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Coldplay and Rolling stone Magazine.

Coldplay and Rolling stone Magazine.






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    Coldplay and Rolling stone Magazine. Coldplay and Rolling stone Magazine. Presentation Transcript

    • Coldplay.Ellie New.
    • The band. Chris Martin is the lead Jonathan Buckland known singer of Coldplay, his full as "Jonny” born on the 11th name is ‘Christopher Anthony John Martin’. of September 1977, is an Born the 22nd of March 1977 English musician and the in White stone Exeter. He is lead guitarist for Coldplay. the lead vocalist, pianist, rhythm guitarist and founder of the band. He’s married to Gwyneth Paltrow and they have two children Apple and Moses. William Champion known as Guy Berryman, full name Guy “Will” Champion born on the Rupert Berryman born on the 31st of July 1978, is an English 12th of April 1978, in Kirkcaldy, musician and the drummer in Scotland. He is an Italian- the band. He was born in Scottish musician a multi- Southampton, Hampshire. He instrumentalist and producer. was the last member to join But is best known as the the band. bassist for Coldplay.Coldplay formed in 1996, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland at University College London. Theybegan as ‘Pectoralz’ when Guy Berryman joined they changed their name to ‘Starfish’ Willchampion joined as the backing vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist which completed the line. Themanager Phil Harvey is considered as an unofficial fifth member. They renamed themselves‘Coldplay’ in 1998.
    • Genre.The genre of Coldplay is described as ‘Alternative Rock’,‘Post Brit-Pop’. Their songs reflect their London backgroundsuch as ‘Violet Hill’. Their first album was ‘Parachutes’ in1999-2001.
    • Products.
    • Career Paths.Chris Martin. Jonny Buckland.Martin first attended the pre-preparatory Hylton School and then Buckland was a student at Ysgol y Waun and Alun Schoolwent on to preparatory Exeter Cathedral School. In prep school which is located in the Welsh town of Mold. He movedhe formed his first band ‘The Rocking Honkies’. After Exeter on to study Astronomy and mathematics at UniversityMartin boarded at the Sherbourne School an independent boys College London. It is there which he met his future bandschool in Dorset. He then went on to study at University College mates, Chris Martin, Will Champion and Guy BerrymanLondon he graduated with first class honors in Greek and Latin. he also worked as a school janitor.Martin has also produced solo work and has written songs forartists such as, Jamelia and has coordinated with Nelly Furtadoand Jay Z. Guy Berryman. Berryman was educated at an independent school inWilliam Champion. Scotland, The Edinburgh Academy and then KentChampion first attended Portswood Primary College Canterbury. Before attending UniversitySchool his secondary education was Cantell College London. Berryman studied an engineeringMaths and Computing College. He then degree whilst at University College London he soonstudied at Peter Symonds College in dropped out of his engineering course and switchedWinchester. Before joining Coldplay he to a seven year architecture program. He dropped outjoined a band called ‘Fat Hamster’. He then of his architecture degree after a year to focus onwent on to Study Anthropology at University playing the bass with Coldplay. Whilst his bandmatesCollege London. continued their degrees, Berryman worked in a local pub in London as a barman. Berryman also used to run a clothing shop called ‘Jezebell’ in London, which closed due to debt with running the business.
    • Target tHEtHE Audience.Coldplay have a wide target audience from the ages of 16-48 and are supported byboth genders. Due to their combination of music which takes a relaxed, calming yetupbeat vibe appeals towards a variety of audiences. The band have kept their targetaudience the same, keeping consistent in the style of music for their songs. Theirmusic uses the same tones and instruments but with a different use of song lyrics.Their style of music has kept fans from their early career and kept them constantly inthe public eye. Bands change may change their style or instruments making themappeal more or less to different audiences. Coldplay stays the same with their stylemaking it known to the public who has created the music and because they havefound a style that works well.
