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  1. 1. The couple holding hands are a reminder to him of what he is being blinded from and missing out on. He is watching himself and what his life could have been if he wasn’t constantly worrying about how long he has left and he started living for the moment. I believe the 3 events (Wedding,The image is of a busy zebra crossing, with alldifferent types of people walking past the man hospital and death) represent 3trapped in an hourglass. They’re ignoring him things the band have been throughand just carrying on with their own life and could not control.representing that life goes on. This scene is of a man in the suit standing in a hospital watchingThe people are all very colourful clothing wise, When the digipak completelyand so is the background. Yet the man is in a over someone (Whichagain, I only folds out it gives the images of the guess is him and if not someoneblack suit, and the colours around the man falling down, smashing close). Knowing he can do nothinghourglass are all dark representing that he is in through the glass of the hour glass about it will make him feela bad place. as the sand pushes through and powerless; it will also hurt himThe Hourglass represents time and the matter finally it gives way. further because of feeling useless.of it running out; the man stuck within the A situation where nothing is withinhourglass shows that he is trapped with your control is somethinghimself and the constant reminder of how long everyone can relate to at somehe has, drowns his ability to enjoy life because time or another.of worry. On the back of the digipak is the man looking as if he has given up. He isn’t In the 3rd scene is the same trying to look out the hourglass, he man but this time at a funeral. isn’t trying to escape, and he is People have left flowers but letting the sand just take over him as the casket is empty giving no he feels weak and powerless. The idea who he may be watching clouds in the sky behind him have over, but that could be the now also turned grey and everything is dark. idea. It is someone’s death, no matter whom; it still causes stress and grief.
  2. 2. 3. 1.2. There always has been a man pictured in the middle of the album covers, this gives a familiar face that people can identify, making them feel they know the band personally. Whether it is the same man or not is a mystery. To the right is an edit to where you can see the men all in line. Throughout the albums each man and its surroundings describes a different story, the 1st (in the top right corner) looks as if it is a man in the army sat down in front of a type writer. From this I believe that the lead singer found it a battle to be able to write down the lyrics, maybe there were a lot of his beliefs and feeling portrayed and with a struggle of time and life getting time own his own was hard for him. There are also different words on the board in front, none that I can make out, these could be thoughts and that because they’re unreadable and in a mess it shows where his head was at. With the second -Album I believe they have moved onto more of a fight and a struggle to get where they want to be, this is shown by the baseball bat, but at the same time with thebaseball hidden behind the man it isn’t about the action but about the thought. In his other hand are some chains (I think). They may have anangrier take on thisalbum having a man with a corrupt mind that will do bad things to get what he wants, I’d hope this isn’t a reflect on the band. The 3rd album shows a silhouette onhis knees, he looks as if he is shouting out. There are random sign posts pointing in all matters of directions to indicate this man is very lost, surrounding him are100’s of vines and animals closing in on him showing that he is also trapped that, but out of all of that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, showing there is achance, and that hope exists. The link with his artwork is even when you think everyone/thing is trying to get at you and you feel trapped and lost in yoursurroundings, that space of freedom and hope will be there, and it’s about getting to that place. Lastly with album 4, it’s a man trapped inside an hourglass which isslowly filling up. Everyone is walking by and just carrying on with their daily lives not paying attention to the man fading away. This man is trapped in constantlythinking about time then just living for what it is, this is keeping him down and slowly ruining his life. This is a lesson that can be taught to everyone. The design forthe album is very different throughout but the stories are all feelings everyone knows.