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Mobile grassroots

  1. 1. Mobile Campaigns on a Budget Introduction for Grassroots Organizers Prepared for NAPWA 06.10.2010
  2. 2. About Distributive Networks• Privately held DC-based Mobile Technology Company• Winner 2008 Global Messaging Award• Winner 2008 & 2009 Golden Dot Award “Best Text Messaging Campaign”• Deloitte Fast 500 Technology Company 2007• Washington DC’s Best Places to Work 2007 & 2008• Finalist 2008 MMA Mobile Marketer of the Year• Winner 2008 Politics Magazine Best Use of Mobile
  3. 3. Mobile is uni q ue from other channels1. Ubiquity: Mobile messaging is affordable for end users, and nearly everyone has and uses a mobile phone on a daily basis.2. Interactivity: Mobile messaging allows for interactive two-way communication, providing instant gratification and enabling personal relationship-building.3. Immediacy: Mobile messages have the highest chance of reaching a recipient wherever they are, and within moments of being sent.4. Impact: Mobile communications spur recipients to act, whether to purchase a product, make a donation, attend an event, share information with a friend, or any other call to action.5. Intimacy: A person’s mobile device is ultimately portable and often perceived as an extension of one’s personality.
  4. 4. 285,000,000 + Mobile Subscribers in USA
  5. 5. What is mobile anyway?Text messaging (SMS)Mobile webIVR/VoiceEmailMobile applicationsSocial NetworkingMobile advertisingRingtones/WallpapersMobile videoNetbooks and iPads
  6. 6. The Mobile Pyramid: Understanding Mobile Rich Experience. Narrow DistributionFunctionality (richness of experience) Typically limited to smartphones (iPhone, Android, Palm). Utilizes phone’s features like GPS, accelerometer, address Apps book, offline access. Great for gaming, social networking, augmented reality and other rich applications. Experience Limited by Browser (some better than others). Wide Distribution Mobile Web Mobile banking, airline flight status… most of what you do on the web, but on the phone. Limited Experience. Widest Distribution SMS / Texting Useful for calls to action. Text “HAITI” to 12345. Distribution (potential audience size)
  7. 7. Leverage mobile’s uni q ue strengths•Common Phone Features •Popular Phone Activities •Voice •Voice Calls •SMS •Text Messaging •Camera •Social Networking •Web •Web Surfing •Email •Gaming •Email•Uni q ue Strengths •Ubiquitous •Immediate •Interactive •Powerful •Personal
  8. 8. Text Messages: Just the facts “2.3 trillion SMS messages sent by 2010…” ZDNet 2006 SMS msgs have increased “Up to 5 billion SMS at least 100% messages sent each day in year over year 2009.” since 2005. CTIA 2010That’s like 1.825 trillion forthe year! YUP.OMFG!
  9. 9. Text Messages: The BasicsA “short code” is a 5 or 6 Shortcodedigit number used formobile marketing/advocacy. Keyword To: 56333 A “keyword” is a unique Msg: RALLY word or alpha-numeric combination used to route Send Save pre-programmed auto response messages.Short Code messaging istypically handled by anSMS services vendor. Thereare many to choose from.
  10. 10. Text Messages: Best practices Try not to send a link to a Use, tiny URL or desktop site in a text other free link shorteners toText messages are 160 message save message spacecharacters in the US U don’t hav2 use txt spk 2 get UR msg a X Preface web addresses with http:// instead of www.Concise messages withclear calls to action andstandardized abbreviations Text messages cost moneyare most effective Message folks between 11 for the end user. Get their AM and 7 PM unless it’s permission to message really important them and be reasonable in your messaging
  11. 11. What can I do with SMS? List Building Data Collection Alerts Email Message Primers Mobilization Volunteer CoordinationGOTV Protest Coordination Advocacy Polling Measurements
  12. 12. Where can I get some of that?
  13. 13. Mobile Web: Good to know
  14. 14. Mobile Web: So what are folks doing? Fastest-Growing Content Categories via Browser Access 3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens Total Audience (000) Browser Access Category Apr-09 Apr-10 % Change Total Audience: 13+ yrs old 232,000 234,000 1 Used browser 55,503 72,872 31 Social Networking 15,708 29,835 90 Bank Accounts 7,801 13,154 69 General Reference 7,246 12,084 67 Sports Information 14,033 21,549 54 Search 23,266 34,912 50 Stock Trading 3,214 4,817 50 Online Retail 4,968 7,326 47 News 17,957 26,003 45 Movie Information 10,295 14,895 45 Classifieds 7,039 10,181 45
  15. 15. Mobile Websites: Things to remember The iPhone is not the only phone Simple design Easy to navigate Fast loading “Snack sized” copy Link to other mobile sites Facebook mobile YouTube mobile Twitter mobile Google Maps
  16. 16. How can I get one of those?
  17. 17. What about my iPhone App?
  18. 18. Where did you say that was again? Bargain SMS Service Providers    Mobile Website Builders  iPhone Applications on the Cheap 
  19. 19. More information than you’ll ever need •Pew Internet Project: Teens and Mobile. 2010. •Ad Mob: Mobile Metrics. June 2009. •Pew Internet Project. The Mobile Difference. 2009. •Mobile Marketing Association: Mobile Attitude and Usage Study. 2008. •Mobile Future: Welcome to the Mobile Future. 2009. •Michael Becker and Michael Hanley: Cell Phone Usage and Advertising Acceptance Among College Students: A Four-Year Analysis. 2008. •Mobile Future: Hispanic Broadband Access.2009. •VeriSign (Now Mobile Messenger): Cross Carrier Marketing Compliance Playbook. 2009. •Mary Meeker: Economy and Internet Trends. October 2009.
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. Thank you! Bill Bailey Manager, Nonprofit Partnerships Distributive Networks 202-289-2246 x121