    • Record Labels.• EMI EMI or EMI Music was a former British multi national record label headquartered in London. It is now part of ‘Universal Music Group’. It was one of four of the biggest record labels in the industry.• Universal Universal Music Group a global music company owned by French media company Vivendi. Universal Music Group owns which is theMusic Group second largest music publishing company in the world its headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California. Parlophone is a record label founded in 1896 by the• Parlophone Carl Lindström Company in Germany. A British branch was formed in 1923 named ‘Parlophone Records’. Capitol Records is a major record label formed in• Capitol Records 1942. Located in Los Angeles since 2011 it has been known as Capitol Music Group. It is partly owned by Universal Music Group.• Fierce Panda Fierce Panda Records is an independent record label which is Records based in London. It’s first release was in 1994.
    • Other bands/artists signed to their record labels. The Beatles. Oasis. Sex Pistols. The Beach Boys.Keane. Will.i.am. Metallica. Lily Allen. Iron Maiden.
    • Does the label focus on a specific genre of music?The Beatles where signed to the majorlabel EMI. Their genre of music wasRock/Pop. Another Group signed to EMI isMetallica their genre is very different toThe Beatles, Metallica is aimed towards a Fierce panda focuses on aHeavy Metal/Hard Rock audience. Alternative Rock/ Brit Pop/ Capitol Records also focus on a Rock and Pop Indie genre. Bands such as genre with bands such as The Beach Boys, The Oasis and Keane. Beatles, Lily Allen and Iron Maiden which is a heavy metal group. Capital Records tend o have a pattern of signing bands which originate from London.The Beatles where also signed toParlophone Records. Also Universal Music Group has afocusing on a Rock/ Pop genre. mixture of genre’s fromAnother famous artist also everything to Pop/ Rock/ Britsinged to Parlophone is Lily Allen Pop and Heavy Metal. Withher genre of music also appeals bands and artists such as Theto a Pop audience. Sex Pistols, Will.i.am and Metallica.
    • Mission Statement.Universal Music Group is renowned for its manyvarying labels and companies that merge forming acultural music phenomenon. UMG (Universal MusicGroup) recently forged a two-year agreement withBallys Total Fitness to give Bally members free mp3downloads. This new concept of music ingenuity andfitness is just one of the many ideas that UMG hasforged; as well as VEVO, an improved look andperformance for online music video channeling.UMG has continuously been rethinking andredeveloping music into a sellers market, as well as acultural boom.
    • Task 2
    • Who is the publisher and editor for the text? Ralph J Gleason. Jann Wenner.Rolling stone was founded by Jann Wenner in 1967 whois the magazine’s chief editor and music critic, Ralph JGleason. It is based in San Francisco and California inthe United States of America.
    • Target Audience/Context and Style for Rolling Stone.Rolling stone magazine is aimed at American twenty to forty year olds that have aninterest in Rock/Alternative and Indie music. It also contains a section of politicsmaking it relevant to people who have an interest into current affairs. Even thoughRolling Stone’s magazine is based on the music industry it also takes an interestinto the TV and Film genre. The style of the magazine is formal and it contains longsentences for the more ‘intellectual reader’. However, the magazine featurescolloquial language appropriate to readers interested in the music industry.
    • Analysis of Rolling Stone Magazine.Rolling Stone’s Mast head is written in a red font with a white outline to draw theaudiences attention. The font is formal yet it seems to have a ‘Rock approach’ asit’s also very dramatic. The magazine has become so well established it’sMasthead has become very recognizable there are often images of the featuredcelebrity covering the Masthead. This has not become an issue as the readershave become accustom to the layout of the magazine.The Selling Line is usually printed above the Mast Head, making it clear. That it’sthe ‘Ultimate Rock & Roll’ magazine. However Rolling Stone doesn’t always use aSelling Line as it already has a known audience.However the dateline is always written in the top right hand corner of themagazine stating the; Date, Price and issue number of the magazine. All of themagazines stick to the same Dateline.The Main images consist of celebrities, normally ones involved in the musicindustry but they do use other important images. The celebrities in Rolling stoneare always current. The main images usually consist of the chosen celebritymaking full eye contact to draw the readers attention. The main image isnormally one celebrity but can contain others.
    • The Coverline shown on the magazine in the previous slide was ‘Hey Ya’which is referring to the song sung by the duo OutKast they are also shownon the cover. Also the Coverlines are normally listed in a block of three.