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  • 1. The Marketing Mix & MarketResearch. Analysis of uses in the Music Industry. Music Production By The One and Only Original Chris Alger
  • 2. Product• The product of music production is basically the music and what forms they can be made into.• The production forms are done through recordings in a recording studio/company, which use a multi-tracking system (recording each instrument at a time then placing all the tracks together) to record the music into a mp3 form.• Another product considered is the songwriter which writes songs for other artists.
  • 3. Price• There are different things that must be paid for when producing music, the prices of renting out a recording studio must be taken into consideration.• Also The cost of making the music into CD forms and mp3 files are also taken into account.• The staff used for the upkeep of the studio such as engineers, who must get paid for there wages, as well as the artist and the songwriters
  • 4. Place• The main place music production takes place is within a recording studio either controlled by the label or an individual Recording studio.• The Music Production companies may also have a may have an office as well.
  • 5. Promotion• The Music production companies use mainly other aspects of their own company which focuses on promoting their product or uses other companies which can promote their product through advertising.• Production companies also can advertise by playing the product to different companies and radio stations.• Production companies also promote themselves through websites and in music videos, gains a lot of publicity as at the end of the video there is usual mention of the Production company.
  • 6. Market Research• Market research for music product can be done through playing the product to a group of people and asking them to review it.• Through this they can change the track to suit the audience either through editing in a recording studio or changing parts of the song by calling in the artist.• They also change the song to suit trends that are happening at the moment and what will sell records, and to bands that are already established use music that will be attracted to them through the genre of the band.