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We are Fort Buchanan. The Fort Buchanan Public Affairs Office brings you El Morro, the garrison newspaper.

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Oct elmorro 2011web

  1. 1. El Morro CFC fundraiser kicks off Oct. 19, Page 6 AMS educator among best teachers, Page 4 Fort BuchananCommunityimages nowavailable onVol. 47 issue 3 The Sentinel of the Caribbean October 2011RAHC, VA team up to reduce redtape for troopsBy Luis Delgadillo will wait less time to receive having been wounded, suf- troops wait for disability ben- IDES has been tested in a pilotFort Buchanan Public Affairs disability benefits when they fered an illness or injury; they efits and it will ease their tran- program at 27 locations, suc- The Rodriguez Army Health medically discharged from the will now be given a disability sition to full veteran status. cessfully integrating DoD andClinic, in partnership with the military. rating before they leave mili- “Integrating the DoD and VA VA processes for 47 percent ofDepartment of Veteran’s Af- According to Col. Danny tary service. processes eliminates the bene- service members referred forfairs here in Puerto Rico, will B. Jaghab, Commander of the The new system, called the fits gap faced by disabled vet- evaluation. Worldwide expan-begin to implement a system RAHC, if service members are Integrated Disability Evalua- erans under the previous Dis-by which service members no longer able to serve due to tion System, will cut the time ability Evaluation System. The REDTAPE Page 5 Live & Explore First PR Reserve BG laid to rest By Capt. Carlos Cuebas 1st MSC Public Affairs The first Puerto Rican to be promoted to the rank of Briga- dier General in the Army Re- serve was laid to rest 23 Sept. at the Puerto Rico National Cemetery . Family members, friends, representatives of the Govern- ment of Puerto Rico, members Veterans Day of the 65th Infantry Regiment Association, the US Army Re- Fort Buchanan’s Re- serve Puerto Rico and other tirement Service Office armed forces representatives will once again host the honored Brig. Gen. (ret) Anto- Veteran’s Day celebra- nio Rodriguez-Baliñas’ during tion at The Community the military funeral ceremony. Club Nov. 10. Admission “On behalf of all the Puer- to the event is free and to Rican soldiers from all the open to the entire Fort services and components, and Buchanan Community. specially from the reservists Join Santiago San- in the island, we want to say tiago, the Directorate of thanks to Brig. Gen. (ret) Ro- Human Resources’ Re- driguez-Baliñas for his leader- Spc. Jennifer Spradlin, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Det. tirement Services Officer ship during the over 30 years First Mission Support Command Soldiers fold the U.S. flag during the military funeral ceremony in honor of Brig. as he hosts the services of service to the Nation”, said Gen. (Ret) Antonio Rodriguez-Baliñasis at the National Cemetery in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. and honors the sacrifices Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernán- of veteran from all walks dez, senior US Army Reserve Army installation in the Carib- guez-Baliñas’ sons. Rodriguez-Baliñas highlight- of life. Officer in Puerto Rico and the bean. There, soldiers, civilian Rodriguez-Baliñas repre- ed the importance of the ser- The event will begin at Caribbean and commander of employees and the children sents the great capabilities of vice provided by the islanders 10:30 a.m. but attendees the 1st Mission Support Com- from the installation’s school the Puerto Ricans. An Adjun- in the defense of the Nation. are asked to arrive early mand. system lined up in the streets tas, Puerto Rico native, the According to Fernández, and be seated before the “Rodriguez-Baliñas reports to honor the first Puerto Rican General was able to achieve Rodriguez-Baliñas’ great ser- event begins. today to his last duty station, General in the US Army Re- positions of great responsi- vice to our Nation takes spe- For more informa- going next to the Lord and his serve. bility within the US Armed cial precedence during the tion on Veterans Day wife Hilda,” said Fernández. “It was very touching to see Forces. Hispanic heritage month be- events contact San- On its way to the National the children at Buchanan with The officer was a strong de- cause with his courageous tiago Santiago at 787- Cemetery, the funeral motor- American flags and saluting fender of the service of Puerto performance under enemy fire 707-3842. cade drove through the Fort my dad,” said Wilson Rodri- Rican service members in the Buchanan streets, the only US guez Manzano, one of Rodri- Armed Forces. Many times, GENERAL Page 15
  2. 2. 2October 2011 The Command Group The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort Buchanan Commander Commentary During this month, the Army woman or a child, take action. die from overdose”, “Dead signs that tell us that our kids celebrates various national ob- If you are in a situation of do- body of teenager found after are at risk. As parents, the best servances and awareness that mestic violence, get help. Call disappearing from house dur- way to fight against drugs and have a common denominator Fort Buchanan Family Advo- ing the weekend”. Every day alcohol abuse is to be involved – they involve our Families. cacy Program at (787) 707- we lose more of our youth in our kids’ activities. El Morro They are the National Domes- 3709. The information will be killed in “drug wars”, drug As a community we need to Garrison Commander tic Violence Awareness Month strictly confidential. Ignoring overdose and alcohol abuse be mentors and role models; Col. John D. Cushman and Red Ribbon Week. the problem will not make it than the number of casualties people who can motivate our Deputy to the Garrison Commander Domestic Violence is an is- go away. Don’t become an- at war; but what if the enemy children to be their best. Fort Gunnar G.F. Pedersen Jr. sue very close to our hearts other statistic. One abused is inside our homes. Buchanan Army Substance Deputy Commander because it happens within spouse or child is too many. Over-the-counter drugs such Abuse Program (ASAP) will Lt. Col. Kenneth M. Hammond our most intimate circle, our Report domestic violence, you as cough and cold remedies celebrate National Red Rib- Garrison Command Sergeant Major homes. We want our homes might be saving a life! Strong and prescription drugs such as bon Week October 24-28, Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson to be a safe place not a place families equal