Task 9


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Task 9

  1. 1. Possible impact on audienceOne of the strongest impacts Gears of War 3 may have onthe audience is violence. Even on adults the impact can bestrong as the violence is so extreme in this game at times.This can be from simply shooting one of the enemycharacters to setting them on fire which can definitely beseen as extreme violence. There are certain ‘moves’ you cando when playing as the characters in the game. If you getone of the enemies on the ground from shooting them orhitting them there is a selection of moves you can performthat kill the enemy. This can be either turning the body overand punching it to death or the very violent move of puttingthe face of the enemy on the ground and stomping on thehead which causes a great amount of blood to pour out.The weapons in the game also include very viciousattachments such as the chainsaw and blade attached to theend of the machine gun.ViolenceSwearingThroughout Gears of War 3 there is almost constantswearing and aggressive language. The characters swear toemphasise the situation they are in, for example if they arebeing over run by Locust then they will curse to show thereanger, frustration and possibly fear. If people playing thegame and are already familiar with what happens then theymay quote what the characters say which will includeswearing.
  2. 2. Imitable behaviourA lot of the actions which occur in the game can be easy to imitate. For example the curb stomp move whichmakes the character you are playing as put the enemy body on the floor and stomp onto it’s face. Is obviouslya very imitable move, however if something like this happens in real life then the influence could have alsocome from the movie American History X, where the protagonist in the film puts the mouth of a man robbinghis car on the curb and stomps on the back of his head. This scene is iconic for how disturbing it is andtherefore in Gears of War 3 this is also are fairly disturbing action, especially due to the amount of blood.Another action which is imitable is when the character turns the enemy over onto the floor and punches themseveral times in the face.Spreading of slanderAlthough there isn’t any evidence of any spreading of slander in Gears of War 3 there is a strong similarity in thefacial design of Marcus Fenix and the famous Wrestler Batista. Even though there is nothing which could suggestthe game is spreading lies about the wrestler there is simply a similarity between the face of the character in thegame and the real life person. Some people may feel like this was done on purpose and Fenix is based on Batista.
  3. 3. Impact violence in Gears of Warhas had on people.There was a story in newspapers whichstated that Gears of War was theinfluence for a young boy to slit his friendsthroat.Apparently the 13 year old boy met upwith another schoolboy after they playedGears of War 3 online. Supposedly theviolent and bloody content in the gamewas the influence for the 13 year old toslit his friends throat.It was said that the content of thegame was one of the main reasonswhich caused the boy to carry outthis action.
  4. 4. Relevant lawsCopyright laws – The US copyright office website states that “Copyright protects only theparticular manner of an author’s expression in literary, artistic, or musical form.” Thismeans that the basic design of the game is protected by copyright laws and but it alsomeans that Microsoft gaming or Epic gaming who make Gears of war can not copy anyother elements from other games apart from the style of game play. A game which is verysimilar to Gears of War is Unreal Tournament. Not only is the game play similar but thedesign of the characters and armour is very similar, people may see this as a breaking ofthe copyright law. However this is the not the case as Epic Gaming was also the designer ofUnreal Tournament and this explains the strong similarity between the two.Obscenity law – There are a variety of characters of different races and ethnicbackgrounds in Gears of War 3. However none of the characters are represented in anegative way and all of them are even in representation.Child protection law – There is no children in Gears of War 3 and therefore there is nobreaking of this law.Cruelty to animals law – There is no animals in Gears of War 3 which means it doesn’tbreak this law.
  5. 5. Relevant Regulatory BodiesThe video Standard Council is the what categorizes games into age ratings. PEGI (Pan European Game Information)rates the games on their content. The Video Standard Council website says “From the summer of 2012 the PEGI systemhas been effectively incorporated into UK law and the VSC has been designated as the body responsible for the agerating of video games under the PEGI system. Video games will be age rated at one or other of the following agelevels.”Age ratings 3 and 7 are advisory only whereas age ratings of 12, 16 and 18 are mandatory ages and it is illegal to sellanyone under these ages to sell them again of one of these age ratings.Gears of War 3 has the age rating 18. The Video Standard Council website says “This adult rating is applied whenthe level of violence reaches a stage where it becomes gross violence and/or includes elements of specific typesof violence. In general terms it is where the level of violence is so visually strong that it would make thereasonable viewer react with a sense of revulsion.” This applies to Gears of War 3 as the violence in the game is sographic and extreme that it could not have any age rating less than 18.The descriptors for Gears of War 3 are: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language. This is an indication ofthe contents of the game and what to expect when playing it.