Agencies by mike_matt


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Agencies by mike_matt

  1. 1. Music Project! ;D - Agencies By Mattie and Mike =)
  2. 2. Analysis of event/productionThe music agents meet with bands for management, to agree on dates for tours andwork out monetary requirements for the production and promotion of the gigs andtours. They also arrange contact with promoters regarding equipment, set list, guestlist etc. and also contact venues to arrange performance dates and arrange the cost ofhiring out the venue. Finally, they arrange accommodation of the band, making sureeverything is sorted, and they don’t get bad backs.The agents contact the label to attempt to setup a gig which includes similar bands totour. Also, if they’re with a bigger band, they can also set you up as a support slot togain more fans.
  3. 3. Costs/Production BudgetThe agents must consider the financing required for a gig, the promotion,management and the crew. They need to also take into consideration theprice of accommodation and transport for the band. They also think aboutthe pricing of the tickets and if they would gain any profit from the band. Theway they make money would be to take a percentage from the earnings ofthe band from a tour.
  4. 4. Place - VenueThe manager for the band/artist would notorganise the venue for the band as they wouldget the bands promoter to do it. They wouldhave to talk with the promoter and agree withwhere they’d have the concert, the budget forit all and for the tour dates.
  5. 5. Forms of publicity/Distribution methodsThe way they promote their band is by contacting the promoters and talkingabout the band contracts to try and arrange businesses. They would also putthe band/artist on other bands on their label as a support act to give themmore publicity. They would also promote their band through tv advertisement(e.g. Kerrang!, Scuzz), through radio (e.g. Capital FM, Absolute Radio) andthrough internet sources (e.g. iTunes, Youtube). They would also organise forautobiographies to be published for the fans to read. They would docompetitions for the fans to meet and greet with the band or hang with them,they would also organise signings for the band so people could meet and getan item signed by the whole band.
  6. 6. What market research do they undertake?They find out the niche’s of the market andwhat is popular at the time, so that they maysell their product at the right time to the rightaudience. They also do surveys and find out(using shop records).There is literately no website for finding the information out!