a strong Army pain killers, anti-depressants, 2011. Public Affairs Officer of abuse and violence which and those elements combine sleeping pills, stimulants and The theme “It’s Up To Me Grissel Rosa affects the health and well- to make the strength of the na- others are being used by teens To Be Drug-Free” emphasizes Media Relations Pedro Silva being of all family members. tion. to get high. The same trend is individual responsibility and Command Information Domestic violence was a Another event close to our seen with laxatives, diuretics the importance of keeping our Luis Delgadillo “hushed” problem until vic- heart is the celebration of the and diet pills. These substanc- community safe, healthy and El Morro Contributors tims broke the silence to help National Red Ribbon Cam- es act as stimulants to the cen- drug-free. By wearing a red Capt. Taylor Opel Luis Salazar others. paign. The Army supports tral nervous system and can ribbon during the last week in 1st Mission Support Command The Army is fully commit- the nation in this campaign to have serious and potentially October, we will demonstrate Public Affairs Officer Capt. Carlos M. Cuebas ted to supporting Soldiers and help raise public awareness to fatal side effects. our support to our nation’s Mailing address — Families with plans to prevent combat alcohol and other drug We were always afraid struggle against drug traffick- Public Affairs Office Building 390 Crane Loop Ste. 311 domestic abuse and develop use among our youth. That is that our kids would be of- ing and abuse. Let’s help our Fort Buchanan PR, 00934-4616 skills to help restore stability why this observance is so im- fered drugs by some so called children become everything Story submissions — and health within the family portant to us. It involves our “friend” at a party, a sport they dream of without using E-mail to: luis.delgadillo@us.army.mil circle. There are programs de- children, our Families. event, the mall or any other drugs or alcohol. Telephone numbers — (787)707-5762/4486 Fax: (787)707-3362 signed to promote awareness, As a parent, it concerns me place where they usually hang Let’s keep our promise alive 1st MSC submissions — encourage reporting, provide whenever I read in the news- out. However, our kids are ex- to Soldiers and Families by E-mail to: carlos.cuebasmedina@us.army.mil safety for the victims, and en- paper headlines or watch posed to these other “drugs” providing them the resources 1st MSC telephone number — sure treatment and/or adminis- the news that say: “Teen- which are easily available at needed for a quality of life (787)707-4988 trative action for offenders. ager killed in accident due to the medicine cabinet right at commensurate with their ser- El Morro is an authorized publica- If you see any signs of abuse speeding and alcohol abuse”, home. vice and sacrifice to the Na- tion printed in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1. or domestic violence in a “Promising college student We need to be aware of the tion. Contents of El Morro are not neces- The Army’s Backbone sarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Depart- ment of Defense, Department of the Army or U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick Simpson Buchanan. El Morro is published monthly by the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Garrison. Circulation 5,000. I’d like to wish you all a serve recognition for their ef- ing the highly successful Fire at 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 25. If you All editorial content of El Morro Happy New Year! Yes, this is forts. In the last three months Prevention Week events put on can’t make it to that fitness is prepared, edited, provided and ap- proved by the U.S. Army Garrison Pub- an odd statement to make here their public information cam- by the Fire Department. Inside event then I think it would be lic Affairs Office. For guidance on how in October but I think most of paign and outreach efforts on page 18, please find the cal- great to see us all wear pink to submit items for publication e-mail the garrison Public Affairs Office. us recognize that I am refer- have led to a reduce in overall endar of events. Though we during any kind of exercise The Editor reserves right to edit all submissions and to determine the suit- ring to the beginning of the energy consumption for the in- take this time each year to re- activity. While you are at it ability for inclusion in El Morro. new fiscal year not the calen- stallation. commit to fire safety let’s not please remember to wear your Every effort will be made to publish submissions in a timely manner. How- dar year. So lets make some resolu- forget that fire prevention is a reflective belts and maintain ever, time, layout, style and editorial Nonetheless, like the calen- tions for the new fiscal year. If year long responsibility. your situational awareness by considerations, as well as determina- tions for publication, are made by the dar new year, FY12 gives us you leave a room turn off the October, also marks Breast not using personal listening Commander or the Public Affairs Of- a chance to begin anew. We light. If you’ve been procras- Cancer Awareness month. A devices when out on the roads. ficer. are going to be facing some tinating about changing your time when we honor our loved In closing I’d like to leave financial challenges this year light bulbs from incandescent ones who have courageously you all with one a recommen- so cost savings is going to be to fluorescent, make the switch fought this dreaded disease dation for the upcoming fis- extremely important. today. If you work at one of and also breath new life into cal year. Plan your purchase One of the ways the gar- the garrison’s high energy research efforts dedicated to requests thoroughly, get them rison community can do their consumption areas such as eradicating this scourge. The in early and follow up on them part to help reduce costs is by one of the schools, the Com- fight is personal for some regularly. Doing this saves the supporting Energy Awareness missary or the Exchange look members of our community good people at the Resource in October. The Directorate for innovative ways to reduce and I urge all of you to partici- Management and Contracting of Public Works’ Environem- energy costs. pate in the events scheduled at offices a lot of trouble and it tal Division has been making Another resolution I look the fitness center. The next one contributes to workforce effi- strides in this area and they de- forward to keeping is attend- coming up is a cycling event ciency. Stay Army Strong!
