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Monthly report-10-2013-museum-of-modern-art
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Monthly report-10-2013-museum-of-modern-art


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Museum of Modern Art New York, United States Facebook Twitter 20582 New Page Likes 45004 New Followers Previous: 20023 (2.79%) Previous: 46721 (-3.68%) 33 Posts 132 Tweets Previous: 26 (26.92%) Previous: 158 (-16.46%) 578 Comments 8377 Mentions Previous: 376 (53.72%) Previous: 5451 (53.68%) 01 Oct - 31 Oct / Previous: 01 Sep - 30 Sep Most engaging Facebook content 6775 "There is no such thing as good painting about nothing." Mark Rothko was born today in 1903. See Rothko's works in our collection: http:/ ... 5552 "Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary" is now on view at MoMA! Share your interpretations of Surrealism in every day life while using Magri ... 5168 Recent visitors to our 5th floor collection galleries may have noticed that Salvador Dalí's "The Persistence of Memory" (1931) is back on vi ... 4031 3940 No text, click here to see the post. "Surrealism claims for our waking life a freedom similar to that which we have in our dreams." - Magritte Explore our exhibition site for ...
  • 2. Facebook new page likes 2.79% Facebook posts 26.92% Facebook comments 53.72%
  • 3. Most engaging Twitter content 284 "Banksy Announces a Monthlong Show on the Streets of New York" (via @nytimesarts) 231 #Banksy watch: 2nd piece goes up in #NYC. Follow the action at #streetart @banksyny 225 "Surrealism claims for our waking life a freedom similar to that which we have in our dreams." -Magritte 220 "He's sort of like #Batman. He works under [a] cloak of darkness + everyone in New York is looking for him." #Banksy 213 Were the first #artists mostly women?
  • 4. Twitter new followers -3.68% Tweets -16.46% Twitter mentions 53.68%
  • 5. Most engaged Facebook users 4 4 3 3 3 Treddi Man Mark Van Den Dries Jaime Lyn Beligotti Gay Hedani Bill Rabinovitch Most engaged Twitter users Roberto Re 88 Ich bin ein Mailänder. Networker Analytical Independent Thinker. Informations Ideas Exchanger on Twitter.RT are not endorsement% Candy Korman 57 Freelance Writer, Author of Candy's Monsters, Amateur Tango Dancer, story vampire 56 LouiseBelle here to help #SmallBiz #BiziTalk #udobiz #Like2 i retweet a lot Carolyn Newsom 30 1 of 3 Biz/Mkting Sisters - Carolyn, Pat, Virginia/'Bootsie' trying to help our brother, families communities. ... 23 Ich wurde geboren, ich lebe und dann..keine Ahnung ! Sonst: politisch interessiert, Liebe zu Fotografie, Kultur. Impressum ...