducing getting knowledge by reasoning deduct take away (part) deducted took away (part) deducting taking away (part) deduction act of making a theory from the facts deduction process to get knowledge by reasoning deductions theories made from the facts Pge p
  • 145. romanian.txt deductions process to get knowledge by reasoning deducts takes away (part) deed act deed doing deed statement saying owner of land deeded made statement saying owner of land deeding making statement saying owner of land deeds acts deeds doings deeds statements saying owner of land deem be of opinion (of) deemed was of opinion (of) deeming being of opinion (of) deems is of opinion (of) deep deep deepen deepen deeper deeper deepest deepest deeply deeply deeps deeps deer animal(s) noted for running deface do damage to (face) deface get marked defaced did damage to (face) defaced got marked defaces does damage to (face) defaces gets marked defacing doing damage to (face) defacing getting marked default not give effect to one's undertaking default value put if nothing is done default not make payment defaulted not gave effect to one's undertaking defaulted value put if nothing is done defaulted not coming to sport defaulting not giving effect to one's undertaking defaulting putting value if nothing is done defaulting not come to sport defaults gives no effect to one's undertaking defaults values put if nothing is done defaults not come to sport defeat overcome defeat get the better of defeat make of no effect defeated overcame defeated got the better of defeated made of no effect defeating overcoming defeating getting the better of defeating making of no effect defeatism taking lose as certain defeatism putting up no fight defeats overcomes defeats gets the better of defeats makes of no effect defect bad point, something wrong defect need of something to make complete defect go from one's country (for political reasons) defect [business] defected gone from one's country (for political reasons) defected [business] defecting going from one's country (for political reasons) defecting [business] defective bad, wrong, not right defector one going from one's country (for political reasons) defectors ones going from one's country (for political reasons) defectors [business] defects bad point, something wrong Pge p
  • 146. romanian.txt defects need of something to make complete defects [business] defence making attempt to keep from attack defence arguments for person whom law process is against defences things used to keep from attack defences things used to keep safe defencive to keep from attack defencive to keep safe defend keep from attack defend keep safe defend put forward arguments defendable able to be kept from attack defendable able to keep safe defendable able to put forward arguments defendant person whom law process is against defended made attempt to keep from attack defended made arguments for person whom law process is against defending keeping safe defending keeping from attack defending putting forward arguments defends keeps safe defends keeps from attack defends puts forward arguments defense making attempt to keep from attack defense arguments for person whom law process is against defenseless unable to keep from attack defenseless unsafe defenses things used to keep from attack defenses things used to keep safe defensible able to make attempt to keep from attack defensible able to make an attempt to make arguments defensive to keep from attack defensive to keep safe defer put off to a later time defer give way deference respect deferred put off to a later time deferred gave way deferring putting off to a later time deferring giving way defers puts off to a later time defers gives way defiant being openly against authority deficiencies things short of deficiencies things without deficiencies [science] deficiency be short of deficiency be without deficiency [science] deficient short in amount deficient without deficit amount short defied gone against authority defied was such that no effect is produced defied had no belief that was able to do defied had no fear of defies goes against authority defies is such that no effect is produced defies has no belief that is able to do defies has no fear of defile make dirty defile narrow way between mountains defiled made dirty defiles makes dirty defiles narrow ways between mountains defiling making dirty define make certain define make clear Pge p
  • 147. romanian.txt define make statement of the sense of words defined made certain, clear defined made statement of the sense of words defines makes certain defines makes clear defines makes statement of the sense of words defining making certain defining making clear defining making statement of the sense of words definite certain definite clear definitely certainly definitely clearly definition statements of how words are used definition clear outline definitions statement of how word is used definitions clear outlines definitive to be taken as fixed definitive not open to change deflation make less deflation prices become lower deflation [business] deflations times with prices becoming lower deflations prices become lower deflations [business] deflect go out of the straight deflect turn from deflected went out of the straight deflected turned from deflecting going out of the straight deflecting turned from deflection turning away from deflection amount away from straight deflects goes out of the straight deflects turns from deform damage in form deformed damaged in form deforming damaging in form deformity unnatural development deforms damages in form defraud take away by trick defraud keep wrongly defrauded took away by trick defrauded kept wrongly defrauding taking away by trick defrauding keeping wrongly defrauds takes away by trick defrauds keeps wrongly deft quick with one's fingers deftly quickly with one's fingers defunct dead defy go against authority defy be such that no effect is produced defy no belief that is able to do defy have no fear of defying going against authority defying being such that no effect is produced defying not being in agreement that is able to do defying having no fear of degenerate become worse in quality degenerate (person) having become completely bad degenerate low person degemerate go to a simpler structure degenerated become worse in quality degenerates became worse in quality degenerating becoming worse in quality degeneration process of becoming worse in quality degradation going lower Pge p
  • 148. romanian.txt degradation put to shame degrade give lower, less important position to degraded gave lower, less important position to degrades gives lower, less important position to degrading giving lower, less important position to degrading taking away persons self-respect degree degree degreed degreed degrees degrees degression a step down deign be so kind as to deign be good enough to do deities the great beings (of a religion) deity the Great Being (of a religion) dejected make unhappy dejected take hope from dejection unhappy dejection condition of hope taken away delay loss (waste) of time delay put off till later delay make or be slow, late delayed loss (waste) of time delayed put off till later delayed made or is slow, late delaying loss (waste) of time delaying putting off till later delaying making or being slow, late delays loss (waste) of time delays puts off till later delays makes or is slow, late delegate representative delegate give powers delegated gave powers delegates representatives delegates persons delegates gives authority delegating giving powers delete take out deleted took out deleted taken out deletes takes out deleting taking out deletion thing taken out deliberate on purpose deliberate have discussion, take thought with view to decision deliberately purposely deliberation discussion deliberation thought with view of decision deliberative for discussion delicacy delicate in taste delicacy delicate to feelings delicate delicate delicately delicately delicatessen store of ready meats delicious very pleasing delicious with great attraction deliciously very pleasingly delight great pleasure delight [verse] delighted given great pleasure delighted [verse] delightedly with great pleasure delightedly [verse] delightful giving great pleasure delightful [verse] delighting giving great pleasure delighting [verse] delights great pleasures Pge p
  • 149. romanian.txt delights [verse] delimit get limits fixed, marked out delimiters markers of limits delinquency wrongdoing delinquent (person) doing wrong delinquent not doing what one is responsible for delinquents persons doing wrong delirious almost off one's head deliriously almost off one's head with pleasure delirium uncontrolled by being ill deliver give (up/over/to) deliver take round (to houses) deliver give birth deliverance making free (from something) delivered gave (up/over/to) delivered took round (to houses) delivered gave birth deliveries things taken round to deliveries births deliveries [business] delivering giving (up/over/to) delivering taking round (to houses) delivering giving birth delivers gives (up/over/to) delivers takes round (to houses) delivers gives birth delivery things taken round to delivery birth delivery way of using voice delivery [business] delta Greek letter D delta land between river mouths delta amount of increase deltas Greek letters D deltas lands between river mouths deltas amounts of increase delude give false ideas to deluded gave false ideas to deludes gives false ideas to deluding giving false ideas to deluge hard rain deluge violent rainfall deluged came with hard rain deluges comes with hard rain deluges hard rains deluging coming with hard rain delusion false idea, belief delusion belief from one off his head delusions false beliefs demand request, desire made by right demand [business, second] demanded made request, desire by right demanded [business, second] demanding making request, desire by right demanding [business, second] demandingly as requested, desired by rights demandingly [business, second] demands requests, desires made by right demands [business, second] demeanor behavior demented off ones head demented diseased condition of the mind demise death demise give property by death demobilize send back (from army) demobilized sent back demobilizes sends back demobilizing sending back Pge p
  • 150. romanian.txt democracy government by all democracy society in which all are equal democratic caring nothing for divisions of society democratically by all demolish make destruction of demolished made destruction of demolishes makes destruction of demolishing making destruction of demon cruel power demon bad, cruel person demonical cruel demons higher beings of cruel sort demonstrate make clear by reasoning demonstrate put (machine, etc.) into operation demonstrate put examples on view demonstrate make public feeling about something by mass meeting demonstrated made clear by reasoning demonstrated put (machine, etc.) into operation demonstrated put examples on view demonstrated made public feeling about something by mass meeting demonstrates makes clear by reasoning demonstrates puts (machine, etc.) into operation demonstrates puts examples on view demonstrates makes public feeling about something by mass meeting demonstrating making clear by reasoning demonstrating putting (machine, etc.) into operation demonstrating putting examples on view demonstrating making public feeling about something by mass meeting demonstration example put on view demonstration mass meeting about something demonstrations examples put on view demonstrations mass meetings about something demoralize take hope etc. away demoralized took hope etc. away demoralizes takes hope etc. away demoralizing taking hope etc. away demur be against demur put up a little argument against demure quite and serious in behavior demure with quiet, serious air demurred was against demurred put up a little argument against demurrer one against demurrer protest against going on with law process demurring being against demurring putting up a little argument against demurs is against demurs puts up a little argument against den hole, living place of animal den meeting-place of wrong doers den room to be by oneself or to work denial words saying not true denials saying not true denied said is untrue denied said has no existence denied said no to denied not let have denies says is untrue denies says has no existence denies says no to denies not let have denomination naming denomination name given denomination any of the different churches denominational in agreement with a church denominations namings denominations names given denominations different churches Pge p
  • 151. romanian.txt denominator number under the line in mathematics denotation sense of a word denote be the sign of denotes is the sign of denounce make public a person's wrongdoing denounce violent protest against denounced made public a person's wrongdoing denouncement public protest against denounces makes public a person's wrongdoing denouncing making public a person's wrongdoing dens holes, living places of animals dens meeting-places of wrong doers dens rooms to be by oneself or to work dense with little space between parts dense thick dense slow minded densely with little space between parts densely thickly densely slow mindedly density measure of space between parts density relation between mass and size dent hollow (made by a blow) dental about teeth dented made hollow with a blow denting makes hollow with a blow dentist one who does care of teeth dentists ones who does care of teeth dents hollows (made with a blow) dents make hollow with a blow deny say is untrue deny say has no existence deny say no to deny not let have denying saying is untrue denying saying has no existence denying saying no to denying not letting have deodorant substance used to take away bad smell deodorize take away bad smell deodorized took away bad smell deodorizes takes away bad smell deodorizing taking away bad smell depart go away departed went away departed gone away departed person who has gone departing going away department divisions of an organization department [second] departmental of divisions departments division of an organization departments [second] departs goes away departure going away departure change departure new development depend be dependent on dependable able to be dependent on dependant dependent dependant's dependent's dependants dependents depended was dependent on dependence being dependent dependencies being dependent dependency being dependent dependent dependent dependent's dependent's dependently dependently Pge p
  • 152. romanian.txt dependents dependents depending being dependent on depends is dependent on depict make picture of depicted made picture of depicting making picture of depicts makes picture of deplete make less depleted made less depletes makes less depleting making less deplorable very bad deplorable greatly to be regretted deplore have great regret about deplore sad about deplore make clear that one is shocked by deplored had great regret about deplores has great regret about deploring having great regret about deport send (person) out of the country deported sent out of the country deporting sending out of the country deportment behavior (in society) deportment way of acting in public deports sends out of the country depose take authority from depose make statement for use in law depose put down from position of authority deposed take authority from deposed make statement for use in law deposes takes authority from deposes makes statement for use in law deposing took authority from deposing made statement for use in law deposit put down for something stored deposit money put in bank deposit coating deposit [business, science] deposited put deposited put money in bank deposited [business, science] depositing putting depositing [business, science] deposition statement depositor one putting down depositor one putting money in bank depositor [business, science] deposits puts down for something stored deposits money put in bank deposits coatings deposits [business, science] depot (military) storehouse depot railway station depots (military) storehouse depots railway station depraved of low taste, desires depravity bad, low condition depreciate make/become lower in value depreciate make little of depreciated make clear that one is against depreciated made little of depreciates makes clear that one is against depreciates makes little of depreciating making clear that one is against depreciating making little of depress make sad, unhappy depress make lower depress get (button) pushed down Pge p
  • 153. romanian.txt depressed sad, unhappy depresses makes sad, unhappy depressing making sad, unhappy depression bad times depression bad weather condition depression hollow deprive take from deprive keep from having deprived took from deprived kept from having deprives takes from deprives keeps from having depriving taking from depriving keeping from having deprocate make clear that one is against deprocate have regret about deprocate be against deprocate make a protest deprocated made clear that one is against deprocated had regret about deprocated was against deprocates makes clear that one is against deprocates has regret about deprocates is against deprocates makes a protest deprocating making clear that one is against deprocating having regret about deprocating being against depth being deep depth distance down depth how deep depths being deep depths distances down deputies ones representatives deputize give authority to deputy ones representative derange put out of working order deranged put out of working order deranged off one's head deranges puts out of working order deranging putting out of working order derelict without an owner derelict not looked after derelict with no one using it dereliction not doing what is right to do derelicts (ships) without an owner derelicts with no one using them deride make sport of deride laugh at what seems foolish derided made sport of derides makes sport of deriding making sport of derision laughing at what seems foolish derivative came from derivatives comes from derive get or come (from) derive forming of word from another derived got or came (from) derived formed word from another derives gets or comes (from) derives forms word from another deriving getting or coming (from) deriving forming of word from another dermatitis skin disease dermis skin derogatory making seem of less value derogatory damaging descend come or go down Pge p
  • 154. romanian.txt descend be sloping down descend come from descend come down in family line descended came or went down descended was sloping down descended came from descended came down in family line descending coming or going down descending is sloping down descending coming from descending coming down in family line descends comes or goes down descends is sloping down descends came from descends comes down in family line descent going down descent slope descent way down descent family line describe give detailed account describe make describe be moving in described gave detailed account described made, was moving in describes gives detailed account describes makes describes is moving in describing giving detailed account describing making describing be moving in description details description account descriptions details descriptions accounts descriptive detailed descriptive with account desert waste of sand desert land with little rain desert go from desert right reward deserted place with nothing deserted went from deserting going from deserts waste of sand deserts goes from deserts right rewards deserve would be right for deserved would be right for deservedly as right deserves has right to deserving having right to deserving have right to something good design design designate give a name to designate make clear about designate point out designate named but not in position designated gave a name to designated made clear about designated was point out designates give a name to designates make clear about designates is pointed out designating give a name to designating make clear about designating is pointed out sesignation naming to a position designed designed Pge p
  • 155. romanian.txt designer designer designers designers designing designing designs designs desirable thing that is good to have desirably in a way to be desired desire desire desired desired desirer desirer desirers desirers desires desires desiring desiring desirous desiring desist give up doing desk writing-table desks writing-tables desktop tabletop desktop PC viewing space desolate unhappy desolate without a friend desolate no one living there desolate uncared for despair give up hope despaired gave up hope despairing giving up hope despairs gives up hope desperate at the end of power desperate in great need desperate without hope desperately as if at the end of power desperately as in great need despicable hated despicable has not respect for despise hate despise have no respect for despise look down on despised hated despised had no respect for despised looked down on despises hates despises has no respect for despises looks down on despising hating despising having no respect for despising looking down on despite even though despite even if despite even with despot ruler with unlimited power despots rulers with unlimited power dessert sweets taken at the end of meal desserts sweets taken at the end of meal destabilize make readily moved destabilize unfix destabilize make change destination place where (person, thing) is going destine get marked out destined was marked out destines gets marked out destining getting marked out destiny that for which one is marked out destiny events to come destitute without money or friends destitute in great need destroy put an end to destroy destruction destroy make waste destroyed put an end to Pge p
  • 156. romanian.txt destroyed caused destruction destroyed made waste to destroyer small, quick warship destroying putting an end to destroying causing destruction destroying making waste to destroys puts an end to destroys causes destruction destroys makes waste to destruction destruction destructions destructions destructive causing destruction desultory without much purpose desultory doing a thing from time to time desultory not regular, without system desultory not kept up for long detach undo detach take off detach get separate detached undid detached took off detached got separate detaches undoes detaches takes off detaches gets separate detaching undoing detaching taking off detaching getting separate detail detail detailed detailed detailedly detailed detailer detailer detailers detailers detailing detailing details details detain keep from going detained kept detaining keeping detains keeps from going detect made discovery of detectable able to make discover of detected make discovery of detecting making discovery of detection discovery detective crime discovery police detective secret police detective crime (stories) detective private policeman detectives crime discovery police detectives secret police detectives crime (stories) detectives private policemen detector special part for discovery detects makes discovery of deter keep (person) from acting deter keep (from doing) deteriorate get worse deteriorate become less in value deteriorated got worse deteriorated became less in value deteriorates gets worse deteriorates becomes less in value deteriorating getting worse deteriorating becoming less in value determinate limited, clearly marked out determination a decision determination keeping to one's purpose(s) determine come to a decision about Pge p
  • 157. romanian.txt determine make up one's mind determine put limits on, get marked out determined strong of purpose determined came to a decision about determined made up one's mind determined put limits on, got marked out determines comes to a decision about determines makes up one's mind determines puts limits on, gets marked out determines puts limits on, gets marked out determining coming to a decision about determining making up one's mind determining putting limits on, getting marked out determining [science] determinings decisions determinings makings up one's mind determinings [science] deterred kept (person) from acting deterred kept (from doing) deterrent thing keeping from doing deterring keeping (person) from acting deterring keeping (from doing) deters keeps (person) from acting deters keeps (from doing) detest have a feeling of hate detest have hate for detestable rightly having hate for detested had a feeling of hate detested had hate for detesting having a feeling of hate detesting having hate for detests has a feeling of hate detests has hate for detract take from value of detracted took value detracting taking value detraction thing taking value from detractor one attacking another's good name detracts takes from value detriment damage detriment loss detrimental damaging detrimentally damagingly detriments damages devastate make waste devastated made waste of devastates makes waste of devastating making waste of develop (make) get greater, stronger, more complete develop undergone growth developed (made) got greater, stronger, more complete developed undergo growth developer one that makes developers developers developing (making) getting greater, stronger, more complete developing undergoing growth development development developmental a stage in development developmentally new stage in development developments developments develops (makes) gets greater, stronger, more complete develops undergoes growth deviate go from normal deviate go from normal round about deviate go round about deviated went from normal deviated went from normal deviated went round about Pge p
  • 158. romanian.txt deviates goes from normal deviates goes from normal deviates goes round about deviating going from normal deviating going from normal deviating going round about deviation amount gone from straight deviations amounts gone from normal device apparatus, instrument device idea devices apparatus, instruments devices ideas devil bad power, Devil, Satan devil bad man devil full of tricks devil add burning sharp taste deviled gave trouble deviled burning, sharp taste deviling giving trouble devilish very cruel, bad devilment being full of tricks devils bad men devils makes tricks on devils gives trouble devious round about deviously in a round about way deviously not straight deviousness being round about devise make up devise get worked out devise give at one's death devised made up devised got worked out devised gave at one's death devises makes up devises get worked out devises gives at one's death devising making up devising getting worked out devising giving at one's death devoid without devoid free from devote give (time, oneself) devoted loving devotes gives devoting giving devour get through quickly devour made destruction of devoured got through quickly devoured make destruction of devouring getting through quickly devouring making destruction of devours gets through quickly devours makes destruction of devout serious about religion devout given to keeping the forms of religion devoutly serious about religion devoutly keeping the forms of religion dew water drops from night air dew [second, verse] dexterous quick dexterous expert with hands diabolic very bad, cruel diabolical very bad, cruel diabolical like the Devil diagnosis discovery of person's disease diagnosis statement of what is wrong diagnosised made discovery of person's disease Pge p
  • 159. romanian.txt diagnosised gave statement of what is wrong diagnosises makes discovery of person's disease diagnosises gives statement of what is wrong diagnosising making discovery of person's disease diagnosising giving statement of what is wrong diagnostic of making discovery diagnostics of making discoveries diagonal lines on an angle diagonal straight line joining opposite angle diagonally on an angle diagonals lines on an angles diagonals straight lines joining opposite angles diagram outline diagram rough picture diagram design to make clear diagram map diagrammed outlined diagrammed rough pictured diagrammed made clear with design diagrammed mapped diagramming outlining diagramming making rough picture diagramming making design to be clear diagramming mapping diagrams outlines diagrams rough pictures diagrams designs to make clear diagrams maps dial face with moving pointer dial face (of clock) dial make use of telephone dial turn pointer dialect a form of language dialect special way of talking dialects forms of a language dialects special ways of talking dialed made telephone use dialed turned pointer dialing making telephone use dialing turning pointer dialled made telephone use dialled turned pointer dialling making telephone use dialling turning pointer dialog talks between persons dialogs talks between persons dialogue talk between persons dialogues talks between persons dials faces with moving pointer dials faces (of clock) dials makes use (of telephone) dials turns pointer diameter distance across circle diameters distances across circle diaries day-books diarrhea over-frequent, liquid waste trouble diary day-book dice small form with 6 equal sides marked 1 to 6. dice play of chance dice small square of food dice make foods into small squares. diced food in small squares. dicing making foods into small squares. dictate give strong orders dictate say words to be taken down in writing dictated give strong orders dictated said words to be taken down in writing dictates directions of common sense Pge p
  • 160. romanian.txt dictates gives strong orders dictates says words to be taken down in writing dictates direction of common sense dictating giving strong orders dictating saying words to be taken down in writing dictation words taken down dictator ruler with unlimited power dictator person giving orders strongly dictator one saying to be taken down in writing dictatorial with unlimited power dictatorship government by ruler with unlimited power diction use of words diction way of saying words dictionaries word-books dictionary word-book did did didn't didn't didn't did not die go to ones death die take one's last breath die come to an end died gone to ones death died took one's last breath died came to an end dieing going to ones death dieing taking one's last breath dieing coming to an end dies goes to ones death dies takes one's last breath dies comes to an end diesel oil-burning engine diesels oil-burning engines diesels engine goes on from heat diet sort of food a person has diet special food diet take limit food dieted took limited food dieting taking limited food diets sorts of food persons have diets special foods diets takes limit food differ be different from differ be unlike differ not quite the same differed was different from differed was unlike, not quite the same differed made argument difference point or amount unlike difference amount, degree, points different difference [science] differenced made different differenced [science] differences points or amounts different differences amounts, degrees, points different differences [science] differencing making different differencing [science] different different differential be changing for different conditions differentiate point being different differently differently differing being different from differing being unlike differing not quite the same differs is different from differs is unlike differs is not quite the same difficult hard Pge p
  • 161. romanian.txt difficult hard to do difficult hard to do anything with difficult not simple difficulties being hard to do (with) difficulties hard to do points difficulties troubles difficulties [science, second] difficulty being hard to do (with) difficulty hard to do point difficulty trouble difficulty [science, second] diffident without much belief in oneself diffident slow to put oneself forward diffidently without much belief in oneself diffidently slowly put oneself forward diffuse having wide distribution diffuse become slowly mixed diffuse give out diffusely giving wide distribution diffusely become slowly mixed diffusely giving out dig get earth turned up dig make hole in earth dig spade dig push with a pointed thing digest a short form of argument digest go through process of digestion digested made short form of argument digested went through digestion digester apparatus for digestion digesters apparatuses for digestion digesting making short form of argument digesting going through digestion digestion digestion digestions digestions digestive help with digestion digging get earth turned up digging make hole in earth digging spade digging push with a pointed thing digit any number 0 to 9 digit a number 0 to 9 digit finger digital by numbers, electronic digitize put into numbers digitized put into numbers digitizes puts into numbers digitizing putting into numbers digits (any) numbers 0 to 9 digits fingers dignity weight and authority dignity sense of position dignity self-respect digressed turned to one side digresses turns to one side digressing turning to one side digression a turning to one side digs gets earth turned up digs makes hole in earth digs spades digs pushes with a pointed thing dike wall to keep out the sea dikes walls to keep out the sea dilapidated damaged dilapidated falling to bits dilapidation damage dilapidation falling to bits dilate get wider Pge p
  • 162. romanian.txt dilate increase in size dilated got wider dilated increased in size dilates gets wider dilates increases in size dilating making wider dilating slow dilatory slow dilatory wasting time dilemma question for which decision is hard dilemmas questions for which decision is hard diligent hard-working dilute (make) less strong dilute give addition of water diluted made less strong diluted gave addition of water dilutes makes less strong dilutes gives addition of water diluting making less strong diluting giving addition of water dilution addition of water dilution make less strong dim not bright dim clouded dimension measure dimension measure in one direction dimensional to do with measures dimensional regular sizes dimensions measures dimensions sizes diminish make less diminish become smaller diminished made less diminished became smaller diminishes makes less diminishes becomes smaller diminishing making less diminishing becoming smaller dimly not brightly dimly cloudily dimple little hollow (in face) din noise dine have ones meal dine take food dined had ones meal dined took food diner small restaurant diner one taking food dines has ones meal dines takes food dingy dark dingy dirty-looking dingy poor looking dining having ones meal dining taking food dinner chief meal of day dinner [second] dinners chief meals of day dinners [second] dint by going every day dip hollow dip put in and take out again dip go in (down) diplomacy international political relations diplomat person in international relations diplomat one good at relations with persons diplomatic international relations diplomatic good at relations with persons Pge p
