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Research for social impact Matt

  1. 1. National/ Global topic one:ScopeWebsite url: to use: is a charity organisation whose aim is changing society for the better, so that disabled peopleand their families can have the same opportunities as everyone else. They work with disabled peopleand their families at every stage of their lives to offer support from information services toeducation and everyday care.Some of the key things Scope organisation does is, offer help, and advice to those that need it.They also help people with disabilities education and offer them clubs and activities to enjoy.Residential care and independent living plans are organised and carried through for the disabledpeople. Not only that but they also offer training and employment to them to prove them thatanyone can have a job disability or not.The scope organisation is not only a charity but they also have campaigns which for fight fordifferent causes that are having an effect on people with disabilities such as campaigning againstbudgets and funds being cut for people with disabilities.Scope organisation main way of getting the public’s attention of their cause was through the mediausing YouTube. They were a small organisation that started off in Kent, however as they explainedtheir cause to the public their organisation grew more in numbers each day.In 2004 Scope launched the Time to Get Equal campaign which was aimed at everyone treatingdisabled people as equals. This campaign created allot of awareness of the issue but also raised allotof money for their charity and gained some big name sponsors such as BT. A strong way of gettingtheir points across and raising money for their charity was by using YouTube. They would releasevideos on disabled individuals within their organisation who would talk about their past and whathas changed for them because of Scope. Here is an example of one of their many videos.The video had made the right impact on me, making me have more of an understanding of theorganisation and what they do to help people with disabilities. The powerful idea behind their mediavideos was that they used people with disabilities who they had offered advice and support too. Thiswould make a strong impact with the audience because the audience are seeing for themselveswhat the organisation has done rather than some action groups that just talk about what they havedone .
  2. 2. Local 1: protest against train line going through High Wycombe.51m is a group of 18 local authorities that has joined together in a national campaign toactively challenge the HS2 rail project. The group is known as “51m” because that represents howmuch HS2 will cost each and every Parliamentary Constituency…£51million which will total to justover 33 billion pounds. The group wants to emphasise the impact this proposed scheme will have onevery taxpayer in the country for years to come. They also are doing this campaign because the HS2rail project is also going to cause a huge environmental impact.There was a big need for these action videos because when campaigning against something as big asthe HS2 rail project it’s important to get as many supporters at possible. Its allot easier expanding acampaign through the media such as action videos rather than by word.The first action video was a more informative campaign video that was trying to get the point acrossto the audience about the negative impacts the HS2 rail project would cause such as theenvironmental impact it would cause and the tax payers impact it would also cause.The second action video was far less informative than the first one but allot more entertainingbecause instead of David expressing his thoughts on the HS2 rail project through words, he usedmusic which is a technique you don’t often see being used in campaigns.Both of the videos had a good impact on me. The first action video was very informative and usefulespecially to me because I didn’t know much at all about the HS2 rail project until I watched thatvideo. They were very clever in the way they included a high ranking official in the project 51Mproject and County council giving the audience a feeling of just how important this cause was.The second video was my favourite out of the two because it was far more interesting to watchrather than just watching a man standing on a hill talking. I think the Campaign music video was agreat idea because it was far more captivating to me as an audience to watch.The action videos did have a good impact on their target audience which was the local countiesaround Buckinghamshire because in most of the surrounding county newspapers started writing uparticles about the campaign not longa after the videos were released on to YouTube. Despite theefforts of 51M campaign the HS2 rail project has been scheduled to start in early 2013. 51M’s lastattempt to stop them will be sometime around this December when a legal challenge will take placein the High Court.Video of Buckinghamshire county council leader written by a musician who supports the campaign is a video promoting the HS2 and persuading people to say eys to it happening. campaign 2: protest campaign against a 3rd runway being built at Heathrow.
  3. 3. 2:Idea for filming on: