GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 6 - Classification
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GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 6 - Classification



GCSE Media Studies, Action Adventure, SOW, Yr 11, OCR

GCSE Media Studies, Action Adventure, SOW, Yr 11, OCR



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GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 6 - Classification Presentation Transcript

  • 1. L ni ar e bj gO n To u n e: ct iv e ders ta nd w h o re gula tes f why ilm s an d
  • 2. Film classifications • How many are there? • EXT: What is the difference between a 12 and a 12A?
  • 3. Key Themes: Controversial issues, causes for concern and motives for Censorship • • • • • • • • Violence Controversy and the Press Sex and Nudity Sexual violence Religion Class Language Shock
  • 4. Violence What concerns might the BBFC have about on-screen violence?
  • 5. Violence – major concern for the BBFC • Some believe there is a possible relationship between violence on screen and violence in the real world. • The BBFC’s concern is: • Portrayal of violence as a normal situation to problems
  • 6. Violence – major concern for the BBFC • Heroes who inflict pain and injury • Callousness towards victims • Encouraging aggressive attitudes • Taking pleasure in pain humiliation
  • 7. Jamie Bulger Although no evidence was presented that either boy had watched ‘Child’s Play 3’, the judge at the killers’ trial made the connection and this was picked up by the tabloid press. It led to a change in the law so the BBFC now has to take into account ‘the influence’ of films as well as their content.
  • 8. Daily Mail – Article.
  • 9. Torture • If a film contained scenes of torture what rating do you think it would be given? • What about someone being shot in the head?
  • 10. ‘Casino Royale’ • This film was cut in order to achieve a 12A rating.
  • 11. There are some assumptions here, underpinning a decision to cut a film for a 12A rating. • There is a line that can be drawn in a representation of fictional violence beyond which it is possible to describe it as ‘excessive’ • This portrayal of violence may in some way be harmful or damaging to some viewers. • Both of these assumptions are problematic. • Why?
  • 12. • Interpretation – some audiences will have different thresholds.
  • 13. ‘Moral Panics’ • A large scale response amongst the general public (often generated or intensified within the mass media’ that sees a particular group or behaviour pattern as threatening to traditional values). • Example – Hoodies • Actual crime rates!
  • 14. Conclusion • The BBFC are concerned about on-screen violence influencing real life violence. • We have argued possible reasons for and against. • The BBFC set a guideline for certain ages which can be argued is generalising audiences rather then treating them as individuals. • Understanding how BBFC guidelines work in relation to ‘Casino Royale’