  • 163. romanian.txt dipped put in and take out again dipped go in (down) dipper spoon dipper cup dipping put in and take out again dipping go in (down) dips hollows dips puts in and takes out again dips goes in (down) dire very bad dire greatly to be feared direct going straight (to something) direct give direction direct with no go-between direct give order (to do) direct straightforward direct have control of direct [science] directed giving direction directed [science] directing give direction directing [science] direction direction directions directions directive guiding directive pointed order directives guides directives pointed orders directly going straight to something directly [science] director person in control director person on company board directorate controlling board directories lists of persons directories lists of names directors ones in control directors persons on company board directory list of persons directory list of names directs gives direction directs [science] dirge sad song of death dirt earth dirt low talk dirtied dirtied dirtier dirtier dirties dirties dirtily dirtily dirty dirty dirtying dirtying dis not respect disaway, not together disnot, opposite of disnot do, stop disability condition of being unable disable make unable disable do damage to disable put out of operation disable take away power of motion disabled made unable disabled did damage to disabled put out of operation disabled without power of motion disables makes unable disables does damage to disables puts out of operation disables takes away power of motion disabling making unable Pge p
  • 164. romanian.txt disabling doing damage to disabling putting out of operation disabling taking away power of motion disadvantage not to ones interest disadvantage something which makes it hard disadvantaged not to ones interest disadvantaged something which made it hard disadvantages not to ones interest disadvantages things which makes it hard disaffected against the authority disaffected turned against disaffection turned against disagree take a different view from disagree not in agreement with disagreeable unpleasing disagreeable bad-humored disagreed took a different view from disagreed not in agreement with disagreeing taking a different view disagreeing being not in agreement with disagreement not in agreement disagrees takes a different view disagrees is not in agreement with disappear go from view disappearance out of existence disappearance out of view disappearance [science] disappearances out of existence disappearances out of view disappearances [science] disappeared gone from view disappeared went from view disappearing going from view disappears goes from view disappoint not come up to hopes disappointed had not come up to hopes disappointing not coming up to hopes disappointment damaged hopes disappoints not comes up to hopes disapproval feeling against disapproval a bad opinion of disapprove say no to disapprove have feelings against disapprove give bad opinion of disapproved said no to disapproved had feelings against disapproved gave bad opinion of disapproves says no to disapproves has feelings against disapproves gives bad opinion of disapproving saying no to disapproving having feelings against disapproving giving bad opinion of disarm take away arms disarm give up arms disarm make hard to be angry with disarm make hard to have doubt with disarmament giving up arms (army) disarrange put out of order disaster smash disaster shocking event disaster sad end disaster great blow (loss) disasters smashes disasters shocking events disasters sad ends disasters great blows (losses) disastrous causing great, sudden trouble Pge p
  • 165. romanian.txt disavow say one has not disavow say that a thing is untrue disavow not give approval of disavowal statement that a thing is untrue disavowed said one has not disavowed said that a thing is untrue disavowed not gave approval of disavowing saying one has not disavowing saying that a thing is untrue disavowing not giving approval of disavows says one has not disavows says that a thing is untrue disavows not gives approval of disband let go disband send back disband get broken up as an organization disbar take away position as punishment disbarred took away position as punishment disbarring taking away position as punishment disbars takes away position as punishment disbelief condition of unbelief disbeliever one who does not have belief disbeliever not Muslims disbeliever non-Muslims disburse make payment disburse give out in payment disbursed made payment disbursed gave out in payment disbursement amount made in payment disbursements amount made in payments disburses makes payment disburses gives out in payment disbursing making payment disbursing giving out in payment disc thin, flat, round plate discard put out as of no use discard give up as having no value discarded put out as of no use discarded give up as having no value discarding putting out as of no use discarding give up as having no value discards puts out as of no use discards give up as having no value discern see discern make out discerned saw discerned made out discerned seeing discerned making out discerning judging well discerning seeing clearly discernment quality of judging well discernment quality of seeing clearly discerns sees discerns makes out discharge fire, let off discharge orders to go discharge take off, send out discharge substance let go discharge [science] discharged fired, let off discharged taken off, sent out discharged [science] discharges fires, lets off discharges takes off, sends out discharges substances let go discharges [science] discharging firing, letting off Pge p
  • 166. romanian.txt discharging taking off, sending out discharging [science] disciple one taking another as teacher disciple one of the 12 supporters of Jesus disciples persons taking another as teacher, guide disciples first 12 supporters of Jesus disciplinary training punishment discipline training discipline self control discipline doing what is ordered discipline give punishment disciplined trained disciplined self controlled disciplined does what is ordered disciplined gave punishment disciplines trainings disciplines self controls disciplines does what is ordered disciplines gives punishment disciplining training disciplining self controlling disciplining doing what is ordered disciplining giving punishment disclaim say has not disclaimed said has not disclaimer statement of not disclaiming saying has not disclaims says has not disclose make public disclose give news disclose come to light disclose let be seen (of secret) disclose give out secret disclosed made public disclosed gave news disclosed came to light disclosed let be seen (of secret) discloses makes public discloses gives news discloses comes to light discloses lets be seen (of secret) disclosing making public disclosing giving news disclosing coming to light disclosing letting be seen (of secret) disco night club discolor do damage to color discolor make a bad color discoloration damage to color discoloration bad color discolorations damages to color discolorations bad colors discolored did damage to color discolored made a bad color discoloring doing damage to color discoloring making a bad color discolors does damage to color discolors makes a bad color discomfiture being put at a loss discomfiture in an unhappy condition discomfort without comfort discomfort in an unhappy condition discomforted put at a loss discomforted in an unhappy condition discomforting being put at a loss discomforting in an unhappy condition discomforts is put at a loss disconcert put at a loss Pge p
  • 167. romanian.txt disconcert put at a loss by surprising disconcerted put at a loss disconcerting putting at a loss disconcerts puts at a loss disconnect take away connection disconnect take away the join disconnected took away connection disconnected took away the join disconnecting taking away connection disconnecting taking away the join disconnects takes away connection disconnects takes away the join discontent unrest discontent angry feeling discontented not pleased with discontented angry feeling discontinue not go on with discontinue put an end to discontinued not gone on with discontinued put an end to discontinues not go on with discontinues puts an end to discontinuing not going on with discontinuing putting an end to discontinuous with spaces between discord out of harmony discord not being in agreement discordant being out of harmony discords things out of harmony discos night clubs discount amount taken off a price discount [business] discounted amount taken off a price discounted [business] discounter store noted for low prices discounter [business] discounting taking off amount price discounting [business] discounts amounts taken off a price discounts [business] discourage not give hope discourage say words to stop discourage give fear to discouraged gave up hope discouraged said words to stop discouraged gave fear to discourages gives no hope discourages says words to stop discourages gives fear to discouraging not giving hope discouraging saying words to stop discouraging giving fear to discourse talk discourse have a talk discourse talk or writing on some question discourse give one's views discoursed talked discoursed had a talk discoursed gave one's views discourses talks discourses has a talk discourses talk or writing on some question discourses gives one's views discoursing talking discoursing having a talk discoursing giving one's views discourteous not polished in behavior discourteously roughly Pge p
  • 168. romanian.txt discover make discovery discovered made discovery discoverer persons making discovery discoverers person making discoveries discoveries discoveries discovering making discovery discovers makes discovery discovery discovery discredit do damage to good name discreditable causing damage to good name discredited did damage to good name discrediting doing damage to good name discredits does damage to good name discreet taking care what one says and does publicly discreetly taking care what one says and does publicly discrepancy (something) not quite the same discrepancy not in agreement discrete keeping quiet about things discrete acting wisely discrete having separate existence discrete formed of separate parts discretely quietly discretely wisely discretion authority to do as seems best discretion quality of acting wisely discretion taking care what one says and does publicly discretion authority to do as seems best discriminate see as different discriminate be acting different to different persons discriminated saw as different discriminated was acting different to different persons discriminates sees as different discriminates is acting differently to different persons discriminating judging things well discriminating be acting different to different persons discrimination able to see as different discrimination be acting differently to different persons discs thin, flat, round plates discursive talking widely discursive detailed, long (account) discuss had a discussion discussed have a discussion discusser person having a discussion discussers persons having a discussion discusses has a discussion discussing having a discussion discussion discussion discussions discussions disdain take no interest in disdain have a poor opinion of disdain be looking down on disdained took no interest in disdained had a poor opinion of disdained was looking down on disdaining taking no interest in disdaining having a poor opinion of disdaining looking down on disdains takes no interest in disdains has a poor opinion of disdains is looking down on disease disease diseased diseased diseases diseases disembark get of (ship) disembarked get of disembarking getting of disembarks gets of disenfranchise take away right to have a representative Pge p
  • 169. romanian.txt disenfranchised took away right to have a representative disenfranchises takes away right to have a representative disenfranchising taking away right to have a representative disengage make (get) free disengaged made (got) free disengaged not doing anything disengaged not being used disengages makes (gets) free disengaging making (getting) free disentangle get straight disentangle get out of knots disentangled got straight disentangled got out of knots disentanglement getting free of a mixed position disentanglements getting free of mixed positions disentangles gets straight disentangles gets out of knots disentangling getting straight disentangling getting out of knots disfavor not giving approval disfavored not give approval disfavoring not giving approval disfavors not giving approval disfranchise take away right to have a representative disfranchised took away right to have a representative disfranchises takes away right to have a representative disfranchising taking away right to have a representative disgorge give up disgorge send up food from stomach disgorged gave up disgorged sent up food from stomach disgorges gives up disgorges sends up food from stomach disgorging giving up disgorging sending up food from stomach disgrace loss of good name disgrace a black mark against disgrace shame disgrace [second] disgraced lost good name disgraced given a black mark against disgraced shamed disgraced [second] disgraces causes loss of good name disgraces gives a black mark against disgraces shames disgraces [second] disgracing causing loss of good name disgracing giving a black mark against disgracing shaming disgracing [second] disguise make change in look of disguise dress to keep from discovery disguised made change in look of disguises makes change in look of disguises dress to keep from discovery disguising making change in look of disgust disgust disgusted disgusted disgustedly disgustedly disgusting disgusting disgustingly disgustingly disgusts disgusts dish plate dish put food on plate dish food cooked in a special way dishearten take hope from dishearten take the heart out of Pge p
  • 170. romanian.txt disheartened took hope from disheartened took the heart out of disheartening taking hope from disheartening taking the heart out of disheartens takes hope from disheartens takes the heart out of dished put food on plate dishes plate dishes puts food on plate dishing putting food on plate dishonest false dishonor cause shame to dishonor giving no respect dishonor did damage to name dishonorable cause of shame dishonorable of no respect dishonorable damage to name dishonored caused shame dishonored gave no respect to dishonored did damage to name dishonoring causing shame dishonoring giving no respect to dishonoring doing damage to name dishonors causes shame dishonors gives no respect to dishonors does damage to name disinclined unready disinclined not desiring disinfect make clean disinfect get clear of disease disinfect put down strong liquid disinfected made clean disinfected got clear of disease disinfected put down strong liquid disinfecting making clean disinfecting getting clear of disease disinfecting putting down strong liquid disinfects makes clean disinfects gets clear of disease disinfects puts down strong liquid disinherit take away right to come into property disinherited took away right to come into property disinheriter one who takes away right to come into his property disinheriting taking away right to come into property disinherits takes away right to come into property disinterest without self-interest disinterest have the interests of others at heart disinterested without self-interest disinterested have the interests of others at heart disinterestedly without self-interest disinterestedly having the interests of others at heart disjoined broken disjoined without connection disjoined loose disjoining taking away connection disjoining takes to bits disjoins takes away connection disjoins takes to bits disjointed broken disjointed without connection disjointed loose disk thin, flat, round plate disk computer mass store diskette DISKETTE diskettes DISKETTES disks thin, flat, round plates disks computer mass store dislike not pleased with Pge p
  • 171. romanian.txt dislike [second] disliked was not pleased with disliked unpleased disliked [second] dislikes is not pleased with dislikes [second] disliking is not pleased with disliking unpleasing disliking [second] dislocate put out of place dislocated put out of place dislocates puts out of place dislocating putting out of place dislodge get forced out to place dislodge make free dislodged got forced out to place dislodged make free dislodges gets forced out to place dislodges makes free dislodging getting forced out to place dislodging making free disloyal untrue disloyal turning against a friend disloyally not being true disloyally going against a friend dismal sadly dismal without comfort dismaller sadder dismaller with less comfort dismallest saddest dismallest with no comfort dismally sad dismally without comfort dismantle take to bits dismantle take away dismantled took to bits dismantled took away dismantles take to bits dismantles takes away dismantling taking to bits dismantling taking away dismay shocked surprise dismay take hope from dismayed in shocked surprise dismayed take hope from dismaying being in shocked surprise dismaying took hope from dismays gives shocked surprise dismays takes hope from dismember take to parts dismember take arms, legs off dismember get cut, broken up dismembered took to parts dismembered took arms, legs off dismembered got cut, broken up dismembering taking to parts dismembering taking arms, legs off dismembering getting cut, broken up dismembers takes to parts dismembers takes arms, legs off dismembers gets cut, broken up dismiss send away dismiss put out of one's mind dismissed sent away dismissed put out of one's mind dismisses sends away dismisses puts out of one's mind dismissing sending away Pge p
  • 172. romanian.txt dismissing putting out of one's mind dismount get off (of horse) disobey go against orders disobeyed went against orders disobeying going against orders disobeys goes against orders disoblige go against desires (of others) disobliged went against desires (of others) disobliges goes against desires (of others) disobliging going against desires (of others) disorder having no order disorder out of order disorder disease disordered had no order disordered diseased disorderly having no order disorderly out of order disorders has no order disorders diseases disorganize undo organization disorganize put out of order disorganize take away system disorganized undid organization disorganized not orderly disorganized without system disorganizes undoes organization disorganizes puts out of order disorganizes takes away system disorganizing undoing organization disorganizing putting out of order disorganizing taking away system disown say one is not the owner disown have nothing to do with disown not longer have a connection with disowned said one is not the owner disowned had nothing to do with disowned not longer had a connection with disowning saying one is not the owner disowning having nothing to do with disowning not longer having a connection with disowns says one is not the owner disowns has nothing to do with disowns not longer has a connection with disparage give poor opinion of disparage say damaging things about disparage say things to make value seem less disparity not equal disparity different dispassionate unmoved by feelings dispatch what is sent dispatch send dispatch give death blow dispatch letter about government or military business dispatches what is sent dispatches sends dispel send away dispensary place where medical substances are given out dispensation order letting person off punishment dispense give round dispense do without dispense see to distribution of dispensed gave round dispensed did without dispensed saw to distribution of dispenser machine to give things dispenses gives round dispenses does without dispenses sees to distribution of Pge p
  • 173. romanian.txt dispensing giving round dispensing doing without dispensing seeing to distribution of disperse go away disperse send group in different directions dispersed went away dispersed sent group in different directions dispersement going away dispersement sending in different directions disperses goes away disperses sends group in different directions dispersing going away dispersing sending group in different directions dispirited sad dispirited have feeling of no hope display put on view display give signs of display (do) put before the public displayed put on view displayed gave signs of displayed (did) put before the public displaying putting on view displaying giving signs of displaying (doing) putting before the public displays puts on view displays gives signs of displays (does) puts before the public displease be unpleasing to displease get on the wrong side of displeased was unpleasing to displeased got on the wrong side of displeases is unpleasing to displeases gets on the wrong side of displeasing unpleasing to displeasing getting on the wrong side of disposable use and put to side disposable not important disposal get off one's hands disposal put somewhere dispose get off one's hands dispose put somewhere dispose make use of disposed got off one's hands disposed put somewhere disposed made use of disposed has tendency disposes gets off one's hands disposes puts disposes makes use of disposing getting off one's hands disposing putting disposing making use of disposition act of getting off one's hands disposition putting somewhere disposition person's natural ways of behavior disposition way of feeling dispossess take property from dispossess put out of house dispossessed took property from dispossessed put out of house dispossesses take property from dispossesses puts out of house dispossessing taking property from dispossessing putting out of house disprove make clear that a thing is not so disprove give reasons why not true disproved made clear that a thing is not so disproved gave reasons why not true Pge p
  • 174. romanian.txt disproves makes clear that a thing is not so disproves gives reasons why not true disproving making clear that a thing is not so disproving giving reasons why not true dispute argument dispute be questioning dispute not in agreement with disqualification making unable to under rules disqualified unable to under rules disqualify make unable to disregard give no attention to disregard have not respect for disregarded gave no attention to disregarding giving no attention to disregards gives no attention to disreputable with a bad name disrepute being of bad name disrepute without credit disrespect without respect disrespected without respect disrespectful without respect for disrespecting without respecting disrespects is without respect for disrobe take off clothing disrobe get undressed disrobed took off clothing disrobed got undressed disrobes takes off clothing disrobes gets undressed disrobing taking off clothing disrobing getting undressed disrupt get broken up disrupted got broken up disrupting getting broken up disruption destruction disruption get broken up violently disruptions destructions disruptive tendency to cause destruction disrupts gets broken up dissatisfaction not pleased with dissatisfaction feeling against dissatisfactions things not pleased with dissatisfactions feelings against dissect get parts separate by cutting dissect take to bits dissected got parts separate by cutting dissected took to bits dissecting getting parts separate by cutting dissecting taking to bits dissection process to get parts separate by cutting dissection act of taking to bits dissections process to get parts separate by cutting dissections takes to bits dissects gets parts separate by cutting dissects takes to bits dissent protest dissent be not in agreement dissent take another view dissented protested dissented was not in agreement dissented took another view dissenter protester dissenter one not in agreement dissenter person taking another view dissenters protesters dissenters those not in agreement dissenters persons taking another view dissenting protesting Pge p
  • 175. romanian.txt dissenting be not in agreement dissenting taking another view dissention different opinions dissention not in agreement dissents protests dissents be not in agreement dissents takes another view dissertation long paper dissertation long discussion on some question dissertation angry feelings caused by not being in agreement dissimilar not the same dissimilarly not the same dissipate send away (fears) dissipate be wasting dissipated sent away (fears) dissipated was wasting dissipated given to loose living dissipates sends away (fears) dissipates is wasting dissipating sending away (fears) dissipating being wasted dissipation given to loose living dissipation loss to nothing dissolute given to low pleasures dissolute loose dissolution getting broken up dissolution coming to an end dissolve put an end to dissolve be taken up in a liquid dissolve end dissolved put an end to dissolved was taken up in a liquid dissolved ended dissolves put an end to dissolves is taken up in a liquid dissolves ends dissolving putting an end to dissolving being taken up in a liquid dissolving ending dissuade put off dissuade make person not do dissuaded put off dissuaded made person not do dissuades puts off dissuades makes person not do dissuading putting off dissuading making person not do distain do damage to color distain do damage to good name distain cause shame distain Did you mean Disdain? distained did damage to color distained did damage to good name distained Did you mean Disdained? distaining doing damage to color distaining doing damage to good name distaining Did you mean Disdaining? distains does damage to color distains does damage to good name distains Did you mean Disdains? distance distance distanced distanced distances distances distancing distancing distant far away distant stiffly, cold (behavior) distant separated distant with little blood relation Pge p
  • 176. romanian.txt distantly as if far away distantly stiff, coldly (behavior) distaste feeling against distaste feeling near disgust distasteful unpleasing distasteful not to one's taste distemper common disease of dogs distemper unhealthy condition distinct clear distinct separate distinct with points different distinction what is different distinction of note distinctions what is different distinctions of note distinctive different distinctive special distinctly in a different way distinguish see what is different distinguish separate distinguished noted, great distinguished of mark distinguishes separates distinguishing noting distort make, seem twisted, out of normal form distorted made twisted distorted out of normal form distorting making out of normal form distorting seeming twisted distortion twisting distortion in wrong form distorts makes twisted distorts puts out of normal form distract take attention away distracted took attention away distracting taking attention away distraction something taking attention away distracts takes attention away distress trouble, pain distress serious need distress make unhappy distressed troubled distressed in serious need distressed made unhappy distresses troubles distresses causes serious need distresses makes unhappy distressful causing trouble distressing troubling distressing having serious need distressing making unhappy distribute make distribution distributed made distribution distributes makes distribution distributing making distribution distribution distribution distributions distribution distributor persons making distribution distributors one making distribution district part of the country distrust have no belief in distrust have doubts about distrusted had no belief in distrusted had doubts about distrustful have no belief in distrustful have doubts about distrustfully having no belief in distrustfully having doubts about Pge p
  • 177. romanian.txt distrusting having no belief in distrusting having doubts about distrusts has no belief in distrusts has doubts about disturb make (give) trouble disturbance trouble disturbance [science] disturbances troubles disturbances [science] disturbed troubled disturbing making trouble disturbs troubles disunion not united disunion separate disuse not used disuse out of use disuse unused disused not used disused out of use disused unused ditch (field) drain ditch waterway ditch let go ditch [second] ditched made field drain ditched [second] ditcher one making field drains ditcher [second] ditches (field) drains ditches [second] ditching making field drain ditching [second] ditto same ditto QUOTE mark dittoed made the same dittoed put QUOTE- marks dittoes the same dittoes QUOTE marks dittoing making the same dittoing putting QUOTE-marks dittos the same dittos QUOTE marks ditty little song ditty little things dive go head-first into water dive low, cheap restaurant dive [second] dived went head-first into water dived [second] diver one going head-first into water diver [second] diverge go in a different way diverge become different diverge go farther away diverged went in a different way diverged became different diverged went farther away diverges goes in a different way diverges becomes different diverges goes farther away diverging going in a different way diverging becoming different diverging going farther away diverse different diversion something sending in another direction diversion amusement diversions things sending in another direction diversions amusements Pge p
  • 178. romanian.txt diversity being different divert send in another direction divert give amusement diverted sent in another direction diverted gave amusement diverting sending in another direction diverting giving amusement diverts sends in another direction diverts gives amusement dives goes head-first into water dives low, cheap restaurants dives [second] divide make a division divide made separate divided made a division divided make separate dividend regular payment of money dividends regular payments of money divides makes a division divides makes separate dividing make a division dividing making separate divine like a higher being divine most pleasing, beautiful divine church form giving respect divinely as by a higher being divinely most pleasing, beautifully diving going head-first into water diving [second] divinity a higher being divinity religion divinity a white sweet division division division separate part divisions divisions divisions separate parts divisive causing division divorce get unmarried divorce separate things normally together divorce [second] divorced unmarried divorced [second] divorcee unmarried person divorces gets unmarried divorces [second] divorcing getting unmarried divorcing [second] divulge make public divulge let out (secret) divulged made public divulged let out (secret) divulges makes public divulges lets out (secret) divulging making public divulging letting out (secret) dizzily with head going round dizzily having sense of loss of balance dizzy head going round dizzy sense of loss of balance djinn sort of beings with special powers djinn old beings without a body djinni sort of being with special powers djinni old being without a body do do doc medical man docent museum guide docile quiet docile giving no trouble Pge p
  • 179. romanian.txt docile readily controlled docilely quietly docilely giving no trouble docilely readily controlled dock harbor dock place to take goods off dock place for prisoner (before judge) dock take away docked place to take goods off docked took away docking place to take goods off docking taking away docks harbors docks places to take goods off docks places for prisoner (before judge) docks takes away dockyard place to put ships in good condition doctor expert doctor give medical attention doctor medical man doctor put something wrong into doctor highest degree doctor do something to doctor PhD., M.D. doctored gave medical attention doctored something wrong put in doctored did something to doctoring giving medical attention doctoring putting something wrong in doctoring doing something to doctors experts doctors medical men doctors does something to doctrine body of teaching doctrine view, opinion doctrines bodies of teaching doctrines views, opinions document printed material document form document put forward in support documentary of a record documentation written material documented printed materials documented put forward in support documenting putting forward in support documenting forms documents printed materials documents forms documents puts forward in support dodge get, keep out of the way dodge sudden moving to the side dodge change direction dodge trick dodged got, kept out of the way dodged made sudden moving to the side dodged made change in direction dodged tricked dodges gets, keeps out of the way dodges makes sudden moving to the side dodges changes direction dodges tricks dodging getting, keeping out of the way dodging making sudden moving to the side dodging making change in direction dodging tricking dodgy having tricks doe female DEER doer doer Pge p
