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Record companies by_pete_c_farida_nick

  1. 1. RECORD LABELS Record Label – Is a brand and a trademark that deals with themarketing of music recordings and music videos.
  2. 2. What do they do and what are their products?Record labels handle the production, manufacture, distribution of Cd’s andalbums, marketing and promoting the acts signed to the label . Their mainproduct is the act itself. They also enforce copyright protection of musicand videos. a talent scout is used to develop new artists and keep theirmanagers/agents happy to keep them signed to the label. In the musicindustry, artists rely on record labels to open a wider variety of audience ,market their albums, and be both promoted and heard on radio andtelevision. Publicists help performers get good reviews to market theirproduct, and make it available in stores and online because the internethas also become a cheaper way that some artists gain new audiences, aswell as the use of videos in some cases, to sell their products.
  3. 3. What factors of price do they need to consider?The record company’s main form of income is whether ornot the music made by their artist sells or whether or notpeople go to the artist concert. The elements of price thatthey need to consider is whether the artist they are aboutto sign is worth all the promotion and production thatthey are going to put in to market the artist. They have toconsider whether they will make a good profit from theartist.
  4. 4. How do they promote their product?The Art Department supervises trade and consumer press advertising, retail sales postersand flats, and other needs of the print media.The Marketing Department is responsible for creating the overall marketing plan forevery record the label is releasing. They are also involved in coordinating all thepromotion, publicity, and sales campaigns that the label is committed to.The Publicity Department arranges for any feature stories, interviews, or record reviewsin local and national newspapers, magazines, web-zines, as well as the broadcastopportunities for such coverage on radio stations and television. They may also co-ordinate any of these publicity opportunities with an artists own Publicist.The New Media Department produces and promotes the music videos for the labelsartists that are shown on MTV, VHl, etc. This department also oversees some promotionsand marketing opportunities on the Internet that use the audio and video technologiesavailable from online hardware and software sites that support music..The Promotion Departments primary goal is secure radio airplay for their companysnew releases. These days that means not only traditional FM radio stations, but selectInternet stations and satellite radio as well. Their ability to get songs played on the radiois central to the success of the whole company. Soliciting videos to MTV, VH1 and othermusic oriented television networks and programs may also be the responsibility of thisdepartment.The use of social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace are also ways forartists to self-promote these are particularly useful because the audience/fans feel thatthe artist is taking their time to personally contact them.
  5. 5. What are their target markets, who are their clients?Record companies need to know who their target is, the things theyneed to take into consideration here are: age group, sex, educationand occupation. They need to go where the target market is. Also youneed to understand your customers so to not choose the wrong targetmarket. You also need to know your local marketing, as this is probablygoing to be the first place you are going to try and sell. Alsocommunications are important, because if someone who want tocommunicate with you about a deal or help, they need to know how.
  6. 6. What Market Research Do They Undertake?Record labels do not undertake any specific marketresearch but they might gather together people whoseopinions they value and ask them to listen to it thiswould mostly be done within the record label or theymight host a listening party for people to come to andhave a listen to the song and give them feedback.Another way they might do market research is to sendout a single to radio’s and see if they play the song orput it up for download and see how many peopledownload it and respond to it to see whether it isworth spending money on the artist and developingtheir career and album.
  7. 7. Where do they do their business?• Record labels do their business in all sorts of areas such as online or their offices. Online they can sell their products and services and promote themselves and their artists. And in their offices they do the main part of the business and handle finances and everything else that comes with running a label. Smaller indie labels will just have a few staff organising everything.