  3. 3. El MorroFort Buchanan From The Top The Sentinel of the Caribbean 3 October 2011Defender 6 sendsArmy Family Covenant: The Commitment Endures SAN ANTONIO -- Four years ago vided new and renovated housing Program review has been built intothis month, the Army announced the for thousands of Families and single the Army Family Covenant from dayArmy Family Covenant, which prom- Soldiers, and constructed more than one. It has always been part of theised to provide Soldiers and Families 150 new child care and youth centers. AFC plan to assess program effective-a quality of life commensurate with The Army has increased the number ness, consolidate, and make adjust-their service. of Military Family Life Consultants, ments, to ensure there is no overlap or To help Soldiers and Families who provide confidential non-medical gaps between programs.stressed by years of war, the Army counseling for Soldiers and Families, So the current fiscal situation doessubstantially increased funding for and the number of behavioral health not change our course but it does putprograms in areas such as Soldier and care providers, who provide behavior- more gas in our tank. It intensifies theFamily services, behavioral health, al health services before, during and need to streamline and make sure wehousing, child care, education, and after deployment. continue to provide the most valuableemployment. Under the AFC, the Army has programs. Today, headlines about defense bud- worked hard to reach the whole Army For the programs under the AFC um-get cuts are prompting people to ask Family, including geographically dis- brella, the majority of which are run by Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, Defender 6whether the Army is going to keep its persed Soldiers and Family members. Installation Management Command,promises. Toward that end, the Army supports customer feedback is a critical part and every other opportunity to tell us The short answer is yes. Leaders a number of services away from in- of our ongoing evaluation. We gather about the programs and services thatchange and situations change, but the stallations, such as community-based customer feedback partly by looking are valuable to you. Your feedback im-Army’s commitment to Soldiers and child care and Army National Guard at which services are used most often, pacts decisions about programming.Families endures. Family Assistance Centers, and pro- and partly by asking customers about Like every other government orga- Under the AFC, the Army devel- vides Army OneSource, which en- their experiences, through garrison nization, every business, and everyoped and enhanced a range of pro- ables 24/7 access to information and focus groups and surveys such as the family, we are taking a close look atgrams that build Soldier and Fam- services regardless of location. Army OneSource Army Family Cov- our use of resources during this timeily strength, resilience and readiness. At a time when the Army is restor- enant survey, just completed Sept. 1. of fiscal uncertainty. We have to de-These programs include Survivor ing its balance, the AFC has been the We will be asking for feedback termine the most efficient, most ef-Outreach Services, Child, Youth and catalyst for enhancing and standard- again in January, when Soldiers, Fam- fective ways to reach out to the entireSchool Services, New Parent Support, izing the quality of support for Sol- ily members, Civilians and Retirees Army Family and provide support inthe Military Spouse Employment Pro- diers and Families. And now it is time will receive a survey on their needs, the areas of greatest need. But we aregram, Strong Bonds, and the Wounded to ensure our investment has made a usage and satisfaction with Family starting from a clear, non-negotiableWarriors Sports Program. difference in the lives of Soldiers and and Morale, Welfare and Recreation bottom line: the Army will keep its Under the AFC, the Army has pro- Families. programs. I urge everyone to take this promise to Soldiers and Families. Puerto Rico Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, MG (Ret.) Félix Santoni During the past month, we have had with what he saw and was very well the Board of Trustees, Col. (R) Luis A. this year alone we have commissioned the visit of Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, received by the Puerto Rico National Berrios, and other University leaders. 40 new second lieutenants from Puerto director of Operations, Readiness and Guard and its leader. Maj. Gen. Anto- McDonald was assured that the Rico out of Mayaguez. Mobilization, for the Department of the nio Vicens, the The Adjutant General of ROTC looks forward to being pro- Ours is an Army that needs a growth Army who was the honored guest of the Puerto Rico, who hosted an afternoon vided with adequate physical facilities in numbers of Hispanic leaders in pro- 1st Mission Support Command for the visit by Anderson at his headquarters. that will enhance the opportunity for portion to the percentage of growth of re-inauguration of Ramos Hall at the This was followed by a great brief- our cadets. McDonald had the oppor- the Hispanic population. Headquarters of the 1st MSC and the ing of the mission and organization of tunity to visit the Arecibo Observatory We are also working with the Mu- inauguration of the new Reserve Center the PRNG. As a result of the visit the and has assured us he plans to return to nicipality of San Juan to extend to them at Naval Activity, Ceiba Sept. 10. PRNG benefited by being allocated ad- our island. a JROTC facility in a school run by the This was followed by the visit last ditional funds for Counter Narcotics Bottom line is that Puerto Rico con- Municipality of San Juan and the May- week-end of the Commanding General missions. tinues to show great support for our or of San Juan has expressed a keen in- of the U.S. Army Cadet Command, In a letter that Anderson sent me, he military, for our veterans and for our terest in this for his Sports School. Maj. Gen. Joseph McDonald, who came wrote, ” Just a note to say thanks again military community. There is no doubt May God continue to bless our Army. to Puerto Rico with his lovely wife to for everything this past weekend. I thor- that we continue to make progress for Our soldiers and our island. visit the facilities of the Reserve Officer oughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip. members of the Puerto Rico communi- I cannot close without thanking the Training Corps at the two hosts schools, I remain very impressed by everything ty who are willing and able to serve our Commanding General of the 1st MSC University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras that I see from the Army Guard and Re- nation in these difficult times. and the Adjutant General of the Puerto and UPR Mayaguez. We were heav- serve in Puerto Rico. These visits demonstrate our ability Rico National Guard for the great sup- ily involved in both visits and feel they McDonald’s visit was also an out- to serve our nation and that we have port they have given to these two visits. were of great benefit to Puerto Rico and standing visit and he had an opportunity clearly understood the importance of HOOAH to our Guardsmen and our the military community of the island. to meet with the leadership of the Uni- these Puerto Rican cadets to the Army. Reserve soldiers for all they do to serve Anderson was extremely pleased versity, including the new Chairman of An example of this is the fact that our nation.