  • 180. romanian.txt doers doers does does doesn't doesn't doesn't does not dog dog dogcart dogcart dogcart dog cart dogcatcher dog control officer dogleg sharp angle dogged dogged dogged going on at things dogged not giving up doggedly not giving up doggedly going on at things doggerel bad verse dogface army man dogfight dogfight dogfight dog fight dogging not giving up dogging going on at things dogma belief dogma system put forward with authority dogmatic put forward with air of authority dogs dogs dogs goings on at things dogs not giving up doing doing doings doings dole give out dole something given out free dole payment to those out of work doled gave out doleful unhappy doleful sad dolefully unhappily dolefully sadly doles gives out doling giving out doll play baby doll put on best clothing doll [second] dollar dollar dollar $ dollars dollars dollars $ dolls play babies dolls puts on best clothing dolls [second] dolt foolish persons dolts foolish person domain lands ruled over domain field (of knowledge) domain name of place domains land ruled over domains fields (of knowledge) domains names of places dome round roof dome arch form domed with an arched form domes round roofs domes arched forms domestic of house and family domestic inside a country domestic kept by man domestic house servant domestically of house and family domesticate make quiet for man domesticate house-train Pge p
  • 181. romanian.txt domesticated made quiet for man domesticated house-trained domesticating getting under man's control domestication under control domicile place where one is living regularly domiciles places where persons are living regularly dominance control dominance chief place dominant having greatest control dominant chief dominate have control, rule dominate be chief point of interest dominate overlooking dominated had control, ruled dominated was chief point of interest dominated overlooked dominates has control, rules dominates is chief point of interest dominates overlooks dominating having control, ruling dominating being chief point of interest dominating overlooking domination control of, ruling domineer make unpleasing use of one's authority domineered made unpleasing use of one's authority domineering making unpleasing use of one's authority domineers makes unpleasing use of one's authority dominion dominion dominions dominions don put on clothing don teacher in a university donate give to cause donated gave to cause donates gives to cause donating giving to cause donation (money) given to cause donations (things) given to cause done done dons puts on clothing dons teachers in a university don't don't don't do not donut small sweet cakes donut round with hole in middle donuts small sweet cake doom death doom sad end doomed without hope dooming causing a sad end dooms gives sad end door door doorbell doorbell doored doored dooring dooring doorkeeper doorkeeper doorman doorman doormat floor covering by door doors doors doorstep doorstep doorstop doorstop doorway doorway dorm bedroom for a number dormant sleeping, at rest dormitories bedrooms for a number dormitory bedroom for a number dorms bedrooms for a number dosage amount dose amount given at one time Pge p
  • 182. romanian.txt dose amount of medical substance given dosed give medical substance dosed amounts given at one time doses amount of medical substance given dosing giving medical substance dot small round mark dot right time dot at the very minute dot put about here and there dot-com Internet company doth does dots small round marks dots puts about here and there dotted with small round mark dotted put about here and there dotting making small round mark dotting putting about here and there double twice as much double something like in every detail doubled made twice as much doubles makes twice as much doubles in twos doubling making twice as much doubly two times doubt doubt doubted doubted dountedly doubtedly doubter doubter doubters doubters doubtful feeling doubt doubting doubting doubtingly doubtingly doubtless no doubt doubts doubts dough thick paste dove bird representative of peace and love dove [verse] doved matched doved locked together doves birds representative of peace and love doves [verse] dovetail sort of join dovetail work in harmony dovetailing special joins dovetailing working in harmony dowdy badly-dressed down down downbeat down downcast very unhappy downdraft down wind downed downed downer downer downers downers downfall downfall downfallen downfalled downgrade down slope downgrade make lower downhill down downhill down slope downing downing download get program from Internet download download download [computer] downloaded got program from Internet downloaded downloaded downloaded [computer] downloading getting program from Internet downloading downloading Pge p
  • 183. romanian.txt downloading [computer] downloads gets programs from Internet downloads downloads downloads [computer] downright straightforward downright going straight to the point downs downs downstairs down steps downside downside downtrodden crushed downtrodden keep under downturn go down downward down downwards down direction downwind in direction of wind dowry money that goes with a girl dowry property that goes with a women dozen 12 dozen twelve dozens 12's drab not bright draft rough copy of a paper draft order on a bank draft men sent to support army draft small wind drafted make rough copy of a paper drafted made order on a bank drafted got men sent to support army drafter one who makes trade line pictures drafter one making order on a bank draftier has more wind draftiest wind-like drafting making rough copy of a paper drafting making an order on a bank drafting getting men sent to support army drafting trade of making line-pictures drafts rough copy of a paper drafts makes rough copy of a paper drafts orders on a bank drafts makes an order on a bank drafts gets body of men sent in support of army drafts gets men sent to support army draftsman one who makes trade line-pictures draftsmen persons who makes trade line-pictures drafty has a small wind drag move drag get moved by pulling drag get moved by computer pointer dragged moved dragged got moved by pulling dragging moving dragging getting moved by pulling dragging getting moved by computer pointer dragnet pull net dragon great fire-breathing, winged animal of fiction dragonfly long bodied insect with delicate wings dragons great fire-breathing, winged animals of fiction drags moves drags gets moved by pulling drain drain drainage draining drained drained drainer drainer drainers drainers draining draining drainings drainings drainpipe drainpipe drainpipes drainpipes Pge p
  • 184. romanian.txt drains drains drama a serious play drama art of writing, staging plays drama play-like chain of events dramas serious plays dramas play-like chains of events dramatic sudden, surprising dramatic like the events of a play dramatic as of an actor in a play dramatically with sudden, surprising dramatically like the events of a play dramatically as of an actor in a play dramatization make into a play dramatizations plays dramatize make events like in a play dramatize make sudden, surprising dramatized made events like in a play dramatizes makes events like in a play dramatizing making events like in a play drank drank drape put round (in folds) drape get covered with cloth draped put round (in folds) draped got covered with cloth drapery cloth in folds drapes puts round (in folds) drapes gets covered with cloth drapes cloth in folds draping putting round (in folds) draping getting covered with cloth drastic designed to have strong effect drastically with strong effect draught rough copy of a paper draught order on a bank draught men sent to support army draughted make rough copy of a paper draughted made order on a bank draughted got men sent to support army draughter one who makes trade of line-pictures draughter one making order on a bank draughting making rough copy of a paper draughting making an order on a bank draughting getting men sent to support army draughts makes rough copy of a paper draughts makes an order on a bank draughts gets men sent to support army draw take out draw give a pull draw do a line picture drawback bad point drawback something that is in the way drawbacks bad points drawbacks things that is in the way drawer drawer drawered drawered drawers drawers drawing line-pictures drawings line-picture drawl slow way of talking drawn made longer by pulling draws takes out draws gives a pull draws does a picture dray beer cart dread fear dreaded feared dreadful shocking, very bad dreadful [second] Pge p
  • 185. romanian.txt dreadfully as shocking, very bad dreadfully fearfully dreadfully [second] dreading fearing dreads fears dream sleep experience dream thoughts in the air dream have head in the clouds dream specially pleasing dream [second, verse] dreamed had sleep experience dreamed had thoughts in the air dreamed had head in the clouds dreamed had specially pleasing dreamed [second, verse] dreamer person with thoughts in the air dreamer person with head in the clouds dreamer [second, verse] dreamers persons with thoughts in the air dreamers persons with head in the clouds dreamers [second, verse] dreaming having sleep experience dreaming having thoughts in the air dreaming having head in the clouds dreaming having specially pleasing dreaming [second, verse] dreamingly with thoughts in the air dreamingly with head in the clouds dreamingly [second, verse] dreams sleep experiences dreams thoughts in the air dreams has head in the clouds dreams [second, verse] dreamt had sleep experience dreamt had thoughts in the air (clouds) dreamt had specially pleasing dreamt [second, verse] dreary sad dreary dark dreary uninteresting dredge apparatus for taking earth from sea dredged took up earth from the sea dredges apparatus for taking earth from sea dredging taking up earth from the sea dregs worse part dregs waste part dregs last part dregs waste material after liquid has been taken off drench make very wet drench medical substance given to an animal drenched made very wet drenched gave medical substance to an animal drenches makes very wet drenches medical substance given to an animal drenches gives medical substance to an animal drenching making very wet drenching giving medical substance to an animal dress dress dressed dressed dresser dresser dressers dressers dresses dresses dressing dressing dressmaker dressmaker drew took out drew gave a pull drew did a picture dribble thin line of liquid Pge p
  • 186. romanian.txt dribble falling drop by drop dribble keep ball moving forward dribbled made thin line of liquid dribbled fell drop by drop dribbled kept ball moving forward dribbles thin lines of liquid dribbles falls drop by drop dribbles keeps ball moving forward dribbling making thin line of liquid dribbling falling drop by drop dribbling keeping ball moving forward driblet very small amount dried dried drier drier dries dries driest driest drift go without direction drift with the current drift direction drift earth able to be moved drift loose earth drifted went with the current drifted made small change in direction drifting going with the current drifting making small change in direction drifts goes without direction drifts goes with the current drifts makes small change in direction drill instrument for making round holes drill army training drill making hole in hard substance drill machine for putting seeds in earth drill get seeds planted drilled did army training drilled made hole in hard substance drilled went straight drilled got seeds planted drilling army training drilling making holes in hard substance drilling getting seeds planted drills instruments for making round holes drills army training drills makes hole in hard substance drills does army training drills machines for putting seeds in earth drills gets seeds planted drink drink drinkable drinkable drinker drinker drinkers drinkers drinking drinking drinks drinks drip come drop by drop dripped came drop by drop dripping coming drop by drop dripping fat from cooking meat drips comes drop by drop drive make go drive be forcing drive be guiding, controlling drive private road drivel foolish talk driveled said foolish thing driveling saying foolish talk drivels makes foolish talk driven made go driven was forced driven driven Pge p
  • 187. romanian.txt driver one driving driver one forcing, making others do driver GOLF-stick driver driver drivers drivers drives makes go drives is forcing drives private roads drives drives driving driving drizzle soft rain drizzle mist-like rain drizzled made soft rain drizzled made mist-like rain drizzles soft rains drizzles mist-like rains drizzling making soft rain drizzling making mist-like rain droll full of quiet humor droll causing amusement drone male bees drone person who does no work drone deep low noise drone unbroken talk droned deep low noise droned made unbroken talk drones male bees drones persons who does no work drones deep low noise drones make unbroken talk droning making unbroken talk droop be hanging down droop bent down drooped was hanging down drooping is hanging down droops is hanging down droops be bent down droopy hanging down as feeble drop drop dropcloth cloth to keep floors safe from paint dropped dropped dropper dropper droppers droppers dropping dropping droppings droppings dropout one who stops school drops drops dross waste on top of liquid metal dross thing of less value mixed drought long time without rain drought drying up of earth drove made go drove made journey drown come to death by water drown be loud enough to overcome other sounds drowned came to death by water drowned overcame other sounds drowning coming to death by water drowning overcoming other sounds drowns comes to death by water drowns overcomes other sounds drowse be half sleeping drowsy near sleep drudge person who has to do hard uninteresting work drudgery hard uninteresting work drug medical substance drug having effect upon the senses drug give substance having effect upon the senses Pge p
  • 188. romanian.txt drug NARCOTIC drugged had effect upon the senses drugged gave substance having effect upon the senses drugging having effect upon the senses drugging giving substance having effect upon the senses druggist trader in medical substances druggist chemist drugs medical substance drugs has effect upon the senses drugs gives substance having effect upon the senses drugs NARCOTICS drum hollow instrument of music drum say over and over drum loud, hollow sound drum great metal vessel drum be making music with sticks drumbeat sound of hollow rhythm drums hollow instruments for music drums makes music with sticks drums great metal vessels (for oils) drums says over and over drunk drunk drunken drunken drunkenly drunkenly drunkard one frequently drunk drunken drunken dry dry dryer dryer dryers dryers drying drying dryly dryly dual two dual forming two dub give name dub give sound dubious to be doubted dubious giving cause for doubt dubious having doubt dubious feeling of doubt dubiously in a condition of doubt dubiously open to doubt dubiously uncertainly duck put head down duck water fowl ducked put head down ducked kept away from ducking putting head down ducking running from ducking keeping out of the way duckling young waterfowl ducks puts head down ducks water fowls duct pipe ducted piped ducting piping ducts pipes ductwork system of piping dud thing of no use dude man caring overmuch for dress dude man or boy due needing payment due right to be given due to be looked for due truly duel competition of two dueled did competition of two dueling doing competition of two duels two's Pge p
  • 189. romanian.txt duels competitions of two dues payments duet music for two duff waste on floor of woods dug got earth turned up dug made hole in earth dug worked with spade dug pushed with a pointed thing dull uninteresting dull not bright dull [second] dully uninterestingly dully not brightly dully [second] duly in right order, form, time dumb not talking dumb without power of talk dumb foolish, with slow brain dumbed made for slow brained dumber more foolish dumbest most foolish dumbfound surprise dumbfounded surprised dumbfounding surprising dumbfounds surprises dumbing making for slow brained dumbs makes for slow brained dummied things dressed up to seem like persons dummied made to seem true dummies things dressed up to seem like persons dummies makes seem true dummy something dressed up to seem like a person dummy not having existence dummy make seem true dummying making slow brained dump put down dump sad dump send overproduced goods to another country dumped put down dumped sent overproduced goods dumper thing to put down dumper country that send overproduced goods dumping putting down dumping sending overproduced goods dumps puts down dumps sad dumps sends overproduced goods dumpster great waste vessel dun make frequent requests for payment dun gray brown color dunce bad, slow learner dunce foolish person dune windblown slopes of sand dung animal waste dungeon prison under earth dungeons prison rooms under earth dunghill mass of animal waste dunned made frequent requests for payment dunning making frequent requests for payment duns makes frequent requests for payment dupe give trick dupe person who has been tricked duped given trick dupes does trick to dupes persons who has been tricked duping giving trick duplicate copy duplicate make a copy Pge p
  • 190. romanian.txt duplicated copied duplicated made a copy duplicates copies duplicates makes a copy duplicating copying duplicating making a copy duplication process of copying duplicator machine for making copies duplicity underhand behavior duplicity two-faced behavior durable strong durables things with long existence duration time duress trouble during while during all through (thing going on) dusk near nightfall dusk the half light dusk near to dark dusky dark dust dust dustbin wastebasket dustbin vessel for waste dusted dusted duster cloth for dusting dusters dusters dustheap unwanted dustheap mass of waste dusting dusting dustings dustings dustless having no dust dustman man who take away waste dustpan flat used to get dust dustproof keeping out dust dusts dusts dusty covered with dust duties things right to do duties taxes on goods coming into country duties [second] duty what it is right to do duty tax on goods coming into country duty [second] dwarf little person dwarf make look small dwarfs little persons dwarfs makes look small dwell be living dwell keep one's attention on a thing dwelled was living dwelled kept one's attention on a thing dwelling house dwelling living place dwelling be living dwelling keep one's attention on a thing dwells is living dwells keeps one's attention on a thing dwindle get less dwindle get smaller dwindled got less dwindled got smaller dwindles gets less dwindles gets smaller dwindling getting less dye make another color dye substance to make another color dyed made another color dyeing making another color dyes makes another color Pge p
  • 191. romanian.txt dyes substances to make other colors dying coming to death dying coming near to end dynamic of power dynamic forces producing motion dynamic full of force dynamic driving power dynamically in a powerful way dynamically with motion dynamically with force dynamically powerfully dynamics science of acting of forces dynamics of power dynamics forces dynamics driving power dynamite dynamite dynamited dynamited dynamiter dynamiter dynamiters dynamiters dynamites dynamites dynamiting dynamiting dynasties lines of rulers dynasty line of rulers dyspepsia bad digestion dyspepsia stomach trouble e e., E eelectronic ecomputer e.g. e.g. e.g. for example, ea. ea. ea. each each every, taken separately each [second] eager ready, full of desire eagerly readily, full of desire eagle great bird eagle [verse] eagles great birds eagles [verse] ear ear earache pain in ear eardrop medical substance for ears eared eared earful earful earlier earlier earlies earlies earliest earliest early early earmark owner's mark earmuffs covering for ears earn make, get (money) earned made, got (money) earner one making, getting (money) earnest serious earning making, getting (money) earns makes, gets (money) earring earring ears ears earshot distance sound may be heard earth earth earthborn from the earth earthborn man earthbound held by earth earthbound headed to earth earthenware (rough) pots earthling person of earth earthly of the earth Pge p
  • 192. romanian.txt earthly possible earthman earthman earthquake earth shock earths earths earthward in direction of earth earthwork earthwork earthworks earthworks earthworm earthworm earwax earwax ease comfort ease rest ease make free from pain (trouble) easedrop be hearing private talk on purpose easel support for picture easels supports for pictures easier not as hard, simpler easier more comfort easier not as stiff, free from pain easier go slowly, do less easier [second] easiest most comfort easily not hard, simply easily not stiffly, as free from pain easily go slowly, do little easily [second] east east eastbound going east easterly to the east eastern of the east easterner person of the east easternmost farthest east easts easts eastward to the east easy simple, not hard easy not stiff, free from pain easy go slowly, do little easy [second] eat take food eaten taken food eater one taking food eating taking food eats takes food eats food eaves overhanging edge of roof eavesdrop be hearing private talk on purpose eavesdrop be hearing private talk on purpose eavesdropped was hearing private talk on purpose eavesdropper person overhearing private talk eavesdropping hearing private talk on purpose eavesdrops is hearing private talk on purpose ebb go back from land ebb become less feebler ebbed went back from land ebbed became less, feebler ebbing went back from land ebbing becoming less, feebler ebbs goes back from land ebbs becomes less, feebler ebony hard, black wood ebullient bursting with happy feeling eccentric strange, not normal eccentric not having same middle point eccentricity being strange, not normal ecclesiastic church man ecclesiastical to do with the church echo sound coming back echo say again echo give back sound Pge p
  • 193. romanian.txt echoed made sound come back echoed said again echoed gave back sound echoes sounds coming back echoes says again echoes giving back sound echoing making sound come back echoing saying again echoing giving back sound eclectic not limited in tastes eclipse come in front of the light eclipse get more attention than eclipse loss of light, power eclipsed came in front of the light eclipsed got more attention than eclipses comes in front of the light eclipses gets more attention than eclipsing coming in front of the light eclipsing getting more attention than ecological conditions of living ecology science of living conditions economic of money and goods economic use little economical using as little as possible economically by money and goods economically uses little economics about money economics science of money and goods economies interests, money, goods of societies economies using as little as possible economies [second] economize be controlled with money economize do with less (money) economized was controlled with money economized did with less (money) economizes is controlled with money economizes does with less (money) economizing being controlled with money economizing doing with less (money) economy interests, money, goods of society economy use of as little as possible economy [second] ecstasy great pleasure eczema skin-disease eddies small circling currents eddy small circling current edge edge edged edged edger edger edgers edgers edges edges edgeway edgeway edgeways edgeways edgewise edgeways edging edging edgings edgings edible foods edibles good for food edict order (of authority) edicts orders (of authority) edifice building edit get ready for printing edit selection, change of writer's work edit make decision what to print edited got ready for printing edited selected, changed writer's work edited made decision what to print editing getting ready for printing Pge p
  • 194. romanian.txt editing selecting, changing of writer's work editing making decision what to print edition one printing editions printings editor person in control of paper editorial part giving paper's opinion editorialize give opinion editorials paper's opinions editors persons in control of paper edits gets ready for printing edits selects, changes writer's work edits makes decision what to print educate give education educated gave education educated schooled educates gives education educating giving education education education educational about education educations educations educator educator eerie strange eerily strangely efface take out effect effect effected effected effecting effecting effective having effect effective forcing attention effective working well effective good effectively effect effectively have an effect on effectively good effectiveness having effect effectiveness being of good effect effectual able to produce effects effects effectual having desired effect effeminate woman-like effervescence giving off of gas effete feeble effete on no more use effete has had its day efficiencies doing work well efficiencies [business] efficiency doing work well efficiency [business] efficient good at producing an effect efficiently with small amount of money efficiently well effigy picture in stone effigy representative of person effort work effort force effort hard work effort attempt effort work done effort [business, second] efforts hard work efforts work done efforts [business, second] effusive full of words egg egg eggbeater instrument to whip eggs egged egged egghead theory person egging egging Pge p
  • 195. romanian.txt eggnog egg and milk drink eggplant sort of plant food eggs eggs eggshell hard outer cover of eggs eggshell yellow-white ego the self ego interest in self egoism being guided by self-interest egoist self-interested person egoists self-interested persons egos strong self-interests egotism love of self egotism great attention to self eh what did you say? eh have doubt, surprise eiderdown feather bed-cover eiderdowns feather bed-covers eight eight eightfold eight times eighteen 18 eighth number 8 in order eighth 8th eighties 80's eightieth 80th eights eights eighty 80 either one or the other either [second] ejaculate sudden surprise ejaculation sudden cry (of surprise) eject put out eke able, but hard to make elaborate give more details elaborate detailed elaborate get worked out in detail elaborate complex elaborately in a complex way elapse go by (of time) elapsed gone by (of time) elastic elastic elastically elastically elasticity being elastic elastics elastics elated had uplifted feeling elation uplifted feeling elbow angle of arm elder older elderdown feather bed-cover elderdown EIDERDOWN elderdowns feather bed-covers elderdowns EIDERDOWNS elderly old, getting old eldest oldest elect make a selection elect put in elected made a selection elected put in electing making a selection electing putting in election selection of representative by persons elections selections of representative by persons electoral having to do with selection of representatives electorate persons with power of putting forward a representative electric electric electrical electrics electrically with electrics electrician expert with electrics electricity electrics Pge p
  • 196. romanian.txt electricity [science] electrics electrics electrocute shock with electrics electrocute put to death by electric current electrocuted shocked with electrics electrocuted put to death by electric current electrocutes shocks with electrics electrocutes puts to death by electric current electrocuting shocking with electrics electrocuting putting to death by electric current electron lightest electric part of all material electronic having to do with ELECTRONS electronically having to do with ELECTRONS electronics science having to do with ELECTRONS elects makes a selection elects puts in elegant beautiful, polished elegant in good taste elegantly beautifully elegantly in good taste elegy verses in memory of dead element part element is happily placed elementary early stage elementary simple elementary starting elements parts elephant great animal with long nose elephants great animals with long nose elevate make higher elevated made higher elevates makes higher elevating making higher elevator lift elevators lifts eleven eleven elevens elevens elicit get (news, answers) eligible having necessary qualities eliminate take away eliminate put out waste (from body) eliminated took away eliminates takes away eliminating taking away elimination parts take away elimination waste from body elimination [science] eliminations parts take away eliminations wastes from body eliminations [science] elite the best of a group elite a size of print elitism government by the most powerful elitism having the belief one is among the best elitist one who gives support to government by the best elitist one who has belief of himself among the best group elocute say in public elocuted said in public elocutes says in public elocuting saying in public elocution way of saying in public elocution art of making public statements elocutions ways of saying in public elocutions arts of making public statements elongate make longer elongated longer elope go away secretly to marry get married eloped went away secretly to marry get married Pge p
  • 197. romanian.txt elopes goes away secretly to marry get married eloping going away secretly to marry get married eloquence art of moving hearers by words eloquent moving (language) else other else some other person else in addition elsewhere in another place elucidate make clear elucidate give light on elucidated made clear elucidated gave light on elucidates makes clear elucidates gives light on elucidating making clear elucidating giving light on elude get away from elude keep out of view or grip elusive something able to get away elusive out of view em unit of measure in printing em size of the letter M in printing emaciated wasted away emaciated thin emaciation wasting away emaciation thin email email emailed emailed emailer emailer emailing emailing emails emails emanate come emanated came emanates comes emanating coming emanation something coming from emancipate make free emancipate let free emancipate not ruled by public opinion emancipated made free emancipates makes free emancipating making free emancipation process of making free embalm use chemicals to keep dead body embalmed used chemicals to keep dead body embalmer one who use chemicals to keep dead bodies embalming using chemicals to keep dead body embalms uses chemicals to keep dead body embankment river wall embargo an order stopping trade embargo order against shipping coming into country embargoed gave order to stop trade embargoing giving order stopping trade embargos orders stopping trade embark get (go) on a ship embarked got (gone) on a ship embarking getting (going) on a ship embarks gets (goes) on a ship embarrass make troubled embarrass make it hard for embarrassed made troubled embarrassed made it hard for embarrasses makes troubled embarrasses makes it hard for embarrassing making troubled embarrassing making it hard for embarrassment being troubled embassies embassies Pge p
  • 198. romanian.txt embassy embassy embed get fixed in a substance embedded got fixed in a substance embedding getting fixed in a substance embeds gets fixed in a substance embellish make ornamented embellish make untrue additions embellished made ornamented embellished made untrue additions embellishes makes ornamented embellishes makes untrue additions embellishing making ornamented embellishing making untrue additions embellishment ornamenting embellishment an untrue addition ember red coal embezzle take money one has no right to embezzled took money one has no right to embezzler one who takes money one has no right to embezzles takes money one has no right to embezzling taking money one has no right to embitter make bitter embittered made bitter embittering making bitter embitters makes bitter emblem sign emblem representative sign emblem design for something emblems signs emblems representative signs emblems designs for something embodied had in embodied put in words embodies has in embodies puts in words embodiment having embodiment representative embodiment that which gives form to embody have in embody put in words embodying having in embodying putting in words embrace take in one's arms (to oneself) embraced took in one's arms (to oneself) embraces takes in one's arms (to oneself) embracing taking in one's arms (to oneself) embroider do needlework for ornament embroidered did needlework for ornament embroidering doing needlework for ornament embroiders does needlework for ornament embryo living things in the early stages (before birth) embryos living things in the early stages (before birth) emendation change emendation putting right an error emerge come out of emerged came out of emergencies serious position (needing quick decisions) emergency serious position (needing quick decision) emergency sudden development needing quick decision emerges comes out of emerging coming out of emigrant persons going to another country for living emigrants one going to another country for living emigrate go to another country for living eminent noted eminent important eminently notedly eminently importantly Pge p
  • 199. romanian.txt emit give out emotion feeling emotional quick signs of feelings emotionally feelingly emotions feelings emphasis weight emphasis making a point of emphasize give weight emphasize make a point of emphasized gave weight emphasized made a point of emphasizes gives weight emphasizes made a point of emphasizing giving weight emphasizing making a point of emphatic strong emphatic well marked empire empire empires empires empiric based on experience empirical based on experience, not theory empirically of experience employ give work employ have working under one employ use employed given work employed had working for employed used employee one given work employee one doing work for payment employees persons given work employees persons doing work for payment employer person, company giving work to another employer head of the works employer [business, second] employers persons, companies giving work to another employers [business, second] employing giving work to another employing using employment work employment put to work employment use employs gives work employs uses emporium market emporium general store emporiums markets emporiums general stores emptied put out emptied [second] emptier less inside emptier [second] empties makes with nothing in empties vessels with nothing in empties [second] emptiest least inside emptiest [second] empty with nothing in empty without sense, value empty [second] emptying making with nothing in emptying [second] emulate make an attempt to be like emulated made an attempt to be like emulates makes an attempt to be like emulating making an attempt to be like emulation being like emulator one making an attempt to be like Pge p
