4th ss 1.6


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Scott Foresman 4th grade Texas Social Studies

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4th ss 1.6

  1. 1. Teachers : P. Alejandro, E. Quezada, C. Ramirez, J. Rodriguez Grade : 4th Subject : Social Studies Week of: Sept. 27 – Oct. 1 DR. C.M CASH ELEMENTARY LESSON PLANS- WEEKLY DAY OBJECTIVE INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES MATERIALS/ACTIVITIES NOTES MON TUESDAY TEKS 4.7AB 4.8D TEKS 4.7AB 4.8D 4.9AB TLW determine whether a substance is a mixture can be separated and will understand that tools can be used to separate them. TLW describe Mountain&Basin region of TX TLW explain the geographic factors that influence the population of the Mountains& Basins region. TLW identify natural resources of the Mountains & Basins region. TLW identify tourist destinations in the Mountains & Basins region. 1st SW – U1CH2 The Natural Regions of Texas L3L4 Supplemental Material http://drcash.pbworks.com/4th-Social-Studies www.tsha.utexas.edu <ul><li>Lesson 3 The Mountains & Basins Region p60-63 </li></ul><ul><li>Introduce and motivate </li></ul><ul><li>Teach and discuss </li></ul><ul><li>Close and assess </li></ul><ul><li>Grade Workbook p 12 . </li></ul>Workbook p12 Transparencies 23, 31 Quick Study p14-15 Audiobook CD Quick Teaching Plan : Have students make a double bubble map comparing the different regions. Chapter 2 L3 Main Ideas -Fewer people live in the Mountains and Basins region than in any other Texas region. Places: Mountains and Basins region, El Paso, Juarez, Mexico, El Capitan Voc: basin, desert, time zone, border TLW describe the Coastal Plains region of Texas. TLW explain how people in the Gulf Coast Plain area of Texas earn their living. TLW describe ways that people in the Coastal Plains region have modified their environment. TLW explain geographic factors that influence the population distribution in the Coastal Plains region. Workbook p13 Transparencies 6, 32, 33 Quick Study p16-17 Audiobook CD Chapter 2 L4 Main Ideas -The Coastal Plains region is home to the state’s three largest citites and many outstanding land features. Places: Coastal Plains region, Piney Woods, Gulf Coast Plain, South Texas Plain, Post Oak Belt, Blackland Prairie, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Padre Island Voc: inland, bayou, lignite, port, trading post, barrier island, mainland <ul><li>Lesson 4 The Coastal Plains Region p64 - 68 </li></ul><ul><li>Introduce and motivate </li></ul><ul><li>Teach and discuss </li></ul><ul><li>Close and assess </li></ul><ul><li>Grade Workbook p 13 . </li></ul><ul><li>Chapter 2 Review pg 74-75 </li></ul>Quick Teaching Plan : Have students make a tree map: Region: its land; its cities; and its landmarks. Bulletin Board Idea Create a large Tree Map named The Natural Regions of Texas. Classify each region with the tree maps of each of the regions from each of the lessons. Quick Teaching Plan : Have students make a vacation brochure persuading tourists by demarking the region’s land, major cities, and its landmarks.