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G-Star Raw

  1. 1. Brand analysis
  2. 2.  The company was a groundbreaker in  The brand specializes in making the Jeans market introducing the RAW denim. This is an concept of “luxury denim for the streets unwashed, untreated denim in which awakened the fashion world which all jeans start out as after towards both functional & symbolic being constructed. G-star is nature of Jeans”. highly influenced by military G-star was founded in 1989 in the clothing, inspiration of their Netherlands as Gap Star but changed its designs come from vintage name after going global. In 1996, G-Star military apparel bought around was the first brand to unleash a "Raw the world. Some examples Denim" style of jeans, completely include special cell phone untreated and straight out of the factory. pockets, and zippered arm After this, the number "96" has been pockets on jackets. sewn into numerous G-Star products as a mark of respect for the year that the signature "Raw Denim" was introduced. The products launched were jeans and men’s wear. Currently, the brand has expanded into Womenswear market & also has a product extension in footwears.
  3. 3.  The Jeans and urban clothing industry has many competitors: Diesel, Levi’s, Replay, Acupuncture, Wrangler, Lee, Energie, Gas, Paul Frank, Miss Sixty, Calvin Klein. More specifically, with the new revival of stylish jeans many brands have joined the jeans wave such as Seven for All Mankind, Blue Cult, True Religion, Chip & Pepper, Earnest Sewn, Citizen of Humanity, Rock and Republic, Stitch’s and Yanuk. Even though G-star Raw started as a jeans apparel brand and the fact that denim is still very present in every season they are not perceived as a jeans only brand anymore. In this sense now they are regarded more as a urban fashion brand.
  4. 4.  Among all this brands and clothing companies that target the casual fashionable youth the ones that can be considered more direct competence for G- star are Energie and Diesel. They manufacture very edgy collections, most of them based on jeans but also extending them to tops, shirts and jackets. Energie is an Italian based company that focusing its collection on denim, it provides other clothing alternatives, not so stylish and designed but also appealing to a casual youth. Diesel is also brand of italian origin. It is well- known worldwide brand, that was started as a denim brand but now famous for urban lifestyle.
  5. 5.  Font StyleBrand is using the type of sans serif font in upper case Logo applicationG-star has an image type displayed either inside oraround the logo. ColorG-Star is mainly known by the white logo against denimgrey backgrounds, all very colorless. Associated wordsG-Star adds the word “raw” to extend their brand to try toportray themselves as a brand that is only about theproduce, about the raw denim and that there is no candyon top of it in a form of advertisement or other fashionattributes.
  6. 6.  G-Star may change their ads every collection but the art direction of the ads stays the same: models posing in motion and pictured details of the clothes. A very simple and traditional approach to clothing advertisement. They shoot models again a urban background and all standing on asphalt and being very street and macho. Absence of text Traditional use of on the website photography in mosaic
  7. 7.  G-Star frame on comparison has a stress on being cool, arrogant, hot and good looking and not looking at anyone else. Their tag line “raw” referring both at the plain construction of its clothes, looking very simple and neutral and the neutral advertisements where they announce “just the product” (being false this assertion as well, because the clothes appear on models and this models act). The supposed coolness of the brand with the models and fashion pose and its rawness characterize themselves almost as a street fashion brand with the coolness of the catwalk and the freshness of the street style.
  8. 8.  The brand has followed a differentiated market positioning strategy by focusing on a narrow market segment. The brand refers to the upper end of the middle market by positioning itself as a premium high street brand. As for audience brand has always addressed to the fashion leaders & innovators who can relate to the innovative values of the brand.
  9. 9.  The company G – Star has a turnover of more than $1 billion and the brand is sold to its customers from about 5,860 points of sale in 70 countries apart from the online sales & mobile applications (IPhone) “New brands like G Star, Seven for All Mankind, Juicy Jeans, Miss Sixty, Rock and Republic and Hug have been performing particularly well as they further expand the edges of the jeans market by offering designer fashion or ethically manufactured products.” (Mintel 2007)
  10. 10.  The identity of the brand has been reciprocated in the tagline of the brand – “Just the Product”. The perceived quality of the products is a place where G–Star never compromises & the brand awareness is spread through the detailed specifications of the product & the innovations carried out in the style, wash, cut & fabrics.
  11. 11. The brand has mainly used development of promotional alliances as amarketing communication tool to communicate to its customersindulging mainly in inter-industrial partnerships for marketingpromotions. • The core value of the brand is always a product itself, that’swhy they choose celebrities very carefully, only those who truly cansend the right message & represent their products.• The brand had a promotional campaign in 2007 featuringAlexandra Maria Lara (The Reader) and Toby Kebbell (RocknRolla),stars of the 2007 cult music film Control, and was shot by the filmsrock photographer-director, Anton Corbijn to promote & highlight the“Rock & Roll” ties of the brand & their products.• G–Star’s known for its unexpected combinations, but they arerarely as surprising as the juxtaposition of Hollywood beauty withchess Grandmaster brains in the new advertising campaign. Thebrand selected Liv Tyler and Magnus Carlsen as its brandambassadors to represent the brand.
  12. 12. • RAW Defender: • MARC NEWSON: The collections with supremely technical &The collaboration which saw Land Rover’s high quality garments have been extremelymost hardcore vehicle fitted out to a unique G- successful for both the brand & the designer.Star specification was a result of the shared The collaboration began in 2003 & has beenaesthetic of supreme functionality & fit – for continued since then. The collection accentspurpose construction provided by both the Marc’s experience of designing in a wide rangebrands in their individual products of disciplines from bicycle to concept of car & restaurants or even the interiors of private & commercial jets.• RAW CANNONNDALE: • ZHANG DA & QIU HAO:It is a top line bike stripped down to its purest Both designers are based in China. They wereform incorporating high quality materials, given a G–Star Arc jeans to customize, thissupreme functionality, clean aesthetics & project was a part of “ARC ART programme”.subtle design which stress out the uniquefeatures of both Cannondale & G–Star. • ANTON CORBIJN: The innovative promotional campaigns by the ace professional photographer have given the brand the much needed freshness & edge in the communications & promotions.
  13. 13. •Focus on the product•Effective communication • Customers emotions are not involved•Brand collaboration • Some collaborations had great•Different communication press attention but not channels connection with customers•Innovations Strengths Weaknesses Threads Opportunities •Strong competitors • Influence on customers emotions (involvement) with great • Win-win-win for collaborations communication • New markets strategy (Diesel ads)