  • 200. romanian.txt emulators ones making an attempt to be like en in enable make able enable give power enabled made able enabled gave power enables makes able enables gives power enabling making able enabling giving power enact do enact put law into effect enacted did enacted put law into effect enacting doing enacting putting law into effect enactment law put into force enacts does enacts puts law into effect enamel smooth, hard paint enamel put on smooth, hard paint enameled gave smooth, hard paint enameled put on smooth, hard paint enameling giving smooth, hard paint enameling putting on smooth, hard paint enamels gives smooth, hard paint enamels puts on smooth, hard paint encampment military place enchant give pleasure to enchant put under a strange power enchanted gave pleasure to enchanted put under a strange power enchanting giving pleasure to enchanting putting under a strange power enchantment great pleasure enchantment a strange power enchants gives pleasure to enchants puts under a strange power encircle make a circle round enclose put (something) in enclose keep in a small space enclosed put (something) in enclosed kept in a small space encloses puts (something) in encloses keeps in a small space enclosing putting (something) in enclosing keeping in a small space enclosure something sent (with) under same cover encode put into sign encode make a rule encode make orders for computer encoded put into sign encoded made a rule encoded made orders for computer encodes puts into sign encodes makes a rule encodes makes orders for computer encoding putting into sign encoding making a rule encoding making orders for computer encompass put round encompass go round encompass have in it encompassed put round encompassed gone round encompassed had in it encompasses puts round encompasses goes round Pge p
  • 201. romanian.txt encompasses has in it encompassing putting round encompassing going round encompassing having in it encore again encore cry of approval encores again and again encores cries of approval encounter meeting encounter fight encountered met encountered had a fight encountering meeting encountering having a fight encounters meets encounters has a fight encourage put heart into (person) encourage give support to encouraged put heart into (person) encouraged gave support to encouragement giving heart to encouragement giving sense of support encourages puts heart into (person) encourages gives support to encouraging putting heart into (person) encouraging giving support to encroach come upon (another's land) encroached came upon (another's land) encroaches comes upon (another's land) encroaching coming upon (another's land) encroachment to come upon (another's land) encumber get in the way encyclopaedia encyclopedia encyclopaedia encyclopaedia encyclopaedias encyclopedias encyclopaedias encyclopaedias encyclopedia encyclopedia encyclopedias encyclopedias end end endanger put in danger endangered put in danger endangering putting in danger endangerment to put in danger endangers puts in danger endeavor attempt endeavored attempted endeavoring attempting endeavors attempts endeavour attempt endeavouring attempting ended ended ender ender enders enders endevours attempts endgame last stage ending ending endings endings endless without end endlessly as without end endmost at the end endmost fartherest endmost last endnote notes at end of book endorse put one's name on endorse give support endorsed put one's name on endorsed gave support endorses puts one's name on Pge p
  • 202. romanian.txt endorses gives support endorsing putting one's name on endorsing giving support endothermic a process using up heat endow give endow having (power, qualities, money) endpoint point where complete endpoint furtherest point ends ends endurance able to last endurance (power of) putting up with things endure go through, undergo endure put up with endure go on having existence endured went through endured put up with endured had ongoing existence endures went through, undergoes endures puts up with endures has ongoing existence enduring going through, undergoing enduring putting up with enduring having ongoing existence endways on end endways with the end first enemies other side in war enemies persons hated against enemies nations at war with enemies those not friends enemies [second] enemy other side in war enemy person hated against enemy nation at war with enemy [second] energy working-power energy force enervate make feeble enervating making one quickly tired enfeeble make feeble enforce put into force enforce put into operation enforced put into force (operation) enforces puts into force (operation) enforcing putting into force (operation) enfranchise give business, political rights enfranchise give voice in selection of representative enfranchised gave business, political rights enfranchises gives business, political rights enfranchising giving business, political rights engage give work to engage make start at fighting engage make connection engage take engaged be in agreement to married engaged was fighting engaged make connection engaged took engagement agreement to marry engagement fighting engagement have connection engagement agreement to position engages gives work to engages makes start at fighting engages makes connection engages takes engaging with attraction engaging making start at fighting engaging making connection Pge p
  • 203. romanian.txt engaging giving work engine engine engine processor engined engined engineer engineer engineered engineered engineering engineering engineerings engineerings engineers engineers engines engines engining engining engrave get picture cut in material engraved got picture cut in material engraves gets picture cut in material engraving print from picture cut in metal engravings prints from picture cut in metal engross take up all attention engrossed took up all attention engrosses takes up all attention engrossing taking up all attention enhance give greater value to enhanced gave greater value to enhancement thing giving greater value to enhancements things giving greater value to enhances gives greater value to enhancing giving greater value to enigma a question enigma question (thing) to which there seems no answer enigmas questions enigmas questions (thing) to which there seems no answer enjoy take pleasure in enjoy get pleasure out of enjoy have special rights enjoyable able to take pleasure in enjoyable get pleasure out of enjoyed took pleasure in enjoyed got pleasure out of enjoying taking pleasure in enjoying getting pleasure out of enjoyment pleasure enjoys takes pleasure in enjoys gets pleasure out of enjoys has (special rights) enlarge make greater enlarged made greater enlarges makes greater enlarging making greater enlighten give light upon enlighten give knowledge about enlighten based on knowledge enlightened gave light upon enlightened gave knowledge about enlightened based on knowledge enlightening giving light upon enlightening giving knowledge about enlightenment light upon enlightenment knowledge about enlightenment based on knowledge enlightens gives light upon enlightens gives knowledge about enlist go into (army) enlist get (help) enlisted went into (army) enlisted got (help) enlisting going into (army) enlisting getting (help) enlists goes into (army) enlists gets (help) Pge p
  • 204. romanian.txt enliven make brighter enmity hating ennui feeling that things are not interesting enormous great enormously greatly enough enough enough enuf enoughs enoughs enquire put question enquire be looking enquired put question enquired was looking enquires puts question enquires is looking enquiries questions enquiries requests enquiring putting question enquiring be looking enquiry question enquiry request enrage make angry enrich make well-off enrich make better enrol put one's name down enrol become (one of an organization) enroll put one's name down enroll become (one of an organization) enrolled put one's name down enrolled became (one of an organization) enrolling putting one's name down enrolling becoming (one of an organization) enrollment record of names enrollments records of names enrolls puts one's name down enrolls becomes (one of an organization) ensign sign ensign nation's flag ensigns signs ensigns nations' flag enslave put in chains enslave make completely under control enslaved put in chains enslaved made completely under control enslaves puts in chains enslaves makes completely under control enslaving putting in chains enslaving making completely under control ensnare get (into one's power) ensnared got (into one's power) ensnares gets (into one's power) ensnaring getting (into one's power) ensue come after ensued came after ensues comes after ensuing coming after ensure make certain ensured made certain ensures makes certain ensuring making certain entail make necessary entail give property in line entailed made necessary entailed gave property in line entailing making necessary entailing giving property in line entails makes necessary entails gives property in line entangle get mixed Pge p
  • 205. romanian.txt entangled mixed entanglement mixed position entanglements mixed positions entangles gets mixed entangling getting mixed enter go in, come in enter put name on list enter take part in enter go, start button entered gone in, came in entered put name on list entered took part in entering going in, coming in entering putting name on list entering taking part in enterprise undertaking enterprises undertakings enterprising being ready to undertake enters goes in, comes in enters puts name on list enters takes part in entertain give amusement to entertain have in one's house entertain have in mind entertain be ready to give thought to entertained gave amusement to entertained had in one's house entertained had in mind entertaining giving amusement entertaining interesting entertaining having in one's house entertaining having in mind entertainment amusement entertains gives amusement to entertains has in one's house entertains has in mind enthrall take up interest completely enthrall be very interesting enthrall pleasing enthrall get complete power over enthralled took up interest completely enthralled be very interesting enthralled pleased enthralled get complete power over enthralling taking up interest completely enthralling be very interesting enthralling pleasing enthralling getting complete power over enthralls takes up interest completely enthralls be very interesting enthralls pleases enthralls gets complete power over enthrone made king enthrone give the highest place to enthroned make king enthroned gave the highest place to enthrones makes king enthrones gives the highest place to enthroning making king enthroning giving the highest place to enthuse give signs of great interest enthusiasm great interest enthusiasms great interests enthusiast one having great interest enthusiastic having great interest entice get person to do by offering some attraction enticed got person to do by offering some attraction enticement attraction offered Pge p
  • 206. romanian.txt entices gets person to do by offering some attraction enticing having great attraction entire complete entirely completely entities completes entitle give the right entitled given the right entitlement right entitles gives the right entitling giving the right entity being entity thing entomb put in last resting place entombed put in last resting place entombing putting in last resting place entombs puts in last resting place entrail insides of an animal entrails insides of an animal entrain get into a train entrance way in entrance make very pleased entrance coming in entrance give great pleasure to entrap get by tricking entrapment trick used to get entrapped got by tricking entrapping getting by tricking entraps gets by tricking entre go/come in entre between entreat make strong request entrench make oneself safe entrench make long, deep hole in earth entrenched made oneself safe entrenched made long, deep hole in earth entrenches makes oneself safe entrenches makes long, deep hole in earth entrenching making oneself safe entrenching making long, deep hole in earth entries ways in entries something put into a list entries list of those in a test entrust give into care of entrusted gave into care of entrusting giving into care of entrusts gives into care of entry something put on a list entry place to go in or go out entry place to come in or come out entwine get twisted together entwined twisted together entwines gets twisted together entwining getting twisted together enuff enough enuff enuff enumerate give numbers enumerated gave numbers enumerated given number enumerates gives numbers enumerating giving numbers enunciate say (words) enunciate make clear statement of enunciated said enunciated made clear statement of enunciates says enunciates makes clear statement of enunciating saying enunciating making clear statement of Pge p
  • 207. romanian.txt enure pain becomes normal enure takes effect enure INURE envelop put round completely envelop cover completely envelop put out of view envelope cover for letter envelope outer covering envelope limiting conditions envelope [second] envelopes covers for letters envelopes outer coverings envelopes limiting conditions envelopes [second] envied had desire for what another has envied [second, bible] envies has desire for what another has envies [second, bible] envious be in desire for what another has enviously having desire for what another has environ be in a ring round environment condition environment general (outside) condition environment nearby conditions environment [science, social] environmental conditions of environmental general (outside) condition environmentally with conditions of environmentally general (outside) condition environments conditions environments general (outside) conditions environments [science] environs outskirts of town envisage see in the mind envisage be picturing envisaged saw in the mind envisaged was picturing envisages sees in the mind envisages is picturing envisaging seeing in the mind envisaging having pictures in the mind envoy one sent as representative envoys persons sent as representatives envy desire to have what another has envy [second,Bible] envying desiring to have what another has envying [second,Bible] envyingly with desiring to have what another has envyingly [second,Bible] epic story of great doings epically as of great doings epicly as of great doings epicure one with delicate taste in food and drink epicure good judge of food (wine) epicurial to do with good food or drink epidemic general attack of a disease epidemic general among a group for a time epidemics general attacks of a disease epidemics disease general among a group for a time epigram pointed saying epigrams pointed sayings epilogue end part (of book, play) epilogue addition to play to making its point clear epilogues end parts (of book, play) epilogues addition to plays to making its point clear episode event episode separate event episodes events Pge p
  • 208. romanian.txt episodic made by events epistle letter epistles letters epitaph words in memory epitaphs words in memory epithet name epithet word making clear some quality epithets names epithets words making clear some quality epitome short account epitomize make a short account epoch times epoch special time in history epoch great, important times epochs time epochs special times in history epochs great, important equal equal equaled equaled equaling equaling equality of equal value equalize make of equal value equalized made of equal value equalizer six-gun equalizes makes of equal value equalizing making of equal value equally equally equals equals equanimity quiet equanimity peace of mind equate be equal to equate make equal to equation (math) statement of equal equation [science] equations (math) statements of is equals equations [science] equator line round middle of earth equestrian by horseback equestrian one who goes by horseback equestrians ones who goes by horseback equilibrium balance equilibriums balanced conditions equine of horses equip get the necessary things equip get ready equipment necessary things equipment military man's arms, etc. equipped got the necessary things equipped got ready equipping getting the necessary things equipping getting ready equips gets the necessary things equips gets ready equitable marked by right equity system of right equity general theory (rules) equity amount as owner equivalence being equal equivalent equal equivalent quite like equivalent the same as equivalents equals equivocal having more than one (possible) sense equivocal open to doubt equivocally having doubt era time eradicate take out eradicate take away Pge p
  • 209. romanian.txt eras times erase take out (by rubbing) erased took out (by rubbing) eraser thing for rubbing out erases takes out (by rubbing) erasing taking out (by rubbing) erect put up erect straight, stiff erected put up erecting putting up erects puts up ergo for that reason erode go away by time eroded went away by time erodes goes away by time eroding going away by time erosion rubbing away erosion destruction of earth by weather erotic of love (sex) erotically as of love (sex) err go wrong err make an error errand journey on which one is sent errand short journey to get something errands journeys on which one is sent errands short journeys to get something erratic uncertain erratic making errors erred made an error erring making an error erroneous wrong error error errored made an error erroring making an error errors errors errs goes wrong errs makes an error erudite full of learning erudition learning erupt be bursting out erupted had burst out erupting is bursting out eruption bursting out eruption bursting out of a fire-mountain erupts is bursting out escapade foolish act escape get away escape be overlooked escape special (key), Escape, Esc escaped got away escaped been overlooked escapes gets away escapes is overlooked escaping getting away escaping being overlooked escarpment upright face of mountain escort person going with escort going with escort small warship escorted went with escorting going with escorts goes with esophagi throat esophagi pipe-like body part for food esophagus throats esophagus pipe-like body parts for food esoteric special knowledge esoteric secret knowledge Pge p
  • 210. romanian.txt especially specially especially specially espionage getting secret facts espionage getting facts secretly esplanade public walk esplanades public walks espouse get married to espouse be a supporter espouse take up espoused got married espoused became a supporter espouses gets married espouses is a supporter espousing getting married espousing being a supporter essay prose writing essay short bit of writing on a question essay attempt essay make an attempt essays prose writings essays short bits of writing on a question essays makes an attempt essence chief quality essence chief point essence that which makes thing what it is essence liquid with special qualities essences chief qualities essences chief points essences liquids with special qualities essential necessary essential most important essentially necessarily essentials necessary things establish put up establish make certain establish get started established put up established made certain established got started establishes puts up establishes makes certain establishes gets started establishing putting up establishing making certain establishing getting started establishment business house establishment persons kept for public purpose, such as army establishments business houses establishments organizations kept for public purpose, such as army estate land estate great country property estate division of society estates lands estates properties estates divisions of society esteem high opinion esteem respect esteemed respected estimate rough statement of price estimate put a value on estimate have opinion estimated give rough statement of price estimated put a value on estimated had opinion estimates gives rough statement of price estimates puts a value on estimates has opinion estimating giving rough statement of price Pge p
  • 211. romanian.txt estimating putting a value on estimation rough statement of price estimation value estrangement going different ways estrangements going different ways estuaries river mouths up which sea comes estuary river mouth up which sea comes et al. et al. et al. and others etal et al. etal and others etc etc. etc. etc. etc. and so on etch make pictures on metal etch use acid to mark metal etched made pictures on metal etched marked with acid etches makes pictures on metal etches marks metal with acid etching picture on metal etching making pictures on metal etchings pictures on metal eternal going on for ever, without end eternal [verse] eternally going on for ever eternally as without end eternally [verse] eternals ones going on for ever eternals [verse] eternities very long times eternity time without end ethanol alcohol ether liquid used medically to make person unconscious ether outer space ethic system of right and wrong ethical right behavior ethically rightly ethics system of behavior ethics science of right and wrong ethics rules of right behavior ethnic of divisions of man etiquette rules of behavior in society etymology science of words etymology development of a word eulogies statements of approval eulogize make statement of approval eulogized made statement of approval eulogizes makes statement of approval eulogizing making statement of approval eulogy statement of approval eunuch man without sex parts eunuch servant in house of king in East eunuchs men without sex parts eunuchs servants in house of king in East euphemism pleasing word for an idea euphemistic pleasing words use in place of euphemistically pleasing sound euphonic with pleasing sound euphonies pleasing sounds euphonious with pleasing sound euphony pleasing sound euro Euro euros Euros evacuate go from evacuate go away from evacuate give out evacuate make stomach clear Pge p
  • 212. romanian.txt evacuated went from evacuated went away from evacuated gave out evacuated made stomach clear evacuates goes from evacuates goes away from evacuates gives out evacuates makes stomach clear evacuating going from evacuating going away from evacuating giving out evacuating making stomach clear evade keep out of the way evade get out of doing evaded got out of evading getting out of evading not being straightforward evaluate come to decision of value, amount evaluated came to decision of value, amount evaluates comes to decision of value, amount evaluating coming to decision of value, amount evaluation decision of value, amount evangelist teacher of religion evaporate go off as steam, gas evaporate go away (liquid) evaporate come to nothing evaporated go off as steam, gas evaporated (liquid) went away evaporated came to nothing evaporates go off as steam, gas evaporates (liquid) goes away evaporates comes to nothing evaporating going off as steam, gas evaporating (liquid) going away evaporating coming to nothing evaporation process of getting turned into gas evaporation [science] evaporator instrument to turn into gas evasion getting out (of the way) evasion not completely true evasions getting out (of the way) evasions not completely true evasive not straightforward even even evened evened evener evener eveners eveners evenhanded equal to all evening coming of night evening start of night evening [second, verse] evenings starts of nights evenings night falls evenings [second, verse] evenly evenly evens evens event event eventful marked by important events eventfully eventfully events events eventual in the end eventuality possible event eventually lastly eventually coming about in the end eventually possible event ever ever evergreen evergreen evergreens evergreens Pge p
  • 213. romanian.txt everlasting going on for ever everlastingly as going on for ever every every everybody everybody everyday everyday everlasting going on for ever evermore ever everyday daily everyone everyone everyplace everyplace everything everything everywhere everywhere evict put out (of house) evicted put out (of house) evicting putting out (of house) evicts puts out (of house) evidence facts supporting certain belief evidence statements giving reason for belief evidence be a sign of evident clear evidently clearly evil bad thing evil wrong, bad evil wrongdoing evil [verse] eviler worse eviler more bad eviler [verse] evilest worst evilest most bad evilest [verse] evilly wrongly, badly evilly [verse] evils badly, wrong, bad things evils [verse] evoke make come to mind evoked made come to mind evokes makes come to mind evoking making come to mind evolution development evolutionary on going development evolve become, make, unfold evolve become evolve make into evolve unfold evolve undergo evolve come (from, by) evolve natural development evolve get worked out evolved became evolved made evolved unfolded evolved undergone evolved came (from, by) evolved natural development evolved got worked out evolves becomes evolves makes evolves unfolds evolves undergoes evolves comes (from, by) evolves natural developments evolves gets worked out evolving becoming evolving making evolving unfolding evolving undergoing evolving coming (from, by) Pge p
  • 214. romanian.txt evolving natural development evolving getting worked out ewe female sheep ewes female sheep exacerbate make (troubles) stronger exacerbate make troubled exacerbate make angry exacerbated made stronger exacerbated made troubled, angry exacerbates makes (troubles) stronger exacerbates makes troubled, angry exacerbating making stronger exacerbating making more troubled exacerbating making angry exact without error, right in every detail exact force, get from exact certain exact [science, second] exacted forced, got from exacted [science, second] exacting making without error exacting being right in every detail exacting forcing, getting from exacting [science, second] exaction process to get from exactly without error, rightly exactly [science, second] exacts without errors, right in every detail exacts forces, gets from exacts [science, second] exaggerate make over-statement exaggerate over-do exaggerate make seem greater/worse than it is exaggerated made over-statement exaggerated over-did exaggerated made seem greater/worse than it is exaggerates makes over-statement exaggerates over-does exaggerates makes seem greater/worse than it is exaggerating making over-statement exaggerating over-doing exaggerating making seem greater/worse than it is exaggeration over-statement exaggeration over-doing exaggeration seem greater/worse than it is exalt put in a respected position exalt make great exalt happy frame of mind exaltation uplifted condition of mind exalted put in a respected position exalted made great exalted gave happy frame of mind exalting putting in a respected position exalting making great exalting giving happy frame of mind exalts puts in a respected position exalts makes great exalts gives happy frame of mind exam test examination test examination going into examination looking into examine be looking at examine go into with care examine put questions to examined was looking at examined gone into with care examined put questions to Pge p
  • 215. romanian.txt examiner one giving test examines is looking at examines goes into with care examines puts questions to examining being looked at examining going into with care examining putting questions to example example exampled exampled examples examples exampling exampling exams tests exasperate make angry exasperate make worse exasperated made angry exasperated made worse exasperates makes angry exasperates makes worse exasperating making angry exasperating making worse excavate make a hole excavate get free from earth excavated made a hole excavated got free from earth excavates makes a hole excavates gets free from earth excavating making a hole excavating getting free from earth exceed be greater than exceed go over limits exceeded was greater than exceeded went over limits exceeding being greater than exceeding going over limits exceedingly greater than exceedingly over limits of exceeds is greater than exceeds goes over limits excel do better than others excel be very good, the best excelled did better than others excelled was very good, the best excellent very good, of highest quality excelling doing better than others excelling being very good, the best excels does better than others excels is very good, the best except not take into account except but for except but excepted not took into account excepted but for excepting not taking into account excepting but for exception thing not covered by general rule exceptional not covered by general rule exceptional very good exceptionally very good exceptions things not covered by general rules excepts not takes into account excepts but for excess more than enough excessive more than enough excessively with more than enough exchange exchange exchangeable exchangeable exchanged exchanged exchanger exchanger Pge p
  • 216. romanian.txt exchangers exchangers exchanges exchanges exchanging exchanging exchequer government office in control of public money excise taxes on goods excises tax on goods excision taking out with a cut excite put in motion excite make interest in excite get worked up excited put in motion excited make very interested in excited got worked up excitement worked up condition excitement thing making worked up excitement [second] excitements worked up conditions excitements things making worked up excitements [second] excites puts in motion excites makes great interest in excites gets worked up exciting putting in motion exciting making great interest in exciting getting worked up exclaim say suddenly exclaim give cry of surprise exclaimed said suddenly exclaimed gave cry of surprise exclaiming saying suddenly exclaiming giving cry of surprise exclaims says suddenly exclaims gives cry of surprise exclamation sudden short cry of surprise exclamations sudden short cries of surprise exclude keep out exclude keep away from excluded kept out excluded kept away from excludes keeps out excludes keeps away from excluding keeping out excluding keeping away from exclusion a keeping out exclusion a thing kept out exclusive not readily taking in others exclusive uncommon, different exclusive only one which person has exclusively not readily taking in others exclusively uncommonly, differently exclusively only one which person has excrescence growth excrete send waste out of animal body excreted sent waste out of animal body excretes sends waste out of animal body excreting sending waste out of animal body excretion waste material from body excruciating very bad exculpate let off (person) exculpate let go free excursion short journey excursions short journeys excuse make seem less wrong by giving reasons excuse let person off excuse let (wrongdoing) be overlooked excused made seem less wrong by giving reasons excused let person off excused let (wrongdoing) be overlooked Pge p
  • 217. romanian.txt excuses makes seem less wrong by giving reasons excuses lets person off excuses lets (wrongdoing) be overlooked excusing making seem less wrong by giving reasons excusing letting person off excusing letting (wrongdoing) be overlooked execrable disgusting executable able to be done execute do, give effect to execute put to death executed did, gave effect to executed put to death executes does, gives effect to executes puts to death executing do, give effect to executing putting to death execution getting things done execution put wrongdoer to death executive manager of business executive one who makes decisions executive of getting things done executive branch of government executives managers of business executor one who is acting in the interests of a dead person exemplary very good exemplary acting as an example exempt let be free from exempted let be free from exempting letting be free from exempts lets be free from exercise put to use exercise make stronger by using (body) exercise [second] exercised put to use exercised made stronger by using (body) exercised [second] exerciser one putting to use exerciser one make stronger by using (body) exerciser [second] exercises puts to use exercises makes stronger by using (body) exercises [second] exercising putting to use exercising making stronger by using (body) exercising [second] exert put out power exert make use of one's power exert put power into exerted put out power exerted made use of one's power exerted put power into exerting putting out power exerting making use of one's power exerting putting power into exerts puts out power exerts makes use of one's power exerts puts power into exhale give off (breath) exhaled gave off (breath) exhales gives off (breath) exhaling giving off (breath) exhaust make tired exhaust put an end to exhausted made tired exhausted put an end to exhausting making tired exhausting putting an end to exhaustive completely Pge p
