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Vol S&P - Expenses walk thru sept v1
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Vol S&P - Expenses walk thru sept v1



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  • 1. Volunteering Systems & Processes Expenses walk through
  • 2. Volunteer Expenses Request Expense Account Request Expense Account Create Expense Create Expense ApprovalsApprovals Submit Receipts Submit Receipts Reimburse Expense Reimburse Expense FSC Process FSC Process As far as possible, the system will replicate the features within Staff Expenses.
  • 3. Volunteer Expenses - overview . Key Stakeholders Volunteers, Volunteer managers, Budget Holders, VCI Consultants, FSC, VCI Whole Trust, S&P programme team Current Process This process includes all activities related to volunteer expenses across National Trust sites - including processes from creating expense accounts, submitting, authorising and tracking claims and reimbursement Current Challenges • Operational efficiency – duplication and amount of time taken to process paper claims at properties; • 20% of claims rejected by FSC due to errors on forms; paper claims lost in the mail – leading to volunteer frustrations; • Inconsistency of volunteer experience – different rates and application of rules such as use of petty cash (no way to trace / audit this) Systems and Processes Programme deliverables • System – ability for volunteers to create expense accounts and submit claims online (similar to staff e- expenses) • System – ability for volunteer managers to authorise claims, track and report on volunteer expenses • System – support communications to both volunteers and volunteer managers to help track claims and thank them for support • Guidance – revised instruction and guidance to reflect new online process (roles and responsibilities and timescales) and support consistency in use of petty cash • Guidance – new guidance to support volunteers in terms of steps and rules – including use of ‘receipts’ envelope (tbc whether this is separate from guidance for vol managers) • Forms / templates – new receipts envelope. Away from receipts all paper process and forms to stop. Volunteer Managers to be able to submit claims for those volunteers not online Benefits through systems and processes programme • Timeliness of payments to volunteer bank accounts (to bring in line with staff process) • 1 FTE saving in FSC • Improve operational efficiency – taking workload away from volunteer managers by volunteers self service Pre system implementation (Dependencies) • Clarity on roles and responsibilities re. approving claims – in line with new process • New guidance for volunteers and volunteer managers + receipts envelope • FSC understanding and training
  • 4. Expenses System Out of Scope • Expenses as ‘Gift Aid’ • Scheduling – association but not dependency • e-Scanning of receipts • FSC internal processes • Other than are impacted by solution
  • 5. Expenses Workshop Feedback • Very clear feedback supporting Programme aims • e-Solution • One stop shop • Volunteers own their Expenses • Simple, seamless • Reduce errors and duplication • Remove paper • Clear rules and improved guidelines • What is our Expense spend? • Analysis of decisions e.g. fuel rate changes We’ve had some big questions….that we’ve managed to address
  • 6. Volunteer Expenses Online / core process Note: the following slides aim to reflect the process flow and Volunteer experience. The system and role names are undefined, screens shown are not wireframes.
  • 7. High level process: Online Volunteer Expense Account Request FSC create Expense Account on APTOS Volunteer submits request Volunteer wishes to claim Expenses incurred Volunteer creates expense account request : Bank details, email, confirm personal details The Volunteer must be ‘active’ No management intervention/ approval required Daily data file from database
  • 8. Volunteer accesses the Volunteer portal through a secure login class Expenses NT Volunteering Portal Welcome to the NT Volunteering Portal, select the tab you want to begin your volunteer journey I want to volunteer Places Expenses
  • 9. The Volunteer must create an Expense Account before submitting any Expense claims. class Expenses Volunteer Expenses Hi Charlie, before you can claim an Expense, you will need to create an Expense Account. Click on the link below to follow the easy step by step guide. Create my Expense Account
  • 10. Expense Account: Volunteer data from the BBCRM pre- populates some fields class Expenses Walkthru Expense Account - about me Volunt eer ID Volunt eer Nam e Pr im ar y Locat ion/ Manager Em ail addr ess Accept T& Cs 123456 Charlie Watts Heelis/ Andy Parker A Pr e- populat ed infor m at ion about t he volunt eer - r educe er r or s in key dat a. The Volunt eer has t he abilit y t o change som e of t he dat a. charlie.watts@web.com A X
