Ayuda 4   plans and goals
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  • 1. CICLO 2013 – II Módulo: IUnidad: 4 Semana:6INGLES IIMg. Elsa Magdalena Diez Pachas
  • 2. UNIT 4: Plans and Goals
  • 3. ORIENTACIONESEspero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado:• Reconocer vocabulario referente a objetivos personales, académicos ylaborales.•Comprender y utilizar las nociones básicas del futuro con “Be going to”Recuerde que nuestro curso estará enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntosgramaticales, ítems que se tomará en cuenta en los exámenes y trabajoacadémico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar susconocimientos y habilidades.
  • 4. CONTENTSVocabulary• Personal, academic and work goals.• People in the workplace.– Dialogues.Grammar• Future with going to.– Use– Form– Time expressions.
  • 5. I want to be agood parentI like to graduatefrom a university.I would like to get aRaise.PersonalGoalEducationalGoalWorkGoal
  • 6. What is yourgoal?My goal is to startmy ownbusiness, so I’mgoing to savemoney.That’s great.Good luck!
  • 7. SituationSituation ExampleExampleFuture plans and intentionsPredictions based on whatwe can see at that momentIm going to buy a new mobilephone next week.Look at that car! It is going tocrash into the lamp postSubject + to be + going to + verb + complement.
  • 8. TIME EXPRESSIONSTIME EXPRESSIONSTomorrow, next week, next month, next year,Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year,soon, the day after tomorrow, on Friday, in a fewsoon, the day after tomorrow, on Friday, in a fewdays ‘ time.days ‘ time.I am going to travel to Italy next year.
  • 9. Change the sentences. Use “be going to”( + )1. I moved. I’m going to move.2. You took.3. He knew.4. She did.5. We ran.6. They had.( - )7. I didn`t drink. I ‘m not going to drink.8. You didn`t see.9. He didn`t eat.10. She didn`t cook.11. They didn`t clean.12. We didn`t cry.What would you say in these situations? Use the following words:1. The sky is full of dark clouds. It’s going to rain.2. It`s raining now. There is no place to take shelter and you don`t have an umbrella.3. You feel awful. There`s a terrible feeling in your stomach.4. You are playing a game. It’s almost over and you’re 100 points behind.5. You see a plane coming down. It`s out of control and falling to the ground.6. Paul and Margie are discussing the plans for their wedding.get wet lose crash rain be sick get married
  • 10. A: Who’s going to get the job as thenew bookeeper?B: I think Julia will. She’s organized.A: Yes, and she is always on time.
  • 11. CHECKING KNOWLEDGESTUDENT BOOKPages: 52-64,65,66,67WORKBOOKPages:48,- 60,61I suggest doing these activities in order to check your understanding.Please pay attention to the pages in bold.
  • 12. THANKS