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Ansel adams slideshow

  1. 1. Ansel AdamsAnsel Easton Adams (February 20,1902 – April 22, 1984) was anAmerican photographer who wasknown for his landscape/naturephotography. He was very interestedin nature and this is shown in hisphotos.His photos usually have very finefocusing and he uses a large formatcamera.PurposeThe purpose of his photos was to sellas art. Many of his photos comparenature with man made things.My interpretation of his photomeanings are nature going againstman made things. He may havereligious meanings in some of hisphotos, for example heaven and theearth.
  2. 2. Image AnalysisThis photo is of the roots of a large tree, the picture would have used ablack and white film with a very sharp focus. The camera would havebeen put on top of a tripod to keep the camera steady, with the camerafacing down slightly towards the roots. Long aperture and possibly longexposure time could have been used to make the picture look sharperunder natural light.Interpretation of meaningThe meaning which could come from this photo is that nature can bevery complex and abstract, the shapes which occur naturally in the rootsof a tree are unpredictable and grow in ways that humans may not beable to comprehend. It could also be said that modern life has shapeditself on nature from years before. (The tree roots look similar toanimals such as snakes or squids)Image AnalysisIn this photo of a lake going through the mountains and the trees thecamera would have used a black and white film for the picture andmost probably had a small aperture with a long depth of field, this isto pick up the detail in the distance but also would have had fastshutter speed to capture everything in detail and prevent the ripplesin the water looking blurry.Interpretation of meaningThe meaning which perhaps is being portrayed in this photo is thatnature is dominant over man made objects. The mountains whichtower above everything else are naturally occurring objects as well asthe river and trees. It could be said that these objects are much morebeautiful and complex than anything made by man and therefore itshould be appreciated more than it actually is.
  3. 3. Image AnalysisAgain the camera used to take this photo would havehad a black and white film and small aperture with along depth of field, this would be to capture all thesmall details in the photo clearly as well as capturingthe overall image in a sharp and clear picture.Interpretation of meaningI feel that there is a very strong theme of life anddeath in this photo, the meaning which could begetting carried across in the picture is life and howsmall it is compared to the rest of the earth. The smallcemetery in the bottom right of the picture couldpossibly represent human life and the rest of thephoto around the cemetery could represent theuniverse and how it is never ending.