D day and bulge!


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D day and bulge!

  1. 1. Battle of the Bulge and the D-day attacks ! U.S. and other allies strike the German Nazi army!
  2. 2. By 1944, the Soviet Union ‘redarmy’ had drove Hitler’s German Nazi army out of their country!
  3. 3. The allies had also fought hard to drive Italy and Mussolini out of Africa!
  4. 4. Things were looking better but Hitler’s Nazi Germany STILL controlled France andPoland and other small countries in Western Europe!
  5. 5. U.S. head general Dwight Eisenhower knew Germany hadto be driven out of France and he knew the United States army would have to help do it!
  6. 6. They chose a spot on the tip of Francecalled NORMANDY to launch their invasion!
  7. 7. General Dwight Eisenhower speaks to the troopsbefore sending them to attack on D-day! He knewmany U.S. soldiers would die in the coming attack on Hitler’s Nazi army!
  8. 8. The United States knew France must be taken from Hitler’s Nazi army. 175,000 soldiers attacked on June 6, 1944! Here they are coming toward the beach at France where machine guns wait on them!!
  10. 10. As the first Allied soldiers (mostly U.S., Canadian and British) landed on the beach, the Germans were waiting on them with machine guns!
  11. 11. They fired at the soldiers in thewater as they got off the ‘duck’ boats.
  12. 12. Both sides fought fiercely!
  13. 13. Many U.S. soldiers were killed by the gunfire.
  14. 14. But, the invasion was a success asthousands of Allied troops pushed miles intoFrance! The Allied forces drove the German Nazis back and slowly began to capture France again for the people of that country!
  15. 15. One young U.S. soldier wrote in a letter home after D-day that:“Events taking place today will be read about by kids in the future at school!”Guess he was right huh? 
  16. 16. • Let’s watch a short movie about the D-day attack…Let’s see what it was really like that horrible day in 1944 when U.S. soldiers invaded that beach in France while the German Nazis waited on them.
  17. 17. The U.S. soon dropped even more soldiersby parachute behind German lines and guns into France and attacked again!
  18. 18. They chased the German Nazi army out of every town they came to!
  19. 19. In the COLD December of 1944, the Germans made one final attempt to keep control of France.• This battle called ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ would be the biggest battle EVER fought by the United States army. My husband’s daddy fought in it!
  20. 20. U.S. soldiers fought to stay warm as they foughtback the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge inFrance!
  21. 21. Hitler threw all his weapons at theU.S. army. He bombed constantly!
  22. 22. U.S. soldiers march down a muddy road inFrance between fighting at the Battle of the Bulge.
  23. 23. U.S. soldiers fire large guns at the Battle of the Bulge in France
  24. 24. A battle weary U.S. soldier at the Battle of the Bulge
  25. 25. U.S. soldiers warmed themselves anyway possible in the French and Belgium towns they took from the Nazi troops.
  26. 26. A U.S. army tank moves in the Battle of the Bulge
  27. 27. U.S. soldiers fight German troops inthe snow at the Battle of the Bulge
  28. 28. Sometimes, all it took was just one bullet in thewrong place. This man and his helmet survived D-day but fell at the Battle of the Bulge a few months later.
  29. 29. Nazi soldiers gunned down U.S.prisoners of war that were captured at the Battle of the Bulge
  30. 30. A U.S. soldier fires a snow-covered machine gun at the Battle of the Bulge.
  31. 31. Both sides had so, so many deadat the end of each day of fighting.
  32. 32. Each side had thousands injured as well.
  33. 33. Brave medic teams risked theirlives daily to get the injured off the battle field to safety.
  34. 34. This cemetery in France is where thousands of U.S.soldiers were buried that fought at the Battle of the Bulge. 77,000 Allied soldiers died at the Battle of the Bulge.Fortunately, my husband’s daddy wasn’t one of these men.
  35. 35. The new World War II memorial in Washington D.C. remembers the men who fought in Europeagainst the Germans and those who fought in the Pacific Ocean against Japan.
  36. 36. The memorial is beautiful and haunting at night.
  37. 37. This is a short video clip of the realfighting at the ‘Battle of the Bulge’.• http://www.thehistorychannel.co.uk/site/tv_guid
  38. 38. The Normandy ‘D-day’ beach as it looks today.