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Poster diary Document Transcript

  • 1. PosterDevelopment DiaryI started the construction of myMagazine Advertisement byopening a new Photoshopdocument, to do this I went toFile > New, this is when I set thepaper to International and thesize A4, the Width was 21.7cmand the Height was 27.9cm. Once I had created the new document I then selected the picture that I wanted to be the main Image on the page, to do this I went to File > Open. This is the picture that I decided to use, once I had it open I then edited it using Levels (cmd+L) and Curves (cmd+M). I then wanted to edit the picture using the technique Soft Focus, to do this I first duplicate the background layer going to Layer > Duplicate Layer. I then have to use the lasso tool and go around the model’s eyes and mouth, I then inverse the selection going to Select > Inverse, once I had the background selected I added blur, to do this I went to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and turned down the opacity so the model’s skin looked smooth but not fake.
  • 2. I then dragged the picture ontothe blank document using themove tool, I then used FreeTransform to make the picture fitbetter on the page. This is thefinished image. I then put a boarder around the document and also put a box below the picture that would be filled with information on the album release, to do this I used the line tool and set the width to 1cm. I then used the rectangle tool to put a rectangle into the space at the bottom of the page, I then added drop shadow by double clicking on the layer with the shape on it. I then added text to itusing the text tool I selected the font Didot as itlooks the most professional and as though itwould represent a big music company. I alsothen added the text for the WHEATUS header, for this I usedMarker Felt to keep the house style the same for the digi-pack, Ichanged the colour of each word by highlighting the letter andselecting a colour. Using the same font I added the date up thebraces of the model, I used Edit > Transform > Rotate. I then added stars to the box to represent how the album has been rated, to do this I used the custom shape tool and selected the star shape, holding the shift key down to make sure the star stays in proportion. I then added the logo to the picture I did this by pasting the picture onto the poster document and using Free Transform to adjust the size of the logo.
  • 3. I then used the line tool to draw a grid onthe page to make sure the picture wasfollowing the rule of thirds. This is myfinished project, I am pleased with how thisturned out and if I was to do it again I don’tthink there is anything I would change, I likethe composition of the picture and howeverything sits on the document.