  4. 4. 4October 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananAMS nominee among 2012 Teacher of the Year hopefulsBy Cindy Gibson Secondary Schools (DDESS) and Geary Schwartz, an algebra teacher at He started in the Boston Public SchoolsDDESS Public Affairs Department of Defense Dependents Fort Campbell High School, Fort Camp- in 1993. In 1994, he was accepted into PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. Dr. Linda Schools, Cuba, (DoDDS-Cuba) an- bell, Kentucky, in the Kentucky District. the Pathways to Teaching Careers pro-Curtis, Acting Director and Area Super- nounced today the names of each dis- “Tim Proskauer is a special teacher, gram at Lesley College in Cambridge,intendent for Curriculum, Instruction trict’s Teacher of the Year for 2012. one of those who in my opinion was born continued working in the Boston Publicand Assessment for the Department of “These five teachers exhibit qualities to be an excellent teacher because he is Schools and earned his Master’s in Edu-Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) and attributes of a high performing teach- caring, loving, patient, creative, energet- cation degree in Special Education fromDomestic Dependent Elementary and er,” Dr. Curtis said. “Their commitment, ic, and attentive not only with students Lesley. dedication and professionalism have but also with his colleagues and parents. He then worked at two Seattle middle touched many, many students. They are Mr. Proskauer also demonstrates the schools as a math/science/special educa- impacting our future generation.” highest level of professional commit- tion inclusion teacher. He and his wife, Those teachers are: ment and competency in his work with Maria, have four sons. Rebecca Hill, a teacher of gifted edu- students and colleagues,” said Antilles Once the packets are received at Do- cation at Maxwell Air Force Base Ele- Middle School (AMS) Principal Nancy DEA Headquarters, a selection panel mentary/Middle School, Maxwell AFB, Maldonado. “Tim’s passion and positive uses a rubric to evaluate the National Alabama, in the Georgia/Alabama Dis- attitude toward the art of teaching and Teacher of the Year (NTOY) Applica- trict; children are reflected in the outstanding tions including their DVD presentation. Tim Proskauer, a social studies teach- quality of his instruction in social stud- The top four rated applicants are inter- er, at Antilles Middle School, at Fort Bu- ies and his involvement in the school viewed by telephone by the panel. From chanan, Puerto Rico, in the New York/ improvement process that he has main- those four, the DoDEA Teacher of the Virginia/Puerto Rico District; Trac- tained at AMS.” Mr. Proskauer has been Year is selected about mid-October. The ey Fairfax, a third grade teacher at Pat- with DoDEA for 12 years. He earned DoDEA Teacher of the Year’s applica- rick Kessler Elementary School at Fort his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in reli- tion package is sent to the NTOY Office Stewart, Georgia, in the South Carolina/ gious studies from Wesleyan University to compete for the National Teacher of Fort Stewart /DoDDS-Cuba District; in Middletown, Connecticut, in 1992. the Year. The DoDEA Teacher of the Julia Goodrich, a second and third From 1992-1993, Mr. Proskauer worked Year, whether he or she wins or not, will grade teacher at Gordon Elementary with emotionally and behaviorally disor- participate in the National activities and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in dered children at the Brandon Residen- events that are sponsored by the NTOY Tim Proskauer, AMS Teacher the North Carolina District; and tial Treatment Center in Natick, Mass. point of contact in Washington D.C. El Morro Interview: Just who is Tim Proskauer? How long have you been a education but they need the the discovery of agriculture in knowledge every day. What teacher? right information. I use a web the Neolithic Era (Stone Age). has made me successful is that I have been teaching for 18 site and post my lesson plans, The kids know two things that I find ways to motivate and in- years. I started in 1993 in the projects, and assignments so make them want to learn: they spire some of the ones who are Boston Public Schools work- that parents know I be- harder to teach. ing with kids with emotional always know lieve they Maybe they don’t learn as and behavioral difficulties. what is go- can suc- easily, or they have trouble I taught in Boston for three ing on in my ceed, and reading or don’t know much years, in Seattle for three years, class. This I taught in Boston for three they know I English. Maybe they are su- and I have been teaching in makes a big years, in Seattle for three am excited per-talented but haven’t been Fort Buchanan since 1999. d i ff e r e n c e years, and I have been about what challenged, so they have got- This is my 15th year in 6th for busy teaching in Fort Buchanan we are do- ten bored and lost interest. grade! families. ing. It is important to me that What makes your teaching Most of all, since 1999. This is my 15th To what do all the kids leave my room at method unique? though, I am year in 6th grade!. you attri- the end of the year feeling that There are a few things I do willing to do bute your they have been successful and It is a tremendous honor so that are unusual. One is that I “whatever Tim Proskauer success as that they have learned some- I was a little bit overwhelmed. am hyper-organized in my cur- it takes” for -Antilles Middle School Teacher an educa- thing meaningful. Over the summer I had to riculum. I plan my entire year my students tor? How did you react when you complete the application for and then work backwards to to learn. If I am suc- heard about being selected? National Teacher of the Year, plan each unit (one unit usu- you come in cessful be- I was surprised. My out- which is a challenging appli- ally takes 4 or 5 weeks), so that my classroom you might see cause I believe in the kids. I standing colleague in sixth cation. The other teachers in I am really clear with the kids the entire class standing on the remember every day that I am grade, Ms. Napoli, was se- Fort Buchanan have encour- what they are supposed to be desks to understand population here because of them, and I lected as teacher of the year aged me a lot. They have learning. density. I could be wearing a challenge myself to find a way last year and it is uncommon helped me believe in myself, Another way is in how I gladiator costume. to reach every one of them. for the person to come from so I really want to represent involve parents. Parents genu- Half the period might be For some kids it is easy be- the same school two years in a Puerto Rico, my school and inely want to support their kids’ spent drawing a cartoon of cause they come hungry for row, let alone the same grade. my colleagues as well.
  5. 5. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 5 October 2011IDES initiativeclears hurdles forSoldier transitionto full Vet statusCol. Danny B. Jaghab signs a memo-randum of understanding betweenthe Rodriguez Army Health Clinic,USAG Fort Buchanan and Veteran’sAffairs Sept. 13. The memo symbol-izes a partnership between the threegroups that supports the IntegratedDisability Evaluation System. Pictured above in no particular order are: For the Rodríguez Army Health Clinic, Col. Danny B. Jaghab, Commander, Eduardo Colón, assistant commander for administration Col. Joaquín Hernández, medical officer, Gilberto Caballero, MD, MEB Physician, Janelle Torres Giovannetti, RAHC medical director,REDTAPE, From Page 1 Vilma Ramos, physical evaluation board liaison officer, Capt. Yomaris Rivera, Patient Administration Officer in Charge/PEBLO. FOR IDES TEAM: Lt. Col. Kenneth Brace, Col. Sheila Hobbs, DoD Denise Brown, DoD Carlos Arroyo, Veteran’s Benefits Administration, William Wilson, VBA Chuck Oliver, DoD PEBsion by October 2011 will give Cheryl Flohr, VBA. VA Regional Office: Thomas O. Sanders, Assistant Director, Daniel Massa, Military Service Coordinator. QTC Medical Services Robertthe same opportunity to all Conboy, Program Start-up Coordinator Joe O’Brien, Director Program Managementservice members worldwide,”said Jaghab. mander, signed a memo- thorough while also improving both the DoD and the VA pro- bers negatively said Jaghab. The RAHC has already randum of understanding the delivery of benefits. cesses in just over 300 days so With a trained and readymade positive changes in prep- pledging to assist the RAHC “Prior to the integrated sys- they can begin receiving ben- staff and partners in the com-aration for the IDES imple- staff and the VA implement the tem, DoD disability evaluation efits after the first full month munity, the RAHC standsmentation in the form of hiring DoD initiative. took about 300 days. After dis- in veteran status – the earli- ready to carry out Jaghab’snew VA personnel who will be “The IDES provides a seam- charge, the VA process took est allowable under law. With vison of “providing timelyco-located at the Community less and transparent disabil- several more months, during IDES, DoD and VA are work- and high quality care whileBased Warrior Transition Unit ity evaluation system adminis- which the disabled veteran ing together to make disability maintaining Soldier readinessto start the process. tered jointly by DoD and the was waiting for VA compensa- evaluation more simple, seam- to meet the demands of our In a ceremonial gesture of VA,” said Jaghab tion and benefits,” said Jaghab. less, fast and fair,” he said. nation around the world,” assupport, Col. John D. Cush- This means that the medi- “Through the IDES, most Fortunately, the new system he said when he took com-man, the Installation Com- cal discharge process remains service members complete does not affect servicemem- mand of the clinic.
