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Task 3 target audience
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Task 3 target audience



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  • 1. Task 3: Gears of War 3Target Audience:•Primarily males but not exclusively.•Gaming fans (specifically Xbox 360 fans)•People who are of the ages 18 and abovewho play games•A wide range of social classes as anyonewho has an Xbox 360 can play the game,you also don’t need Xbox live to play themain story even though this means youcan’t go online on the game.•Also appeals to people of different races
  • 2. Scheduling and FormatGear of War is a third personshooter which progresses intofurther levels with a followingstorylineThere are 5 act in gears of war 3 and about31chapters. Following is a complete list of gearsof war 3 chapters in each act:gears of war 3 chapters list--act 1:Chapter 1 - Troubled PastChapter 2 - AnchoredChapter 3 - Abandon ShipChapter 4 - HomecomingChapter 5 - Helping HandChapter 6 - MVPChapter 7 - Hanging by a Threadgears of war 3 chapters list--act 2:Chapter 8 - ShipwreckChapter 9 - House of SandChapter 10 - Forced EntryChapter 11 - Trench RunChapter 12 - HijackChapter 13 - AirborneChapter 14 - Touchdowngears of war 3 chapters list--act 3:Chapter 15 - UnbreakableChapter 16 - RescueChapter 17 - Breakneck RunChapter 18 - Ghost TownChapter 19 - Brothers to the Endgears of war 3 chapters list--act 4:Chapter 20 - Ashes to AshesChapter 21 - CraterChapter 22 - Hang em HighChapter 23 - Batten Down the HatchesChapter 24 - Bon VoyageChapter 25 - Watery Gravegears of war 3 chapters list--act 5:Chapter 26 - Home Away From HomeChapter 27 - BlackoutChapter 28 - Shattered ParadiseChapter 29 - CrossfireChapter 30 - AscensionChapter 31, ReckoningThroughout the full game you play as malecharacters which appeals to the maletarget audience as they can relate to beinga man.
  • 3. Narrative Elements•The story in Gears of War 3 goes in acts, there are 5 acts and in between the acts there arechapters. As the game progresses you learn more and more about the characters and their pastand this gets you more and more drawn in to each individual character.•The death of Dom is a crucial turning point in the game as this causes to focus on the revenge ofDom’s death and this leads to the end of the story, this also appeals to the male audience more asit follows two best friends who are both men and one of them dies.•The death of Marcus’s father is also a large part of the game and its storyline. This is right at theend of the game and leaves the player to feel slightly emotional as the outcome of the story is apositive thing, however the things that Marcus has been through make the player feel slightlyupset.•For certain characters in the game there are storylines which are embedded into the main story.For example the character Cole was previously an American football player who was worshippedby his fans, this again appeals to males as American football is a very masculine sport whichmales may associate themselves with. During the game he has flashbacks of playing and when hegoes to one of the towns there is a large amount of his fans living there who all praise him for whathe’s doing.•One of the female characters in the game is Anya, she previously helped Marcus in guiding himthrough the story but in Gears of War 3 she actually becomes one of the soldiers. This is different tomany other aspects of the game as it appeals to the female audience as it shows a woman beingindependent and strong.
  • 4. EditingIn between missions in the campaign there are cut scenes, these are the parts of thegame which tell the story in detail. These are also the parts that show the crucialmoments in the game. For example when Dom dies there is a long cut scene whichshows him sacrificing himself to save his friends. When he drives the tanker into thebuilding it blows up and the characters jump away from the explosion, this goes frombeing normal pace to slow motion as this makes the scene effective and emotional.Another part where editing is highly present is when the storyline focuses on Cole andhe has short flashbacks of when he played American football, when this happens thescreen glows slightly and then it jumps into the flashback, then when it comes out ofthe flashback it glows again before coming to the present time.CameraGears of War 3 is a third person shooter. Therefore throughout the full game you playas one of the characters, but instead of the common first person shooter genre wherethe player can only see the characters weapon, in Gears of War 3 the player can seethe full characters body. This gives it a sense of type of film at times which appeals toa lot of people.
  • 5. Sound element•The music and noises throughout the game are quite iconic as they are very noticeablefor being in this game. For example the noises that some of the enemies make are quitedisturbing and loud, when these occur the player knows that something is going to happenand this causes the player to feel nervous and possibly excited, this is one of the subtlebut obvious parts of the game which make it so special and enjoyable for it’s huge fanbase.•When the player finished a certain target in the game a subtle metallic sound is heard,this tells the player that no more enemies will attack you at this point and creates a feelingof accomplishment for the player, sometimes this can be crucial at calming the gamerdown from an intense mission.•The soundtrack for the trailer is a slow and emotional song, this is playing as we seesome of the characters in the game fighting for their life. This really draws people in andstraight away gives a feel of an emotional attachment towards the characters in the game.•When Dom dies in the game the song Mad World slowly comes in as the sound of thegame gets slightly quieter. This was the soundtrack for the first Gears of War game andthis brings back the memories of playing as these characters in the previous games. Thisgives a sense of relationship between the player and the characters and therefore givesan emotional feeling towards the player as Dom dies.
  • 6. 6Mise en sceneSetting - In Gears of War 3 there is a variety of settings in the large amount of levels that there is.The settings throughout usually consist of broken down buildings and streets which are full ofrusted car frames. However there are also levels on a boat, a large mansion type building, adessert surrounding and a futuristic type building where the end of the story takes place.Weapons - The characters in Gears of War 3 are all members of the COG, each member of theCOG have a weapon called a chainsaw lancer. This is a machine gun that has a chainsawattached to the end of it and it is also the standard machine gun for the COG. Another machinegun which the COG use is called the retro lancer, this is a machine gun with a large dagger onthe end. The standard shotgun for both the COG and the enemies The Locust is the gnashershotgun. In Gears of War 3 especially there is a new shotgun called the sawn off which both sidesuse. There are three different types of pistols in this game. These are the snub pistol, boltokpistol and the gorgon pistol. Other guns that appear throughout the game regularly are thingssuch as the scorcher, digger launcher, boomshot, torque bow, longshot and more. There areother things used such as a cleaver, and different types of grenades. All of this weaponry in thegame gives a very different experience compared to other shooter games and this makes itentertaining and unique. These weapons may appeal to the male target audience asstereotypically many males have an interest in guns and war.Armour - The armour is one of the most noticeable things in Gears of War 3. This is because it isunusual when compared to other game characters armour as it is very bulky and masculinewhich gives the player a feeling of power and strength.
  • 7. 7Verbal elementsThe voice acting in Gears of War 3 is very well known by a lot of game fans. Voice actorssuch as John DiMaggio, Carlos Ferro Lester Speight and Fred Tatasciore playcharacters in the game and as these are well respected voice actors they play a largepart in making Gear of War 3 such an appealing game to many fans.