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The importance of urgency hbr

  1. 1. + The Importance of Urgency
  2. 2. + John P Kotter  Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School  Authority on Leadership and Change  Authored 18 books (12 are best sellers)  Empower broad-based action  Develop a guiding coalition  Develop a vision for change  Make it stick in the organizational culture
  3. 3. + A Sense of Urgency  Published 2008  9 Chapters  It all starts with a sense of urgency  Complacency and false urgency  Increasing true urgency  Tactic one, two, three, four  Keeping urgency up  The future
  4. 4. + Main Purpose of Video  Discussion of the importance of urgency in an organization and how managers can create and sustain it to enable meaningful change
  5. 5. + The Key Question  Why is urgency important to a company’s long term survival?
  6. 6. + The Most Important Information  Urgency= A combination of thoughts feelings and the actual behavior  Thoughts= Opportunities  Feelings= Gut level determination to succeed  Behavior= Hyper alertness and coming to work each day with a commitment to make an impact on the important issues  Determination that is smart and wins  Why urgency: Because of the rate of change
  7. 7. + The Most Important Information  Where does urgency come from?  It is not natural because organizations tend to stabilize while people are the actual creators of urgency  Most of the time urgency comes from the top but there are many stories where it came from anywhere in the organization
  8. 8. + Example/Story  26 year old hero  Smart enough to see the complacency  Seeks out a senior level leader who will listen  Sr leader investigate further and sees what she’s telling him  Momentum builds and CEO continues to champion the urgency.
  9. 9. + The Most Important Information  How do we embrace and recognize the need for urgency?  You need to “See It”: Understand the rate of change, recognize complacency, and activity is not equal to urgency  Bring the outside in: the disconnect between what is happening outside the company (opportunities and threats) and what is seen and felt inside can cause complacency
  10. 10. + The Most Important Information  How do you maintain urgency?  Success can be an urgency killer  We won- lets reap the reward  Complacency becomes the culture  Even small successes can kill off urgency  You need to work at urgency.
  11. 11. + Main Inferences/Conclusions  Without urgency a company will struggle to maintain competitiveness given the rate of change  Rigor and processes that enable a culture of urgency are needed
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