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Open Education and Libraries
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Open Education and Libraries



Part 4 of the Open and Libraries Presentation Series

Part 4 of the Open and Libraries Presentation Series



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Open Education and Libraries Open Education and Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • …and Lib d Libraries i Ellyssa Kroski
  • OER Beginnings OER Beginnings • UNESCO conference 2002 UNESCO conference 2002 – “The open provision of educational resources,  enabled by information and communication  enabled by information and communication technologies, for consultation, use and adaptation  by a community of users for non‐commercial  purposes.”
  • Defining OER Defining OER • Digitized materials offered freely and openly Digitized materials offered freely and openly  for educators, students and self‐learners to  use and re use for teaching, learning and  use and re‐use for teaching learning and research.
  • Open Educational Resources Open Educational Resources • Learning content Learning content – Full courses, courseware, learning objects,  modules, etc. modules etc • Tools – Software which supports OER development use Software which supports OER development, use,  delivery, search, etc. • Implementation Resources Implementation Resources – Intellectual property licenses which promote OER
  • Who s Who of OER Who’s Who of OER Producers Consumers  Consumers • Higher Education  • Lifelong learners Institutions • Students • International Organizations • Educators • National Governments
  • OER • Over 3,000 courses available from more than 300  , universities worldwide – 1,800 MIT – 200 + ParisTech 200 + ParisTech – 350+ Japan OpenCourseWare Consortium – 450+ China CORE Consortium – 100’s more from other OCW Consortium members • Thousands of learning objects available in  repositories it i – 6,500+ Rice Connexions – 20,000+ MERLOT 20,000+ MERLOT
  • Open Courseware Consortium Open Courseware Consortium • Started in 2005 Started in 2005 • Over 200 Higher Education institutions &  associations worldwide dedicating to creating  associations worldwide dedicating to creating OCW – “A O “An OpenCourseWare i f C W is a free and open digital  d di it l publication of high quality educational materials,  organized as courses. organized as courses ” • Institutions must publish at least 10 courses
  • http://www.ocwconsortium.org
  • MIT OCW MIT OCW • Pilot site launched in Sept. 2002 with 50 courses • Now – 1 800 courses – nearly every course Now – 1,800 courses – nearly every course  offered at MIT • Produce 200 new and updated courses each year p y • 2 million website visitors per month • $4 million each year to support OCW • Jointly funded by the William and Flora Hewlett  Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation,  and MIT and MIT • Partners are translating courses into Spanish,  g , p , Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional  Chinese, and Thai.
  • http://ocw.mit.edu
  • Connexions • Rice University ce U e s ty • Individual learning objects or modules from  worldwide contributors • Went live in 2000 with 200 modules , • 6,602 modules in 385 collections or courses • Also provides tools for educators to build courses y • Funded by the William and Flora Hewlett  Foundation • Modules in many languages
  • http://cnx.org
  • MERLOT • S ce 99 Since 1997 • California State University System • Over 67,000 members Over 67,000 members • Over 20,000 Higher‐Ed learning materials – Quizzes, tests, tutorials, animations, lectures,  Qu es, tests, tuto a s, a at o s, ectu es, podcasts, etc. – Links refer to external resources • Peer‐review • User comments & ratings
  • http://www.merlot.org
  • http://www.merlot.org
  • http://www.merlot.org
  • http://www.merlot.org
  • Johns Hopkins OCW Johns Hopkins OCW • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public  Health • Over 70 courses in the Health Sciences Over 70 courses in the Health Sciences • OCW Image Library provides educators with a  collection of re‐usable images from courses ll i f bl i f • Funded by the William and Flora Hewlett  Foundation
  • http://ocw.jhsph.edu
  • http://ocw.jhsph.edu/imageLibrary
  • Open Yale Open Yale • Yale Center for Media and Instructional Yale Center for Media and Instructional  Innovation • 7 undergraduate liberal arts courses 7 undergraduate liberal arts courses • 8 new courses slated for Fall 2008 • Video, audio, and text transcript • Funded by the William and Flora Hewlett  y Foundation
  • http://oyc.yale.edu
  • Open University s OpenLearn Open University’s OpenLearn • UK initiative • Started in 2006 • Free access to course materials from The Open  University • Nearly 500 Learning Units/Courses • S Separate Sites for Learners (LearningSpace) &  t Sit f L (L i S )& Educators (LabSpace) • 5,400 learning hours of content in the LearningSpace 5,400 learning hours of content in the LearningSpace • 8,100 hours in the LabSpace • Funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation y
  • http://openlearn.open.ac.uk
  • http://labspace.open.ac.uk
