Gender Case Study Presentation


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Gender Case Study Presentation

  1. 1. GENDER CASE STUDY:The Pussy Cat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg- Buttons
  2. 2. WHY I CHOSE TO DO A CASE STUDY INTO GENDER REPRESENTATION As my music video is an R&B video I am very conscious at all times of how the women in my video will be portrayed; as I want to go against the typical conventions of women in an R&B I decided that I needed a clear idea of what kind of role gender and especially females play in a music video. I decided that the best way to build up my knowledge of how women are portrayed in music videos I needed to actually look at music videos and the main one that I looked at was Buttons by the Pussy Cat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg.
  3. 3. WHY DID I CHOSE THIS VIDEO?I chose this video as the women take in this video take on both apost-feminist role and a ‘male gaze’ role. Furthermore this video wasvery good in helping me to identify the gender roles that I will needto think about before I can incorporate them into my video.
  4. 4. LAUREN MALVEY AND THE ‘MALE GAZE’This video takes on Lauren Malvey’s ‘Male Gaze’ gender theory very well, as thePussy Cat Dolls are dressed in very skimpy, figure hugging and revealing clothing,which in turn encourages the ‘Male Gaze’ to be taken on. The camera shots helpthis idea of the ‘male gaze’ the long shots of the girls back emphasising their figuresand the close ups of them taking their jackets of to reveal even skimpier and lessclothing. The suggestive body language of the girls further strengthens the idea ofthe ‘Male Gaze’ the way that the girls walk towards Snoop Dogg swaying their hipsand biting their lips makes them look like sexual objects to be won.
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF THE ‘MALE GAZE’Throughout the whole video the body language of the Pussy CatGirls helps to encourage the ‘Male Gaze’ a few more examples of thisinclude the way that the all the girls when they are on the pole areplaying around and stretching. This instantly attracts the ‘male gaze’ asthey connote a type of pole dancer and pole dancers are the objectsof men, there to be looked at by the audience; this connotationenforces the idea of the Pussy Cat Dolls being objects.
  6. 6. SNOOP DOGG’S ROLEAdditionally the ‘Male Gaze’ is taken on in this video with the help ofSnoop Dogg who encourages this by him himself taking on the ‘MaleGaze’ when the Pussy Cat Dolls are walking towards him. The factthat the Pussy Cat Dolls are walking towards Snoop Dogg with himjust standing there strengthens this idea that females are objects andthere to be looked at by the females.
  7. 7. EXHIBITIONISM AND POST- FEMINISMHowever this video does not only take on the theory of the ‘male gaze’ italso takes on the theory of post-feminism and exhibitionism. This istaken on by the fact that the Pussy Cat Dolls in this video are beingpurposefully sexually provocative, take the way that they walk towardsSnoop Dogg. They are purposefully being sexual in their movements andpurposefully attracting the ‘male gaze’ in their actions and this issymbolised by how confident they look and mid to long shot shows themin a power position as if they are lion and Snoop Dogg is the prey.
  8. 8. THE ‘FEMALE GAZE’Linked very strongly into this video is the idea of a ‘Female Gaze’where the Pussy Cat Dolls are actively trying to get the desirabilityfrom the male audience. This has been done in a number of ways,take the way they are dressed for example the clothes that they arewearing are revealing and the Pussy Cat Dolls seem very happywearing them. Furthermore the dance routine they did illustrates thisidea that they are actively trying to get the ‘male gaze’.
  9. 9. HOW CLOTHES LINK TO EXHIBITIONISMThe clothes that the Pussy Cat Dolls wear in this video enhances theidea of exhibitionism as yes they are wearing skin tight clothes butthis is to connote that they comfortable in their own skin andcomfortable with the ‘male gaze’. It is also to promote that they arecomfortable with their sexuality.
  10. 10. POST-FEMINISMThe post-feminism in this video also encourages that the Pussy CatDolls are better male musicians in general but in the instance of thisvideo they are better than Snoop Dogg, this has been asserted inmany different areas; the Pussy Cat Dolls having more lyrics, beingmore assertive in their sexuality and just generally and the Pussy CatDolls having more presence all showcase the Pussy Cat Dolls beingnot just equal to men but being superior to them.
  11. 11. WHAT DID I LEARN FROM THIS VIDEOI learnt a number of things from this video, firstly I learnt that femalemusicians do not always wear minimal clothing to attract the ‘malegaze’ they do it to say that they are more powerful than men and canuse all the tools at their disposal to get them there.
  12. 12. WHAT WILL I TAKE FROM THIS AND INCORPORATE INTO MY VIDEO?There are many things that I will take from this exercise but the mostimportant thing I will take from it is the ‘female gaze’. The ‘male gaze’is very common in R&B videos even in ones by female artists so Ihave decided that to break this typical convention I will instead usethe ‘female gaze’ instead of the traditional and stereotypical ‘malegaze’.