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Voice over IP providers

by on Aug 26, 2010


How to Choose the Best Voice over IP Providers? ...

How to Choose the Best Voice over IP Providers?

Choosing the best service of voice over IP providers means choose the right package for your situation. Voice over IP (internet Protocol) Providers is also known as VOIP is the waves of the future which bring a great revolution in the field of telecommunications.

Selecting the best is just like buying your first computer. All voice over IP providers relies on the internet because they all offer reduced pricing compared to the phone service you currently have.
You need to install certain things such as;
• A good high speed internet connection such as LAN (local area network) or DSL (a high speed service).
• A computer with an adapter.
• A special Voice over IP or broadband phone or you may decide to use a good quality headset with microphone attached.
• The essential software that allows you to make all your VOIP calls.
Here are a few points which you need to keep in mind while choosing the best voice over IP providers as follows;
Features of Voice over IP Providers: Compare the features of the top leading voice over IP providers; such as Vonage, and Via Talk etc. Features like voicemail and call waiting are not universal to voice over IP plans, so you should make sure you know what you want and what is being offered as you go into a relationship with a provider.
Monthly Fees of Voice over IP providers: The lower the monthly fee, though, the less likely you are to get any extra features with your service. For instance, some of the less expensive voice over IP providers doesn’t allow you to place calls outside of their network.
International long distance calls: All voice over IP providers publish theirs international long distance rates on their websites, so compare them in order to find the best deal. Rates difference is depending on the country you are calling.

Company Location: The service provider company should be located in the same region or country as you are. Otherwise you will get a delay in hearing your call.

VOIP Phone as Primary Phone Service: Not all VOIP providers offer emergency services access. If you plan to use your VOIP phone as a basic phone in your home, then you should try to select one that is offering basic phone service. That is the technology that is used to determine where you are when you call any emergency number on your phone.
Basic Technical support: Check with your Voice over IP providers to see if they are going to offer you the necessary support for your VOIP service. Some companies will charge you extra for basic technical support, while others will not. Most of the big companies do not charge you for basic technical support, but the smaller ones might.
Number Portability: When you choose your voice over IP providers do you want to be able to keep your current landline phone number? Some companies will allow you to move your number and some will not. Depending on how important this is to you will determine whether or not you will factor in that when choosing your voice over IP providers.

Choosing the best service of Voice over IP providers can not be a difficult task. There are so many service provider companies with varying options and prices such as; and



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