  • 218. romanian.txt exhausts makes tired exhausts puts an end to exhibit put on view exhibit gives signs of exhibit public viewing exhibited put on view exhibited gave signs of exhibiting putting on view exhibiting giving signs of exhibiting public viewing exhibition a view for public exhibitions views for public exhibits puts on view exhibits gives signs of exhibits public views exhilarate make bright (happy, well) exhilarated made bright (happy, well) exhilarates makes bright (happy, well) exhilarating making bright (happy, well) exhort seriously put before a person exhort make attempts to get a person to do exhorted seriously put before a person exhorted made attempts to get a person to do exhorting seriously putting before a person exhorting making attempts to get a person to do exhorts seriously puts before a person exhorts makes attempts to get a person to do exhume take out of the earth (a body) exhumed took out of the earth (a body) exhumes takes out of the earth (a body) exhuming taking out of the earth (a body) exigencies needs exigency need exile send from his country exile person sent from his country in punishment exiled sent from his country (in punishment) exiles sends from his country (in punishment) exiling sending from his country (in punishment) exist be exist be living exist have existence existed had existence existence existence existences existences exister exister existers existers existing having existence exists is exists is living exists has existence exit way out exit go out exited went out exiting going out exits ways out exits goes out exonerate make free from (error) exonerated made free from (error) exonerates makes free from (error) exonerating making free from (error) exorbitant very high (price) exorbitantly very highly (priced) exorcise send out exorcise do away with exorcised sent out (away) exorcisms sending away bad exorcist one sending away bad exotic strange Pge p
  • 219. romanian.txt exotics strange expand get wider (greater) expand increase in size, expansion expand grow expanded got wider (greater) expanded had expansion expanded had increase in size expanding getting wider (greater) expanding having expansion expanding having increase in size expands gets wider (greater) expands has expansion expands has increase in size expansion expansion expansions expansions expatriate one living in another country expatriates persons living in another country expect be looking on as to come expect be looking as one's right expect be of the opinion that expectation what one looks for expectation degree in which event is probable expectations what one looks for expectations degrees in which event is probable expected was looking on as to come expected was looking as one's right expected was of the opinion that expectedly looked on as to come expectedly as looking as one's right expecting being looking on as to come expecting being looking as one's right expecting being of the opinion that expecting with young expects is looking on as to come expects is looking as one's right expects is of the opinion that expedient of help, but not right expediently of help, but not right expedients of help, but not right expedite make go more quickly expedited made go more quickly expedites makes go more quickly expediting making go more quickly expedition journey for special purpose expeditions journeys for special purpose expel send away expel put out expelled sent away expelled put out expelling sending away expelling putting out expels sends away expels puts out expend make use of expend put out expended made use of expended put out expender one make use of expender person put out expending making use of expending putting out expenditure making use of expenditure money used expenditures uses of money, etc. expenditures monies used expends makes use of expends puts out expense money used, needed, for something Pge p
  • 220. romanian.txt expense price expensed money used, needed, for something expensed gave price expenses monies used, needed, for something expenses prices expensing giving account of money used, needed, for something expensing giving price expensive high in price experience experience experienced experienced experiences experiences experiencing experiencing experiment test experiment things done to see the effect experiment [business, science] experimental based on experience experimental done to see the effect experimentally as a test experimentally done to see the effect experimentation testing experimentation things do things to see the effect experimented tested experimented do things to see the effect experimented [business, science] experimenting testing experimenting doing things to see the effect experimenting [business, science] experiments tests experiments something done to see the effect experiments [business, science] expert expert experting experting expertise being expert expertly expertly experts experts expiration end expire take one's last breath expire be at an end expired took one's last breath expired was at an end expires takes one's last breath expires is at an end expiring taking one's last breath expiring being at an end expiry end explain give an account of, make clear explain give reason(s) for explained gave an account of, made clear explained gave reason(s) for explaining giving an account of, making clear explaining giving reason(s) for explains gives an account of, makes clear explains gives reason(s) for explanation reasons for explanation how things take place explanation [science, second] explanations reason for explanations how a thing takes place explanations [science, second] explanatory giving reasons explanatory saying how things take place explicit clear and detailed explicitly clearly, with detail explode go off explode burst explode make very quick growth exploded went off exploded burst Pge p
  • 221. romanian.txt exploded made very quick growth exploder thing to make go off explodes go off explodes bursts explodes makes very quick growth exploding going off exploding bursting exploding making very quick growth exploit undertaking exploit make use of exploit great act exploit use persons wrongly exploitation undertaking to get exploitation use of exploitation use of persons wrongly exploited undertook exploited made use of exploited used persons wrongly exploiting undertaking exploiting making use of exploiting using persons wrongly exploits undertakings exploits makes use of exploits great acts exploits using persons wrongly exploration having a look for exploration discovery exploration test of explore have a look for explore be out for discovery explore make test of explored had a look for explored was out for discovery explored made test of explorer one making discovery in new country explores has a look for explores is out for discovery explores makes test of exploring having a look for exploring being out for discovery exploring making test of explosion burst explosion very quick growth explosion [second] explosions bursts explosions very great growths explosions [second] explosive substance that will burst explosives substances that will burst exponent one making clear details exponent representative exponent power of a number exponential increasing change exponents ones making clear details exponents representatives exponents powers of a number export send (goods) to another country export thing sent to another country export [business] exported sent (goods) to another country exported [business] exporter person sending goods to another country exporter [business] exporting sending (goods) to another country exporting [business] exports send (goods) to another country exports things sent to another country exports [business] Pge p
  • 222. romanian.txt expose make open to expose make public exposed made open to exposed made public exposes makes open to exposes makes public exposing making open to exposing making public exposition account in detail exposition public view expostulate make protest (kindly) expostulation protest expostulation argument exposure making open to exposure making public exposure being open, public expound give in detail expound make clear expounded gave in detail expounded made clear expounding giving in detail expounding making clear expounds gives in detail expounds makes clear express put into words express send at special quick rate express quick, not stopping expressed put into words expressed sent at special quick rate expresses puts into words expresses sends at special quick rate expressing putting into words expressing sending at special quick rate expression putting into words expression look on face expression words expression mathematics signs expression [second] expressionism use of signs for feelings expressionist one who uses signs for feelings expressionless without look of feeling expressions look on faces expressions putting into words expressions words expressions [second] expressive put feelings into words expressive put feelings expressively with feeling expressly put into words expressway chief roadway expressways chief roadways expropriate take (property from a person) expropriated took (property from a person) expropriates takes (property from a person) expropriating taking (property from a person) expurgate take out expurgated took out expurgates takes out expurgating taking out exquisite beautiful exquisite delicate exquisitely beautifully exquisitely delicately extant still in existence extend get stretched out extend make greater, wider, longer extend give extend give kind attention Pge p
  • 223. romanian.txt extend make use of full powers extended got stretched out extended made greater, wider, longer extended gave (kind attention) extended made use of full powers extending getting stretched out extending making greater, wider, longer extending giving (kind attention) extending making use of full powers extends gets stretched out extends makes greater, wider, longer extends gives (kind attention) extends makes use of full powers extension addition made extensions additions made extensive of wide range, stretching far extensive much extensively in a wide ranging way extensively with a wide stretch extensively very much extent size, range, degree extent stretch (of land) extents sizes, ranges, degrees extents stretch (of land) extenuating making seem less wrong exterior outside exterminate put to death exterminate (complete) destruction exterminated put to death exterminated made (complete) destruction exterminates puts to death exterminates makes (complete) destruction exterminating putting to death exterminating making (complete) destruction extermination putting to death extermination (complete) destruction external outside externally on the outside extinct no longer in existence extinction death extinction complete destruction extinguish put out (flames) extinguished put out (flames) extinguishes puts out (flames) extinguishing putting out (flames) extol say one has a very high opinion of extol give voice to great approval of extolled said one has a very high opinion of extolled gave voice to great approval of extolling saying one has a very high opinion of extolling giving voice to great approval of extols says one has a very high opinion of extols gives voice to great approval of extort get by force extorted got by force extorting getting by force extortion getting by force extorts gets by force extra in addition extract (thing) taken out extract get from extract copy from extracted took out extracted got from extracted copied from extracting taking out extracting getting from extracting copying from Pge p
  • 224. romanian.txt extraction thing taken out extraction family line extracts takes out extracts things taken out extracts gets from extracts copies from extradite give up wrong-doer extradited gave up wrong-doer extradites gives up wrong-doer extraditing giving up wrong-doer extraneous outside extraneous having nothing to do with extraneously as outside extraneously having nothing to do with extraordinarily not normally extraordinarily specially extraordinarily strangely extraordinarily surprisingly extraordinary not normal extraordinary special extraordinary strange extraordinary surprising extras additions extravagant using a great amount of money extravagant getting more than is needed extravagant over-free with money extravagant wasting extravagantly using a great amount of money extravagantly more than is needed extravagantly over-free with money extravagantly wastefully extreme very much extreme farthest extreme lastly extreme at the end extremely get out extremely get clear extremes at the far ends extremes farthest extremist supporter of far-end views extricate get out extricate get clear extricated got out extricated got clear extricates gets out extricates gets clear extricating getting out extricating getting clear extrude push out extruded pushed out extrudes pushes out extruding pushing out exuberant in a happy frame of mind exuberantly in a happy frame of mind exude give out (liquid) exuded gave out (liquid) exudes gives out (liquid) exuding giving out (liquid) exult take pleasure exulted took pleasure exulting taking pleasure exults takes pleasure eye eye eyeball eyeball eyeballed eyeballed eyeballing eyeballing eyeballs eyeballs eyebrow arch of hair over eyes Pge p
  • 225. romanian.txt eyebrow [second] eyebrows arch of hair over eye eyebrows [second] eyecatcher thing taking attention eyecatching taking attention eyed eyed eyedropper thing to put drops in eyes eyedrops medical substance for eyes eyeful good look eyeglasses curved glass in a frame eyeing eyeing eyeing eying eyelash hair edging cover of eye eyelash [second] eyelashes hair edging cover of eye eyelashes [second] eyelet small hole for cord eyelid covers of eyes eyelids cover of eye eyelift take away folds round eyes eyepiece curved glass nearest eye eyes eyes eyeshade eyeshade eyeshot distance one may see eyesight power of seeing eyesight use of the eyes eyesore something unpleasing to see (not beautiful) eyestrain eyes tired from use eyetooth pointed upper tooth eyewash eyewash eyewear curved glass in a frame eyewitness one able to give first hand account eying eying eying eyeing F F F Fahrenheit F fluorine F bad quality fable stories fable fictions fables story fables fiction fabric material fabric cloth fabrics materials fabrics cloths fabulous great fabulous great amount fabulous not true fabulous very strange (story) fabulously greatly fabulously very strangely facade face (front) of building facades faces (fronts) of buildings face face faced faced facedown faceside down facedown face to face faceless without a face faceless without note faceplate turning keeper faceplate cover faceup faceside up faces faces facet face facet one side facetious marked by attempted humor facets faces Pge p
  • 226. romanian.txt facets sides facial of the face facile done without trouble facile ready with words facile not deep facilitate be a help in facilitated helped facilities some things to help facilities buildings facilities senses facility something to help facility power of doing (well) facility sense facility being expert facing facing fact fact factfinding discovery of facts faction self-interest (political) group factor acted for owner factor cause producing an effect factor math number that forms a part factor [business] factored acted for owner factored division by factored [business] factories works factories makers factories buildings in which goods are made factoring acting for owner factoring division by factoring [business] factorization making discovery of root amounts factors acts for owner factors causes producing an effect factors math numbers that forms a part factors [business] factory works factory maker factory building in which goods are made facts facts factual is a fact factual is true factually with facts faculties university teachers faculties power faculty university teachers faculty power fag cigarette fag male desire for males fagged tired fagot group of sticks fagot male desire for males fagots sticks for fire fagots males who desire males fail not do what one has attempted fail come to nothing fail come to an end while still needed fail become feeble failed not do what one has attempted failed came to nothing failed came to an end while still needed failed became feeble failing bad point failing not making failing not doing well fails not does what one has attempted fails comes to nothing fails comes to an end while still needed Pge p
  • 227. romanian.txt fails becomes feeble failure not able to do failure coming short of one's hopes failure person who has come to nothing failure thing which has come to nothing failure [second] failures not able to do failures coming short of one's hopes failures persons who have come to nothing failures things which have come to nothing failures [second] faint feeble, not strong faint become suddenly unconscious faint not clear fainter more feeble fainter less clear faintest most feeble faintest least clear fair open market fair judge truly, without taking sides fair light (in color) fair giving everyone his rights fair equal fair good fair [second, verse] fair come out faired smoothing faired came out faired [second] fairer more beautiful fairer lighter fairer judging truly fairer very good fairest most beautiful fairest lightest fairest judging very truly fairest best fairing smoothed fairing well-being fairing getting on fairing [second] fairly equally fairly rightly fairly [second, verse] fairness supporting the rules fairness degree of shade fairs open markets fairs [second, verse] fairway smooth part before the hole fairway regular way into harbor fairy small, delicate being in old stories faith belief (religion) faith system of religion faith true to ones word faith [verse] faithful true to faiths beliefs faiths religions faiths systems of religions faiths [verse] fake false fake copy fake trick faked made falsely faked copied faked made trick faker tricker fakes makes false Pge p
  • 228. romanian.txt fakes copies fakes makes trick faking making false faking copying faking making trick fall fall fallacies errors fallacies false reasonings fallacious wrong fallacious is false fallacious error fallacy error fallacy false reasoning fallback kept back fallback falling back fallen fallen falling falling fallible able to make error falloff become worse fallout falling nuclear bits fallow not farmed falls falls false false falsebottom secret space under box falseface falseface falsehearted person not straighforward falsehood false statement falsehood untrue statement falsehood not true falsify make false falsely falsely falsetto high, forced voice falter be in doubt, uncertain faltered was in doubt, uncertain faltering being in doubt, uncertain falters is in doubt, uncertain fame great name fame much talked about fame public respect famed great name famed much talked about familiar common familiar everyday familiar free (in behavior) familiarity used to, have come across familiarity common familiarity free in behavior familiarity without enough respect familiarize get used to familiarized got used to familiarizes gets used to familiarizing getting used to families families family family famine cause the public to go without food famine not having enough food famine not able to grow food famine condition of almost no food in a place famine time of no food famines times of no food famished in great need of food famous noted, in the public eye famous great, greatly respected famous greatly noted famous [second] famously greatly famously greatly respected famously [second] Pge p
  • 229. romanian.txt fan make air currents fan apparatus for making air currents fan supporter fan opening out from a point fan [second] fanatic one violent in belief fanatic unbalanced person fanatical violent belief fanatical too strong in belief fanatical unbalanced fanatically violently fancier expert of fancier good judge of fanciful given to ideas without existence fancy (only an) idea fancy desire to taste fancy unreasoning idea fancy strong feeling fancy much ornamented fancy have over-good opinion fanfare outburst of music fang dog's tooth fang snake's tooth fanlight window over door fanned move air fanned [second] fanning moving air fanning [second] fans (apparatus for) making air currents fans supporters fans [second] fantasies mind pictures fantasies things not possible fantastic strange fantastic against common sense fantasy mind pictures fantasy things not possible far far faraway faraway farce stage play designed to get laughs farce events coming to nothing farce behavior which all see through fare price of journey fare food fare get on farebox payment box farewell word said at parting farm farm farmed farmed farmer farmer farmers farmers harmhand farm helper farmhouse farmhouse farming farming farmland farmland farmlands farmlands farms farms farmstead farm land and buildings farmworker farmworker farmworkers farmworkers farmyard farm-place farmyard square with farm building round farrier horse shoer farrow give birth (of pigs) farrow pigs produced at one birth farseeing farseeing farsighted able to make good decisions fart pass gas Pge p
  • 230. romanian.txt farther farther farthermost farthermost farthest farthest fascinate interest fascinate have strong attraction fascinate overcome by power if the eye fascinated interested fascinated had strong attraction fascinates interests fascinates has strong attraction fascinating interesting fascinating having strong attraction fascination attraction fascist one with belief in forced behavior fashion taste fashion way (of doing) fashion form (of dress) fashion make, forming fashionable in the latest way fashionable of high society fashioned made, gave form to fashioning making, giving form to fashions makes, gives form to fast quickly moving fast given to overmuch pleasure fast do without food fast tightly fixed, strong fasten make, become joined fastened made, became joined fastener part for joining fastening (parts for) joining fastening [second] fastenings (part for) joining fastenings [second] fastens makes, becomes together faster more quickly fastest quickest fastidious delicate in one's taste fastidiously delicately to one's taste fastness strong place in mountains not readily taken by force fat fat fatal causing destruction, death fatalism belief that events are outside one's control fatality death in smash, war, etc. fatally causing death fatback dried fat from back of pig fate chance fate death, end fate power looked on as controlling events fate [verse] fated fixed by powers that be fates powers looked on as controlling events fates [verse] fathead foolish person father father fathered fathered fatherhood being a father fathering fathering fatherland fatherland fatherless without a father fatherly fatherly fathers fathers fatigue condition of being tired fatigue [business] fatigued tired fatigued [business] fatigues tires fatigues military work clothes Pge p
  • 231. romanian.txt fatigues [business] fatiguing tiring fatiguing [business] fats fats fatted fatted fatten fatten fattening fattening fatter fatter fattish somewhat fat fatty with fat fatuous very foolish fatwa Islam punishment of death fatwitted thick-headed faucet control for liquids faucets controls for liquids fault errors fault bad point fault make protest against fault make responsible for error fault crack in the earth faults error faults bad points faults makes protest against faults says is responsible for error faults cracks in the earth faulty wrongly done favor approval, kind feeling favor kind act done on request favor give approval, support favor be kinder to one than to another favorable giving approval favorable good for favorably with approval favorably goodly favored gave approval favored made kind act favored was kinder to one than another favoring giving approval favoring making kind act favoring being kinder to one than another favorite specially loved, approved favorite person loved, specially one with power over ruler. favorites specially loved, approved favorites persons loved, specially one with power over ruler. favoritism unequal approval favors gives approval favors kind acts done on request favors is kinder to one than to another favour approval, kind feeling favour kind act done on request favour give approval, support favour be kinder to one than to another favourable giving approval favourable good for favourably with approval favourably goodly favoured gave approval favoured made kind act favoured was kinder to one than another favouring giving approval favouring making kind act favouring being kinder to one than another favourite specially loved, approved favourite person loved, specially one with power over ruler. favourites specially loved, approved favourites persons loved, specially one with power over ruler. favours gives approval favours kind acts done on request Pge p
  • 232. romanian.txt favours is kinder to one than to another fawn light brown fawn making attempt to get approval by making over-much of him fawn young DEER fawn jumping up on as a sign of pleasure fax fax fear fear feared feared fearful fearful fearfully fearfully fearing fearing fears fears fearsome causing fear feasibility able to be done feasible possible feast public meal feast very good meal feast [verse] feasted had very good meal feasted [verse] feasting having very good meal feasting [verse] feasts public meals feasts very good meals feasts [verse] feat great act feat doing a hard thing surprisingly well feather feather featherbedding making need more workers featherbrain foolish person featherbrained foolish feathered feathered featheredge very thin edge feathering feathering featherless without feathers feathers feathers feathery with/like feathers feathery light feature point feature detail feature be present feature addition featured made note of featured marked featured advertised featureless uninteresting featureless not having clearly marked points, details features points features details features is present features additions featuring making note of featuring marking featuring advertising februaries Februaries february February februarys Februaries feces waste of body fed gave food to fed put food in mouth fed taken food federal united governments federation group federation organizations fee payment feeble feeble feebled feebled feebleminded feebleminded Pge p
  • 233. romanian.txt feeblemindedly feeblemindedly feebler feebler feebly feebly feed give food to feed put food into mouth feed take food feed be food for feed food for animals feed meal feedback part of output becomes input feeder animal being fattened feeding giving food to feeding put food in the mouth of feeding taking food feeds gives food to feeds put food into the mouth of feeds takes food feeds foods for animals feel touch feel be conscious of feel be moved or wounded by feel have desire feeling feeling feelingly feelingly feelings feelings feels has feeling fees payments feet feet feline of cats feline cat-like felines cats fell fell fell get tree cut down fellow an equal fellow man, person fellows equals fellows men, persons felon person who has done a crime felt had feeling felt had touched felt thick material made of wool or hair rolled flat felt was conscious of felt was moved or wounded by felt had desire female female females females feme woman femme woman feminine of, like women feminine female femininity female-like feminism belief women have same rights as men feminist persons with belief in women's rights feminists person with belief in women's rights femur bone in higher part of leg fen low, wet land fence wall, railing fence (put) railing, wall round fence do trained fighting with long blade fence get out of straight forward answer fencing material for wall fencing putting up railing, wall fencing trained fighting with long pointed blade fencing have an argument fender part for keeping things off fender part of automobile over wheels fenders parts for keeping things off fenders part of automobile over wheels Pge p
  • 234. romanian.txt ferment condition of going bad fermentation process of going bad fermentation process of getting to the right stage fermented old, bad fermented worked up fermenting going bad ferments goes bad ferocious violent ferociously violently ferried took by boat ferries boats for transport across ferries takes by boat ferry boat for transport across ferry take by boat ferrying taking by boat fertile fertile fertilely fertilely fertilization act of making fertile fertilize make fertile fertilized made fertile fertilizer substance for making fertile fertilizers fertilizers fertilizes makes fertile fertilizing making fertile fervent burning, strong feeling fervently with burning, strong feeling fervor having burning, strong feeling festival public pleasure-making festive pleasure-making festoon chain of flowers hanging festooned chain of flowers hung festooning chain of flowers hanging festoons puts chain of flowers fetal about eggs undergoing growth fetch get, go and get fetching going and getting fetching having attraction, pleasing fete make much of a person fetish anything respected to a foolish degree fetishes things respected to a foolish degree fetter chain fetus egg undergoing growth fetus offspring before birth fetuses eggs undergoing growth fetuses offspring before birth feud bad relations between families fever overheated sign of disease fever worked up condition fever [second] fevered overheated sign of disease fevered worked up condition fevered [second] feverish overheated feverish having high body heat fevers overheated fevers worked up conditions fevers [second] few small number few two or three few not a great number fewer less fewest least fiasco done badly fiasco attempt coming to nothing fiascoes acts done badly fiascoes attempts that came to nothing fiascos acts done badly fiascos attempts that came to nothing Pge p
  • 235. romanian.txt fiber thread fiberglass threads of glass fibers threads fibre thread fibres threads fickle changing fickle not true fiction fiction fictional an invention of the mind fictionalize make a fiction story fictions fictions ficticious fiction fiddle VIOLIN fiddle good condition fiddle be playing with fiddle without purpose fiddled made music with VIOLIN fiddled be playing with fiddles makes music with VIOLIN fiddles makes play with fiddling making music with VIOLIN fiddling making play with fidelity being true fidget be moving body unnecessarily fidgeted moved body about unnecessarily fidgeting moving body unnecessarily fidgets is moving body unnecessarily fidgety be moving body unnecessarily fie have shame field field fielded fielded fielder fielder fielders fielders fieldpiece field gun fielding fielding fields fields fieldsman fieldsman fieldstone fieldstone fieldstrip take into parts fieldtest test in true conditions fieldwork fieldwork fiend (unnaturally) cruel fiend one without a heart fiendish person unnaturally cruel fiendish quiet without a heart fierce violent, angry fierce very great fiercely violently, angrily fiery full of fire fiery violent fifteen fifteen fifteens fifteens fifth fifth fifthieth 50th fifths fifths fifties fifties fifty fifty fig sort of fruit fig little bit fight fight fighter fighter fighters fighters fighting fighting fights fights figure form of body figure noted person figure number in sign figure [second] Pge p
  • 236. romanian.txt figured did numbers figured worked out figured [second] figures form of bodies figures noted persons figures numbers figures [second] figuring doing numbers figuring working out figuring [second] file put papers in order file metal for rubbing down file place for keeping records filed keep records filename record place-name filenames record place-names files places for keeping records filing keeping records fill put in fill make full filled put in till full filled made full fillet hair-band fillet boned bit of meat fillibuster make long statements fillibuster make war without authority filling putting in filling making full fills puts in fills makes full filly young female horse film thin skin film picture roll film take moving pictures film motion picture filmed made motion picture filmed making a thin skin filming making a motion picture filming made a thin skin films (takes) motion pictures films thin skins filter apparatus for making liquid clean filter come through slowly filtered made clean filtered came through slowly filtering making clean filtering coming through slowly filters apparatus for making liquid clean filters comes through slowly filthy disgustingly dirty fin arm of a fish final coming last, at the end final no further change may be made finale last division of music or play finales last divisions of music or play finalise fix finalise make decision finalised fixed finalised made decision finalises fixes finalises makes decision finalising fixing finalising making decision finalize fix finalize make decision finalized fixed finalized made decision finalizes fixes Pge p
  • 237. romanian.txt finalizes makes decision finalizing fixing finalizing making decision finally at last finals coming last finals last tests finance controlling of money finance science of money finance give or get money (for undertaking) finances control of money finances gives or gets money (for undertaking) financial money business financial get money for financial [second] financially about money financially [second] financials money business financials [second] find make discovery of find give decision about find see find have experience find get finding making discovery finding seeing finding decisions at law finding having experience findings decisions in law findings discoveries finds makes discovery finds gets finds sees finds has experience finds gives decision fine of high quality fine all right fine in very small grains fine OK fine payment as punishment fine very thin, sharp fined given payment fixed for punishment finely in a fine manner finer with smaller grains finer of higher quality finer more sharp finer more delicate finery beautiful clothing, ornaments fines very small grains fines payments as punishment finesse degree of fine finesse delicate, expert way finesse able to handle with skill finest the most small, detailed finest with smallest grains finest best quality finest of highest quality finest very sharp finest most delicate finger finger fingerbreath finger wide fingered fingered fingering fingering fingerling small fish fingernail fingernail fingerprint fingerprint fingerprinted fingerprinted fingerprinting fingerprinting fingerprints fingerprints Pge p
