RCRU Part 3


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RCRU Part 3

  1. 1. Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf, MBBS, PGDip, FRSPH (UK)PhD researcher Health System & Policy (Ireland)Head of Reproductive & Child Health Research Unit RCRU’University of Medical Sciences & Technology (Sudan)www.rcru.org www.facebook.com/groups/rcru.org www.youtube.com/rcrutv
  2. 2. Innovative approachesIPHE:Local problems, local solutionsRHPM: Research & Advocacy
  3. 3. IPHE
  4. 4. IPHE Innovative Participatory Health Education Local problems , local solutions
  5. 5. The Process• Based on our success and the experiences gained from PEER, Global Health through Education, Training and Services (GHETS.org) funded us with a mini grant to pilot an innovative participatory health educational approach in Renk County, South Sudan.
  6. 6. We designed andconducted anInnovativeParticipatory HealthEducation Project‘IPHE’. Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf led a group of twelve students from University of Medical Sciences & Technology (UMST), 2 employees of local NGO, 10 local women (PEER researchers) and 10 local theatrical band members in Renk County, in working together to identify the most important issues related to womens health in their community based of PEER findings. They developed context-friendly materials and delivered it to a local community in the form of pictograms, songs, and drama.
  7. 7. Local women
  8. 8. Local NGOs Employees
  9. 9. Theatrical band members
  10. 10. Students
  11. 11. We should reduce heavy work from foods forFamilies, we should provide healthypregnant the pregnantwomen that would benefit their unborn babies, like fruits,vegetables, eggs and milk
  12. 12. Families, we should provide healthy foods for the pregnantwomen that would benefit their unborn babies, like fruits,vegetables, eggs and milk
  13. 13. Watch IPHE Short documentary filmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHLfGAP0N6k
  14. 14. RHPMRHMP Reproductive Health Project Management Advocacy and health promotion
  15. 15. RHPM A parallel 4 days training workshop was conducted on Reproductive Health Project Management.This trainingworkshoptargeted 10senior officersin MOH in theRenk County
  16. 16. RHPM Goals • The primary goal To advocate for maternal health • The secondary goals • To increase their knowledge, awareness and skills to help them developing,RHPM implementing, assessing, monitoring and evaluating health projects in the field of reproductive health in this post conflict setting.
  17. 17. RHPMThey depended onthe list of maternalhealth issuesgenerated by theIPHE’s participantsto develop tworeproductive healthproject proposals.
  18. 18. RHPMIn the last day ofthe workshop, webrought them alltogether; the localpeople and seniorofficers; to discussmaternal healthissues in their area.
  19. 19. RHPMThe senior officerspresented theirassignments (2reproductive healthproject proposals) infront of the IPHE’sparticipants who gavethem feedback andcomments.
  20. 20. RHPMAt the end of thisproject the seniorofficers and IPHE’sparticipants’understanding ofmaternal health issuesin Renk County wasenhanced
  21. 21. RHPMThe learning andbehavioural changehappened during theprocess of developingand delivering of theeducational materials.
  22. 22. RHPMThe local communityunderstood,appreciated andenjoyed the deliveredmaterials since theywere tailored andconveyed by theirlocal people.
  23. 23. RHPMThe senior officerssaid that thisapproach helped themto identify thematernal health issuesthrough the lenses oftheir local peoplewhich will influencetheir decision making.
  24. 24. RHPMIPHE Approachengaged seniorofficers withcommunity membersand promoted theirknowledge aboutmaternal health issues
  25. 25. RHPMInvolving localtheatrical bandmembers andemployees from localwomen organizationwill help ensure thesustainability of thisproject