  6. 6. 6October 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananCFC: 50 years of caring and giving backBy José Sanchez by OPM, attestsCFC Coordinator to the noble This fall’s Combined Fed- spirit and gen-eral Campaign (CFC) annual erosity of ourcharity drive invites us to Federal Com-their “50 Years of Caring.” munity.Years are the measuring tool To meet thisfor life length of giving to year’s chal-others. It is a blessing to re- lenge, I am ex-view CFC time capsule of tending a spe-care and service. As we cel- cial invitationebrate their 50th anniversary to all my fellowlet us arise to the challenge workers in thein our communities, espe- federal government in Fort critically needed servicescially in our very own fed- Buchanan to be partners in promoting the quality of lifeeral community. celebrating “50 Years of Car- for children who have been We are truly privileged ing.” John Fitzgerald Ken- abandoned, for families whoand blessed to work for the nedy often referred to the are suffering hardship, theUnited States government, Parable of the Faithful Ser- elderly, and the disabled,while also serving our fellow vant (Luke 12:48), “For of among others.citizens, civil servants and those to whom much is giv- I urge you to, once again,military families in different en, much is required.” Time give generously to the CFC,roles. and again, over the course of and make the 2011 Cam- Our strong commitment the years, Fort Buchanan’s paign a record one. Adoptingto help make a better world federal employees have re- a commitment to show thatfor abandoned and battered sponded to the CFC cam- you “Care” is to change yourchildren, women, and the paign with ample generosity. life forever!elderly, as well as the home- There is no limit to the We have scheduled ourless and disabled, is widely power and possibilities of Kick-Off Ceremony forrenowned. The fact that we our acts of kindness when Wednesday, 19 October, José Sanchez, CFC Coordinatorhave helped raised over $6 illness, disability or catas- 2011 at Commander’s Con- emony will have a brief PAIO (787) 707-2747 or viabillion in donations to the trophes strike. By giving to ference, starting at 1500, orientation of this year strat- e-mail josian.sanchez@co-CFC since its inception in the CFC you financially sup- immediately after the Staff egies. If you have any ques- nus.army.mil.We are looking1961 until 2010, as reported port institutions that provide Meeting. The Kick-Off Cer- tions, you can contact me at forward to greeting you. For emergencies call 787-707-3337 to be referred to the Chaplain’s emergency line
  7. 7. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 7 October 2011 Happy birthday DeCA: October marks 20 years of agency service FORT LEE, Va. – Twenty 20th anniversary, the com- years ago, to improve efficien- missary benefit itself is nearly cy and increase taxpayer sav- 145 years old. While officers ings, Congress and the Depart- could buy food from military ment of Defense created the storehouses as early as 1825, Defense Commissary Agency the modern commissary ben- by consolidating the military efit dates back to July 1, 1867. services’ retail grocery opera- That’s when Congress autho- tions into one organization. rized the Army to sell food “With annual sales of nearly items, at cost, to enlisted men $6 billion, our agency contin- as well as officers. ues to save taxpayer dollars These sales were authorized while delivering a vital military at every Army post with a sub- benefit,” said DeCA Director sistence warehouse. Sales ini- and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. “To tially took place at a table or our customers, this benefit is counter in the warehouse. The more than groceries sold at official stock list was only 82 cost without a profit markup; items, but this was the start ofFree books for active duty Courtesy graphic it’s important to their quality the modern commissary bene- of life, and the recruiting and fit. As time passed, commissary retention of military personnel. facilities gradually improved.under G.I. Bill changes “DeCA is well-known with- By the early 20th century, they in the Department of Defense began to resemble civilian gro- for leading change and achiev- cery outlets both in layout and ing results,” he added. “We’re in the number of items offeredBy C. Todd Lopez service at the Department of housing payments. But that is proud of what we have accom- for sale. Since DeCA’s 1991Army News Service Veterans Affairs. no longer the case, Wilson said. plished, which is especially opening, store facilities have New enrollees in the program While Wilson said VA is work- noteworthy when you consider been further upgraded, more WASHINGTON -- Active will also find that if they are en- ing to keep students informed of how much has been done since people have become eligible toduty Soldiers and their spouses titled to the housing allowance the changes, students will have our inception.” enjoy the benefit, and customerwill soon be able to get funding (active duty and their spouses to practice some "sound finan- While Oct. 1 marks DeCA’s savings have increased.for books and supplies as part of are not) they can receive that cial management" on their ownthe Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. Beginning Oct. 1, active duty benefit while enrolled in certifi- cate or other non-college degree to make rent payments during the short non-enrollment pe- PR Exchange offers support, onmembers and their spouses can programs or even long-distance riods between semesters. Wil- some level, to military communityreceive up to $1,000 for books learning. son pointed out that under theand supplies, per academic year, Those enrolled in distance Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, beneficiaries On any given day, a variety members of the Reserve Com-as part of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. learning could receive up to 50 have never received housing al- of visitors, contractors and ponents and family members,Active duty members were not percent of the housing allow- lowance during the three-month Department of Defense (DoD) applicable DoD civilians, Ex-previously eligible for the books ance provided to those who en- summer break. civilians visit any one of the change associates, retirees andand supplies funding. rolled in on-campus education Wilson added that, when ben- Army & Air Force Exchange their dependents who possess Additional benefits to service- programs. The housing allow- eficiaries did receive housing Service’s food, entertainment a basic Exchange purchasemembers and veterans include ance for those in resident train- payment between enrollments, and retail operations on Fort privilege authorization card.reimbursement of fees for ex- ing is now prorated based on a they were actually burning up Buchanan. The question most While rules governing whoams used for admission to col- students course load. A student part of