  • 238. romanian.txt fingers fingers fingertip finger end fingertips ready fining giving payment fixed for punishment finis the end finish end finish polish finish thing making complete, last touches finish look, condition finished ended finished polished finished made complete finishes ends finishes polishes finishes makes complete finishing coming to an end finishing polishing finishing making complete finite with limits fire fire firearm firearm fireball fireball firebase firebase firebird brightly colored bird firebomb destruction with fire firebox firebox firebrand bit of burning wood firebrand person working up trouble firebreak land cleared to stop fires firebug person who makes fires firecracker small burst for noise fired fired firefight short military fight firefighter person who fights fires firefly insect giving off light in the dark firehouse building for fire engines fireman fireman firemen firemen fireplug place on street for water to fight fires firepower firepower fireplace fireplace fireplaces fireplaces fireproof safe against fire fires fires fireside space round fireplace firestorm sudden, violent outburst firetrap building unsafe from fire firetruck fire engine firewater alcohol drink firewood firewood firework firework fireworks fireworks firing firing firings firings firm business firm hard, strong, solid firm [social] firmed made hard, strong, solid firmed made agreement firming making hard, strong, solid firmly strongly firms businesses firms makes hard, strong, solid firms [social] firmware computer program stored on ROM first first firstborn first by birth Pge p
  • 239. romanian.txt firsthand from the producer firstling first of its kind firstly firstly first-rate first-rate firstly firstly firth narrow arm of sea fiscal to do with public money fiscally doing with public money fish fish fishable fishable fishbowl glass vessel for keeping fish fished fished fishlike fishlike fisher fisher fishhook fishhook fisherman fisherman fishermen fishermen fishers fishers fishes fishes fishing fishing fishmonger trader in fish fishnet fishnet fishpond small water for fishing fishtail fishtail fishtail fish-like motion fishwife fish market woman fishwives fish market women fishy looking false fishy making one have doubts fist shut hand fisticuffs fighting with hands fit go into fit do, be right fit suddenly taken fit healthy fits goes into fits does, is right fits sudden takings fits right size fitted put into fitted did, was right fitted made right size fitter one who makes clothing right fitter worker who joins things fitting putting into fitting doing, being right fitting making right size five five fivefold five times as fiver five note fives fives fix make fixed fix keep attention on fix come to agreement fixable fixable fixate fixed looking at a point fixation fixed point of interest fixed fixed fixedly fixedly fixer fixer fixers fixers fixes fixes fixing fixing fixings fixings fixture fixed to building fixture kept a long time fizzle come to a feeble end fizzy with gas coming out of liquid Pge p
  • 240. romanian.txt flabby hanging loose, soft flabby fat soft flag flag flagged flagged flagging flagging flagman man signing with flags flagon wine vessel flagpole stick for flags flagrant without shame flagrant shocking flagrantly as shame flagrantly shockingly flags flags flagship chief ship flagstaff flag rod flagstone flat stone for walkway flake very thin, flat bit flake give off very thin, flat bits flake bits of snow flaked came off in very thin, flat bits flakes comes off in very thin, flat bits flakes bits of snow flaking coming off in very thin, flat bits flame flame flamed flamed flames flames flaming flaming flamethrower arm sending flaming gas flank (back) side flank go round side (army) flank full rate of motion flanked got round flanking going round side flanks (back) sides flanks goes round side flap bit hanging loose flap moving up and down flap blowing about flapjack flat cake flapped moved up and down flapped blew about flapper part that moves up and down flapper young girl flapping moving up and down flapping blowing about flaps bits hanging loose flaps moves up and down flaps blows about flare bright flame flare outburst flare get wider flare thing to give bright light flared made bright flame flared made an outburst flared got wider from top down flares makes bright flame flares becomes suddenly angry flares gets wider flares things to give bright light flaring making bright flame flaring becoming suddenly angry flaring getting wider flash sudden bright light flash come suddenly to light flash [second] flashed made sudden bright light flashed came suddenly to light flashed [second] Pge p
  • 241. romanian.txt flasher makes bright light over and over flasher [second] flashes sudden bright lights flashes comes suddenly to light flashes [second] flashing making sudden light again and again flashing coming suddenly to light flashing [second] flashy over-ornamented flask pocket-bottle flask narrow-necked bottle flasks pocket-bottles flasks narrow-necked bottles flat flat flatbed flatbed flatboat boat with flat underside flatbread flatbread flatcar railway cart without sides flatfish flatfish flatfoot flattened instep arch flatfoot policeman flatfooted unready flatland flatland flatlands flatlands flatten flatten flattener flattener flatteners flatteners flattening flattening flatter flatter flatter say over-kind things flatter make seem better-looking flatterer persons saying over-kind things flatterers one saying over-kind things flattering saying over-kind things flattering making seem better-looking flattery overstatement of qualities flattery false credit flattery sweet sounding words flattest flattest flattish somewhat flat flats flats flatulent having stomach gas flaunt make much of with very pleased air flaunt make a noise about flaunt be forcing on public attention flaunted put on view with very pleased air flaunting putting on view with very pleased air flaunts puts on view with very pleased air flavor quality of taste flavor special quality, effect flavored gave taste to flavored given taste flavoring substance giving strong taste flavorings substances giving strong taste flavors quality of tastes flavors special qualities, effects flavour quality of taste flavour special quality, effect flavoured gave taste to flavoured special taste of flavouring substance giving strong taste flavours quality of tastes flavours special qualities, effects flaw bad point flaw damaging mark flaw something making of no value flawed had bad point flawed damaged mark Pge p
  • 242. romanian.txt flawed made of no value flawing having bad point flawing giving damage mark flawing making of no value flaws bad points flaws damaging marks flaws things making of no value flax linen plant fled went running from fledged fully feathered flee go away from fleece wool fleeing going away from flees goes away from fleet quick running fleet go quickly fleet number of ships sailing together fleet warships of a country flesh soft part of body flesh meat flesh body as desire flesh [second] fleshed put, taken soft parts of body fleshed [second] fleshes puts soft parts fleshes meats fleshes bodies as desire fleshes [second] fleshing putting soft parts fleshing taking soft parts fleshing [second] flew flew flex bend flex get bent flex wire for electric flex covered wire flexibility able to be readily bent flexibility able to make ready adjustments flexible able to bend flexible readily bent flexible readily making adjustments flexor bending muscle flick soft blow flick motion picture flied flew flier flier fliers fliers flies flies flight flight flight flite flightless without power of flight flights flights flighty not seriously minded flighty quickly changing flimsy readily broken flimsy badly made flimsy thin (material) flimsy not strong flinch give sign of fear fling send violently fling make an attempt fling take pleasure flint sort of hard stone flint stone of SiO2 flip make sudden move flip send up (with thumb) flip turn over flip let chance make decision Pge p
  • 243. romanian.txt flippant not serious flippant without enough respect flipped made sudden move flipped sent up (with thumb) flipped made turned over flipped let chance make decision flipping making sudden move flipping send up (with thumb) flipping making turn over flipping letting chance make decision flips makes sudden move flips sends up (with thumb) flips makes turned over flips lets chance make decision flirt playing at love flirt make love for amusement flit be moving softly and quickly flit make change in living place flite flight flite flite fllowship something together fllowship being friends float rest on (in) water float low cart for stage float support (on air, water) float go to, be on top of float get money for starting floated made to rest on water floated moved through air floating resting on (in) water floats rests on (in) water floats supports on water floats goes to the top floats gets money for starting flock group of animals (sheep) flock persons of a church flock great numbers flock [verse] flocked came in great numbers flocked [verse] flocking coming in great numbers flocking [verse] flocks groups of animals (sheep) flocks persons of churches flocks come in great numbers flocks [verse] floe ice-mass flog give blows to with whip, sticks flogged gave blows to with whip, sticks flogging whipping flogs giving blows with whip or sticks flood (coming of) water over land flood come in great numbers flood [second] flooded covered with water flooded came in great numbers flooded [second] flooding covering with water flooding coming in great numbers flooding [second] floods (coming of) waters over land floods comes in great numbers floods [second] floor floor floorage floor space floorboard floorboard floored floored flooring flooring Pge p
  • 244. romanian.txt floorwalker floor manager floors floors flop sudden fall flop come to nothing floppy hanging down, not stiff florid naturally very red florid over-ornamented florist person keeping flower store florist trader in flower flounce quick motions flounce make angry motions flounced made quick motions flounces makes quick motions flouncing making quick motions flounded made violent motions without helping much flounder flat fish flounder make violent motions without helping much flounder fall about floundering making violent motions without helping much flounders flat fish flounders makes violent motions without helping much flour grain meal flour [second] flourish get on well flourish good growth flourish in good form flourished got on well flourished made good growth flourishes goes on well flourishes makes good growth flourishing getting on well flourishing does good growth flours grain meals flours [second] flout openly go against flout give no respect to flow moving liquid flow great numbers coming flow be coming in flow [verse] flowed moved as liquid flowed came in great numbers flowed [verse] flower flower flowered flowered flowering flowering flowerlike flowerlike flowerpot flowerpot flowers flowers flowery ornamented flowing moving liquid flowing great numbers coming flowing long and hanging loose flowing [verse] flown flown flows moves as liquid flows comes in great numbers flows [verse] fluctuate be going up and down fluctuate going this way and that fluctuation frequent change in value, direction fluctuations makes frequent changes flue smoke outlet fluent ready with words fluent expert with words fluent with a ready tongue fluent marked by ready, smooth, use of words fluently with a ready tongue Pge p
  • 245. romanian.txt fluently marked by ready, smooth, use of words flues smoke outlets fluff bit of soft material fluffy soft, feather-like fluffy very soft fluid liquid (or gas) fluids liquids (or gases) fluke something effected by happy chance fluke flat end of ship's hook fluke sort of flat fish fluke flat worm causing disease flukes thing effected by happy chance flukes flat points of a ship's hook flukes sort of flat fish flukes flat worms causing disease flung sent violently flung made an attempt fluorine fluorine fluorine chemical F fluorine [chemistry] flurried had a fall of snow flurried troubled flurries fall of snow flurries attempts to be quick flurry light fall of snow flurry attempt to be quick flurry mixed up flurrying having a fall of snow flush sudden run of water flush colored in face flush go red in face flush send water through flushed sent sudden run of water flushed color in face flushed went red in the face flushed sent water through flushes sends sudden run of water flushes goes red in face flushes sends water through flushing sending sudden run of water flushing colored in face flushing going red in face flushing sending water through fluster make worked up fluster mixed up fluster at a loss flustered be worked up flustered mixed up flustered at a loss flustering getting worked up flustering mixing up flustering making at a loss flusters gets worked up flusters gets in the way flusters makes at a loss flute pipe-like instrument for music flute make ornamented with hollow lines in material fluting hollow lines formed in material flutter sudden move (of wings) flutter quick motion flutter make not regular motion flutter be moving quickly without purpose fluttered made motion as by a bird fluttered motion not regular fluttered was moving quickly without purpose fluttering sudden move (of wings) fluttering quick motions fluttering making a not regular motion Pge p
  • 246. romanian.txt fluttering be moving quickly without purpose flutters sudden moves (of wings) flutters quick motions flutters motions not regular flutters is moving quickly without purpose fly fly flyable flyable flyaway ready to fly flyblown damaged, dirty flyboy flier flyer flier flying flying flyingfish flyingfish flyleaf free half of endpaper flyoff test of airplanes flyover flyover flypaper sticky paper to grip flies flys flys flyspeck waste left by flies flyspeck small error flytrap apparatus to take flys flyway flyway flywheel wheel weight to control rate foal young horse foal give birth (of a horse) foaled gave birth (of a horse) foaling giving birth (of a horse) foals young horses foals gives birth (of a horse) foam white top of troubled waters foam be angry foamed made white top of troubled waters foamed was angry foaming making as white top of troubled waters foaming being angry foams makes as white top of troubled water foams is angry focus point at which rays come together focus chief place focus give one's mind to an idea focus [science] focused put at point at which rays come together focused gave one's mind to an idea focused [science] focuses puts at point at which rays come together focuses gives one's mind to an idea focuses [science] focusing putting at point at which rays come together focusing giving one's mind to an idea focusing [science] fodder (dry) food (for animals) foe person who is against one foe not a friend fog thick mist fog not clear foggy with mist foggy not clearly fogies ones not up to the times fogy person not up to the times foil silver paper foil put a stop to foil get in the way of fold fold foldable foldable foldaway may be folded out of the way folded folded folder folder folders folders Pge p
  • 247. romanian.txt folding folding foldout to up unfolded folds folds foliage leaves foliation earth in flat plates folk persons folk one's family folk everyone folklore unwritten stories folks persons folks one's family follow go (come) after follow take as guide, example, rule follow have as trade follow come after follow-up go further with followed gone (came) after followed took as guide, example, rule followed had as ones trade followed came after follower supporter follower one taking as quite followers supporters followers ones taking following supporters following group taking as guide following has as one's trade following come after follows goes after follows comes after follows takes as guide, example, rule follows comes after followup go further with folly foolish act folly foolish idea folly foolish behavior folly being foolish foment put warm liquid on foment increase foment be cause of trouble fond loving fond dear fondle play with fondle loving touch fondles does play with fondles gives loving touch font (stone) basin font sort of letter fonts (stone) basins fonts sorts of letters food food foods foods foodstuff any substance used for food fool foolish person fooled made foolish fooling making foolish foolish foolish foolishly foolishly fools foolish persons foolscap long (bit of) paper foot foot football football footballs footballs footbridge bridge for walkers footed footed footer footer footers footers footfall sound of footstep Pge p
  • 248. romanian.txt foothold safe place for foot footing footing footlight footlight footlights footlights footlocker lockable box for clothes footloose free to go wherever footman footman footmen footmen footnote footnote footnotes footnotes footnoting footnoting footpath footway footprint footprint footprints footprints footrest support for feet footsore foot pain from walking footstep footstep footsteps footsteps footstool foot-rest footstone stone marker at foot footstool low seat for feet footway footway footways footways footwork using feet fop overdressed man fop man who gives great attention to dress for for forbade not let forbade said a person is not to do forbade gave order against forbearing putting up with (a great amount) forbid not let forbid say a person is not to do forbid give order against forbidden not let forbidden said a person is not to do forbidden given order against forbidding cold, unpleasing forbidding put fear into one forbidding giving orders against forbidding not letting forbids not lets forbids says a person is not to do forbids give order against force force forceable forceable forced forced forcer forcer forces forces forceful forceful forcefully forcefully forcible use of force forcibly by use of force forcing forcing ford way across river ford go across river ford Ford forded went across river fording going across river fords ways across river fords goes across river fords Fords fore before forearm lower part of arm forearms lower part of arms foreboding fear of the future forecast make attempt to say the future forecast say future of weather Pge p
  • 249. romanian.txt forecast statement of weather forecast [second] forecasted made attempt to say the future forecasted said future of weather forecasted made statement of weather forecasted [second] forecaster person making attempt to say the future forecaster statement of weather forecaster [second] forecasting making attempt to say the future forecasting making statement of weather forecasting [second] forecasts makes attempt to say the future forecasts statements of weather forecasts [second] forefather men in the earlier times forefront the very front foregather get together foregather have a meeting forego go without forego not have foregoes goes without foregoes not have foregoing go without foregoing not having foregoing going before foregone gone before foregone no other way possible foreground front part (of picture) forehead part of faces between hair and eyes forehead [second] foreheads part of face between hair and eyes foreheads [second] foreign of another country foreign strange foreign [second] foreigner person of another country foreigner stranger foreigner [second] foreigners persons of another country foreigners strangers foreigners [second] foreleg front leg foreman chief man foreman manager foreman overseer foremen chief men foremen managers foremen overseers foremost first, chief foremost first of all forenoon morning forenoon before twelve forenoon before the middle of the day foresee see before it does foreseeable able to see before it does foreseen seen before it does foreshadow give, be a sign of what is to come foreshadowed was a sign of what is to come foreshadowing being a sign of what is to come foreshadows was a sign of what is to come foreshorten make seem right size at an angle foreshortened seems right size foresight thought for the future foresighted able to see the future forest trees forest wood forestall do something which keeps from Pge p
  • 250. romanian.txt forests trees forests woods foretaste taste of before foretell say what will take place foretell be right about future events forethought looking forward forethought care forever forever forevermore for all time forewarn give word of coming danger foreword bit of writing in front of book foreword go to the front forfeit give up as punishment or by rule forfeited gave up as punishment or by rule forfeiting giving up as punishment or by rule forfeits gives up as punishment or by rule forfeiture giving up as punishment or by rule forfeitures giving up as punishment or by rule forgave not be angry with forgave not give punishment to forgave let person off forge go forward forge iron-worker's place forge form metal with fire and hammer forge get metal in form by fire and hammer forge fireplace for working metal forge make false copy forge go forward with hard work forge put a false name forged give metal form with fire and blows forged go forward with hard work forged put a false name forgery false papers forgery false copy forgery wrong name (on check) forges gives metal form with fire and blows forges goes forward with hard work forges puts a false name forges iron-workers fireplaces forget put out of mind forget not keep in memory forget not take into account forgetful tendency to not keep in memory forgetful loss of memory forgetful given to putting out of mind forgets puts out of mind forgets not keep in memory forgetting putting out of mind forgetting not keeping in memory forgetting not taking into account forging giving metal form with fire and blows forging going forward with hard work forging putting a false name forgive not be angry with forgive not give punishment to forgiven not angry forgiven without giving punishment forgiven let off from debt forgiven not given punishment forgiveness quality of not giving punishment forgiveness condition of not being given punishment forgiveness act of letting person off forgiveness not being angry with forgiveness [second] forgiver say not angry forgiver give no punishment forgives is not angry with forgives not be angry with Pge p
  • 251. romanian.txt forgives gives no punishment forgives not give punishment to forgives lets person off forgiving not being angry with forgiving not giving punishment to forgiving letting person off forgo go without forgo not have forgo give up forgoes goes without forgoes not have forgoing go without forgoing not having forgoing the ones before forgone gone past forgot out of mind forgot not kept in memory forgotten put out of mind forgotten not kept in memory forgotten not taken into account fork fork forked forked forking forking forkful forkful forklift transport able to lift things forks forks forlorn with friends gone forlorn unhappy forlorn uncared for forlorn thing undertaken with all chance gone forlornly with friends gone forlornly unhappily forlornly as uncared for form form formal giving attention to form formal full dress event formal regular in design formal in form, not substance formalize give fixed form to formalized gave fixed form to formalizes gives fixed form to formalizing giving fixed form to formally with attention to form formally with authority format form and size formation structure, order, relation of parts formats forms and sizes formatted made of form and size formatting making of form and size formed formed former former formerly formerly formidable very strong formidable to be feared formidable hard to do forming forming formless without clear form forms forms formula rules formula signs making clear formula ordered statements formulae rules formulae signs making clear formulas rules formulas signs making clear formulases rules formulases signs making clear formulate put into clear, ordered statement Pge p
  • 252. romanian.txt formulates puts into clear, ordered statement formulation rules to make formulation ordered statement of how to forsake go away from forsake give up forseen seen before it does forswear give up forswear say is untrue forsworn said false fort military building made strong against attack forte what one is best at forte (music) loud forth forward, out, on (in time) forthcoming about to take place forthcoming open, ready, given when needed forthieth forty in order forthright straightforward forthright saying what is on one's mind forthwith straight away, without loss of time forties forties fortieth 40th fortify make stronger fortitude self-control (in face of trouble) fortnight 2-weeks forts military buildings made strong against attack fortuitous (by) chance fortunate happy, well-off, happily-placed fortunately happily fortune (good) chance fortune great amount of money fortune see a person's future forty forty forum open meeting place forum meeting for public discussion forward forward forwarded forwarded forwarding forwarding forwards forwards forwent did without fossil body made into stone fossilize make body into stone fossilized made body into stone fossilizes makes body into stone fossilizing making body into stone foster be kind to foster give help to foster make stronger foster be a mother to fought fought foul disgusting, bad tasting, dirty foul wrong, very bad foul against the rules foul bad, violent, rough foulmouthed using bad language found discovered found get started found give a start to foundation base foundation organization (for support of science, invention) foundations bases foundations organizations (for support of science, invention) founded based founded started founder (ship) go down founder one who gets (a thing) started founder be walking badly founding first of group founding giving a start Pge p
  • 253. romanian.txt founding give money for building founding putting down a base foundling baby without a name, father, mother foundries workplaces for metal work foundry workplace for metal work founds gives a start founds gives money for building founds puts down a base fountain springs of water fountain [verse] fountained with water forced into air fountained with a number of springs fountained [verse] fountaining making water forced into air fountaining [verse] fountains spring of water fountains waters forced into air fountains [verse] four four four 4 fourfole with four parts fours fours fourscore four times twenty fourscore eighty foursome group of four foursquare completely square foursquare straightforward fourteen fourteen fourteens fourteens fourth fourth fourthly fourth fourthly four in order fourths fourths fourty forty fowl fowl fowler fowler fowlers fowlers fowling fowling fowls fowls fox thick-tailed, sharp-nosed animal of dog family fox one tricking fox [verse] foxed tricked foxed [verse] foxes thick-tailed, sharp-nosed animals of dog family foxes trickers foxes [verse] foxy quick foxy good looking fraction small part, bit fraction less than one fractions small parts, bits fractions things less than one fractious giving (causing) trouble fracture broken bone fracture crack fracture broken solid fractured broken fractured made broken fractured made into parts fractures broken bones fractures cracks fracturing making broke fracturing making into parts fragile delicate, thin fragile readily broken fragile not strong in body fragile thin Pge p
  • 254. romanian.txt fragment bit fragment broken bit fragment part of fragment not complete fragments bits fragments broken bits fragments parts of fragrance sweet smell fragrant sweet smelling frail delicate, feeble frail not healthy frame frame framer framer framers framers frames frames framework supporting frame framing framing framings framings franchise voice in the selection of representatives franchise special rights frank open, straightforward frank mark to go post free frankly openly frankly straightforwardly frantic greatly worked up frantic greatly troubled fraternal like a brother fraternal of a brother fraternally like brothers fraternities secret societies of young men at university fraternity feeling as between brothers fraternity order of men fraternity group having common interests fraternity secret society of young men at university fraternize come together as friends fraternize become friends fraternized came together as friends fraternized became friends fraternizes comes together as friends fraternizes becomes friends fraternizing coming together as friends fraternizing becoming friends fraud false act, trick fraud person or thing seeming to be what it is not fraud false behavior fraught full of (pain,etc.) fraught having in it (danger, etc.) fray fight fray get rough at edges fray make hole in by rubbing freak strange thing freak unnatural thing freak person with strange ways freaks strange things freaks unnatural things freaks persons with strange ways freaky strange freaky unnatureal freckle sun-mark free free freeboard distance from floor to water freebooter sea outlaw freeborn free by birth freed freed freedman man freed by law freedom being free freedom free from freedoms things free Pge p
  • 255. romanian.txt freefall unlimited fall freehand by hand without instruments freeheart open, free, sudden freehold land over which owner has complete control freeing freeing freelance writer with no regular connection freeloader person living off others, sponge freely freely freeman one having political rights freeman not a SLAVE freemen ones having political rights freemen not SLAVES freer freer frees frees freestyle able to use any rule freethinker free use of mind freethinker opinions other than old way freeway chief highway freeways chief highways freewheel let wheel turn quicker than control rod freewill freely able do freeze become ice freeze become stiff from cold freeze be feeling very cold freeze be fixed freezes makes into ice freezes go solid by cold freezing making into ice freezing going solid by cold freight goods for transport french French frenzy worked up frenzy violent feeling frequencies number of times frequencies rate of sound waves, etc. frequency how frequent frequency number of times frequency rate of sound waves, etc. frequent frequent frequented frequented frequenter frequenter frequenters frequenters frequently frequently fresco wall painting fresh new, different, bright fresh not tired fresh not salt fresh [second] freshen make like new freshen brighten freshen [second] freshly as new freshly as not tired freshly [second] freshman new-comer freshman learner in first year fret be troubled frets be troubled fretting troubling friction rubbing friction not in harmony friction [science] frictions rubbings frictions not in harmony frictions [science] friday Friday fridays Fridays fried made cooked in oil Pge p
  • 256. romanian.txt friend friend friendlier friendlier friendlies friendlies friendliest freindliest friendlily as friendly friendly friendly friendless without friends friends friends friendship being friends friendship loving feelings friendships friends fries potato bits cooked in fat fright fear frighten put fear (into a person) frightened put in fear frightening cause for fear frightening putting into fear frightens puts into fear frightens puts fear (into a person) frigid cold frigid stiff frigidly coldly frigidly stiffly frill edging (as ornament) frill ornament frills edgings (as ornament) frills ornaments fring firing fringe edge, short front hair fritter waste (time, force) frivolous pleasure-loving frivolous not serious frivolous in play frock dress frog small jumping animal living on land and water frogs small jumping animals living on land and water frolic play from from front front frontage facing the street frontal of the front frontbencher political chief fronted fronted frontier edge, limit (of country) frontiersman man who lives on the edge of the country frontiersmen men who lives on the edge of the country fronting fronting frontispiece picture facing first page frontline line of farthest forward frontman first of song frontman public representative fronts fronts frontward to the front frost thin covering of ice frost put thin coating of sweet on cake frost cold frost [second] frosted put thin covering of ice frosted put thin coating of sweet on cake frosted [second] frosting putting thin coating of ice frosting thin coating of sweet on cake frosting [second] frosts puts thin coating of ice frosts puts thin coating of sweet on cake frosts [second] frosty cold frosty thin ice cover Pge p
  • 257. romanian.txt froth white top (of beer, water) frown unhappy look frown angry, troubled look frown not give approval frowned made unhappy look frowned approval not given frowning making unhappy look frowning approval not given frowns makes unhappy look frowns approval not given froze became ice froze became stiff from cold froze was feeling very cold frozen became ice frozen became stiff from cold frozen was feeling very cold frozen [second] frugal cheap frugal doing things cheaply frugal simple fruit fruit fruitcake fruitcake fruited fruited fruitful fruitful fruiting fruiting fruits fruits fruitwood fruitwood fruity fruitlike taste/smell frustrate put stop to frustrate get in the way of frustrated put stop to frustrated got in the way of frustrates puts stop to frustrates gets in the way of frustrating putting stop to frustrating getting in the way of frustration being got in the way of fry get cooked in fat fry fish newly out of eggs frying making cooked in oil fudge sort of soft sweet fudge do something foolish fudge do trick on facts fudges sort of soft sweets fudges does something foolish fudges does trick on facts fuel material for fire fuel firewood fuel oil fuel gas fuel put gas in fueled gave for fire fueled made addition of firewood fueled put oil in fueled put gas in fueling giving for fire fueling making addition of firewood fueling putting oil in fueling putting gas in fuels materials for fire fuels puts firewood on fuels oils fuels gases fugitive person in flight fugitive runaway fugitive short (in time) fugitives persons in flight fugitives runaways Pge p
