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Social media for social good sex tech presentation draft

Social media for social good sex tech presentation draft






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  • What I do have is a number of simple tools you can use and adapt to make your work easier and more effective. Hopefully these ideas, as well as the ones y’all come up with will get you to the place you want to be, and where your organization can be.
  • Ernesto
  • These aren’t necessarily what you first might think. Data is subjective.
  • I’ll send out this document
  • Facebook- Person to personTwitter- Business to Business knowledge sharing Linked In- Professional NetworksGoogle +- start thinking about adopting and using (Less personal/less professional)
  • Goals/Outcomes – Figure out where your organization currently stands with social media, What are the policies. Who is already using SM in your organization? Where do you want that to go? What is the purpose of using each tool? Is your strategy about brand awareness, customer engagement or sales? It can only be one of them in reality, otherwise it’s two strategies, two strategies is fine so long as you realise and resource for that – most of us are not in that space. What is your relationship with your intended audience? Jay suggests picking two adjacent audience types on this scale: Nothing > Aware of you, but never acted > Acted once > Repeat actions/enthusiasts > Advocates. The value in this question is significant in its simplicity I feel in how it informs your approach to marketing, especially when combined with the next point… How does your audience typically engage in social media? Using the Forrester Social Technographics Ladder, understand how your target audience (as defined by gender, age, and geography) uses social media. Some audience types are not creative and simply want to consume and share content. What’s your purpose? What is the “intersection” between you and your audience. How will you be human? Easier for smaller businesses, harder for larger businesses. How will you manage social media? Think not only return on investment or sales instead, on roles and responsibilities, easier again in smaller businesses where there’s far less hierarchy and politics.Research - What social networks are right for your organization?  Not all platforms work well for all business types. You need to determine your target audience (see below) and find out which social network(s) they use. Where are they most likely to be engaging in social media? You need to search to see where your brand is being talked about. You can do this with a search engine like Google or use the search engine on the social network. Use the chart below as a guide to determine which social networks are right for you and your business. Great time to set up Google AlertsMonitoring/evaluation – How will you know if it worked? What do you want to measure? Likes, Interaction, Fans, the demographics of your audice, ReTweets, Traffic, Increase in physical participation?Identify Team - Who will manage the tools? How will monitor data? Who find/post information? What happens when someone is on vacation? Who post on weekends? How much staff time is there actually dedicated to this? Make sure to have buy-in from multiple levels of staff/clients/board etcCreate a plan for expansion- When will you start? Where will you start? Create measurable and attainable goals. Don’t need to reach for the stars immediately, you just need to get your foot in the door. Remember we will make mistakes, we will evolve, we will survive. This is also a good time to reflect on policy, are these things you need to add to your policies? Are there social media policies? Do they work?
  • Social media is a conversation and no one likes talking to the person who can’t stop talking about themselves. However, we love talking to people who let us talk about ourselves, who make our lives easier, who give us some kind of added value. What is your added value and how do you make it worth something to someone else?

Social media for social good sex tech presentation draft Social media for social good sex tech presentation draft Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media for Social Good Why you can and should be using social media in your non-profit work. Add other presenter Names/contact info Ernesto Dominguez – Youth Technology SpecialistFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Learning Objectives 1. Identify common social media tools and determine which fit your program’s goals. 2. Explain the use of privacy and security settings to abide by HIPAA and organizational policies. 3. Name a minimum of 3 best practices around social media use for non-profits.Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • The answer to all your social media questions including how to have the most number of Fans, Followers and Likes possible is…..Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Actually I don’t have the answer.Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • My Assumptions:You’ve used social media sites in your personal life Your organization does not have unlimited funds You do not have unlimited staff time You are excited to try something newFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Case Study (CHATpdx) Curbing HIV/AIDSTransmission among at- risk and racial/ethnic minority youth
  • 50 most visited websites (US) 43/top 100 = Social Media *Foxnews/Hulu don’t make data not recordedFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook Twitter Linked In Person to Person Sharing  Business To Business  Largest Professional (knowledge sharing) Networks Pages  User Profile  Helps with search engine (can be organization) optimization Groups  Micro posts (140 Chars)  Groups (field specific) User Profile Pages  Lists  Find new professional connections Custom plug-ins/apps  Unlimited Followers  Apply with “linked in” Update limit (420 Chars) Google +  AppsMax 5000 Friends (profile) Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook As of 2011 there are 750 000 000 active Facebook UsersFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • More than 750 million active users 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day Average user has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on FacebookFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • 1M 1.5M 2M 2.7 M 2.7 M 1.3M 1.9 M 1.6 M 10.2 MFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • So what does this mean?Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Before you Jump On BoardFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Create A PlanFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Listen Goal: Engagement Create/Share Respond/InteractFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Privacy SettingsFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Best Practices • 200x600 profile image • Using photos at top of page (as advertisement space) • Don’t post too many times a day (1-2) Twitter(no more than 4 an hour) • Add on tabs (youtube, twitter, wordpress, custom welcome tab, newsletter) • Management tools (hootsuite) • Facebook ads • Test posts to find what engages fans the most - long posts aren’t engaging (try to keep it under two lines) • Polls • Event • Own mistakes – don’t delete, appologize • Dont delete negative fan posts unless it violates terms • Contests • Deals / places / check ins • Mention partners and “retweet” links • Become familiar with Facebook policies • Measuring analytics (Facebook insights) • Follow partners on twitter (your professional network) • use it personallyFacebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project
  • Facebook.com/CHATpdx Cascade AIDS Project