their benefits. The bill frequently posed by these visi- can buy merchandise and ser-leges. Such exams include the taking a course load that is ap- provides for 36 months of ben- tors is “Who’s authorized to vices at Exchanges often applyACT, GMAT or SAT. Changes proximately 80 percent of what a efits. If a student was getting just shop these facilities?” to a chosen few, the doors toto the bill also mean reimburse- school deems "full time," would housing benefits for the nearly Exchange service authoriza- the Fort Buchanan Exchange’sment for more than one licens- receive 80 percent of the hous- one-month period between the tion actually begins with the food facilities, such as Pop-ing or certification examination. ing allowance. Housing allow- fall and spring semesters, for House Armed Services Com- eye’s, Burger King, etc. areAdditionally, there are expanded ance for an in-resident student instance, that would burn up a mittee and ultimately ends open to virtually anyone look-benefits for non-college degree taking a full load is equivalent to month of benefits. with the Fort Buchanan com- ing for a taste of home. In fact,programs, on-the-job training, the basic housing allowance for The new change in law also mander. The guidelines, as DoD policy allows all federalapprenticeship training, flight an E-5 with dependants. affects payment eligibility, and prescribed by Army Regula- government employees, andprograms and correspondence Additional changes to ben- now accounts for active duty tion 215-8/Air Force Instruc- even installation visitors, totraining. efits under the bill include elimi- service performed by National tion 34-211 (I) and the Armed dine at Exchange restaurants "I think the great thing about nation of housing payments for Guard members under Title 32. Services Exchange Regula- as long as their orders are con-these changes (is) that it brings even short gap periods between A summary of recent changes tions, Department of Defense sumed on the installation.a lot more training options un- enrollments. In the past, during to the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill can be Instruction 1330.21, require Anyone who believes theyder the umbrella of this already the less-than-one-month breaks found at http://gibill.va.gov/ben- proper identification of au- may qualify for Exchange ben-robust program," said Keith between semesters, beneficia- efits/post_911_gibill/Post911_ thorized customers, includ- efits can call (787) 792-8989Wilson, director of education ries could continue to receive changes.html. ing uniformed personnel and for additional information.
  8. 8. 8October 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananLuis Salazar on safety: Revolution to EGOlutionBy Luis Salazar ago while driving: “EGOLU- are accomplishing could be but a survival technique. space to brake? Can I evadeSafety Office Contractor TION”. Now we know who done better. It is all about re- onto the other lane? Consider Once your eyes and mind are must change before others linquishing the sense of the correctly in their place, what your options and create the Revolution is an interest- can change. urgent to reap the benefits of are your hands doing? Are habit by applying it to youring word. To some it spawns Most driver safety edu- achieving the important. So both hands on the wheel? every day driving. This gapvisions of guerrillas and non cation concentrates on re- how do we get this Franken- Drivers that keep both analysis will help you figureconventional warfare. To teaching drivers things they stein under control? hands on the wheel usu- out ways to face the adverseothers it might mean upheav- already know: the meaning How do we get the Hulk to ally have better control than moments you will encounter.al and drastic change in how of traffic signs, how to react simmer down and let Bruce when they do not. Most of O – Overcome by do-a country might be run but in during a skid or how to use Banner be the guiding choice us know this, yet why do we ing what is right. Too easy,reality the word revolution the brakes to complete a full in our every day driving? still drive with one hand? right? Most of us considercomes from the Latin “revo- emergency stop. I invite you to look at the Relinquishing control of the ourselves responsible, safelution”. However, most collisions word EGO. After that par- road begins with simple risk and knowledgeable drivers. In this context revolution are a result of abhorrent driv- ticipate in some gap analysis factors that can turn into ma- By the most part we truly aresimply means to turn some- ing behavior and not lack of and then as a final recourse jor problems or threats. and that is great because it isthing around. When we look knowledge. Unsafe practices determine a sure course of As we put our eyes on the indicative that we will takeat everyday traffic on our like driving too fast for road action. road, mind on the road and good decisions on the road.streets drivers will usually conditions, when angry or E – Examine everything hands on the steering wheel What worries me is whenprovide stories that point to tired, under the influence of that comes up on the road we will see so many things situations are not ideal, whencharacteristic trait flaws by alcohol or drugs and react- around you. As you drive that before simple eluded we are stressed, upset, or justother commuters as a main ing to poor driving by others your car determine what us. We’ll be able to examine plain fatigued. What we’llsource of problems. It is the on the road are the forefront your eyes, mind and hands the road more efficiently and we do then? Let’s all prac-human element that by and runners that fill hospitals are doing. As you look out raise our driver safety level. tice doing the right thing ev-large will make us lean to a with victims of traffic colli- on the highway are your eyes G – Generate solutions to ery time.pretty unfavorable opinion sions. and mind in situations. You will probably Don’t worry if you failof those that share our island In these one accord? agree with me that as we once in a while, just beingroads. behaviors Or are practice the “E” taking care aware of the fact that you Reports of carelessness, we find that Once you begin to visual- your eyes on of the “G” will be much eas- need improvement is part ofcomplacency and outright the common ize these possible sce- the road and ier. Next time you take your the battle won against medi-selfish behavior seem to denominator your mind car for a spin count out how ocrity and aggressive drivingfill the occasional ride, is the EGO, narios try to think of ways in some behavior. many situations you encoun-the weekend outing or the the me drive to mitigate the threat. Play other place ter that could be considered We have the ability toweekday morning commute. style, that the “what if” game. away from as a safety threat. choose what is right andMost people I speak with impulsive the road? Once