  • 258. romanian.txt fulfil do fulfil put into effect fulfill do fulfill put into effect fulfilled did fulfilled put into effect fulfilling doing fulfilling putting into effect fulfillment doing fulfillment putting into effect fulfills does fulfills puts into effect fulfils does fulfils puts into effect full full fullback fullback fuller fuller fullest fullest fullness in full fullness is full fully fully fumble feeling about for fumbles feels about for fume smoke fume strong smelling smoke fume gas given off fume give angry signs fumed smoked fumed gave off gas fumed gave angry signs fumes smoke fumes strong smelling smoke fumes gas given off fumes gives angry signs fuming smoking fuming gas giving off gas fuming giving angry signs fun amusement, play fun not seriously fun make sport of function purpose, use function group event functional able to use functionality works well functionally working well functioned worked functioning working functions purposes, uses functions group events fund money (for a purpose) fund support with money fund very great fund store of something fundamental chief fundamental very important fundamental deep fundamentalist one with strong belief in rules fundamentally chiefly fundamentally importantly fundamentally deeply funded given money (for a purpose) funding giving money (for a purpose) funds money (for a purpose) funeral putting a dead person under the earth funerals forms for putting body to last resting place funerals putting dead persons under the earth fungible able to take the place of for another funnel pipe with wide mouth Pge p
  • 259. romanian.txt funnel smoke pipe funnel put into small opening funneled put into small opening funneling putting into small opening funnels puts into small opening funnels pipes with wide mouth funnels smoke pipes funnier more amusing funnier [second] funnies picture amusements in newspaper funnies [second] funniest most amusing funniest [second] funnily amusingly funnily [second] funny causing amusement funny strange, causing surprise funny [second] fur soft, thick hair on animal fur [second] furious very angry furious (driving) at great rate furiously very angrily furiously (driving) at great rate furl get (flag, cloth) rolled up furled got (flag, cloth) rolled up furling getting (flag, cloth) rolled up furls get (flag, cloth) rolled up furnace shut-in fireplace for heating a building furnace great oven for heating metal furnaces shut-in fireplaces for heating a buildings furnaces great ovens for heating metal fungus sort of plant without green leaves fungus plant living on dead plants furnish put things in house furnish give furnished put things in house furnished gave furnishes puts things in house furnishes gives furnishing putting things in house furnishing giving furniture tables, seat, etc. for house, room furniture [second] furnitures things for house furnitures tables, seats, etc. furnitures [second] furrow deep line made in earth made by plow furrow plow-line furrow line on face furrows deep lines made in earth furrows plow-lines furrows lines in face furry being covered with soft hair furry soft, thick hair as on animals furs soft, thick hair from animals furs soft, thick hair on animals furs [second] further farther further in addition further take forward, give support furthermore in addition furthermost farthest away furthest farthest furtive secret fuse make, become liquid through great heat fuse bit of wire that stops over-strong current fuse join metals with great heat Pge p
  • 260. romanian.txt fused made join by heating fused made a join of metals with great heat fuses joins by heating fuses bits of wire that stops over-strong current fuses joins metals with great heat fusing making join by heating fusing making a join of metals with great heat fusion join by heating fusion [science] fuss noise, trouble, protests fussy over-ornamented fussy given to protest fusty (smelling) old futile foolish futile no use futilely foolishly futilely of no use future future futures futures futuristic of the future fuzzy not clear ƒ ƒ ƒ FUNCTION g g G G G GRAVITY G general G gallium gab talk gab power of talking well or much gabbed talked gabbing talking gabble talking very quickly gable pointed structure (of building) gable pointed roof gabs talks gabs power of talking well or much gadget small apparatus gadget machine part gag thing put in mouth to keep person quiet gag an act for humor gag stop free talk gag unable to use throat gage measure gage instrument for measuring, testing gage get the measure of gaged took measure gaged got the measure of gages takes measure gages instruments for measuring, testing gages gets the measure of gain get gain be helped, made better gain get nearer to gain profit gained got gained helped, made better gained got nearer to gainful producing profit gaining getting gaining being helped, making better gaining getting nearer gains gets gains helped, makes better gains gets nearer gait way of walking galactic of the stars galaxy band of stars Pge p
  • 261. romanian.txt galaxy group of very noted persons gale strong wind gallant without fear gallant moving well (of ship, horse) gallant man pleasing to women gallantry acting without fear gallantry behavior pleasing to women gallery covered walk gallery stage forming a higher floor gallery building for works of art gallery the cheap seats gallon gallon gallons gallons gallop quickest sort of run gallop quick run gallows structure for handing persons to death galore in great number, amount galvanize put coat of metal on galvanize make persons do galvanized put coat of metal on galvanized made persons do galvanizes puts coat of metal on galvanizes makes persons do galvanizing putting coat of metal on galvanizing making persons do gambling taking chance gambling chancing much in hope of profit game play with fixed rules game points need to first game ready, without fear game damaged, without full use games play with fixed rules games round of play gang band of workmen(, crime doers, etc.) gang group formed for crime gang group gangbang group forcing a woman gangbanger one of group forcing a woman gangbanger one of band of crime gangbangers group forcing a woman gangbangers crime group gangs bands of workmen (crime doers, etc.) gangs groups formed for crime gangs groups gangster one of crime band gangsters persons of crime band gap opening (in wall, etc.) gap space between gap time between gap nothing gape take long, surprised look gape have mouth wide open gaps openings (in wall, etc.) gaps space or time between with nothing garage building for storing automobile garage building for putting automobiles in good condition garaged put to store garages buildings for storing automobiles garages buildings for putting automobiles in good condition garages puts to store garaging putting to store garbage waste (from food) garbage bad food garble mix up statements garble make facts give false idea garbled mixed up statements garbled made facts give false idea garbles mixes up statements Pge p
  • 262. romanian.txt garbles makes facts give false idea garbling mixing up statements garbling making facts give false idea garden garden gardened gardened gardener gardener gardeners gardeners gardening gardening gardens gardens gargle get throat washed gargle liquid to wash throat gargled got throat washed gargles gets throat washed gargles liquids to wash throat gargling getting throat washed garland circle of flowers garland natural ornament garlands circles of flowers garlands natural ornament garlic plant with bulb of strong taste garlic sort of spice of strong taste garment bit of clothing garmentings putting clothing garments clothing garret top room under roof garrison military station in town garrison put military in town garrulous given to talking much garter leg band garters leg bands gas gas gases gases gash long, deep cut gashed made long, deep cut gashing making long, deep cut gashs long, deep cuts gaslight gaslight gaslit gaslit gasoline oil used to power automobiles gasoline PETROL gasoline gas gasp take quick, short breath gasp near death gasped took quick, short breath gasping taking quick, short breath gasps takes quick, short breath gassed gassed gassed a drunk gassing gassing gasworks gasworks gat got gat gun gate opening ,door, doorway in wall gate number making payment to see play gate [second] gated with doors gated [second] gates openings ,doors, doorways in wall gates [second] gateway way in gateways openings for persons gather come (get) together gather make (cloth) come together in folds gather get the idea (that) gather get ready (oneself) gathered came (got) together gathered got the idea (that) gathered got ready Pge p
  • 263. romanian.txt gatherer person getting something together gatherer farmer gatherers ones getting something together gatherers farmers gathering meeting, group gathering getting the idea gathering the parts in folds gathering getting ready gathers comes (gets) together gathers gets the idea (that) gathers the part in folds gathers gets ready gaudy with cheap ornament gaudy over bright gauge instrument for measure gauge fixed size gauge measure of value gauge get measure of gauged got measure of gauged fixed size gauged took measure of value gauges instruments for measure gauges fixed sizes gauges measures of value gauges gets measure of gauging taking measure gauging getting the measure of gaunt thin, ill-looking gauntlet metal military glove gauntlet long, strong glove gauntlet line of men giving punishment gauze very thin, net-like material gave gave gawky hard to make use of gawky not expert in control gay bright, happy, laughing gay brightly colored gay not normal gaze a long look gazed took a long look gazeing taking a long look gazes takes a long look gazes long looks gear toothed wheel gear apparatus needed for some purpose geared toothed wheel geared worked together geared made connection geared ready gearing toothed wheels gearing working together gearing making connection gearing getting ready gears toothed wheels gears makes connection gelatin jelly-like gem jewel-stone gem very beautiful, valued thing gems jewel-stones gems very beautiful, valued things gender of the 2-sexes genders 2 sex groups gene marker in DNA genealogy family tree genealogy science of making family trees genealogy account of development from early forms general general generalisation something general Pge p
  • 264. romanian.txt generalisations things general generalise make general generalised made general generalises makes general generalist one with wide knowledge generalising making general generalization something general generalization in general generalizations things general generalizations in general generalize make general generalized made general generalizes makes general generalizing making general generally generally generals generals generate produce generated produced generates produces generating producing generation producing generation all persons living about the same time generation stage in the family tree generation age group generation [science, second] generations stages in the family tree generations [science] generator apparatus for making (electric current, generators apparatus for making (electric current, generic general, common generic without trademark generic not special generous giving freely, kind generous great in amount generous with high quality of feeling genes markers in DNA genetic handed down from father, mother, etc. genetically as handed down from father, etc. genetics science of DNA genial warm of heart genital of the sex parts genius great powers of mind genius person having specially great powers of mind genius power to do something of very well genius general feeling (of nation, etc.) genocide destruction of a group, nation genre like group of books genteel great care of one's behavior in society genteel putting on airs gentle kind, quiet, not rough gentle [verse] gentled made quiet gentled [verse] gentleman man with delicate feelings, good taste, gentleman man of good birth, position, education gentlemen men with delicate feelings, good taste, gentlemen men of good birth, position, education gentles makes quiet gentles [verse] gentling making quiet gentling [verse] gently kindly, quietly, not roughly gently [verse] genuine true genuine being what it seems or is said to be genuinely truly geographer geographer geographers geographers Pge p steam, etc.) steam, etc.) pleasing behavior pleasing behavior
  • 265. romanian.txt geographical about Geography geographies geographies geography geography geography Geography geological by geology geologies geologies geologist expert in geology geology geology geology Geology geometric of geometry geometries geometries geometry geometry geometry Geometry germ seeds germ disease body germ [second] germinate development, grow (of a seed, idea) germination birth, growth (from a seed, idea) germs seed germs disease bodies germs [second] gerund name of act ending in -ing gesticulate make signs with the hands (and face) gesture motion of hand, head as a sign gesture act done to make clear feeling, opinion gestured made motion of hand, head as a sign gestured done to make clear feeling, opinion gestures makes motion of hand, head as a sign gestures doing to make clear feeling, opinion gesturing making motion of hand, head as a sign gesturing doing to make clear feeling, opinion get get getaway getaway getgo start getout getout gets gets getter getter getters getters getting getting geyser spring sending water into the air geysers springs sending water into the air ghastly shocking, causing fear ghastly death-like, white ghastly very bad ghetto living places of low groups in towns ghettos living place of low groups in town ghost dead person seen as if living ghost shade ghost person writing for another ghosted making writings for another who takes credit ghosting made writing for another who takes credit ghostly without a body ghosts dead persons seen as if living ghosts shades ghosts persons writing for another giant great giant over-size man giants greats giants over-size men gibber monkey-talk gibberish talk without clear sense gibe (say) unkind words gibe making sport of giblets inside parts of fowl giddy feeling everything is going round gift thing given gift giving without payment gift natural power of mind Pge p
  • 266. romanian.txt gift power of doing something gifted having natural power of mind gifting giving without payment gifts things given gifts gives without payment gifts natural powers of mind gifts powers of doing something gig ship's small boat gig small, 2-wheeled carriage gig small punishment gig work in music gigathousand million gigabillion giga10^9 gigantic of very great size gigged gave small punishment gigging giving small punishment giggle small foolish laugh gigs ship's small boats gigs small, 2-wheeled carriages gigs small punishments gigs has work in music gild put gold on gild make seem pleasing gilded put gold on gilded made seem pleasing gilded well off gilding put gold on gilding make seem pleasing gill breathing-part of fish gill fat part under ears, chin gill 1/4 pint gillie sportsman's man-servant gills breathing-part of fish gills fat parts under ears, chin gills 1/4 pints gilt put gold on gilt made seem pleasing gilt material for making seem pleasing gin machine for separating seeds from cotton gin clear alcohol for drink ginger root with strong taste ginger light red-yellow color ginger with more force gingerly using great care gingerly to keep from damaging gins machines for separating seeds from cotton gins separates bits from gird put band round gird make oneself ready girded put band round girded made oneself ready girder long support for floor, bridge, etc. girding bands to keep clothing on girdle band for middle of body girdle thing going round another girds puts band round girds makes oneself ready girl girl girlfriend girlfriend girlfriend sweetheart girlfriends girlfriends girlfriends sweethearts girlish like a girl girls girls girth measure round girth band round horse gist chief point Pge p
  • 267. romanian.txt gist general sense of statement give give giveaway say secret giveaway something free given given givens givens giver giver givers givers gives gives giving giving givingly givingly gizzard bird's second stomach glacial of ice glacial slow glacier ice mass glaciers ice masses glad pleased, happy glad [verse] glade clear space in woods gladly happily gladly [verse] glamorize had strange, strong attraction glamorize made movingly beautiful glamorized have strange, strong attraction glamorized make movingly beautiful glamorizes has strange, strong attraction glamorizes making movingly beautiful glamorizing having strange, strong attraction glamorizing makes movingly beautiful glamorous have strange, strong attraction glamorous be movingly beautiful glamour strange, strong attraction glamour movingly beautiful glamoured had strange, strong attraction glamoured made movingly beautiful glamouring having strange, strong attraction glamouring making movingly beautiful glamours strange, strong attractions glamours makes movingly beautiful glance give quick look glance slip off after touching glance quick look glance quick sideways motion glanced gave quick look glanced moved off after touching glances gives quick look glances moves off after touching glances quick looks glances quick sideways motions glancing giving quick look glancing going off after touching glare bright, strong light glare give off bright light glare give angry look glared gave off bright light glared gave angry look glares gives off bright, strong light glares gives angry look glaring giving off bright light glaring giving angry look glaring clear, not hard to see glass glass glassed glassed glasses glasses glassful amount to make a glass full glassing glassing glassmaker glassmaker glassware things made from glass Pge p
  • 268. romanian.txt glaze put glass in glaze put coat of glass-like substance on pot, etc. glaze glass-like substance glazed put glass in glazed put coat of glass-like substance on pot, etc. glazed with glass-like substance glazes puts glass in glazes puts coat of glass-like substance on pot, etc. glazes glass-like substances glazing putting glass in glazing putting coat of glass-like substance on pot, etc. glazing glass-like substances gleam soft light gleam light that goes quickly gleam small sign (of humor, hope) gleamed gave soft light gleamed light that quickly went gleaming giving soft light gleaming light that goes quickly gleams gives soft light gleams light that quickly went gleams small signs (of humor, hope) glean take up grain after cutting glean get together bit by bit gleaned took up grain after cutting gleaned got together bit by bit gleaning taking up grain after cutting gleaning getting together bit by bit gleanings what has been taken up gleans takes up grain after cutting gleans gets together bit by bit glee feeling of pleasure, amusement glee song for 3 or more voices glen narrow stretch of low land between mountain glens narrow stretches of low land between mountain glib over-smooth (talker) glide go with smooth motion glide go softly glide go from one to another without clear line of division glided went with smooth motion glided went softly glided went from one to another without clear line of division glider airplane without engine glider moving seat glides goes with smooth motion glides goes softly glides goes from one to another without clear line of division gliding going with smooth motion gliding going softly gliding going from one to another without clear line of division glimmer (give) feeble, uncertain light glimpse short, unclear view glimpse get quick view glint bright light glisten be bright with points of light glisten points of light from raindrop in sun glitch error glitches errors glitter bright look glitter dancing points of light glitter be bright gloat take great pleasure in the unhappy condition of another gloated took great pleasure in the unhappy condition of another gloating taking great pleasure in the unhappy condition of another gloats takes great pleasure in the unhappy condition of another global all earth globally all earth globe thing in ball form Pge p
  • 269. romanian.txt globe map of round earth globe earth globes things in ball form globes maps of round earth globes earth gloom dark condition gloom unhappy feeling, without hope gloomy be full of unhappy feeling gloried respect given for great doings glories respect given for great doings glorified given very great respect glorify give very great respect glorious very beautiful, first-rate gloriously a given respect for great doings glory a great name glory be pleased glory respect given for great doings glory greatly happy gloss polish not going very deep gloss make seem right when it is not glossaries list giving senses of special words used glossary lists giving senses of special words used glossy bright, polished glove glove gloved gloved glover glover glovers glovers gloves gloves gloving gloving glow (give off) light and heat without flame glow (have) a warm color glow be feeling healthily warm glow be moved by glowed gave off light and heat without flame glowed had a warm color glowed was feeling healthily warm glowed was moved by glower give an angry look glowing giving off light and heat without flame glowing has a warm color glowing being healthily warm glowing be moved by glows gives off light and heat without flame glows has a warm color glows is feeling healthily warm glows is moved by glue sticky substance for joining glue get fixed glued get fixed glues gets fixed glues sticky substances for joining gluing getting fixed glum unhappy glum bad humored glumly unhappily glut over-much glutton one taking over-much food gluttonous given to taking over-much food gluttony behavior of taking over-much glycerin glycerin glycerins glycerins gnarled rough, twisted gnat small biting fly gnats small biting flies gnaw go on biting at gnaw be troubling for a long time gnome small being living under earth in old stories gnomes small being living under earth in old stories Pge p
  • 270. romanian.txt go go goad be driving, wounding goad stick for driving animals goal prison goal end, purpose goal town prison goal point (by player) goal making person do by wounding feelings goalie player to keep ball out goals ends, purposes goals points (by players) goat goat goatherd one caring for goats goatskin leather from a goat goats goats God God god higher being God highest being god God God [verse] god [second, verse] goddam ordering punishment goddam said in violent language goddamn ordering punishment goddamn said in violent language goddess female of great beauty goddess woman of great respect godfather responsible for religion training godfather chief of crime godforsaken without comfort godforsaken unhappy godless without belief in God godless bad godlike like a higher being godly God-fearing godly with deep feeling for religion godly [second, verse] godmother responsible for religion training godparent responsible for gods higher beings gods [second, verse] godsend happy chance godsend a great help godsent happy chance godsent a great help goer goer goers goers goes goes goest go goeth goes goggle be rolling eyes foolishly goggle eyes very wide open goggles eyeglasses for keeping out dust going going goings goings gold gold goldbrick of no value golden of great value golden gold in color golder golder goldest goldest goldfish goldfish goldfishes goldfishes goldplated of great value goldtone of gold color golem unnatural man golf outdoor sport sending small balls into small holes golfed made sport with small balls and small holes Pge p
  • 271. romanian.txt golfer person making sport sending small balls into holes golfing doing outdoor sport golfing sending small balls into holes golfs makes outdoor sport with small balls and small holes gone gone goner goner goners goners gong bell for meals gong plate producing long, deep sound when given blows good good good morning Good morning goodbye word said at parting good-bye word said at parting goodlooking goodlooking good-looking good-looking good-morning Good-morning goodbye word said at parting goodbyes words said at parting goodies a sweet goodies things given goodies persons with air of being very good goodlooking good looking goodly goodly goodman goodman goodmorning Good morning goodness a good thing goodness a word of surprise goodnight goodnight goods goods goodwill kind feeling goodwill trading connections looked on as part of value of business goody very good goody person with tendency to be shocked google Google google look on Internet gore thick blood from wounds gore make a wound with horns gored made a wound with horns gorge narrow opening gorge opening within mountains gorge take over-much food gorge make over-full gorgeous overpoweringly beautiful gorgeous brightly colored, much ornamented gorgeously overpoweringly beautiful gorgeously brightly colored, much ornamented goround one of a number of meetings gospel teachings, belief gospel something completely true gospel any of first 4 books of Bible gospels teachings, beliefs gospels first 4 books of Bible gossamer thread made by SPIDER gossamer any thin, delicate material gossip talk about gossiped talked about gossiping talking about gossips talks about got got gotta has got to gotten gotten gouge curved blade for cutting hollows in wood gouge wood-working instrument gouge get cut out gouged got cut out gouges curved blades for cutting hollows in wood gouges wood-working instruments gouges gets cut out Pge p
  • 272. romanian.txt gouging getting cut out govern be ruling govern have controlling effect on govern make necessary governed was ruling governed had controlling effect on governed made necessary governed persons given government governess woman teacher of small persons in private family governing be ruling governing having controlling effect on governing making necessary government government governmental of government governments governments governor governor governors governors governorship office of governor governs is ruling governs has controlling effect on governs makes necessary gown long dress gown overdress (used by judges, university teachers) gowned put on long dress gowned given dress of authority gowns long dresses gowns overdress (used by judges, university teachers) gowns puts ornament grab take roughly grab make an attempt to get grabbed took roughly grabbed made an attempt to get grabbing taking roughly grabbing making an attempt to get grabs takes roughly grabs makes an attempt to get grace attraction grace smooth controlled motion grace [verse] graced made pleasing graced [verse] graceful pleasing (line) graceful smooth (motion) gracefully with pleasing, smooth motion graceless without shame graceless bad gracelessly without shame gracelessly badly graces pleasing acts graces [verse] gracing pleasing gracing [verse] gracious having pleasing way gracious kind to those in lower position grade degree in a scale grade group of same degree grade slope grade make more regular graded make more regular graded of same degree graded sloped graded made more regular grades degrees in a scale grades group of same degree grades slopes grades makes more regular gradient slope gradient degree of slope Pge p
  • 273. romanian.txt gradient rate of change grading giving degrees on a scale grading sloping grading making more regular gradual slow, by stages gradually slowly, by degrees graduate person with a degree graduate take a degree graduate put in order of degrees on a scale graduated took a degree graduated marked on a scale graduates persons with a degree graduates takes a degree graduating taking a degree graduating marking on a scale graduation becoming a person with a degree graffiti rough writings on a public wall graffito rough writings on a public wall graft put a bit of one tree in another graft political profits in ways against the law grain grain grained grained grainer grainer grainers grainers grainfield grainfield graining graining grains grains gram gram grammar rules of language grammars first rules grammatical keeping rules of language gramme gram gramme gramme gramophone gramophone gramophone record player grams grams granary grain-store grand good grand great grand important grand chief grand most important grand thousand grand [second] grandchild son or daughter of one's son or daughter grandchildren sons and daughters of one's son or daughter granddaughter daughter of one's son or daughter grander better, greater, more important grander [second] grandeur quality of being great, important grandfather father's father grandfather mother's father grandfather let go on grandfathered had offspring from offspring grandfathered let go on grandfathering having offspring from offspring grandfathering letting go on grandfatherly kindly grandly as great, important grandly [second] grandmother mother of one's father or mother grandparent father or mother of one's father or mother grands great-mothers and fathers grands thousands grands [second] grandson son of one's son grandson son of one's daughter granite hard, gray stone Pge p
  • 274. romanian.txt grant give (in law) grant give agreement as true grant looking on as certain grant money granted gave, given (in law) granted gave, given agreement as true granted looked on as certain granting giving (in law) granting giving agreement as true granting looking on as certain grants gives (in law) grants gives agreement as true grants looking on as certain grants money grape berry from which wine is made grape [verse] grapes berries from which wine is made grapes [verse] graph curve on squared paper graphic line picture graphic giving clear, full picture graphical with line picture graphical giving clear, full picture graphically with line picture graphically giving clear, full picture graphics line pictures graphics giving clear, full picture graphing making clear relation between amounts of different things graphs line pictures grapple get a grip of grapple be fighting in tight grip grapple make attempts to do (something hard) grapple make attempts to overcome something hard grapple gripping instrument grasp get a grip grasp take in with mind grasp make attempt to get grasped get a grip grasped took in with mind grasped made attempt to get grasping getting a grip grasping taking in with mind grasping making attempt to get grasps gets a grip grasps takes in with mind grasps makes attempt to get grass grass grassed grassed grasses grasses grasshopper jumping insect grassing grassing grassland grassland grasslike grasslike grassy covered with grass grate metal frame grate get rubbed into bits grateful comforting grateful having feeling of debt to person who has been kind grateful [second] gratefully comfortingly gratefully as having a feeling of debt gratefully [second] grater machine for making earth level gratification pleased gratification reward grating frame-work of rods grating making into bits by rubbing gratis without payment Pge p
  • 275. romanian.txt gratitude having feeling of debt to person who has been kind gratuitous given, done without payment gratuitous unnecessary, done without good reason gratuitously without payment gratuitously unnecessarily done gratuity small amount of money given for help grave places in earth where dead body is put grave get cut in stone grave serious gravel small stones gravel put small stones over graveled put small stones over graveling putting small stones over gravels small stones gravels puts small stones over graves places in earth where dead body is put graves gets cut in stone gravitation force of attraction gravitational to do with attraction between bodies gravities forces of attraction gravities G-forces gravity serious air gravity weight gravity force of attraction gravity G-force gray gray graybeard old man grayed grayed grayer grayer grayest grayest greayheaded having gray hair grayheaded old graying graying grayly grayly grayness having gray grays grays graze take grass as food graze soft touch while going past graze rub graze get skin rubbed off grazed took grass as food grazed gave soft touch while going past grazed rubbed grazed got skin rubbed off grazes takes grass as food grazes gives soft touch while going past grazes rubs grazes gets skin rubbed off grazing taking grass as food grazing giving soft touch while going past grazing rubbing grazing skin rubbed off grease thick oil grease fat substance grease put on thick oil grease [second] greased put on thick oil greased [second] greaser one putting on thick oil greaser [second] greases thick oils greases fat substances greases puts on thick oil greases [second] greasing putting on thick oil greasing [second] greasy sticky with thick oil greasy over smooth in behavior Pge p
  • 276. romanian.txt great great greatcoat greatcoat greater greater greatest greatest greathearted strong, giving greatly greatly greatness being great greats greats greed great desire for more greed taking more than necessary greedy having desire for more greedy taking more than necessary green green green troubled by outside conditions greenback American paper money greened greened greener greener greenery green plants, leaves greenest greenest greengrocer tradesman in plant foods and fruit greenhorn person with little experience greenhouse glass-house greenhouse glass house for delicate plants greening greening greenskeeper greenskeeper greenlight greenlight greenlight approval greenly greenly greenroom actor's waiting room greens greens greens persons troubled by outside conditions greensward stretch of green grass greenway greenway greet say words on meeting greet come to the eyes, ears greeted said words on meeting greeted came to the eyes, ears greeter one who first meets greeters persons who first meet greeting words said on meeting greets says kind words on meeting greets comes to the eyes, ears grew grew grey gray grey grey greybeard old man greyed grayed greyed greyed greyer grayer greyer greyer greyest grayest greyest greyest greyhound dog noted for good nose greying graying greying greying greyly grayly greyly greyly greys grays greys greys grid wire network grid system of wires for electric current grid network of lines grids networks (of lines, wires) grids systems of wires for electric current grief deep sad feeling grief trouble grief bad end grief [second, verse] Pge p