  • ParisTech OCW • French initiative French initiative • Started in November 2003 • “G d “Graduate School” is a consortium of  S h l” i i f engineering institutions of ParisTech • Over 2,500 Teaching Resources – Lecture notes, exercises, yearly archives,  simulations, animations, course notes, videos • Over 200 courses
  • http://graduateschool.paristech.org
  • University of Tokyo OCW University of Tokyo OCW • Started in 2005 with 10 courses Started in 2005 with 10 courses • Over 30 Courses • Available in Japanese and English il bl i d li h • Plans to create 10 courses/year
  • http://ocw.u‐tokyo.ac.jp/english
  • CORE • China Open Resources for Education p • Started in January 2005 • MIT OCW in China • Translating to Mandarin • Share Chinese OCW • Over 100 university members • 5 million students • Funded by The William and Flora Hewlett  F d d b Th Willi d Fl H l Foundation and International Engineering  gy Technology Educational Foundation
  • http://www.core.org.cn
  • Other suggestions • The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL)  The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) – Over 20,000 teaching resources for the health sciences – http://www.healcentral.org • UNESCO Open Training Platform p g – 2,700+ non‐academic training resources in a variety of categories – http://opentraining.unesco‐ci.org • Indian Institutes of Technology  – Th Thousands of lectures on YouTube d fl t Y T b – http://www.youtube.com/nptelhrd • UC Berkeley on YouTube  – Over 300 full‐lecture videos – http://www.youtube.com/usc • Curriki – Over 19,000 learning resources in all subjects. – h // http://www.curriki.org iki • Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (OLI) – 8 courses, available – http://www.cmu.edu/oli • Utah State University OpenCourseWare – Over 20 courses available – http://ocw.usu.edu
  • UNESCO OER Wiki •Portals and gateways •Repositories •OER development  and publishing  initiatives •Tools •Communities •Journals •Writing on OER  http://oerwiki.iiep‐unesco.org
  • OER Commons OER Commons •Browse or search  over 10,000 links •Search by grade level,  license, subject, or  language •Search by content  type, ie. Syllabi, lesson  plans, audio lectures,  http://www.oercommons.org etc. •Facebook application
  • OCW Finder OCW Finder http://ocwfinder.com
  • Library Instruction Wiki Library Instruction Wiki • Since 2006 • Oregon Library  Instruction Wiki Instruction Wiki • Handouts, tutorials,  tips, tricks, etc. tips tricks etc http://instructionwiki.org
  • PRIMO • ACRL • P Peer‐Reviewed  R i d Instructional  Materials Online  Materials Online Database • Nearly 200 quality Nearly 200 quality  resources http://www.ala.org/apps/primo/public/search.cfm http://www ala org/apps/primo/public/search cfm • Authored by Authored by  librarians
  • ANTS • Started by COPPUL  now public • ANimated Tutorial  Sharing Project • Over 60 open  tutorials for online  resources • Authored by  http://tinyurl.com/5xgol3 librarians
  • Harvard Open Collections Program Harvard Open Collections Program • Offers access to historical resources Offers  access to historical resources • From Harvard’s libraries, archives, and  museums. museums • Started in 2002 with funding from the William  and Flora Hewlett Foundation d Fl H l F d i – "The goal of the Open Collections Program is to  offer a new model for digital collections that will  ff d l f di i l ll i h ill benefit students and teachers around the world."
  • http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu
  • Internet Archive Internet Archive • Founded to build an  Internet Library Internet Library • Over 500,000 texts • 137,000 movies • Over 53,000 concerts • Over 300,000 audio  recordings • Over 33,000 software apps • 85 billion archived  webpages (Wayback Machine) http://www.archive.org
  • iTunes U iTunes U • 75,000 educational 75,000 educational  audio and video files on  iTunesU
  • Open Textbooks Open textbooks are free, open access textbooks  Open textbooks are free open access textbooks which can be used without cost online and  can be printed for a low cost. can be printed for a low cost
  • Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign • Student PIRGS Student PIRGS • Advocate OA textbooks • Statement of Intent Statement of Intent • Course Correction: How  Digital Textbooks are  Digital Textbooks are Off Track and How to  Set Them Straight http://www.maketextbooksaffordable.org
  • Textbook Revolution Textbook Revolution • Student‐run initiative Student run initiative • Open textbooks & free  textbooks • Over 240 books http://www.textbookrevolution.org http://www textbookrevolution org
  • WikiBooks • Wikimedia Project j • Free library of open  educational textbooks • Anyone can edit , p g • Over 32,000 pages http://en.wikibooks.org htt // ikib k
  • Global Text Project Global Text Project • Funded by the Jacobs  Foundation. • Initiative by Terry College  of Business a U‐Georgia &  of Business a U Georgia & The Daniels College of  Business at U ‐Denver.  • Goal to create a free  library of 1,000 electronic  http://globaltext.terry.uga.edu texts for students in  developing world
  • The Open Library The Open Library • A project of the Internet  Archive A hi • Partially funded by the  California State Library California State Library • One web page for every  book • Over 18 million book  pages • 335,101 with full‐text http://openlibrary.org • Links to Project  Gutenberg texts, Internet  G b Archive texts, & others
