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  • 1. My Radio Drama location is in a quiet bar inLondon, which generally just has the locals and acouple of passers-by. A regular there noticessomething shifty about a man who enters, he watcheshim, before asking if he is from around here. Theunknown man keeps his head down, drinking his beer.The regular asks again while walking over to him. ‘I UNIT 42: RADIOsaid, are you from around here!?’, He takes a sip ofhis drink and then slams it down, and jumps right inthe locals face. ‘Can a man not have a drink in peace DRAMAaround here!?’ The local pushes him back down to his Elliot Jonesseat, where the 3rd man goes over to try break up thefight. This angers both the men and so the unknownman jumps up and punches the 3rd man straight tothe ground. The local reacts instantly punching theunknown man, and helping the 3rd man up, as they’refriends. This leads to a fight between the unknownman and the two locals, where it ends in kicking theunknown man out of the pub.
  • 2. BUDGET The budget I have been given for my radio drama is £20,000 (per hour). As my radio drama is only going to be about 5 minutes, I have a budget of £1666. A Voice Actor: £5.16 for 5 minutes. (£62 an hour) = £25.80 (I would need 4 men and one women) Script Writer: £570 A Foley Artist for 5 minutes: £2.58 (£30 an hour) Studio: A studio for 5 minutes would cost £4.58 (£55 an hour)Hiring this studio also includes a engineer musician and producer. Equipment and Props: £470 £1072. 96
  • 3. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for my radio drama would be older men such as 40+ who enjoy listening to Radio 4. Radio 4 has a much older audience because of the nature of the shows, dramas and debates. I think this is where my radio drama would fit in best. I don’t see a social economic group that fits in best with my drama, I think I would get some people from all groups listening to my drama and it not being specifically for anyone. If I had to choose, I would go with group B (Intermediate managerial, administrative, professional) because I believe these are the people that will travel a lot and get the chance to be listening to such things.
  • 4. Conflicts (Inner/outer): Outer conflicts include the fight he gets himself into. Though itWhat motivates never states any innerthem? It is very conflicts, but they come fromdifficult to find his family backgroundanything thatwould be able to Age 49motivate him : Name: Unknownbecause of his Unknown Man as it is neverpast stated. Connection to other Ethnicity: White characters: He British has no connection to Working Status: Family Background: any character Unemployed His family history isn’t great, this is the reason behind his inner conflicts
  • 5. Conflicts (Inner/outer): Very calm family man who’s only conflict is when people areWhat motivates rude or dismissive.them? Hismotivation isfrom being sofriendly he Age: 62doesn’t like rudepeople in ‘his Local one: Gary Name: Garypub’ Connection to other Ethnicity: White characters: British Friend of James Working Status: Family Background: Retired Has a wife and two kids, regular family, never any problems.
  • 6. Conflicts (Inner/outer): Happy guy and would always help out a friendWhat motivatesthem? He enjoyshis job, and hishappily marriedwith his wife Age: 52Jessica Local two: James Name: James Peters Connection to other Ethnicity: White characters: British Friends of Gary Working Status: Family Background: Works for Wife Jessica, with two Microsoft children, never any problems