  • 277. romanian.txt griefs deep sad feelings griefs troubles griefs [second, verse] grievance reason for protest grieved troubled grieved had deep sad feelings grieved [second, verse] grieving having deep sad feelings grieving [second, verse] grill wire network for cooking grill cook on an open fire grill make request strongly grilled cooked on an open fire grilled made request strongly grilling cooking on an open fire grilling making request strongly grills wire network for cooking grills cooks on an open fire grills makes request strongly grim hard, cruel grim causing great pain grim shocking grimace look of pain, disgust grimace make a face grime dust, dirty marks grimly hard, cruelly grimly full of pain grimmy full of dust grin wide smile grind get crushed (powdered) grind hard work grinding getting crushed (powdered) grinding hard work grinds gets crushed (powdered) grinds hard works grinds degree of powder grip grip gripped gripped gripper gripper grippers grippers gripping gripping grippingly grippingly grips grips gristle hard fat in meat gristle CARTILAGE grit sand grit small bits grit face troubles well grit keep teeth tightly together grives has deep sad feelings groan (make) deep low sounds of pain groan be weighted down groaned made deep low sounds of pain groaned was weighted down groaning making deep low sounds of pain groaning being weighted down groans (makes) deep low sounds of pain groans is weighted down grocer trader in foods groceries foods groceries [second] grocery food store grocery [second] groom take care of horses groom get brushed, combed groom well dressed grooming taking care of horses grooming getting brushed, combed Pge p
  • 278. romanian.txt grooming well dressed groove (make) deep (hollow) line groove fixed way of living groove [science] grooved (made) deep, hollow lines grooved [science] grooves (makes) deep, hollow lines grooves [science] grooving (making) deep, hollow lines grooving [science] grope feel about in the dark groped was feeling about groping be feeling about for groping in the dark gross not delicate, clearly bad gross all income gross 144 gross [business] grossed made from all income grossed got from all income grossed [business] grosses makes from all income grosses [business] grossing making income grossing getting from all income grossing [business] grossly roughly grossly undelicately grossly [business] ground earth, land ground give good training ground floor ground get onto land ground reason ground in small bits ground [second] grounded line to earth grounded make land grounded well reasoned grounded [second] grounder ball going low grounder [second] grounding going to earth grounding good training grounding [second] groundkeeper man looking after sporting lands groundless without good reason grounds reasons grounds space round house grounds [second] groundsman man looking after sporting lands groundswell increasing force groundswell great wave groundwork first work groundwork base of a thing group group grouped grouped grouping grouping groupings groupings groups groups groupthink group tendency to agreement grouse sort of bird with feathered feet grouse voice protest grovel go down before someone feared grovel make clear one's low opinion of oneself groveled went down before someone feared groveled made clear one's low opinion of oneself groveling going down before someone feared Pge p
  • 279. romanian.txt groveling making clear one's low opinion of oneself grovels goes down before someone feared grovels makes clear one's low opinion of oneself grow grow grower grower growers growers growing growing growingly growingly growl low angry sound in throat growl angry sound of dog grown developed grown made growth grown full development grown got greater grows grows growth growth grub get earth turned up grub get up by roots grub do hard, uninteresting work grub food grubby dirty grudge not pleased grudge bad feeling grudge unwilling to give grudging unready, not pleased, to give gruel thin soup of boiled meat grueled did hard work grueled made very tired grueling hard punishment grueling a bad time grueling hard to undergo grueling making very tired gruels thin soups of boiled meat gruesome causing fear, disgust gruff rough gruff unpleasing in voice, behavior grumble protest grumble low deep noise like thunder grumpy bad humored grunt make low, deep noise in throat grunt noise of a pig grunt common solider guarantee give support to (a statement) guarantee be responsible for guarantee [business] guaranteed gave support to (a statement) guaranteed was responsible for guaranteed [business] guaranteeing giving support to (a statement) guaranteeing being responsible for guaranteeing [business] guaranteer one giving support to (a statement) guaranteer person responsible for guaranteer [business] guarantees gives support to (a statement) guarantees is responsible for guarantees [business] guard person looking after guard looking after guard watchman guard [science, second] guarded looked after guarded watched guarded [science, second] guardedly with care guardedly on lookout for danger guardedly [science, second] guardian one keeping safe Pge p
  • 280. romanian.txt guardian person taking care of guardian one responsible for care guarding looking after guarding watching guarding [science, second] guards (persons) looking after guards watchmen guards [science, second] guardsman man in the Guard guardsmen men in the Guard guess opinion guess make uncertain statement guess it seems to me guess [second] guessed got it roughly guessed made uncertain statement guessed [second] guesser person making uncertain statement guesser [second] guesses opinions guesses makes uncertain statement guesses [second] guessing saying opinion guessing making uncertain statement guessing [second] guest person in another's house guest person at table guest one taking room at a hotel guest [verse] guests persons in another's house guests persons at tables guests persons taking room at a hotel guests [verse] guidance act of guiding guidance opinion guidance help guide guide guidebook guidebook guided guided guideline rule for decisions guideline sense of right guidelines rules for decisions guidelines sense of right guider guider guiders guiders guides guides guiding guiding guidepost road sign guild society for common purpose guilds societies for common purpose guile acting falsely guile using tricks guillotine machine for cutting off heads guilt wrongdoing guilt sense of shame guilty has done wrong guitar music instrument with 6-cords guitars music instruments with 6-cords gulf inlet of sea gulf deep hollow cut in earth gulf wide division gulf separating opinions gull sea bird gullet throat gullibility over-ready with belief gullible over-ready with belief gulls sea bird gulp take (food) down quickly Pge p
  • 281. romanian.txt gulp take in great amounts gum sticky substance gum base of teeth gum [second] gummed put sticky substance gummed [second] gumming putting sticky substance gumming [second] gums sticky substances gums base of teeth gums [second] gun gun gun-carriage gun-carriage gunboat gunboat gunboats gunboats gunfight gunfight gunfighter gunfighter gunfire gunfire gunmetal gunmetal gunman gunman gunmen gunmen gunned gunned gunner gunner gunners gunners gunning gunning gunpowder gunpowder gunrunner one in secret trade in guns gunrunnering secret trade in guns guns guns gunship gunship gunship armed helicopter gunshot sound of gun gunshot range of gun gunslinger gunman gunsmith one who put guns in good condition gurgle noise of water coming out of bottle gunwale upper edge of side of boat gush sudden outburst gush be overdoing signs of pleasure gusher hole in earth giving out oil gust sudden, violent wind gust angry feeling gusting making sudden, violent wind gusto great pleasure gusts sudden, violent winds gut stomach gut inside parts guts stomach, inside parts guts without fear gutter roadside drain gutter roof drain guttural (noise) produced by throat guy men, boys guys man, boy gym place for body training gymnasium place for body training gynecological about women conditions gynecology science of woman's diseases gynecology woman's medical h h H H H hydrogen H HEROIN ha surprise ha pleasure habit tendencies, regular ways of acting habit dress of religion habit [second, business] Pge p
  • 282. romanian.txt habits tendency, regular way of acting habits [second, business] hack rough cut (wound) hack short, dry cough hack taxi hacked did roughly hacked made short, dry coughs hacked went into the computer of another hacker computer expert for pleasure hackers low computer experts hacking making rough cuts hacking doing short, dry coughs hackney horse for let hackneyed common, much used hacks makes rough cuts hacks coughs hacks taxis hacks goes into the computer of others hacksaw narrow saw for cutting metal had had hag (old) woman with unpleasing looks haggard ill looking haggard tired looking haggle have an argument about the price haggled had an argument about the price haggles has an argument about the price haggling having an argument about the price hags (old) women with unpleasing looks hail rain turned to ice hail give good day to hailed made rain turned to ice hailed gave cry to hailing making rain turned to ice hailing made cry to hails gives rain turned to ice hails makes a cry for hair hair haircut haircut haircuts haircuts haircutting haircutting haired haired hairless without hair hairline very small degree of difference hairline line of hair above face hairpin hairpin hairpin formed like a U hairs hairs hairsbreath very small space hairsplitting being very small different hairsplitting giving attention to unimportant sense hairspring very small spring hairstyle look of the hair hairtrigger put in motion by small impulse hairy with much hair half half halfhearted little interest halftime rest time between halves halftone with shades of black and white halftone pictures made of points halftones with shades of black and white halftones picture made of points halfway halfway hall (buildings with) great public rooms hall space near door hall great country house hall great room for meals halls great public room halls building with great public room Pge p
  • 283. romanian.txt halls spaces near doors halls great country houses halls great rooms hallucination seeing something that is not there hallucination seeming to see things hallucination a trick of the eyes (mind) hallway walkway between doors halo ring (circle) of light round head halt stop halted stopped halter head band (for horse) halter thing for keeping in position halter cord (for hanging) halter woman's shirt with top of arms free halting stopping haltingly with stopping halts stops halve one half halve make half halved made half halves a separate half halves makes half halving making half ham top part of pig leg ham person given to making humor hammer hammer hammered hammered hammerer hammerer hammerhead hammerhead hammering hammering hammers hammers hammock hanging bed hamper basket hamper get in the way hand hand handbag handbag handball handball handbasket handbasket handbill advertisement handbook handbook handblown made by a glass blower handcart handcart handcrafted made by hand handcuff chain for the hands handcuffed put chain on hands handcuffing putting chain on hands handcuffs chains for the hands handed handed hander hander handful small number handful amount that goes in a hand handful person giving trouble handgrip handgrip handgrips handgrips handgun handgun handguns handguns handhold handgrip handholds handgrips handicap things in the way of handicaps something in the way of handicraft handwork handicraft art of handwork handing handing handiwork work done by hand handkerchief square of linen (for blowing nose) handkerchief [second] handkerchiefs squares of linen( for blowing nose) handkerchiefs [second] Pge p
  • 284. romanian.txt handle part of thing for gripping handle put one's hands on handle take care of handle [second] handled with a part for gripping handled put one's hands on handled took care of handled [second] handler one who takes care of handler [second] handles parts of things for gripping handles puts one's hands on handles takes care of handles [second] handling putting one's hands on handling taking care of handling [second] handmade handmade handmaid servant girl handoff give work to another handout give things to another hands hands handshake grip hand and shake as agreements handshake agreement and exchange of facts handshake computer connection handshakes grip hand and shake as agreement handshakes agreement and exchange of facts handshaking gripping hand and shaking as agreement handsome good looking (man) handsome great amount handsomely greatly handsomely beautifully handwork handwork handworks handworks handwriting handwriting handwritings handwritings handwritten handwritten handy at hand handy expert with hands handy readily used hang hang hangar building for airplane hanged hanged hanger hanger hangers hangers hanging hanging hangings hangings hangnail bit of skin hanging by fingernail hangout place frequented by a group hangover come out/over hangover suggestion of trouble hangover be left from another time hangover unwell feeling after strong drink hangovers be left from other times hangovers unwell feeling after strong drink hangs hangs happen come about happen take place happened came about happened took place happening event happening taking place happenings events happens comes about happens takes place happier happier happiest happiest happily happily Pge p
  • 285. romanian.txt happiness feeling of pleasure happy happy harangue (long) talk harangue (long) argument harass be a trouble to harass make things harder (for a person) harbinger give news harbinger be sign of coming of harbor harbor harbor's harbor's harbored harbored harboring harboring harbors harbors harbour harbor harbour harbour harboured harbored harboured harboured harbouring harboring harbouring harbouring harbours harbors harbours harbours hard hard hard serious hard solid hardback book with a hard cover hardboiled hardcopies printed papers hardcopy printed paper hardcover book with a hard cover hardgoods material things harden harden hardened hardened hardening hardening hardens hardens harder harder hardest hardest hardheaded hard to change opinion hardhearted unfeeling hardiest strongest hardly hardly hardly almost not hards hards hardship hard times hardship no comfort hardship things to put up with hardship loss hardware hard goods hardware metal goods hardware computer and apparatus hardy strong, healthy harlot loose woman harm damage harm cause damage harmed damaged harmed caused damage harmful causing damage harming causing damage harmless causing no damage harmonic in harmony with harmonies harmonies harmonize make harmony harmonized made harmony harmonizes makes harmony harmonizing making harmony harmony harmony harms causes damage harms damages harness leather bands put on a horse Pge p
  • 286. romanian.txt harness put thing on a horse harness get a horse ready harnesses leather bands put on a horse harnesses put things on a horse harnesses gets a horse ready harrow apparatus for getting earth broken up harsh hard harsh rough harsh cruel harsher harder harsher rougher harsher crueler harshest hardest harshest roughest harshest cruelest harshly roughly harshly cruelly harvest gets in the grain harvest yearly produce harvests getting in the grain harvests yearly produce has has hash cut-up meat hash number without thought of amount hash bad (computer) output hashed cut-up meat hashed numbered without thought of amount hashed bad (computer) output hashes cuts up meat hashes numbers without thought of amount hashes bad (computer) outputs hashing cutting up meat hashing numbering without thought of amounts hasn't hasn't hasn't has not hassle argument hassle trouble hassle give trouble hassled made argument again and again hassled troubled hassled gave trouble hassles makes argument again and again hassles troubles hassles give trouble hassling making argument again and again hassling troubling hassling giving trouble hast hast hast had haste (doing) quickly hasten go quickly hastily quickly hasty quick hat hat hatband hatband hatbox hatbox hatch come out of egg hatch ship's door hatchway ship's doorway hatchet wood-cutting instrument hate hate hateable hateable hated hated hateful hateful hatefully hatefully hater hater haters haters hates hates Pge p
  • 287. romanian.txt hath has hath hath hating hating hatpin hatpin hatred feeling hate hatreds feeling hates hats hats hatted hatted hatter hatter hatters hatters hatting hatting haughtily with high opinion of oneself haughtily be looking down on others haughtily stiff in behavior haughty with high opinion of oneself haughty looking down on others haughty stiff in behavior haul give a pull haul amount got hauled gave a pull hauled took hauler transporter of goods haunch back side of body haunt go to frequently haunt troublingly haunted shades of dead hauteur being of high opinion of oneself hauteur looking down on others hauteur being stiff in behavior have have haver haver havers havers haversack canvas bag haves haves having having havoc great damage hawk sort of sharp-eyed bird hawk loudly trade in goods hawk [verse] hawked used birds for sport hawked loudly traded in goods hawked [verse] hawker person using attack bird for sport hawker person loudly trade in goods hawker [verse] hawking using birds for sport hawking loudly trading in goods hawking [verse] hawks sort of sharp-eyed birds hawks loudly trades in goods hawks [verse] hay dry grass for animals hazard danger hazard chance hazard take a chance hazard put in danger hazardous having danger hazardously causing danger hazards dangers hazards chances hazards takes a chance hazards puts in danger haze thin mist hazy not clear he he he'd he'd he'd he would he'll he'll Pge p
  • 288. romanian.txt he'll he will he's he's he's he is head head headache pain in the head headaches pains in the head headdress headdress headdresses headdresses headed headed header header headers headers headfirst headfirst headgear covering for head heading heading headings headings headland headland headlands headlands headlamp front light headlight front light headlights front lights headline newspaper heading headlines newspaper headings headliner chief actor headlong without thought headlong straight headmaster chief of school headmost in front headpiece covering for head headquarters chief place of control headrest headrest headroom space for head heads heads headstone headstone headstones headstones headstrong uncontrolled headstrong acting on impulse headwater headwater headway headway heal make (get) well heal get well healed made well healed got well healing making well healing getting well heals makes well heals gets)well health (good) condition of body (mind) health healthy condition healthier healthier healthiest healthist healthily healthily healthy healthy heap mass, number hear come to ears hear hearing heard heard hearer person hearing hearers persons hearing hearing hearing hearing public meeting hearings hearings hearings public meetings hears comes to hears hears has hearing hearsay talk not based on fact heart heart heartache sad feeling heartbreak great pain of mind Pge p
  • 289. romanian.txt heartbreak great sad feeling heartbroken overcome with sad feeling heartburn burning feeling in throat hearted hearted heartedly heartedly hearten give comfort hearten give words to make strong hearth floor of fireplace hearth fat stone forming fireplace heartily strongly, healthy heartily full of good humor heartily strongly, truly heartily with much food taken heartland middle of country heartless unkind hearts hearts heartsick unhappy heartstopping very moving heartwarming kindly feeling hearty strong, healthy hearty full of good humor hearty strong, true hearty much food is taken heat heat heated heated heatedly heatedly heater heater heaters heaters heath flat waste land heath sorts of low tree-like plant heathen one not of the religion heathen untrained in behavior heating heating heatings heatings heats heats heatstroke serious loss of body's heat control heave be lifting up, pulling at heave be moving up and down heave come (in view) heave make a ship come to a stop heaven the sky, on high heaven very happy place, condition heaven [verse] heaven-sent good chance heaven-sent sent by good chance heavenly very beautiful heavenly [verse] heavens the sky, on high heavens very happy place, condition heavens [verse] heavier of greater weight heavier with greater force heavier [second] heavies those of great weight heavies things having great force heavies [second] heaviest of greatest weight heaviest with greatest force heaviest [second] heavily as of great weight heavily with great force heavily [second] heavy of great weight heavy having great force heavy uninteresting heavy dry heavy [second] heckle put troubling questions to Pge p
  • 290. romanian.txt heckled put troubling questions to heckler one put troubling questions to heckling putting troubling questions to hectare metric unit for land hectare 10,000 m^2 hectare 2.47 acres hectic full of doings, with no rest hectic violent hedge line of low trees hedge get round the question hedge not give straight answer hedge [second] hedged line of low trees hedged got round the question hedged not gave straight answer hedged [second] hedger person not giving straight answer hedger person who gets round the question hedger [second] hedges lines of low trees hedges gets round the question hedges not giving straight answer hedges [second] hedging making a line of low trees hedging getting round the question hedging not giving straight answer hedging [second] heed (give) attention heel backs of foot, shoe, sock heel make (dog) come heel be under control heels back of foot, shoe, sock heels comes near heels is under control heft take up heft take up a weight hefted took up hefted took a weight hefting taking up hefting taking a weight hefts take up hefts takes up a weight hefty strong heifer young female cow heifer young cow height measure from base to top height distance up from level height how tall height high point height highest degree heighten make higher heighten make greater in degree heights measures from base to top heights distances up from level heights high points heights highest degrees heir one with right to property, position on death heirloom thing handed down in family heirlooms things handed down in family heirs ones with right to property, position on death held gripped held said nothing held not gave way held took up helicopter helicopter helicopter airplane able to go straight up helicopters airplanes able to go straight up helium helium Pge p
  • 291. romanian.txt helium chemical He helium [chemistry] hell bad, unhappy place hell place of punishment after death hell [verse] helled made bad, unhappy hello pleased to meet you hello Hello hellos Hellos hells bad, unhappy places hells [verse] helm wheel for guiding ship helm hand-part of guiding apparatus helmet head-cover to keep safe helmeted with head-cover helmeting head-covering helmets head-covers to keep safe help help helped helped helper helper helpers helpers helpful able to help helpfully helpfully helping helping helpings helpings helpless unable to help (oneself) helps helps hem edge of cloth hem get folded back and stitched down hemocyanin copper taking up oxygen in blood hemocyanin haemocyanin hemoglobin blood hemoglobin red in blood hemp plant used to make cord hen female fowl hence from here on, now hence for this reason hence as an effect of this henceforth from now on hens female fowls her her herald give news herald be sign of coming of herald make orders public herald give decisions heralded gave news heralded was sign of coming of heralded made orders public heralded gave decisions heralding giving news heralding being sign of coming of heralding making orders public heralding giving decisions heralds gives news heralds is sign of coming of heralds makes orders public heralds gives decisions herb plant used to give taste in cooking herb plant used for medical purposes herbs plants used to give taste in cooking herbs plants used for medical purposes herd number of cows herd go about together herd keep together herd the general public herded went about together herded kept together herded made go together Pge p
  • 292. romanian.txt herding going about together herding keeping together herding making go together herds groups of cows herds keeps together herds makes go the same here here hereabout round here hereabouts round here hereafter hereafter hereby by this hereby because of this hereditary (position) handed down in family line heredity handing on of qualities to offspring heredity quality given to offspring heredity [social] herein in this hereof of heres heres heresy opinion against the general belief heretic support of opinion against the general belief hereupon at this point herewith herewith heritage what is, may be handed down hermit one living completely by himself hero one respected for great acts hero chief man in story heroes persons respected for great acts heroic great heroin medical substance taking away pain heroine woman respected for great acts heroine chief woman in story heroism great acts herring sort of fishes for food herrings sort of fish for food hers hers herself herself hertz hertz, Hz hertz one round every second hesitant uncertain hesitant being unready hesitate give sign of being uncertain hesitate be unready heterosexual of desire of the opposite sex heterosexual of different sexes hew get cut down with blows hew get formed by cutting hew be with a line hex sign of bad chance hex short for base 16 hexadecimal base 16 hey word to get attention hey voicing surprise hey question heyday time when thing is at its best hiatus space in ordered group hiatus time between ending and start hibernate go to sleep for winter hibernated gone to sleep for winter hibernates goes to sleep for winter hibernating going to sleep for winter hiccup cough-like hiccupped make a cough-like sound hiccupping making a cough-like sound hiccups makes a cough-like sound hid kept secret hid out of the way hidden secret Pge p
  • 293. romanian.txt hidden put out of the way hide keep secret hide put out of the way hide skin, leather hided with leather skin hideous disgusting to the senses hideous very unpleasing to the mind hideously disgustingly hideously unpleasingly hides keeps secret hides puts out of the way hides skins, leathers hiding keeping secret hiding putting out of the way hiding skin, leather hierarchical organizations with a scale of positions hierarchically of an organization with a scale of positions hierarchies organization with a scale of positions hierarchy organizations with a scale of positions high high highball whiskey, water, and ice highborn high birth highchair baby's seat with long legs higher higher highest highest highhanded not taking others into account highhanded forcing decisions highland highland highlander highlander highlanders highlanders highlands highlands highlight mark highlight brightest highlighted marked highlighter marker highlighting marking highlighting making brightest highlights marks highlights brightest bits highly highly highness royal highs highs hightail go quickly highway highway highwayman man taking from journeyers highwaymen men taking from journeyers highways highways hijack take by force hike long walk hike go for long walk hiked gone for a long walk hiker person going for long walks hikers persons going for long walks hikes long walks hikes goes for long walks hiking going for long walk hilarious bright happy hilariousy happily hilariousy most amusingly hill slopes, small mountains hill small mountain hill [second, verse] hilled with small mountains hilled put up earth hills slopes hills small mountains hills [second, verse] hilly with small mountains Pge p
  • 294. romanian.txt hilt hand part of knife him him himself himself hinder get in the way of hinder make (person) slow hinderland see hinterland hindsight seen after hinge joined structure making motion possible hinge [science] hinged joining structure making motion possible hinged [science] hinges joining structures making motion possible hinges [science] hinging joining structure making motion possible hinging [science] hint suggestion hint small sign (of) hinted made suggestion hinted gave small sign (of) hinterland inland hinterland land far from towns hinterland back country hinterlands inland spaces hinterlands lands far from towns hinterlands back country hinting making suggestion hinting giving small sign (of) hints suggestions hints small signs (of) hip bone where (back) leg joins body hip fruit of field flower hipped had wide backside hippy having wide backside hippy flower-young person hips bones where leg joins body hips bones where back joins body hips back side hips fruits of field flower hire get use of person for money hire take use of hire [business] hired got use of person for money hired took use of hired [business] hires gets use of person for money hires takes use of hires [business] hiring getting use of person for money hiring taking use of hiring [business] his his hiss hiss hissed hissed hisses hisses hissing hissing historian writer of history historians writers of history historic noted in history historical of, based on, true to history historically noted in history histories histories histrionic overacting history history hit give blow to hit come against with force hit be in touch hit do well with hitch get fixed together Pge p
  • 295. romanian.txt hitch give quick pull hitch quick knot hitch something keeping work back hitched got fixed together hitched married hitched gave quick pull hither to this place hitherto till now hits (gives) blows hits makes discovery by chance hits touches hits general approval hitter one who gives a blow hitter player hitting giving blows to hitting making discovery by chance hitting being in touch hitting doing well with hive house for bees hive place of great industry hives houses for bees hives places of great industry hives a skin disease ho cry of surprise ho cry to get attention hoard store of hoard make store of hoarded kept store of hoarded made store of hoarding keeping store of hoarding making store of hoards keeps store of hoards makes store of hoarse rough voice hoarse having a rough voice hoary very old hoary gray, white from being old hoax trick hoax get tricked for amusement hob side of fire-place hobble walking with pain hobble cord round animal's legs hobbled was walking with pain hobbled put cord round animal's legs hobbles moves with pain hobbles cords round animal's legs hobbling walking with pain hobbling putting cord round animal's legs hobby side-interest hobby special interest hobo person without fixed place or purpose hoboes persons without fixed place or purpose hog pig hog one who is dirty hog one taking over-much food hog do thing completely hogged took thing completely hogging taking thing completely hogs pigs hogs persons who are dirty hogs persons taking over-much food hogs takes thing completely hoi polloi common persons hoist lifting apparatus hoist get lifted hoisted got lifted hoisting getting lifted hoists lifting apparatuses Pge p
  • 296. romanian.txt hoists gets lifted hold keep grip of hold having (opinio) hold having (property) hold keep in position hold say nothing hold not give way hold put off hold place in ship for goods hold [business] holder person having (opinion, property) holder owner holder keeper holder [business] holders persons having (opinion, property) holders owners holders keepers holders [business] holding having opinion holding property holding saying nothing holding putting off holding [business] holds has (opinion) holds keeps holds says nothing holds puts off holds [business] hole hole holed holed holes holes holiday day of rest from work holiday special day holiday [second] holidays days of rest from work holidays special days holidays [second] holier better holier deeply moved by religion holier [verse] holies places of religion holies [verse] holiness being only for religion holiness being moved by religion holing holing hollow hollow hollowed hollowed hollower hollower hollowing hollowing hollowness being hollow hollows hollows holly evergreens holly evergreen tree with red berries holy used only for religion holy deeply moved by religion holy very good holy [verse] homage (payment of) respect home place where a person is living home my house/country home inside the country home starting place home [second] homebody person that desires to be put homed put (went) at starting place homed housed homed [second] homeless without a house Pge p
  • 297. romanian.txt homely simple, everyday homely not beautiful homely [second] homepage starting page homepages starting pages homer goes to start place homer [second] homes goes to starting place homes starting page homes [second] homesick desire for family, friends homespun (cloth) made by hand homestead farmhouse with outbuildings homicide crime of putting to death homicides crimes of putting to death homily long talk about right and wrong homing goes to one's living place homing [second] homogenize make the same homogenized made the same homogenizes makes the same homogenizing making the same homosexual of desire of the same sex homosexual of same sexes homosexuality desire for the same sex honest upright, true honest not being false honest straight, good honest [second] honestly uprightly, truly honestly not being false honestly [second] honesty upright, true behavior honesty not being false honesty being straight, good honey sweet liquid from bees honey being sweet honey dear one honey [second, verse] honeyed with sweet liquid from bees honeyed sweet honeyed [second, verse] honeying making sweet honeying [second, verse] honeys sweet liquids from bees honeys sweets honeys dear ones honeys [second, verse] honor great respect honor [verse] honorable of great respect honorary given respect without having to do the work honorary position for which there is no payment honored given great respect honored [verse] honoring giving great respect honoring [verse] honors signs of respect honors give great respect honors [verse] honour great respect honour [verse] honoured given great respect honoured [verse] honouring giving great respect honouring [verse] honours signs of respect honours give great respect Pge p
  • 298. romanian.txt honours [verse] hood loose covering over head hood engine cover hood rough man hood one part of town hooded put loose covering over head hooding (putting) loose covering over (head) hoodlum rough person without law hoodlum one of gro