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    Pitch deck5.0 Pitch deck5.0 Presentation Transcript

    • Why is PieRide needed?
    • .. in Cairo Daily Average Road Traffic Speed Km/h 25 20 15 10 5 0 Daily Avg. commute time (minutes) 250 200 200 150 21 100 50 5 2001 2015 Source: Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region & Europe (CEDARE) 0 34 2001 2015 … and it is only getting worse
    • 200 minutes are two full working days per week Besides time & stress, the daily drive in Cairo also costs 500 L.E in gas, 700 L.E for depreciation and maintenance and arund 150 L.R for parklng
    • What are the Options
    • Taxi What are the Options Safety Number of buses per 1 million population Reliability Hygiene Cost
    • OwnTaxi Car What are the Options Safety Cost + Reliability Maintenance Hygiene Driving Cost Parking
    • OwnTaxi Car What are the Options Cost +++ Maintenance +
    • What does PieRide offer to daily commuters?
    • Fuel, parking, depreciation . 1400 L.E. + time + stress Cost effectiveness 1200 Own Car Taxi 2000 L.E. Driver 3000 L.E. Value: convenience, flexibility, safety & reliability
    • Daily Commuters White Collar Employees Students
    • Daily Commuters  2 Hours+ daily commute  Average income above 5000 L.E.  Living in areas both commercial and residential  Need the service for 10 months per year  Spend an average of 1000 L.E. per month Estimated And they spend a total of 20,000 240 in Cairo are in this segment Million L.E Per year on daily commuting
    • Unique Value Proposition Door to door Monthly subscription Professional drivers Economic value via Rideshare
    • Two Sided Market Drivers Daily Commuters Professional drivers who are looking for a steady monthly income and have their own cars Employees and students who have daily fixed trips and want to save costs and don’t want to drive They offer their monthly service, 5 days per week for a monthly payment between 4000 – They pay an average of 1200 L.E monthly 5000 L.E. All costs included This allows PieRide to scale and respond to demand changes subscription for 40 rides in advance This subscription model allows PieRide to plan capacity according to demand without committing upfront investment
    • PieRide Value Added Drivers Daily Commuters Society Job Creation Higher productivity Resource utilization Stable income Cost cutting Reduce traffic congestion Training Social ridesharing
    • Pie Cars Family compact cars 4 year old or younger Owned by driver Leg room Economic
    • How does PieRide make money?
    • Business Model & Unit Economics Revenue monthly Fees Paid in advance 1000 – 1600 L.E monthly subscription for daily round-trips 2-3 subscriber per round-trip 2-3 round-trips per day Expected average revenue per car: (per car) 6000 L.E Subscription period Costs Total operational costs: 4000 – 5000 L.E Includes Gas, Driver, Car and Maintenance Buy low, sell high, collect early & pay late Driver Payment Paid at the end of the month  Minimal CAPEX & working capital  Demand is known in advance  Repeat purchase & customer Loyalty
    • Why is PieRide’s business model unique?
    • Business Model Comparison Uber, Lyft, EasyTaxi PieRide combines favorable features from several successful business models to offer a unique value proposition 2 sided market No fixed assets tailored to daily commuters and the local market CarPooling BusPooling PieRide Daily Commuting ZipCar
    • Revenue Streams & KPIs Ride per Day Customer per ride Subscriptions Price (ARPU) Revenue Churn % Advertising Total number of customers
    • and it is very simple…
    • Packages Example
    • Your ride @ Your Fingertips
    • What have we been doin?
    • Where are we now 4 12 Routes drivers 17 Agreed with Etisalat to offer The service for employees 3 4 0% 35 90+ Co-founders Employees Churn Rate Paying subscriber Request in pipeline Driver Standing-by
    • Organization structure Filled PieRide Subfunction (double role, filled by manager) Future hire COO Product Management Strategy Customer Acquisition & CFO Partnerships Product Management Branding Investors Relations Planner & Dispatcher Software Development Community Manager Financial controller Customer service Accounting & Legal Driver sourcing & Training
    • How are we going to take this forward?
    • Earnings growth Scenario 1 (without investment) 150000  We will use profit and advance payments from customers to fund our growth  Growth will be slow as we gradually build the infrastructure and capabilities to absorb growth  Brand image might be at risk as we are less responsive to demand increases 100000 50000 Scenario 2 (with investment)  We will invest in technology and human capabilities necessary to accelerate growth  We will be able to scale faster without compromising profitability or quality of service  We will be able to reach the scale necessary to get favorable business agreements, partnerships and offer flexible service. 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept -50000 -100000 Earnings without investment Earnings with Investment
    • Thank you… www.pieride.com PieRide@PieRide.com facebook.com/ThePieRide @ThePieRide +201004888982 +201004888902
    • ..of total UAE residents: Daily Commute Time 1% 9% 0-30 30-60 21% Mode of Commuting 8% 27% Car 12% Taxi 60-90 Public Transport 90+ 43% Bike - other 79% Total potential customers: 9M (UAE population) * 30% (60+ commute) *12% (using taxi) Market Size: 324,000 * 10% (commute budget) * 18,000 USD Data source: Regus Whitepaper (link) (Avg. Annul Salary) = 324,000 = 580 Million USD
    • 40 80 Miles Daily Commute 50c 6 Cents per mile Hours per week 440$ Cost of driving and car ownership Minutes Daily drive Alomst another working day! Per month Sources: http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acs-15.pdf http://lifehacker.com/5855550/the-true-cost-of-commuting-you-could-buy-a-house-priced-15900-more-for-each-mile-you-move-closer-to-work .. In the U.S.