you begin to visual- that is a powerful tool thatresound one of the songs by false sense To examine ize these possible scenar- we can use to stay calm andJuanes that states “it’s time that assures everything ios try to think of ways to assertive as we drive. Don’tto change”. But just who or you that that comes mitigate the threat. Play the worry about the “other guy”,what can I change? the road belongs to you and up before us as we drive our “what if” game. or about what they do. In the The task is monumental to that the mission justifies the eyes and mind must be syn- What if…that truck that is long run good decisions onsay the least. Consider add- means necessary to get it ac- chronized to the task at hand. ahead of me and is overload- the road will benefit youring the word ego and mixing complished. Drowning out the world ed with steel beams would life, your loved ones and alsoit with the word revolution EGOlution is all about around our vehicle for as lose one of those heavy iron your wallet.and then arrive at an interest- changing a person. It is all much as we would like is re- bars on the highway? What So practice EGOlutioning word my wife and I came about turning oneself 180º ally not a safe option. Aware- would I do? How Would and one of these days let meup with a couple of weeks when we know that what we ness is not a bargaining chip I react? Do I have enough know how it went. Stay Safe! Army Traffic Safety Training Program gets a new Web site In an effort to improve the reg- The new address is https:// you in successfully registering istration process for all soldiers, apps.imcom.army.mil/AIRS for courses electronically using the new Web site through the This site will provide on-line a web based browser or smart Army IMCOM Registration Sys- registration and management of phone. To view available cours- tem will make registration for all traffic safety training courses for es, log on to the link above and courses easier to accomplish. the Army Traffic Safety Training select a region and then a garri- Registration is now required Program. You can view course son from the drop down menu. for all driving courses as well as calendars to see what courses From there just choose the date for Motorcycle Safety Founda- are being offered at garrisons in of the course and register. tion courses. your local area. It will also aid https://apps.imcom.army.mil/AIRS
  9. 9. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 9 October 2011Make the right choice! Act to prevent domestic abuseBy Michael Burkhalter (IMCOM) thwart sexual assault and ha-IMCOM Public Affairs rassment. SAN ANTONIO (Sept. 8, This year’s SHARP summit2011) -- October is National opened phase three of I. A.M.Domestic Violence Awareness Strong’s four-point effort toMonth, and the Army is doing eliminate sexual violence inits part to help combat violent the Army. At the summit Caro-behavior in its ranks. lyn Collins, SHARP Program The awareness campaign Office division chief, notedaims to highlight the preven- that domestic violence num-tion, intervention and servic- bers went down 8 percent ines provided by a community 2010. She said 1,689 casesmore than willing to address were reported last year, andand stop domestic violence. 1,795 were report in 2009. “All of you are dedicated to “We know our actual num-eliminating this threat,” said bers went down, not just ourArmy Secretary John McHugh reported numbers. And ourduring a Sexual Harassment/ rate per 1,000 went down,”Assault Re- Collins said.sponse and “We grewPrevention our Armysummit held The fact that sexual as- the last fewin March, sault still occurs in our years, but our“and it’s a rate per 1,000threat to our ranks is heartbreaking; it’s didn’t go upcohesion of (opposite) to everything we with that, the Army, to ensure our invest- porting; providing safety for neSource.com for Soldiers andour units, a value in this institution, it actually ment is bringing about change victims; and ensuring treat- Families with information andthreat to our came down, so we can achieve our goal of ment and/or administrative ac- awareness campaign resourc-units and a Hon. John McHugh so we believe eliminating sexual harassment tion for offenders, with special es. The site contains resourcesthreat to our - Secretary of the Army we are reduc- and assault”. emphasis on services for ju- for new parent support visi-very human- ing crime.” Statistics show a need for nior Soldiers and their spouses tors, victim advocates, transi-ity.” Collins at- the Army to build social intol- or intimate partners. tional compensation and other “The fact tributed this erance toward domestic vio- Also, the Army Family Pro- prevention and educationalthat sexual assault still occurs to encouraging victims to re- lence, such as strengthening grams office has established services. (Rob McIlvaine, ofin our ranks is heartbreaking; port incidents of violence; programs designed to promote an Army Family Advocacy Army News Service contrib-it’s (opposite) to everything providing some of the best awareness; encouraging re- Program web page on ArmyO- uted to this story.)we value in this institution,” medical care and counselinghe added. techniques in the nation; and In 2008, former Secretary the Army dedicating itself toof the Army Pete Geren and prosecution and investigation Maintaining a healthy/effective relationshipArmy Chief of Staff George techniques. By Wilda Díaz • Keep an open mind. Allow words will make yourW. Casey Jr. launched a new “We will assess ourselves Family Advocacy Program Manager all sides a chance to speak. loved one feel.strategy -- including the I. by ensuring we are doing the • The first duty of love is • Don’t shout. A low voice • Compromise: meeting inA.M. (Intervene, Act, Moti- best we can,” Collins said. to listen. keeps tempers low too. the middle can make ev-vate) Strong Campaign -- to “We will adjust fire, just as in • Give your full attention • Watch your body lan- eryone happy with the out- to all discussions. guage. It speaks as loud as come. • Express your feelings your words. • Remember, the real calmly, without blaming • Communicate with com- meaning of life is happi- or lecturing. passion. Think how your ness Manteniendo una relación saludable/efectiva • La primera regla en el tunidad de hablar/expresar consideración. Piense como amor es escuchar. su opinión. sus palabras pueden hacer • Preste atención a todas • No grite. Use un tono de sentir al ser amado. las discusiones/conver- voz suave para mantener • Llegue a un acuerdo. saciones. calmados los temperamen- Llegar a un punto medio • Exprese sus sentimientos tos. puede hacer que todos calmadamente, sin culpar • Este atento a su lenguage queden felices con el resul- o juzgar. corporal. El mismo puede tado. • Mantenga una mente hablar tan alto como sus • Y recuerde que lo más abierta. Permita que todas palabras. importante en la vida es las partes tengan la opor- • Hable con compasión o ¡Ser feliz!
