Evaltuation Questions: 2


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Evaltuation Questions: 2

  1. 1. 2How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH-7YFuJk4Q
  2. 2. Brand Identity: Creating Bamford 2 Demographic viewers: Working class male and female 15-25 year olds. I wanted the demographic to be represented in the soap trailer but also their stereotyped class clearly spotted in seconds of seeing the poster. As all the characters are adolescent I decided the show would be aired of E4, a channel known for its controversial soaps aimed at our target audience
  3. 3. Brand Identity: Creating Bamford 2 http://www.channel4.com/about_c4/styleguide/e4 styleguide/e4-brand-guidelines.pdf To make sure both the poster and soap opera clearly showed what channel the soap opera would be on I used the E4 style guide to find out which font, colour, position and how sizing of the logo and text are used by the actual channel. This is E4’s brand identity which is widely known and easily identified by our target audience.
  4. 4. Soap magazine conventions 2 Price in star bubble, bold Date font. Large masthead, top left hand side of Cover stars are page looking out atVery basic colourscheme for reader to engagebackground and them.masthead. Large capitalised clear font- easy Characters to read referred to by first name Bold colourful borders around extra features. Anchoring Barcode subheading “England”
  5. 5. Soap magazine conventions- our magazine 2 “North” Price in clear Large bold font masthead, top left hand side of page Date Cover stars areVery basic colour looking out atscheme for reader to engagebackground and them.masthead. Large capitalised clear font- easy to read Characters referred to by first name Bold colourful borders around extra features. Anchoring Barcode subheading
  6. 6. Brand Identity: Creating Bamford 2 To attract the adolescent audience we continued the idea of E4’s sticker logo onto the magazine. We did this by giving feature pictures contrasting blue borders to the red background. We copied the pictures of the two main characters from the poster onto the magazine, so that both can be recognised from each other as well as the costume’s being the same as those worn in the trailer.
  7. 7. Representing demographic and stereotypes 2 Dyed Pink hair, clearly represents a stereotypical teenage ‘Scene’, usually seen with brightly dyed hair, pale skin and dark eye makeup. Hair is styled and make-up clearly being worn. Female characters look like they have made an effort to look good. This relates to the female demographic who want to look a certain way and feel there best usually caused by media production of celebrities. Storylines are based on social themes. Using other Different genders are represented. soap features appeals to a wider audience. The teenager characters are around the same age as the target audience.For the male character costumes, we kept them in the hoodies worn inthe soap trailer so that they could be easily recognised from the trailerbut also recognised for their stereotypes. The adolescent audiencewould be able to relate the hoodie wearers as being often seen asbadly behaved “youths”
  8. 8. Genre 2 We wanted to represent social themes that may effect our soap’s demographic. We also wanted to bring up issues that may not effect them directly but had a wider effect of Britain. The slogan ‘where everybody knows your name...’ represents both the close friendships in the soap but also the gossiping by the characters. The airing time of our soap is relevant to the target audience as it is late on a school/college night showing it is not suitable for a younger audience Social themes: Pregnancy, drugs, teenage marriage, alcohol, fights, gossip
  9. 9. Our target audience collage and social themes 2 Drugs Pregnancy Friends Apple RelationshipsBlackberry Music festivalsAlcohol Films and Media production Teenagers Social media websites
  10. 10. Representing a region 2 I used the name of a working class pub in Stockport for my soap opera name to create a regional representation. Audiences in the area would know it is set in Stockport/Manchester. The Eastenders opening credits create a strong brand identity because of the easily recognisable buildings- 02 arena and the Thames river, which we relate to Eastenders. The soap also gets its name from its setting in East London, which is also immediately recognised in the opening sequence.