  • Internet Archive Internet Archive • Open Source Books • Contributed by the  community • Over 19,000 items http://www.archive.org/details/opensource
  • http://www.flatworldknowledge.com http://oreilly.com/openbook http://www.ulib.org/index.html http://www.gutenberg.org
  • OER Drivers • Increased availability of "open" content – Increased availability of  open content OSS/OA • New Open licenses for sharing content such as New Open licenses for sharing content such as  GNU GPL and Creative Commons • Lower cost/availability of broadband Lower cost/availability of broadband • Web 2.0  • Gl b li i & i Globalization & increased collaboration and  d ll b i d competition among countries & institutions • Ri Rise of mobile technologies i.e. iPods & cell  f bil h l i i iP d & ll phones • G Growing expectations of users/students i i f / d • Rise of online/distance learning programs
  • Why do it? (Institutional) • Contribution to society by advancing education Contribution to society by advancing education • An opportunity for faculty to view & reuse each others'  work • To create an archive of educational content • To offer services to/increase contact with alumni • To prepare incoming students To prepare incoming students • An institutional philosophy of open content • An opportunity to promote high quality OER content to the  public • Recruitment of students & faculty • A chance to form partnerships with like‐minded sponsors • To share resources with developing nations • To allow others to build upon materials instead of re‐ creating them g • To leverage taxpayer’s dollars by sharing  materials
  • Why do it? (Individual) • Altruistic – to support education and the Altruistic  to support education and the  global community • Publicity reputation increase Publicity ‐ reputation increase • Commercial benefits‐ to publicize a  commercial version of the content i l i f h • Not worth the effort to keep resources closed • To bring down costs for students
  • Challenges • Copyright and licensing issues Copyright and licensing issues • Financial sustainability • Q li Quality Assurance
  • Economic/Funding Models Economic/Funding Models • Endowment • Sponsorship p p – Base funding establishes  • Institutional Support an endowment, and uses  the interest to run  • Governmental Support initiative • Partnerships & Exchanges • Organizational  • Volunteers Membership • Added‐Value  Add d V l • Donations Products/Services • Conversion – User support, paper  – Convert the learner into a  copies, ask‐an‐expert paying student • Replacement • Contributor‐Pay
  • Future Needs Future Needs • Effective search and discovery tools Effective search and discovery tools • Metadata • Common Taxonomy C • Preservation of digital objects
  • Role of Librarians in OER Role of Librarians in OER • Create OER for: Create OER for: – Library instruction – Staff training g – Professional development • Develop Effective Search Strategies/Tools Develop Effective Search Strategies/Tools • Design Metadata Schemes & Taxonomies • Preserve OER in repositories Preserve OER in repositories • Educate faculty about OER • Refer patrons to OER  R f t t OER
  • OER Blogs & Journals OER Blogs & Journals • Open Education ‐ Free Education for All p – http://www.openeducation.net • Open Education News – http://openeducationnews.org • OCW Blog – http://ocwblog org http://ocwblog.org • iterating toward openness – http://opencontent.org/blog p // p g/ g • Educational Technology – Special OER Issue – http://tinyurl.com/6rypv6
  • Books on OER Books on OER • OER Handbook for Educators – http://tinyurl.com/378xcy • Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of  Open Educational Resources (OECD) O Ed ti lR (OECD) – http://tinyurl.com/44zcal • Open Educational Practices and Resources OLCOS Open Educational Practices and Resources OLCOS  Roadmap 2012 – http://tinyurl.com/5y8j22 • Introduction to Open Educational Resources – http://tinyurl.com/4ml6yv
  • Key Reports Key Reports • A Review of the Open Educational Resources (OER)  Movement: Achievements, Challenges, and New  Opportunities (Report to The William and Flora Hewlett  Foundation) – http://tinyurl.com/3wl9r9 // / • Open Educational Resources; The Way Forward (UNESCO) – http://tinyurl.com/4u5d7a • On the Sustainability of Open Educational Resource  Initiatives in Higher Education (D. Wiley for OECD's CERI) – http://tinyurl.com/4a7286 p // y / • Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources (S.  Downes) – http://tinyurl.com/3ekgoo
  • OER Interview OER Interview • St h D Stephen Downes • National Research  Council, Canada Council Canada http://www.archive.org/details/StephenDownesInterview
  • An OER Kickstart An OER Kickstart 1. Look through the ANTS directory for tuts you  . oo t oug t e S d ecto y o tuts you might use in your library. y g 2. Think about tutorials you might create. 3. Search the OCW Finder or the OCW Consortium  and find a course you'd like to take. 4. Browse the UNESCO OER Wiki for initiatives 5. Start letting colleagues and patrons know about  the types of free educational resources that are  available for both teaching and learning.