  10. 10. Civilian Leader Dev10 October 2011 http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ The Sentinel ofClass zero begins its trek toward leadershBy Luis Delgadillo Fort Buchanan Public Affairs It’s common knowledge that if a per-son wants to advance in their career,one of the first steps they must take is toplace career development among theirtop priorities. At Fort Buchanan, 14 in-dividuals have chosen to do just that. The inaugural class of the CivilianLeader Development Program was wel-comed by the Garrison Commander,Col. John D. Cushman who spoke tothe students at the garrison headquar-ters, Oct. 3. In their introductions to one anoth-er, every course participant gave theirname and job title but more importantlythey each expressed a desire to makethemselves and Fort Buchanan better. “I have heard from everybody, ‘whatI want to get from this course’ but I wantyou to think about what you expect toget from the course,” said Cushman,prompting introspection. “What do youexpect from yourselves? Everyone ofyou is a leader already. You’re a leaderin your personal life and you’re leadersin your professional life,” he said. Photos by Luis Delgadillo In his remarks Cushman stressed theimportance of utilizing the skills they Rafael Contreras, the installation workforce development specialist, speaks with the first group of burgeoning leaders attending the Civilian Leader Development Program Oct. 3 at Fort Buchanan’s garrison headquarters.learn in the course to advance in theirindividual organizations as well as the making and required careful plan- cal workforce development program came up in the IMCOM Campaignthemselves. ning by Rafael Contreras, the Director- by which junior employees could gain plan and it was so clear, it was so The class will feature classes on how ate of Human Resource’s workforce skills necessary to take on greater re- easy,” she said. She said that fromthe installation operates, Resiliency development specialist. Contreras part- sponsibility, and upward career pro- the start of the IMCOM campaignTraining, Effective Communication nered with members of a workforce gression. plan she saw the opportunity to helpand Briefing techniques, Military Deci- development working group made up Among those who contributed is younger employees in ways not af-sion Making and Human Resource for of veteran employees. These veterans Amanda Rojas, a management analyst forded to her when she first enteredSupervisors among other classes. of the civil service were eager to see with the Resource Management office. the civil service. The program is more than a year in Cushman’s goal of having a strong lo- “When the LOE 3 (Line of Effort) “It’s important to me, personally,Students, Manuel Ramos, quality control specialist, Angel Viruet, DFMWR IT specialist Student, Student, Lillian Calderon, with the Director- Student, Magda Rivera, Command Group SGrace Meinhofer, DFMWR marketing coordinator ate of Logistics administrative assistant c
  11. 11. velopment Programthe Caribbean http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ El Morro Fort Buchanan 11hip development Students, Mariana Urrutia, a marketing assistant with DFMWR and David Cortes, an ID card facility specialistStudents, George H. Roman, Safety Specialist and Marie A. Ramírez, administrativeassistantbecause I am in the winter of my career... and I have seen a lack of opportuni-ties and of mentors and (a lack) of goodleaders over the past 10 years,” saidRojas, who sees herself as somewhat ofthe midwife for the program by helpingit come into being. The course will give students valu-able insight into what they have to gainbut enrollment in the course does notexcuse them from their normal dutiesas Fort Buchanan employees. Each is expected to fulfill the obliga-tions of their organizations while stay-ing engaged in the CLDP. Contreras affectionately calls theclass his guinea pigs because theyare a test group to see how the coursewill evolve in future iterations. Con- Amanda Rojas, a management analyst with Student, José Sanchez, Management and Program Analysttreras is taking requests for the next the Resource Management office observes thecourse so interested parties may first day of the Civilian Leader Developmentcontact him at 787-707-3546. Program.Student, Roberto Fernández, DFMWR fitness Student, Osiris Soto, an administrative assistant Student, Juan Sanfeliz, a sports specialist with Student, Irma Santiago, an administrative assis-center manager with the Religious Services Office DFMWR tant with the Directorate of Emergency Services
  12. 12. 12October 2011 Features The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananRed Ribbon 2011: “It’s up to me to be drug free”By Myrna M. Llanos Within weeks of his deathASAP Prevention Coordinator in March of 1985, Camarena’s Congressman, Duncan Hunt- Red Ribbon Week is the er, and high school friendoldest and largest drug pre- Henry Lozano, launchedvention campaign in the Camarena Clubs in Impe-country. Although the start rial Valley, California, Ca-end dates can vary slightly marena’s home. Hundreds ofdepending on the organiza- club members pledged to leadtion and source, Red Ribbon drug-free lives to honor theWeek generally takes place sacrifices made by Camarenathe last full week in October, and others on behalf of allwith the weekends before and Americans. These coalitionsfollowing the last full week began to wear red badges ofincluded as appropriate cel- satin red ribbons, as a sym-ebration dates. This year Red bol Camarena’s memory. TheRibbon Week will be cel- Red Ribbon Week campaignebrated October 22-30, 2011. emerged from the efforts of Red Ribbon Week serves these clubs and coalitions.as a vehicle for communities Today, Red Ribbon Weekand individuals to take a stand is nationally recognized and Photo by Luis Delgadillofor the hopes and dreams of celebrated, helping to pre-our children through a com- serve Special Agent Camare- Myrna Llanos, Army Substance Abuse Prevention coordinator, at Antilles High School during a Red Ribbon Week na’s memory and further the event last year.mitment to drug preventionand education and a personal cause for which he gave his struggle against drug traffick- most important investment or myrna.llanos @ us.army.commitment to live drug free life. The Red Ribbon Cam- ing and abuse. we can make, especially for millives with the ultimate goal paign also became a symbol The Fort Buchanan Army the younger members of our Mr. Jose Berrios, Drugbeing the creation of drug of support for the DEA’s ef- Substance Abuse Program community and of course, Testing Coordinator @ 707-free America. forts to reduce demand for (ASAP) is celebrating Na- our Soldiers. We urge each 3128 or jose.berriospizarro@ And, perhaps more im- drugs through prevention tional Red Ribbon Week from of you to visibly show your us.army.milportantly, Red Ribbon Week and education programs. By 24-28 October 2011. This support. If you have a questioncommemorates the ultimate wearing a red ribbon dur- year, our Red Ribbon Cam- POCs for this Campaign: about this article or aboutsacrifice made by DEA Spe- ing the last week in October, paign theme: “It’s Up To Me Ms. Myrna Llanos, Preven- substance abuse, please e-cial Agent Enrique “Kiki” Americans demonstrate their To Be Drug-Free” empha- tion Coordinator @ 707-3125 mail or call us.Camarena, who died at the ardent opposition to drugs. sizes individual responsibil-hands of drug traffickers in They pay homage not only to ity and how this is importantMexico while fighting the Special Agent Camarena, but in keeping the Ft. Buchananbattle against illegal drugs to all men and women who community safe, healthy andto keep our country and chil- have made the ultimate sacri- drug-free.dren safe. fice in support of our nation’s Several prevention activi- ties will take place during the week like distribution of Red Ribbons and educational drug abuse prevention information throughout the Installation. Awareness Tables will be set throughout the Red Ribbon Campaign Week at the PX lobby, Welcome Center, Fit- ness Center and Rodriguez Army Health Clinic. There will be several prevention activities with Students and family members. The dates and other details of the ac- tivities will be disseminated through flyers. Your participation in this important campaign reflects your deep commitment to creating a drug-free Mili- tary Community. This is the