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Treatment for radio drama
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Treatment for radio drama


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  • 1. Treatment for ‘Lost bar’ Characters Unknown man: Mysterious character. Acts as if he doesn’t want to be seen or known. Maybe he is wanted for a crime so trying to stay hidden, or is just a shy and awkward type that likes to keep himself to himself. Local 1: Regular at the pub. Usually goes to drink alone while reading the newspaper or watching the TV there. Very social-able and likes to know everyone there and what is going on. Local 2: Him and his wife go down now and then, just for a drink on the weekend as it is down the road, never have problems so enjoy it there. My Radio Drama location is in a quiet bar in London, which generally just has the locals anda couple of passers-by. A regular there notices something shifty about a man who enters, he watches him, before asking if he is from around here. The unknown man keeps his head down, drinking his beer. The regular asks again while walking over to him. ‘I said, are you from around here!?’, He takes a sip of his drink and then slams it down, and jumps right in the locals face. ‘Can a man not have a drink in peace around here!’ The local pushes him back down to his seat, where the 3rd man goes over to try break up the fight. This angers both the men and so the unknown man jumps up and punches the 3 rd man straight to the ground. The local reacts instantly punching the unknown man, and helping the 3 rd man up,as they’re friends. This leads to a fight between the unknown man and the two locals, where it ends in kicking the unknown man out of the pub.BudgetThe budget I have been given for my radio drama is £20,000 (per hour). As my radio dramais only going to be about 5 minutes, I have a budget of £1666. A Voice Actor: £5.16 for 5minutes (x5). A Foley Artist for 5 minutes would be: £2.58. Script Writer: £570. Studio wouldbe £4.58 with includes staff. Finally my equipment and props will come to around £470. Mytotal would be:£1072. 96