  • 11. The Volunteer adds in additional information such as bank details A volunteer can manage their bank and email details within their Expense Account. This information is used by APTOS to reimburse expenses class Expenses Walkthru Additional information Before you can create your Expense Account we need some additional information about you. Bank Account Num ber Bank Account Nam e Sor t Code 36478238723 A Submit My Expenses Account Tim e per iod (TBD) bet w een subm it t ing expense account r equest an d being able t o subm it a claim Charlie Watts A « artifact» 10- 11- 44
  • 12. Expense Account Process • Every Volunteer will need to submit an Expense Account request before submitting an Expense Claim • File of Expense Account requests  APTOS • APTOS uses the ‘Volunteer ID’ created in Volunteer database as the Expense Account Number • This ID will always appear on the interface and associated documents when a Volunteer is managing their Expenses • Time period (TBD) window required before an expense claim can be created – allows FSC to receive and create the corresponding expense account on APTOS (for payment)
  • 13. High level process: Online Volunteer Expense Claim Volunteer submits claim for approval The Expense Account request has been processed. The volunteer has incurred expenses Volunteer creates claim: dates, expense types, journey details etc. Volunteer may edit claim Approver approves or rejects claim FSC authorises claim for payment Volunteer posts receipts to FSC FSC receives receipts envelope File of authorised claims to APTOS APTOS reimburses expense amount to Volunteer bank Volunteer receives e- remittance advice Claims remain open Ability to copy Approver is notified File of data from vol database Aim: process claim in 48 hours
  • 14. After the Expense Account has been created on APTOS, the Volunteer can create an Expense claim. Claim summary, expense line items. Ability to create, edit and delete, and submit for approval. class Expenses Walkthru Create an Expense Claim. Welcom e back Char lie, please com plet e t he infor m at ion below t o subm it your expense Select dat e fr om :t o Jour ney Fr om / To 12/03/2013 Post code Expense Type - select a t ype you w ant t o claim for Tr avel - fuel Mileage Tr avel - bus/ t r ain Subsist ence Receipt s Included? Abilit y t o select m ult iple expense t ypes for an expense occur r ence eg subsist ence and fuel for one day Submit for Approval A Remember! Use t he gr een pr e- pr int ed r eceipt s envelope. Expense claim s cannot be paid back unless you post t his infor m at ion t o us Volunteer ID: 123456 « artifact» Y or N
  • 15. Upon submission, the Approver receives an email notification. They can approve, reject and amend the claim eg budget code to a different dept. class Expenses Email NotificationEmail Notification To: Andy Parker From: Volunteer Expenses Subject: Expenses Requiring Your Action Hi Andy, you have 3 Expense Claims that require your action, please login to the Volunteering Portal at the url below to complete these items: https:volunteeringportal.com From Volunteering Portal The Approver/Volunteer manager is able to submit Expense Claims on behalf of others
  • 16. APTOS will send payment notification class Expenses Email NotificationEmail Notification To: Charlie Watts From: APTOS Subject: Successful Payment of Your Recent Expenses Hi Charlie, your payment for Expense claim number 4847376 has been authorised for payment via BACS which you will receive into your bank account over the next 48 hours. From APTOS The status will not be updated in Volunteer Expenses Remittance by email not paper
  • 17. FSC Processes • The FSC receive the Volunteer Expense envelope – this is the trigger for payment – Receipts and VAT Receipts – Different colour envelope – Audit • The FSC access the Volunteer system and match the Expense envelope details with the Volunteer system • They can view and amend claims • They can authorise payment within the Volunteer System – only if the Expense Envelope has been received • Authorised Expense claims are then uploaded to APTOS for payment
  • 18. Summary of Key Changes Current Capability To-Be Capability Paper account requests/claims/ remittance advice e-Solution, e-Remittance from APTOS Dependence on “Admin” throughout Self-serve – manage Expense Account, Expense Claims, visibility of claim status Manual input: APTOS/Expense Account ID/ VMS Batch updates, system generated Volunteer ID, VMS decommissioned Potential for data security issues: paper copies kept, forms missing etc. Secure, on-line solution Data and Reporting: limited and varied Data and Reporting throughout NT hierarchy, ability to assess impact of rate changes Duplication: error-prone process  checking throughout Remove duplication, error-proof solution and add quality steps. Eg approval checks, budget codes from APTOS, drop down selection FSC check each claim Audit X claims (TBC) No enforced claim period Claims must be submitted within 3 months Reimbursement ~5weeks Reimbursement within 48 hours of envelope at FSC