Power of Inbound Marketing - Bootcamp Presentation for Network Now
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Power of Inbound Marketing - Bootcamp Presentation for Network Now



Presentation on the basic components of inbound marketing, specifically for lead generation. Presented at the half-day conference for Network Now in Bucks County, PA.

Presentation on the basic components of inbound marketing, specifically for lead generation. Presented at the half-day conference for Network Now in Bucks County, PA.



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    Power of Inbound Marketing - Bootcamp Presentation for Network Now Power of Inbound Marketing - Bootcamp Presentation for Network Now Presentation Transcript

    • How to Use thePower ofInbound Marketingto GenerateLeads OnlineEllie Mirman@ellieeille
    • Top 30 Blog281k followers500k likes31k followers60k new leads/month4m free users9k customersJIMRICK
    • 3 48 3171,1503,8555,9617,500+2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Success with Inbound MarketingHubSpot Customers2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011483171150385559613
    • AgendaInbound Marketing BasicsInbound Strategy and TacticsQ&A
    • …the internet has turned what used tobe a controlled, one-way message intoa real-time dialoguewith millions.DANIELLE SACKSTHE FUTURE OF ADVERTISINGFAST COMPANY, NOVEMBER 17, 2010
    • 7of adult Americans use the Internet.79%
    • 78%of Internet users conduct product research online.
    • traditionalmarketingstrategy
    • Traditional marketing strategies are ignored86%skip TV ads91%unsubscribe200msay DO NOT CALL44%of direct mail is never opened
    • inboundmarketingstrategy
    • HubSpot.com/SOiMInbound marketing delivers leads
    • HubSpot.com/SOiM…at a lower cost
    • Investment in inbound continues to increaseHubSpot.com/SOiM
    • HubSpot.com/SOiM…due to past success
    • 58% of respondents are usinginbound marketing. more important,48% will increase their spending oninbound marketing this year. so itslikely that if youre notusing inboundmarketing techniques,youll be competingagainst those who are.KEVIN DAUMATTRACT CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO BUY: 7 WAYSINC.COM, APRIL 23, 2013
    • 17Today’s approach:“GET IN THEIR FACE”when they’re not looking.Tomorrow’s approach:“GET FOUND”when they are looking.
    • HowInboundMarketingWORKS.
    • 1 Get Found2 Convert3 Analyze( INBOUND )MARKETING
    • 1 Get Foundof B2B executives usesearch engines to findgoods & services fortheir business.73%
    • BLOG
    • Why Blog?Build a marketing assetFuel the inbound marketing machineBuild thought leadership and trust123
    • Buildmarketingassets
    • Publish everything
    • Think aboutyourpersonasPhoto: Kadient with their personas, courtesy of David Meerman Scott
    • Get Into the Content Mindset• Make emails into blog posts• Turn forum posts into blogposts• Shoot videos at events• Interview customers for yourblog• Repurpose company data forpublic reports• Share lessons you learnFlick Photo: Cindiann
    • Content fuels inbound marketingContentSearch EngineOptimizationSocial Media Landing Page OffersEmail Marketing &Lead Nurturing
    • #1 for “employee uniform cleaning”
    • #8 for “restaurant linen cleaning”
    • Biggest Blogging MistakeDon’t use a “free” URL from a blog serviceNOYES• Sitex-corp.blogspot.com• Sitex-corp.typepad.com• Sitex-corp.wordpress.com• Blog.Sitex-corp.com• Sitex-corp.com/Blog• UniformCleaningTips.com
    • HubSpot.com/SOiM
    • SEO
    • Paid vs. Organic Search ResultsOrganic wins:• More traffic(80% clicks)• Free traffic• Longer lastingresults
    • A look at organic resultsWikipediaHubSpot blogarticle from 2010Free resourcesFree training
    • Pick Your Keyword Battles1. Search volume2. Relevance to your business3. Competition• “uniforms”• “medical uniform rentals”• “medical uniform rentals Jasper, IN”Flickr: saeba
    • How Does Google Decide?On-Page25%Off-Page75%
    • On-Page SEO BasicsPage titleURLHeadings & textMeta description
    • Off-Page SEO Basicswww.sitex-corp.comSitexMedicalApparelSitexMedicalApparel
    • How do you get more links?Have something worth linking to.1700+inboundlinks
    • What is Social Media For?
    • HubSpot.com/SOiMSocial media delivers customers
    • The best things we’ve doneto drive leads and salesthis past year is embracesocial media, establish ablog, and convinceownership to acceptinbound marketingstrategy.Marketing ProfessionalManufacturing Industry201 to 500 Employees
    • Social Media How-ToListenShareBe Human123
    • Listen1• What are people saying about…– You?– Your competitors?– Their problems?• Who’s talking?– Customers– Prospects– Competitors– Thought leaders
    • Share2• Your content  spread your reach• Questions  start conversations• Other resources  show thought leadership
    • Be Human3
    • 2 Convert
    • What am I supposed to do here?
    • What am I supposed to do here?51
    • Great calls to action are…Obvious
    • Great calls to action are…Action-oriented
    • Great calls to action are…Simple& clear
    • Great calls to action are…Targeted
    • It should always be clear…What am I supposedto do here?
    • What is a Landing Page?
    • What is a Landing Page?
    • Great landing pages are…Clear &simple
    • Great landing pages are…Focused
    • Great landing pages…Showvalue
    • Can you answer…What’s in it for me?
    • EMAIL
    • If email was a country, its1.4 billion users would makeit the largest in the world.Source: Email Marketing Reports
    • 5 Types of EmailNewsletter or DigestDedicated EmailLead NurturingSponsorship/Partner Emails1234Transactional Emails5
    • No matter the type of email…Know your goal.
    • Good email is timely.Source: HubSpot Science of Email Marketing
    • Good email is relevant.Segmentedemails getclicksSource: MarketingSherpa
    • Good email is valuable.
    • Good emailis somethingsomeonewould wantto receive.
    • Good email has a call to action.
    • Good email leverages relationships.From arecognizablename andemailaddress withreal reply-toAdd apersonaltouchConnect inmultipleways
    • Good email is readable.Don’t relyon images
    • Good email is readable.Source: HubSpot Science of Email MarketingOptimize formobile
    • Good emailresults inthe desiredaction.
    • Best practices may not be best.Source: HubSpot Science of Email MarketingMost popular daysto send email.
    • Source: HubSpot Science of Email MarketingBest practices may not be best.
    • 3 Analyze
    • Avoid paralysisby analysis.Focus on a fewsimple metrics.
    • Visits, Leads, and Customers
    • Results by Channel and Offer
    • Set targets andmeasure regularly
    • You have thetools. Buildyour inboundmarketingmachine.
    • THANK YOUEllie Mirman@ellieeilleHubSpot.com/EllieMirmanHubSpot.comBlog.HubSpot.comMarketing.Grader.comEssential Step-by-Step Guideto Internet Marketing:http://bit.ly/YwNa9V