Research for social impact


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Research for social impact

  1. 1. SLIDE 1:Since 2003, Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated SLIDE 1: Bourne End Communityto improving the lives of children with toys and games in Association was formed in 1962 byover 70 hospitals worldwide. Over the years, the ‘gaming’ local people who wanted a socialcommunity have answered the call and come together to centre to meet the needs of a growingraise millions of dollars. In 2011 Childs Play raised community.The Association consists$3,512,340. That’s £2,159,737! entirely of volunteers. FundraisingSLIDE 2: and determination saw the Community Centre open in WakemanChild’s Play works in two ways. With the help of hospital Road on 28 October 1967. Anotherstaff, they set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, hall was added a few years later andbooks, and other fun stuff for the kids. constant improvements have beenChild’s Play also receives cash donations throughout the made over the years.year. With those cash donations, they can purchase new SLIDE 2: By using Target magazine!consoles, games and more for hospitals and therapy Target magazine was launched infacilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age- 1964 to provide information about theappropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, new Bourne End Communityfriends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an Association. Over the years theotherwise generally unpleasant experience. Each Hospital magazine has grown and itson the map has an Amazon wish list, so not only can youdonate to the hospital, but you can use your money to buy distribution area has been extendedwhat they need. Here is Sheffield for example. as the local populations have expanded through Bourne End,SLIDE 3: Wooburn Green, and the surrounding villages. Local groups and theirThe Childs Play charity mainly get there point across by the activities feature strongly along withhelp of You Tube gamers which with their publicity are able news about the people and placesto get the charity known, and get the community involved in that form a vital part of a lively andhelping. Some examples of these are... interesting community.SLIDE 4: Advertisements for local businesses and services form the basis of theKurt J Mac is a you tuber who started a series called ‘Far magazines financial support.Lands or bust’ where he walked over 12,000,000 metres tothe edge of the map in a game called ‘Minecraft’ this SLIDE 3: Everyday people enjoy thecreated a lot of publicity and was able to raise over $70,000 wide range of activities provideddollars. through the Centre. The Centre isZeldathon have raised over £27,000 for Childs play by used by all ages from pre-school torunning live streams of games and also holding events. Senior Citizens. From badminton to bowls, keep fit classes and aerobics toAthene is another YouTube gamer who live streams and drama, singing and dancing. Thereholds contests where all money raised will go to Childs Play. are coffee mornings, luncheons, lectures and talks as well asFinally a company called ‘The Humble Indie Bundle’ every rehearsals for shows – and of coursefew months sell a pack of indie games where all proceeds goto childs play. As the latest pack is still selling I will get up the shows themselves.the live money raised page now.