The New Philanthropists: Fundraising with Diverse Communities


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The New Philanthropists: Fundraising with Diverse Communities

  1. 1. latino marketing & communicationsThe New Philanthropists: 1105 North Lamar Austin, Texas 78703Fundraising with v/f (512) 501-4971 site: blog: www.hispanictrending.netDiverse Communities
  2. 2. culturalstrategies
  3. 3. culturalstrategies The  Opportunity!    Authen0c  Leadership  that  goes  beyond   tokenism    Fundraising  Opportuni0es  that  have   gone  un-­‐tapped    Increased  Awareness  to  and  relevance   in  a  growing  mul0cultural  Texas  
  4. 4. culturalstrategies
  5. 5. culturalstrategies H-E-B workers pledge $1 million to United Way Employees from 54 H-E-B stores in Central Texas counties pledged more than $1 million to the annual United Way Capital Area campaign. Radio listeners raise $160K for Dell children’s hospital Dell’s Children’s Medical Center raises $160,000 with a partnership with Border Media stations La Ley, 98.9 FM, and Digital 92.5 Hispanic Giving Circle, FuturoFund Austin raises $125,000 FuturoFund Austin, a Latino giving circle is a collective effort to engage the Hispanic community through philanthropy and leadership. Over the last two years, Futuro Fund has raised $125,000.
  6. 6. culturalstrategies Engagement • Values • Principles
  7. 7. culturalstrategies Values • Authenticity – Being true to yourself and to your community; commitment to your character. • Innovation – Always learning; being creative and finding new solutions to problems. • Collaboration – Bringing people together; working together for the common good.
  8. 8. culturalstrategiesAUTHENTICITYBeing true to yourself and to yourcommunity; commitment to yourcharacter.Essential elements• Engage with honesty• Let words and actions reflect thereality of others• Genuinely listen to the community • Have the community’s best interest atheart • Seek to understand • Walk the talk
  9. 9. culturalstrategiesINNOVATIONAlways learning; being creative andfinding new solutions to problems.Essential elements• More than thinking out of the box • Be inclusive • Be relevant• Be culturally aware• Fill the void• Connect the dots • Understand the big picture and thesmall picture • 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration
  10. 10. culturalstrategiesCOLLABORATIONBringing people together; workingtogether for the common good..Essential elements• Know and understand the communitylandscape• Understand the strengths andchallenges of the community• Know the people invested in the issues• Know the formal/informal and thoughtleaders• Seek to collaborate rather thancompete; to enhance rather thanreinvent.
  11. 11. culturalstrategiesPrinciples Engage - Share your experience. Discuss viewpoints. Respect others. Educate - Learn the issues. Acquire new skills. Know your community. Volunteer - Give an hour. Give a Saturday. Give your best. Advocate - Champion a cause. Stay informed. Raise Awareness. Find your voice. Give - Research. Understand. Invest. Lead - Influence others. Open doors. Create systemic change.
  12. 12. culturalstrategies Think you KNOW what your donors think? How about asking them. Focus Groups Don’t Lie Celeste Guzman Mendoza Chief Development Officer University of Texas Press
  13. 13. culturalstrategies Latino Engagement Framework •  Latino Engagement is a process of building community, relationships, & trust with Latino communities. •  Latino Engagement utilizes authentic engagement strategies that create advocates for people, neighborhoods & issues within communities. •  It is an inclusive, innovative & culturally relevant approach that informs, educates, engages & strengthens communities. •  4 T’s: Time, Talent, Treasure and Trust
  14. 14. culturalstrategies Doors Activities Family Family Ayuda al Culture School Church Projimo Faith Work
  15. 15. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles •  Tribes •  Social groups •  Natural •  Associate with like-minded and/or people we feel comfortable with •  Professional and personal •  Families •  In-person and online
  16. 16. culturalstrategies Latino Profile: Professionals •  Family •  Leadership development •  Education •  Investors •  Value inclusion
  17. 17. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles: Tejanos •  History •  Community connectedness •  Rally around Tejano heritage and music •  Acknowledgement
  18. 18. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles: Immigrants •  Rely on family for personal and business matters •  Church •  Traditional entrepreneurs •  Trust in fewer individuals/groups •  Word of mouth •  Trust Spanish Media
  19. 19. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles: Mexican Nationals •  Business Entrepreneurs •  Sense of Security •  Isolated •  Educated •  Affluent
  20. 20. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles: Jessika Duarte-Gomez •  Born in Venezuela, Jessika has made the US her home since she was ten, allowing her to develop a bicultural identity that goes beyond just easily shifting from English to Español. •  Listens to NPR and loves The Daily Show •  Cultural Anthropologists and cares about clients and nonprofits
  21. 21. culturalstrategies Latino Profiles: Paulina Artieda •  Made a career out of her passion, creativity •  Explores different cultures •  Listens to everything from hip-hop to Spanish alternative •  Creates her own trends •  Reads biographies and Gabriel García Márquez •  Tweets and listens to Radio Arte •  Loves a bargain but doesnt mind indulging on price when the quality is there •  Trilingual - English, Spanish and Spanglish
  22. 22. culturalstrategies Engagement Strategies –  Start Today! –  Connect with the culture. –  Build relationships. –  Be a resource. –  Understand your market. –  Make your organizational brand multicultural friendly. –  Go to the people. –  Be committed.
  23. 23. culturalstrategies Resources Latino Philanthropy Literature Review A comprehensive look at Latino philanthropy in the U.S., that includes historical information about some of the major Latino communities in the U.S., reasons Latinos give to nonprofit organizations, and a list of some of the nonprofits that receive the most funding from Latinos. Latino Philanthropy: Expanding U.S. Models of Giving and Civic Participation ORGANIZATIONS DEDICATED TO THE STUDY AND ENHANCEMENT OF LATINO PHILANTHROPY Hispanics in Philanthropy Online National Latino Funds Alliance option=com_content&view=article&id=42&Itemid=75
  24. 24. culturalstrategiesQ&AArmando Rayovp, engagementCultural Strategieswww.cultural-strategies.comarayo@cultural-strategies.comwww.MandoRayo.com512-785-0447