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  • 1. Proposal for Video Game Review for Vibe Productions From Elliot Jones Henley College Student REVIEW
  • 2. Introduction I am creating a Video Game Review for the recent release BioShock: Infinite. I am using the PC copy for my review. Not a console version. I have chosen to produce a review so that I can show content and gameplay for people to then decide if they believe the game is worth buying for them or not. This is important because when paying out £40 for a game, you will want to know 1) It is worth the money and 2) that you will enjoy it. Proposed Approach I will be creating between a 10 – 15 minute video game review detailing different aspects of the game such as Characters, Storyline, Weapons, Combat, Vigors, Setting and Transport. The way I plan to set these out is have myself use a screen recording software called Bandicam to record my screen as I play through the game in full. With this 10-12 hours of game footage I will then edit it down to the parts that I will be talking over. I will be recording myself read out a script in front of a green screen where I can then change the background into the gameplay footage. This makes the review more interesting and personal then just my voice. The age rating for my review is age 18 because I will be using in game footage, the age rating of the game is 18 because of violent and graphic nature. The USP of my product is that I will have high quality footage, informative information and also I will try keep it fun. I am the only talent for my production as I am the presenter. My Findings During research I have found the video game reviews are not something that a lot of people produce, but it is something that a lot of people have said that need. Sites such as PC Gamer, IGN and Metacritic have reviews on games but these are text based. This is why I have tried something different. Other highly known reviewers like Angry Joe are known because he is informative, funny and still has great quality. But he is one of the only ones I’ve seen with such excellence about him. The review is important to let people know if it is worth them spending their money on and also if they will enjoy it.
  • 3. Acknowledgments Thanks to Henley College for rental of green screen Thanks to 2K Games for letting me review their game Thanks to Youtube for their video holding service