Psychological health


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by Chala Ioanna

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Psychological health

  1. 1. Psychological health
  2. 2. What is psychology!?• Psychology is concerned with how people perceive the world around them and how they react to it, how they grow and how they learn, and how they relate to others and function in groups. In other words, psychology is about how people think, feel, and behave.Sometimes we maybe feel or think that some strange things happens to us but almost everything is in our heads .
  3. 3. For example we all have a person who admire maybe famous maybe not. This has helped some to believe more to themselves but some others were burdened because they wanted to be so similar with their standards. Many teenagers especially young girls destroy their personality and their body in a high dangerous level. And when they want to make everything like they used to be the most times it’s too late for their lives!
  4. 4. ANOREXIA.Have you ever felt afraid of gaining weight? If the answer is affirmative, just be careful. Sometimes wishing to have a perfect body can be dangerous. The first cause of anorexia and, in my opinion, the most important is a worthless personal feeling.The second and an important cause of Anorexia is the existence of stressful events in life. It is usually that you feel stressed and worried when you are working under pressure, or it is common that you suffer nervousness as a consequence of experience life changes. .
  5. 5. Bulimia..• Personality factors• Genetic and environmental factors• Body imageMost people with bulimia share certain personality traits: low self- esteem, feelings of helplessness, and a fear of becoming fat. In bulimia, eating behaviors seem to develop as a way of handling stress.
  6. 6. I need you!He lp I AM AFRAID!. Help m e! I fe el lon ely ! I can’t do this anymore
  7. 7. Anorexia-Elle_s Story
  8. 8. Life goes on..• We all have some bad times in our lives but life goes on ..We have to love our selves for who we ‘re and don’t change our unique personality to be similar with the others! We just have to live everyday like it was our last and not to think about tomorrow! We have people stand by our sides that we can trust and they’ll help us! If we are good then our body and our soul will be fine. And the most important thing don’t worry about how the others see you, you know who are and nothing can change it!