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  • 1. CD Manufacturing Companies
  • 2. • CD Manufacturers, replicate in mass quantities , commercial CDs. They quantity of CDs produced will vary depending on the buyers needs and the market that the company is attempting to hit.
  • 3. Price FactorsEach disc can usually be produced for only a few US cents depending on what the buyer has asked for (For example, having graphics printed onto the top layer of the CD will cost slightly more) as more will be charged depending on complexity of the things the customer asks for, as obviously then need to make a significant profit margin.Another price factor is the target audience, a manufacturer aiming its products at a large scale label that only orders in extremely large quantities will be able to charge more for their product where as a manufacturer dealing with smaller independent labels will try and make their price seem more attractive to the potential buyers. The pricing of competitive companies also contributes to the pricing of the CDs. The manufacturing company will also look into market trends to see how many people are actually buying CDs.
  • 4. PromotionThe manufacturers advertise in the classified ads of specialist music magazines such as Sound On Sound. A lot of their business will come from their website with small labels, individual artists or even just members of the general public wishing to produce CDs.
  • 5. Target MarketThe target market will mainly be labels as this is an obvious, (hopefully) steady source of business. Other companies may market themselves more to smaller, independent labels.
  • 6. PlaceOn the phone, on the internet and in magazines.
  • 7. Market ResearchThey look how expensive other companies charge, trends within the market to see the increases or decreases in the demand of CDs.What type of cases people prefer, such as jewel cases or more ‘eco-friendly’ packaging like the jakebox.Research into demand (e.g. Independent and major labels different needs)