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PodCamp Philly 2010

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  • Talking points:

    Read title only
  • Talking Points:

    State name
    By the way...I have on a Strawberry Shortcake Dress
    Use keywords to highlight bio

  • The most relevant work to my PodCamp Philly session is hosting Hot Grease Food Radio. A 30 minute minute food culture show dedicated to everyday people.

    Hot Grease Radio can be found:

    live on heritageradionetwork.com-every Mondays at 3:30 eastern time

    Heritage Radio Network is food and sustainable-focused radio station. Around 20 shows broadcast live from 2 repurposed shipping containers located in the garden of Roberta’s Pizza.

    PS A great article about Roberta’s pizza was recently published in NY Mag titled: The Roberta’s DIY Empire

    Other places: archived on heritageradionetwork.com, Itunes

    follow up commentary on foodculturist.com and where you will find my social media (twitter, facebook, foursquare-not on website)

  • Today I will be focusing on the following four areas.

  • Talking Points:

    These 4 podcasts are extensions of Big Media outlets.
    I picked choose these shows because they are tops shows on itunes and podcasts thats I personally listen to.

    Good Food-Host by Evan Kleinman
    since 1998
    restaurant owner
    mobile app
    every social media property
    video and audio
    team of 7 producers
    robust blog

    The Splendid Table-Lynne Rossetto Kasper
    (American Public Media)
    James Beard Award Winning (Oscar of Food)
    Several food books
    heard on 200 public radio stations
    syndicated newspaper columns
    robust newsletter
    all audio

    The Minimalist-Mark Bittman
    food writer
    mobile app
    books; not directly related to podcast
    Has a great interview on a HRN Show-(go to search and enter Mark Bittman)

    Cook's Illustrated
    video podcasts
    mobile app
    3 different magazines
    TV shows

    NPR Food

  • Talking Points:

    Based on my work around food culture, I have identified a few food trends for today’s session.

    Food Trucks

    Urban Agriculture

    Recession Meals

    Food Politics

    Southern Food
  • Talking Points:

    Most popular segment on my podcast is The Hot Five (a run down of five things on fire in the good food movement)
    Play music

    This morning, I will give you five audio and video podcasts that are sizzling.

  • Talking Points:

    Recession Trend
    New York based but message on the video is universal
    video podcasts only
    all meal are $8 or under

  • Bulleted Talking Points:

    Simple Food Culture
    audio only
    blog with some supporting photos and recipes
    HIghlight hosts-
    Host #1
    Host #2
  • Talking Points:  

    My favorite Philly Food Truck
    Part of a network of online videos
    Network’s name is Next New Networks
    Working Class foodie on same network
    All video podcasts
  • Talking points:

    new and notable
    only 2 audio podcasts
    very few southern food podcasts
    filled a niche
  • Talking Points
  • Talking Points:

    The last part of my sessions hightlights food culture podcasters beyond audio and video. How are they extending the brand?
  • Talking points: Books/Writing
  • Talking Points: Influencer-Email Newsletter
  • talking points: Brand Ambassador

  • talking points: Product Reviews
  • talking points: Hosting Events

    NY Botanical Gardens Edible Garden, Hog Butchering Class

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